Monday, October 14 of 2013

Daily messages

In the serenity of My Merciful Heart is found your comfort.

In the Mercy of My Spirit is found the breath and the faith to be able to continue.

On the path of apostolate you may find broken bridges to be crossed and hard stones in your pathways.

Before all of these obstacles I ask you to sustain the ardent fire of your faith united to the Heights. From Heaven you will receive the Grace to be able to overcome, without difficulties, all these tests.

Remember that all My disciples come from different schools in the same way that it was with the Apostles. In some of My apprentices you will be able to find promptness, in others, slowness, in others you will be able to find spiritual maturity in training and in others, deficiencies in the spirit.

But in spite of all of the imperfections I call you all to enter into My Mercy because for whoever in truth makes an effort and works for their own transformation, this will be considered as a merit in the Heavens.

Do not lose hope of getting liberated from yourselves. My Heart will accompany the steps of those who only may be willing to follow the simple instructions that I bring to you for these times. Take advantage, with wisdom, from the source that today I give to you, to be worthy to be with Me.

Under the Powerful Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words and for maturing them in the heart!

Christ Jesus