Thursday, July 16 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this special day, I come to the world in a particular way because we are not only celebrating a special date, but your Heavenly Mother comes at a culminating moment for humanity, a moment in which all My children should reflect and perceive the reality, beyond that which is happening; perceive the inner reality, what souls are living and going through, what there is still to be learned in order to grow inwardly.

My Son sends Me, on this day that is beginning, not only to pour out Graces upon the world, but also to bless all those who need it. I am here for that reason, and in the silence of My Spirit, I come to the Earth so that, through God and His Presence, the planet may be illuminated.

I open My arms and reach out My hands to you as the Lady of Mount Carmel.

This is the day in which Your Heavenly Mother tries to carry souls to God, especially My children who are lost and suffering.

In this time, the situation shows ever more unexpected events, in which humanity, day by day, has to learn how to overcome itself and learn how to become closer to God in order to be under His Grace and His Mercy.

Today I come, with this special message, to say to My children that I am here, in the inner planes, united in prayer and in supplication for the world and for humanity. 

But it is still necessary to do a lot more. This is the time in which, through prayer, great inner work is being done, in which souls can receive the impulses of Light that comes from the Source. These impulses will lead you to be more aware, have more discernment and, above all, wisdom for this final cycle.

My children, the healing of humanity lies first in repentance and in penitence. While this does not happen, humanity will continue to suffer and not find the way out that it is so much searching for at this time. Through the Light of My Heart, I try to open your eyes so that, each day, a little more, you are able to know Truth and follow it.

As the Lady of Mount Carmel, I would like you to remember the importance of carrying the Holy Scapular on you, because in this definitive time for humanity, this instrument of God, this Sacred Object that comes from Divine Grace, will protect you and shelter you beyond everything that happens. Because it is your souls, My children, that must be protected and safeguarded in the Heart of God so that, in this way, in this cycle, you will be closer to Him, through the Graces that I bring to the world.

While I am here with you, I contemplate humanity and all its needs, which are many.

I invite you, My children, to continue to reinforce your commitment with prayer and union with God, for in this way, between Heaven and Earth, the portals will be kept open so that the peace and healing of humanity may descend.

I know it is a difficult time for the whole world. While humanity faces the pandemic, the planet faces its inner suffering, which the majority is not aware of nor knows.

For this reason, My children, in the last meeting with Me, I revealed to you the pain of the planet, which is an ancient pain that is still to be repaired and rebuilt by the hands of My children throughout the whole world.

You must give a response and consent to all that I said to you last time. In this way, little by little, the planet will feel that humanity wants to become redeemed and reconcile with Creation.

I invite you to continue onward, to continue preparing, in these definite times, in which everything is at stake. I, Who am your Mother and in Heaven, I want to see you in the good, in fraternity and in peace, so that the world may continue awakening, may continue becoming aware of the need for the great change that must be experienced in this time. That change will lead you to understand, from another perspective, what is really taking place, rather than what appears to be.

You must place your consciousness very close to God. You must open to receive His Gifts and Virtues that, in the Name of My Son, will lead you to experience talents. In this way will be born the New Christs, who will carry out the development of the end time of the planet and prepare the coming of the Universal King.

My children, I know that what each one of you experiences is something definitive and new. You have never faced this cycle of purification. It is the first time that you go through it, but, beyond everything, do not lose faith and hope.

If your Mother, the Lady of Mount Carmel, is here today, it is for a greater reason. My Son sends Me to be among you and with you in the remaining time in order for the Mother of God to accompany humanity.

For this reason, there is still much to be done, and this is the great moment for learning to serve on the inner planes by means of prayer, so that all needs may be provided for, so that all hearts may be alleviated, so that all those who sleep may awaken.

On this special day, I bless My daughter Lucía de Jesús so that, in this last impulse of Love that she will receive from Saint Joseph, on the coming July 19, not only a task will be concluded, but a cycle will be accomplished with victory and gratitude.

From Heaven, Saint Joseph will accompany you and bless you, for you still need it, just as your brothers and sisters need it.

Let us give thanks to the Celestial Father for having allowed, during these latest years,  the coming of the Sacred Hearts to the world, so that My children could learn to sustain the flame of faith within their hearts.

I am thankful for the prayers of all My children and the privileged union that each one has with Me, because they are intensely considered by Me, since your Heavenly Mother, through the union of Her children, can move forward with a deeper task within humanity and the planet.

May the Light of the Holy Spirit and all Its Grace accompany you.

Children, benefit from these final moments, they are the most definitive.

Raise your hearts and aspirations to the Heavens. God is full of Mercy for humanity; humankind just has to learn to accept it.

My Voice echoes within the hearts that open to hear it, and it is there where I am able to leave My Peace and My Light for the world.

The Lady of Mount Carmel today blesses all the religious orders, priests, nuns and monks, so that they may have the strength and inner courage to continue representing My Son throughout the world, so that the life of My consecrated ones may be a bridge that can lead souls to God; just as My Heart is a bridge of Light that leads the whole world to God.

In gratitude and love, I bless you and I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.