Friday, February 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

I Am present on all of the paths of life and, as a conductor of souls, I guide all of those who open themselves towards the Beloved Kingdom of My Father. I share My Love with all of the flocks and I prepare, in the heart of My children, the inner dwelling that will receive Me when soon returns My Spirit.

I accept all of My Children and I especially love those who are indifferent to My Law of redemption. In them I will try to redeem the past and, through the Source of My Mercy, I will want to give them life and salvation to take them out from the abysses of sin in which they live.

I need all of the days of My Disciples of Mercy that, entirely surrendered to My Sacred Heart, love the difficulties because this will make them more humble; that renounce to themselves because this will make them simpler, and that accept the tests and the challenges because this will make them wiser and more charitable.

In My School there are many flocks but still, few are the sheep who have the courage to follow Me in faith and in surrender. In My Arms I will always receive you and I will give you My Kind Comfort because I expect from My ones the promptness and the relief that your hearts may generate through good and through wise examples of love towards the peers.

As all know, My Light diffuses itself and awakens in those hearts that open to Me the door of the inner temple of the spirit so that My Merciful Consciousness may enter and remold the spaces in the consciousness.

I Am the carpenter, son and companion of Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Heart. I Am the one who molds with the hands the new wineskins, those which will receive the light and the water of conversion. I will put My New Wineskins over My New Supper, the one which I will soon share with all in My Return.

The new wineskins will serve as springs of pure and crystalline water to My other Flocks. They will receive, through My Instruments, the Redeeming Water of Life, Water that I will spiritually give to drink to all of those who recognize in Glory the coming of the Son of God.

Under the Love of God, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for waiting for My Words from the Heart!

Christ Jesus.