Tuesday, November 10 of 2015

Daily Messages

When a soul emerges from the Source of God, it is sent as an emanation of a cosmic experience towards some place in the universe. When it finally reaches its thought destination, it begins to evolve as divinity, then as spirit, and finally as soul.

The soul of each being is the expression of that divine life that is gestated in the greater universe, and it is the cosmic experience of this soul that enriches the life of the whole cosmos and that of other consciousnesses, just as Jesus ennobled the universe through His Presence in the world.

The soul that travels through the cosmos from experience to experience always finds something to learn throughout time until it finally cannot avoid passing through the main school of love that is this planet, where the Son of God taught about higher love.

It is because of this that each wayfaring soul of the cosmos reaches this sacred planet to learn about love and carry it back as a testimony of redemption to its greater origins. Every soul that goes through this school comes here to forgive and to learn something; there is no consciousness in this world that should not ask for forgiveness and redemption.

The Consciousness of Your Heavenly Mother brings all from different points of the universe so that the hearts may learn in the school of forgiveness and of love. Centuries may go by, as they already have, but until the soul learns to love as Christ loved, it cannot leave this planet. The Law of love is a precious one, because everything that is impossible to forgive, heal, or transcend becomes possible through the school of this love.

Thus, My children, if any part of your inner or outer being does not manifest love, reconciliation or forgiveness, it is because it has not yet learned to love as God needs it to. An essential key is patience, the science of peace, something which the majority of human beings does not pay attention to.

The lack of peace leads to error, to the excessive impulse of precipitate actions and decisions. But if through the power of prayer the Love of God is invoked, little by little all that wounds within and generates chaos will be healed.

It is the lack of real love that is placing humanity upon a dangerous precipice. It is because of this that the Mother of God is again drawing closer to the world to tell you:

“Children, do not love with arrogance, or possessively; search within yourselves for the pure love that God gave you. Humanity suffers and condemns itself daily, and My Son, filled with mercy, cannot pour out His liberating fount. Therefore, search above every error or sin for union with the Eternal; thus you will open the path for Grace to be able to convert the hard hearts.”

I thank you for answering My call!

Who loves you, just as Christ loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace