Saturday, August 8 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Kingdom of God is close to all the souls of the world.

Today is not My day; it is the great day of the coming of the Celestial Church of My Son.

I will always be His Servant and His Messenger. For this reason, I have come here on this very important and special day for the world, so that you may know that the Mother of God, the Mother of humanity, is with each one of you at this moment, in the same place where each one of you are.

For the Grace of God, there are no borders. The omnipresence of God grants the Most Holy Mother the possibility of being with each of Her children at this moment.

Behind me, this evening, see a glimpse of the coming of the Celestial Church. I am the Lady of the Throne of God and I come to announce to the world the great opportunity for its repentance, so that the Mercy of God in this moment may heal it and redeem it.

My Heart remains untiring. My aspiration for you continues to be eternal. The Mother of God does not stop, although Her Word and Her daily Message are retreating in this cycle.

Now, My children, you must be the living message, you must testify to My Message under the paternal Gaze of God. Some of My children must do it, some must demonstrate that they have understood My Message and have taken in each one of My Words throughout these thirteen years, for it will be the way, My children, that you will justify all that you have received before the Celestial Father. This time of uncertainty that the world is experiencing will end if faith and hope within the hearts are renewed.

My children, this is the great time of adoration of the Eucharistic Heart of My Son. This is the great time of prayer of the heart. This is the time, My children, when each of your lives be the same Sacrament, renewing your baptism, your anointing, your confession and your perpetual communion with My Son. Thus, your lives will be confirmed, and this is what the Celestial Father needs to be able to continue to pour out His Mercy upon the world, in those places most urgently in need of it.

This night, My children, on the eve before the coming of the Celestial Church, in love and in devotion, through your souls, let us bow down before the Kingdom of God, for He will send His Grace to the world, He will pour out His Mercy during these next eight days and it will be the great moment for each one of you, in which the Word of My Son must be accomplished.

You must be the Word of My Son, the testimony of conversion and redemption. It is thus that, on this night, on the eve of the coming of the Celestial Church, I announce a week that is not only sacred, but a week of an important atonement for the world. 

Whoever places their knees upon the ground, recognizes their faults and delivers them to God, their Guardian Angels will intercede and the pleas will be carried to the Thrones of the Father so that He may convert them into Love and Mercy.

Today, in the same way as each of Her children, the Mother of God is waiting in prayer and in vigil for the arrival of the Redeemer. He has sent me as the Mother of the Throne of God to announce His coming to the world, the advent of His Word, the Grace of His Spirit, the eternal Mercy of His Heart.

A great moment will come to the world, a profound spiritual moment. Being the last, it is the most important of all these last years, in which My Son has been with you. It is the moment of the great step of consciousness, it is the moment for recognizing God, for in penitence and in repentance, the peace will come, and a miracle will happen in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters of the Earth.

All the Hierarchies of Heaven, all the beings of goodwill of the Earth, are preparing for this last moment, in which the Sacred Son of God will bring His Wisdom and Love to the world so that it may be engraved within your consciousnesses, so that you may always relive it within your hearts.

Today, at My feet, as the Mother of the Throne of God, I have the flowers given from the prayer and the love of My children, all the flowers that were given to Me on this night as the result of your prayers and your sincerity with Me.

You know, My children, though My cycle with you may have finished, My aspiration is to always be with you.

My Son gave Me humanity at the most culminating moment of His surrender on the Cross, and so that His Cross may be victorious, you must be redeemed to testify to and confirm what He did for you here on Earth.

It is thus that the life and the teachings of My Son will always be timeless and they will always invite you to renewal and to forgiveness.

This is what I bring to you today from Heaven, as His Servant and His Slave. It is what I bring to the world by opening the doors of the Heavens for the arrival of His Celestial Church.

Keep your hearts open in these coming days, without expectations, without great desires, in absolute emptiness and unconditional love for the Glorified Heart of My Son.

I see humanity suffering so much that My Being has now offered everything to the Father, for the relief of each one of My children.

But just think about the sacrifice of My Son on the Cross. In the greatest abandonment, in the greatest profound solitude, My Son became the Christ when it seemed nothing was happening. And at His feet was His Servant and Slave, the Mother of God, the apostle John and the holy women. He only had us; today He has each one of you.

Everything will pass, a new time will come. If humanity truly repents in these days, the changes could be indescribable for the world.

My children, as a mother who loves you and guides you, do not miss the opportunity, do not look at it as just another moment, for it will not be repeated.

My Son has asked His Father for the authorization of the descent of His Celestial Church in a time of humanity when nothing seems to be resolved, when a great unknown lies within the minds of My children.

In prayer, in offering, offer your lives to God and nothing more. Seek the Light of the Universe, recognize the Star of the Hierarchy. In the firmament, the Redeemer and all His Hosts of Light approaches.

With songs of praise, the angels announce the coming of His Celestial Church. The time for conversion is now.

God loves you and He can no longer be offended. He wants the good for each of His children, for if you live His Love and His Truth, you will be saved, and evil will be defeated by the powerful sword of the Archangel Michael.

The fallen stars will rise up out of the abysses and your origins will achieve the long-awaited reconciliation.

The thousand years of peace will come and Aurora will shine in the hearts of those who have believed in it.

Lift your hopes on High; My Heart brings you the Light of the whole universe. And opening My hands, I pour out the Light of Heaven, just as I poured it out many times in Aurora. 

The end is near. Repent, repent, repent, and My Love will take you to God. This is all I will say to you today.

Remember this night of the coming of the Celestial Church of My Son. See His Church reflected within your inner worlds, how His Light and His Glory begin to descend to the planet.

On this night, I will remain in adoration to the Eucharistic Heart of My Son.

On the eve of this special moment, the Mother of the Throne of God is grateful for this temple you have offered Her Son. God contemplates each work done with gratitude, each moment of unity generated for one reason: for the triumph of His Love.

Let us glorify the Son of the Universe with beautiful praise.

In commemoration of this special day for Me and for you, on the eve of the coming of the Celestial Church, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve and to love, I wish to honor the Most Holy Son of God for His presence, over the course of time, in the Sacrament and in the heart of His children, of all His companions.

Let us elevate a song to the Heart of Christ, because we owe everything to Him, our gratitude and our honor.

We will listen to "You are the King."

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Mother of God, for all that you give us!

Through this song that we offer to Our Lord Jesus Christ and in union with the Divine Mother, we prepare inwardly for this vigil, in which our hearts and souls will be attentive to the coming of the Celestial Church in these next hours of our time.