Friday, May 8 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The world experiences its calvary, experiences its cross, but I bring you the solution for all this.

The Rosary is your salvation, it is the powerful and unbreakable instrument of God, which your Mother and faithful Servant used for a long time while She was here on Earth.

From My Heart came the school of prayer of the heart, which is the one I need to see alive within you, may you live this inner school every day, so that My Immaculate Heart may continue to triumph in your lives and on the planet.

It is through the groups of prayer, it is through the prayerful hearts that I am able to come to the world. There is no other reason for being here at this moment.

Your prayer is the door that opens for Me, so that I may descend to the world and, while I am with you, I am able to assist those who need it in this culminating hour for humanity.

Today I come dressed in celebration, but also in peace and in hope, knowing that in the world there are many children of Mine who suffer the effects of the very illness the planet has generated.

But this will pass. I pray for you, for the nations and for all the planet, because as a Mother, I hope that humanity will learn this lesson, that it will be able to overcome it and be able to register it in its consciousness so that it does not happen again; because even though the Apocalypse must be fulfilled, I come here to intercede for you, My children, for your nations, peoples and families, because I only want the joy and the happiness of Heaven for each one of you.

Your Heavenly Mother is very simple, so simple and humble, an untiring servant who offers Herself to the Celestial Father for each of your souls, but also avails Herself of this moment, of this special anniversary, so that a planetary task may be accomplished again on the inner planes, where help and redemption are truly necessary.

I invite you to unite with Me in this chain of prayer during the month of the Holy Rosary so that, at each new day, My children, you may be able to awaken, within you and within your souls, an interest in this powerful but simple prayer.

Once again, My children, I will count on each of your beads and your prayers in each meeting of prayer that is transmitted through this Work.

I invite you, My children, to strengthen this commitment to Me as Children of Mary, as Rosary of Light groups, as all those who pray on Earth who, at this moment, need to raise their prayers and pleas to Heaven, so that not only may this pandemic end, but that nothing more come to the world that will make it suffer.

I will tell you something true, each time I descend here to the Earth, I always see the suffering of the world, of millions of souls that still suffer because of their own choices, as well as many innocent souls that suffer because of the choices of others. The suffering has to end, My children, it is possible to live in the joy and the Love of God.

So I am here as your Mother and Queen, so that you may be able to renew your vows this evening, so that the Rosary, in each day of your lives, be an essential and spiritual nourishment for you. For in this way, beloveds, you will drink of the Fount of My Grace, you will drink of the Fount of the Mercy of God; your problems will end, your faith will be strengthened, and you will be My servants, you will be a part of the Legion of Mary.

Today, on this 8th of May, in which Heaven touches Earth, in which God touches your hearts, in which the angels of the universe bow down before the Mother of God, I come to invite you and to call upon you, through the prayer of the Rosary and of your consecration to My maternal and Immaculate Heart, to become a part of the Legion of Mary, of the praying order of the Legion of Mary, a purely spiritual order of which the angels of Heaven are also a part, and many children of Mine in the world who devotedly pray to My Immaculate Heart are also part of this spiritual order.

My Son has asked Me to call you to this, invite you to this spiritual practice, in this way, your souls, your families and all your loved ones will also be contemplated by this spiritual order of the Legion of Mary.

Through the loving prayer of the Holy Rosary, I need you to spiritually carry the Marian symbol of My Heart stamped upon your chests, the "M" of Mary with the victorious Cross of Christ, surrounded by the twelve stars of My Crown.

This is the symbol of the legionnaires of Mary.

I invite you to strengthen, not only your commitment to the Prayer for Peace in the Nations, for Venezuela and for Syria, for the Middle East, for Easter Timor, for South Korea, in this case, also for Japan and China, so that the triumph of My Heart may also occur in that part of the world, just as it should occur in Africa.

All are called to remember what I once asked and requested of you. Prayer will never tire you, prayer will transmute you and uplift you.

I need to form this spiritual order in this end time. The spiritual order of the Legion of Mary was also inspired by the Templars that formed the first spiritual order of humanity, as by the holy women that were the guardians of the Relics of Christ.

I invite you, My children, to enter into this spiritual and angelic order. Your intermediaries will be your Guardian Angels. They are there in silence and in prayer, all the time, and I know that many do not call on their Guardian Angels.

All the treasures, the keys and the tools of the Hierarchy were given to you.

This is the time not only of the legionnaires of Mary, but also of the apostles of Christ. This is the time for your action, your definition and your moment of spiritual service for humanity.

If I have brought you to this point, in this definitive and culminating time of the planet, it is because, My children, you need to move forward with this spiritual mission.

This spiritual order of the legionnaires of Mary has no age limit, no requirements, but rather, three principal vows: devotion, commitment and obedience.

Today I bring to your hearts, but mainly to your souls, the spiritual symbol of the legionnaires of Mary, stamped in the very depths of your hearts so that you may receive it, revere it and accept it, at this moment, in which the servants of Christ need to prepare for what will come.

From your homes and families, you can do many works, although it may not seem to be so. There are infinite intentions in humanity, just as there are infinite needs in the four continents of this planet, that are waiting for your help and intervention.

In this month of May, the month of the Rosary, the doors of the Heavens are open for the opportunity granted to your Heavenly Mother so that the devotion to My maternal Heart may allow Graces and Mercy to descend, which many suffering souls need in this time, especially those who have lost their lives.

Today at My feet I have the world, and in it, all of humanity and the consciousnesses that are self-summoned to be a part of this Legion of Mary.

My wish is that you will be able to respond to My request through this Work, which My Son founded for an extremely important spiritual and planetary reason.

Just as you must give a response to the requests that I have now made to you in these recent days, I will receive the applications for the Legion of Mary with open arms, so that your souls may have the Grace and the experience of further living the school of prayer.

This spiritual order will be fundamental and important when your Heavenly Mother no longer comes to the world nor appears here or in any other place of the world.

The order of the legionnaires of Mary will be that which will support the last part of the planetary transition.

Those who want to enter the praying order of Mary may apply and, as a response, I will give you the spiritual symbol of this Legion through this Work.

It will be a profoundly spiritual practice of each one of you with Me, but those who apply and truly dedicate themselves to not only be My consecrated children with the Sky Blue Mantle, but also dedicate themselves to this practice that I give you today, will be with Me to help in the most culminating moment of humanity, regardless of where they may be.

Now Our Lady is praying for us. We pray inwardly with Her so that Her divine intentions may be accomplished, for the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

The prayer of the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the prayer of the legionnaires of Mary.

At the request of our Mother, we will recite this prayer a few times so that the echo of Her Voice and Her Words, of Her requests and intentions, may reach as many hearts as possible in the four corners of the Earth, while our Divine Mother opens Her arms and stretches out Her hands toward us, igniting the Light of Her Immaculate Heart to receive these prayers, that we will now recite.

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
strength, light, protection and hope,
in You we are renewed, to You we consecrate ourselves
so that we may be witnesses, now and forever,
of the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart
in all of humanity.
(repeated three times)

And I rise up to Heaven on this evening, while listening to a special prayer that I Myself inspired, a prayer that, among many others, was born in Aurora, the Greater Center of My planetary task with humanity.

And so, receiving this prayer in My Heart and in My Soul, to Heaven I will carry the intentions of those who commit themselves to the Holy Rosary in the times that will come, and of those who will apply to be My future legionnaires.

I thank you for responding to My call.

By the blessing and by the authority, given to Me by God and My beloved Son, I re-consecrate you to My maternal and Immaculate Heart so that you may live the vows of devotion, commitment and obedience to My Marian work.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We will listen to "In a simple gaze."



Thursday, May 21 of 2020

Special Apparition

Piedad, could you come up to the stage with a microphone? Please, stand to my right.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I have come from Heaven with a message of reconciliation, because My ardent desire as a Mother is that all My children may have the Grace of knowing Heaven, of becoming free from suffering and pain, from everything that the world experiences today.

Today I contemplate you with a maternal tenderness because I contemplate the pain of the world, the agony that many of My children experience.

But today I want to take you to Heaven, where your true reality exists. On this day, God has asked Me to take you in consciousness to Heaven so that, for a moment, in the Kingdom of Heaven, you may feel the Peace, the Love of God and the joy of being close to Him.

My little children, do not suffer anymore. God knows of your regrets, God knows of your silence, God knows of your hearts, just as I do, because I am your Mother.

In consciousness, come to Heaven with Me and be illumined by celestial energy, in the presence of the angelic choirs.

Dear children, you are looking upon the Universe of God. There you must return someday, with everything you learned on Earth, with the joy of knowing that you can overcome yourself every day, for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the work of humility of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

The world does not want to look at God; for this reason, today I am taking you with Me to Heaven, in soul and in consciousness, where you will be able to find peace and the joy of knowing who each one of you truly are.

Elevate your consciousness toward new dimensions. I am here, do not fear, I know what you need. I can hear your souls, just as I can hear the voice of the angels that eternally sing to God.

My Love for you is invincible.

In Heaven, there is no error or fear, but rather the blessing of being in God for having accomplished His humble Will.

In My Heart I carry the pain of the whole world, in this time of a pandemic, in which all souls are becoming aware that they have forgotten something fundamental, they have forgotten God. I will take you toward Him. I have come for that.

What is it that you most want for your lives, My children? You should only want to be in God, so that He may have you feel the softness of His Soul, the Love of His Spirit, the Wisdom of His Universal Mind.

Children, in Heaven, lies the Truth of what originated you and expressed you as essences. You are now with Me in Heaven. Can you feel this with your heart? It is the surest place for feeling God.

He is there; He is your Father, the Father of open Arms, of the expanded Heart, the One Consciousness, unconditional Love.

There are so many choirs here with Me, for you, as well as for the whole world, touching the very depths of your souls so that they may awaken their virtues and gifts, so that they may be ambassadors of Peace.

In Heaven, there is no despair nor apprehension, but rather the joy of being in God and of glorifying His Name, in the same way that the angels glorify the Name of God.

See how many souls today do not find this Grace yet today, you do find it!

At this moment, My children, your souls are free of the material prison. While I pour My Light out upon the world, for you I bring the Truth that is God, from the beginning.

Beloved children, Heaven waits for you after this life on Earth.

Continue to pray with Me every day for the triumph of the Heart of God in the world and for the salvation of sinners.

Heaven comes with Me in these last moments, in which your Heavenly Mother fulfills a cycle together with Her children, after twelve years.

So many memories I have of Aurora! The aroma of its sunrise, the dew on the orange trees, the light in the faces that, in the simplicity of life, waited for My coming. That is the Aurora of My Heart, it is the Aurora of the redeemed, the Aurora of the pioneers, of all those who passed through it with the hope of healing and redemption.

When I am no longer here, My Light will be in Aurora, just as Aurora will be in Heaven, waiting for the self-summoned that will prepare the return of My Son.

Now our Divine Mother is showing Herself upon Aurora. It is so beautiful to see this! So simple!

Happy are those who recognized My call in Aurora and said 'yes' to God.

Happy may be those who came to Aurora to heal the illnesses of their hearts.

I cannot explain, My children, the wonderful things that I have seen in this humble place. I felt Myself returning to Nazareth, again and again, to meet with My children.

Today God continues to write. He continues to write the redemption of those who persevere, the surrender of those who are unconditional.

Aurora is standing in its greater withdrawal and silence. Its Love is standing in those who have believed in it, for they will carry that memory in their souls forever, although today they are no longer here. I pray for them.

Aurora is one of the Heavens of God. For the second time, He makes Himself small and poor, but this time in the heart of those who came to Aurora, in the same way that He made Himself small in the Heart of His Son.

So today I bring spiritual Healing for the whole world and I say to you, My children: "there is no time, there is no longer any time." Repent, restore the offended Heart of God, so that peace may again be achieved in the world, so that I may have more reasons to return here until the end of days, until My Son returns to the world. That is all that I desire for the good of humanity and the planet.

I thank you for the novena carries out to Saint Raphael the Archangel. He granted the world this moment and this opportunity. For this reason, today I am here, so that you may receive the Heaven of Aurora within you, a spiritual healing for humanity.

These are My last moments, My children. I want so much to be with you, I want so much to return to Earth, to continue to gather up the fruits of your prayer and the miracles of the Eucharistic Adoration.

"Powerful Energy of God, in this moment, change everything that is still not redeemed, by the merits of the sorrowful Passion of My Son and the sorrowful spiritual Passion of the Mother of God, by the merits of the seven agonies of Christ, the seven sorrows of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and by the example of the humility of Saint Joseph."

My children, today My Words are announced through some silence, so that in this time, you may remember how to be in Heaven, although you are on Earth, for you will need it.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Today the world has received a profound and spiritual help, as well as all the souls that are listening to Me at this moment.

Before I go, I wish to send a message to My daughter Analía, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to her beloved husband, Gustavo Contreras, to My little love, My little daughter, who I have in My Arms at this moment.

Dear daughter of Mine, Analía, God accepted your sacrifice and I will have your daughter in My arms forever, I will guide her in this Earth school. It does not matter what happens, trust in the triumph of My Heart through your experience, your surrender of love.

It is not the first time that you have been with Me in Heaven. I have sent many angels to Earth so that they may serve humanity through motherhood and the love of many mothers in the world.

I pray at the foot of your bed, in the sanatorium. I will always be with you, My daughter.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall reach Mercy.

My Light upon you and upon all My children.

Today I speak to you this way, My children, so gently, because My Words must reach your souls, the very depths of your hearts, where you will always recognize Truth.

I am very grateful. The simple things, the true surrender, sincere prayers, unconditional service, will always touch the Heart of God and He will touch your hearts with His Eternal Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At the request of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, we will listen to "Ave Maria" by William Gómez.

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