Monday, January 16 of 2012

Daily Messages

May today My Peace reign in your hearts. Whoever searches for this Peace will find Love. Whoever is in My Divine Love will find trust for the path. Whoever lives in the trust of God will find relief, because everyone will be under the Will of God.

In this way, My dear ones, the path to consecration is revealed.

Dear children, today I invite you to watch over the consecration in each one of you. It is a precious gift that God is conceding to your souls. The true consecration begins with our trust in prayer. From that, My little ones, the Celestial Universe opens itself so that in each hour of life, you may be able to see and feel the Will of God.

In this way, dear children, you will know how to live in peace, in the peace of the heart. Let us go together to the encounter with God; My Immaculate Heart will safeguard you on the path through which each one of your hearts has decided to pilgrimage. Walking in the Will of God you will understand that your little human wills must unite to the One and Only Will. This exercise of humility and surrender will allow you to strengthen prayer and in this way peace in the world will be able to reign for longer.

Dear children, in these times, each moment that passes in life must be a constant searching for the Will of God. In this way, all of the hearts will be able to enter in the Celestial Laws, the ones that your souls must recognize and love. Today, live under the first Law of Love. The world needs the compassionate and humble love among all My children so that each day it may be able to be relieved a little more.

The mission of each one of you will be to aspire to encounter the Divine Law that humanity has lost, the law that manifests itself between souls and God. For this reason I come not only to give to you the Inner Peace that many desperate souls search for. I also come to reconcile and redeem the hearts that have distanced themselves from God.

Our Most High Lord guards you; the Divine Love is for all of your hearts. I am here to guide you.

In infinite trust for the Celestial Father,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity