Thursday, February 25 of 2016

Daily messages

Stay in My arms because then I will help you.

Stay in My arms because then I will console you.

Stay in My arms so that you feel the entire Universe.

Stay in My arms so that you see the Grace of My Heart.

No longer be tired, dear pilgrim, keep seeking the top of the mountain so you see on the horizon the arrival of the Great Shepherd. Go forward, walking between the stones and bones, your feet will be injured on this path so you can learn.

Maybe you will fall to the ground in order to learn to stand up, but remember, My dear pilgrim, a Hand of Light will always come in your path so you can get up firmly and with devotion. So stay in My arms, as Jesus did when He was born.

Stay in My arms so that you recognize you are not alone in this universe.

You know there are many brothers from the universe who love you and from their subtlest Heavens they accompany the journey of your spirit.

You know you will be able to escape the error, this is the school for those who are willing to come to know and transform themselves. If twelve men beside Jesus converted themselves into His followers and apostles of the sacred word, why, dear pilgrim, will you not convert yourself into something so beautiful and waited by My Son?

It is time that day by day you learn to grow and to love the transformation. The universe of this humanity is full of gifts but also full of debts, some of them are priceless. But if your faith leads you to find the highest point of the mountain, never stop aspiring to completely redeem your life.

Dear and beloved pilgrim, you have come to the world to purify the old, that which can no longer dwell in your sacred consciousness.

Dear pilgrim, you have arrived in the world with a veil in the eyes of consciousness so that you would learn to walk in absolute faith, without knowing your past in the stars and in the cosmos.

Now and here, learn to overcome yourself every day, while participating in the true miracles that Heaven has created in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

I know that you, dear pilgrim, have walked and crossed many deserts or maybe now you are at the doors of a new inner desert. Rejoice because you can be empty of yourself and free from any influence.

Feel worthy of receiving any lesson or any test so you can overcome it inside or outside of yourself. Stay in My arms of Mother, My eyes alight on you, My gaze of light silently accompanies the cross you are bearing.

I know that God loves you as He created you in the beginning. Remember all the times that I contemplated you and how much Divine Love I have expressed to you.

Dear pilgrim, unite to your brothers and sisters and be a part of the heavenly army of light, which will help defeat the opponent in the ultimate hour.

Smile at life and be at peace, do not only look at your own mistakes, look beyond your surroundings, observe the world agonizing day and night. Watch how many lose their lives and do not notice it. Watch how many innocent souls are prisoners of human power and war. Watch, contemplate, learn and pray with Me for this to end soon.

Stay in My arms, little pilgrim, as Jesus did when He expired and when He was taken down from the Cross He stayed in My arms for some time.

Dear pilgrim, give Me everything that grieves your heart and your life, banish the fear created by the mind. Institute in your spirit the divine presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Learn to love what seems impossible to love. Learn just as We, your Celestial Guides, have learned in this world.

God has mercy on all His children, from the most sinful to the most sanctified; all are equal in the Eyes of the Father, because they are loved by the one and greatest love the universe.

Offer your life every day in the Hands of the Father, offer to the Universe the best you can do for the others; in that complete and selfless donation you will be free of many mistakes and fears.

The whole Universe hopes that one day you take a big step towards the trust in God, so that you enter Paradise in consciousness. At least love everything that you experience and do it for those children of Mine who die in the deserts of this world, buried alive and beheaded.

Who will help Me to endure such great sorrow?

Only love will make you humble, simple and true. Everything you do in the name of the Love of God is as if you did it a thousand times, it has invaluable merit.

Dear pilgrim, the souls suffer because they do not do things out of love, or because they do not love their fellow humans with true love. I teach all My children what My Son Jesus taught the whole world: "Love one another", as My Son loved you from the beginning.

Love will you make holy, blessed and pure. The Love of God in the heart of the pilgrim is invincible.

I need My children to love truthfully and not in appearance, so that you assist in the reconstruction of this world.

Walk, dear pilgrim and stay in My arms, today the Infinite Mercy of God has touched your heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who teaches you to love in the school of love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees