Friday, March 15 of 2013

Daily messages


Dear companions:

It rejoices Me to know that those who say that they love Me and adore Me are gathered under the love and the mercy of My Heart.

For them I gave life and for them I will return to give them the eternal life of the spirit. For them I present Myself because I know that, despite the atavisms, there still exists the true burning fire of devotion that lights up in love in each heart.

I seek those who are simple and pure of heart, I gather them so that they may take My Message to those who still do not call Me, do not live Me and do not adore Me. And at the end, when I return as the Holy Spirit in the Glory of My Father, I will not be the judge who will condemn you but I will be the Great Brother of Love who will liberate you from sin and who will transform you into precious essences for God.

For this in this time I call only those who answer Me and those who encourage themselves to go through My Fire of transfiguration. I want My Familiars empty as is nothing and full of the love of My Sacred Heart because, at least with the few that I count on, I must rebuild the world before My Loving Coming.

I only seek those who have failed Me, those who ignore Me, those who have not trusted in My Divine and Savior Project because I love them, I love them as a part of the perfect Creator Design, a place from where they were truly born to be love and manifested life.

Dears, I hope that you never get tired to seek Me nor to call Me because My Heart observes some fallen faces and some ashamed gazes that do not want to look at Me.

To them I say: come to Me and quench My thirst that the world awakens in My Being from not living the law of love!

Raise your faces and trust that all is in the Will of the Lord!

Come to Me and drink with Me from the chalice of salvation and redemption.

My dears:

I need you, I call you and I seek you, I await the infinite transcendence of My Servers. I will thank you for your honest compassion with Me and with your brothers and sisters.

Courage, because I always wait for you!

Under the Grace of God, be blessed in love and in truth.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.