Tuesday, May 23 of 2017

Daily Messages

The art of singing...

Dear children,

We have reached the closing of a cycle, a cycle that from the beginning helped the consciousness of humanity by means of music, of the voices and of the instruments.

In this cycle that closes today, you had to learn to tune your patience, to uplift raise more and each time more the love of your hearts in each new music encounter, and to work the surrender of your lives for the unity and the fraternity among all the participants.

From now I tell you, that all My singing children were placed, throughout the last times, in the test of the constant self-improvement in order to be able to free the human race from everything that conditions its evolution and its awakening.

Thus, through the encounters of music, you were facing the own human condition, which is a determining factor in humanity, which hinders the free walking of the soldiers of the Plan.

In truth I say, to all My singing children, that in these encounters of music, love was never lacking although it might not have been apparently present in everyone. The love offered during all the meetings helped gestate the necessary conditions so that your Celestial Mother could work with humanity and with the planet.

To all this, to My dear singing children of the group in pilgrimage, the last challenge has come on this day: to give all for all, placing themselves in the school of sacrifice, of effort and of renunciation, so that on this afternoon the music can give the necessary fruits that will prepare you to begin a new cycle of these encounters.

I affirm that it is difficult to gather to sing such different consciousnesses form one another, it is a true miracle that in times of planetary crisis, the encounters of music have been realized victoriously.

In this way, for all this to be possible, you never lacked the help from Heaven and from the angels, so that the essence of the encounters of music and its purpose could be fulfilled.

Today I also dedicate this message to a little child of Mine, the one that has been for your Celestial Mother the testimony of perseverance and of effort, at the moment of dealing and working with the souls in this audacious mission of gathering to sing for the healing of humanity.

I send to this little child of Mine, all the Love of the Mother of God and from now I give thanks that the planet has been so, but so helped by the gatherings of music held, and that this has avoided the activation of wars.

In the closure of this cycle of encounters of music, I will ask each singer, instrumentalist and composer to reflect about everything that has happened and that, placing your hand over the heart, you confirm to your Celestial Mother how you can help better, so that these impulses continue reaching humanity.

With more consciousness about the true events that move the encounters of music, your lives will be more fraternal, selfless and available to fulfill the designs of My Immaculate Heart.

For last, remember that these encounters of music dissolved the earthly hell and placated the planetary chaos.

I leave you this reflection, waiting that in the next encounter of music, in six months, the consciousnesses will have elevated themselves in fraternity to the divine Purpose.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you in love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace