Monday, November 23 of 2015

Daily messages

Release your souls from the captivity of this world though love for the Plan of God. If you love the Plans of the the Most High for all that has been created, you will transcend the common understanding of all the events that are manifested in the world.

Be willing to love the Plan of God above your own selves and you can then live what the Lord really expects of you.

When your self-love is greater than your love for the Plan of God, you run the risk of getting lost in your own limitations and lose the opportunity to discover the transcendence of all expressions of life, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

When you love the Plan of God above all things, you are able to throw yourself into the impossible to manifest it and, then, you cross the threshold of the human limitations and discover new capabilities which are eternally dormant in the consciousnesses of all precisely because of the lack of love and surrender by the beings.

I know this is an unknown and unattainable love to many, because you have not learned to love the intangible, the Divine, the spiritual. In this world, love is always based on benefits and even the love for God and for the spiritual life has to bring some merit, even if it is holiness.

Those who seek the spiritual life, heading for holiness, begin their journey seeking a benefit, a recognition, a goal; but on the way, they discover that, in order to find what they seek, they must lose themselves. And thus lost, they leave little by little everything they have, all that they are and what they think they are, as well as their aspirations and even the pure intention of attaining holiness.

When the heart feels the most that it no longer wants anything and only walks towards God, when it seems to be even further away of any perfection, because to him nothing resembles the Perfection of the Father, it is when the soul arrives, without realizing, to the first step of its goal.

For this true love I call you: love that transcends the individuals, the benefits, the aspirations, the achievements; transcends the very needs of life and leaves the soul and spirit suspended in the hands of the Creator, so that they may be His instruments in the world, attracting His Peace into times of chaos.

What I tell you and that seems so distant would be the reason for the human existence; however, human beings gave it a name and placed it at a point unreachable to consciousnesses, because even aspiring to it causes you fear, shame or you think you are lacking in humility. This is holiness.

Holiness is the union with God, it is the manifestation of His Plan. Holiness is not an exception, it is a goal for all human consciousness.

To find holiness, it is necessary to love the Only One, but to love the Only One, it is necessary to leave behind the human loves, to discover the love for the Divine.

The world needs hearts that truly love, that attract from the universe the Love left by Christ, because only in this way will it balance such evil that expands on Earth.

I love you and invite you to love with the same Love.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph