Wednesday, March 25 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Tonight, dear children, I have delayed arriving here to this sacred place because your Heavenly Mother, through your prayers and songs, has helped the souls of the whole world that recently disincarnated and left the physical plane for other schools of the Universe.

These souls were suffering because they did not carry out something fundamental and important for these times, which is the Scapular of Peace. This sacred instrument of God that I once revealed and presented to you in Aurora so that all the souls of the world, all possible hearts, could carry this sacred instrument of God for these definitive and difficult times; because the Scapular of Peace not only protects souls that leave the physical plane, but also protects souls that are still incarnated, experiencing the lessons of Earth, living in the end of these times.

It is with this same Grace and this same Love that I once revealed to you in Aurora, in the sacred orange grove of Casa Redención, that today, My children, I again present to you the Sacred Scapular of Peace so that it may be valued and recognized by all as a source of salvation and a vehicle of protection even for the physical body.

Today I carry this sacred instrument in My Hands for you, this sacred object of God, so that you may make known to the world the importance of carrying this instrument upon your bodies and within your souls so that you may be protected from chaos, perdition, distraction or any illness.

For this reason, My children, the Holy Scapular has been presented to the world in other apparitions and times. In the same way that the Sacred Medallion of Peace has impeded calamities, has halted illnesses, has rescued entire peoples from catastrophes, epidemic or destruction, simply because, My children, all My dear children have placed their faith and devotion in the promises of your Heavenly Mother.

This is the time to take sacred objects into account because of what they represent and the value they have. For this reason, I again bring them to you so that you may remember that these sacred instruments of God, such as the Scapular of Peace and the Medallion of Peace of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, are means by which you will be guarded by My maternal and supreme Grace, through the authority granted to Me by the Celestial Father from the beginning, from the moment in which My Son was on the Cross and He asked Me to be the Mother of humanity, to be the Mother of each one of you.

By carrying the Sacred Scapular upon you, My children, you will be able to perceive the promises that I have brought to the world through these sacred objects, which are still current for all of humanity, for all peoples, all races, in any place on the planet, in any situation and condition, because the sacred object is the path for your bodies, minds and hearts, to reinforce the faith of your heart and, above all, your trust in the Supreme Father.

For this reason, My Maternal Heart and My Divine Consciousness have a special task through sacred objects.

This is the time to again renew them and to again recognize them, with the power of the Grace they received for all souls in need of salvation, redemption and healing.

Like in previous times of the Earth, like in the culminating moments of humanity, so similar to this time, the Mother of God, the Lady of the Divine and Holy Scapular, the Lady of Carmen, today presents Herself to the world so that Her children may remember these Graces that were once given to the world for its liberation and salvation.

Each sacred object that is given to the world holds millions of Graces, spiritual promises, victories and triumphs that souls receive upon entering into contact with them. But the object is a means and a path for finding the Source of salvation, healing and freedom. Your devotion must be to the Source, to the Source of God, which is nonmaterial and divine, the Source that conceived and granted the world all the Graces that hearts need for this final moment.

In the same way that prayer, at this moment, is preciously heard by the Father, coming from all hearts on Earth, the sacred objects, My children, also bring you inner and spiritual impulses that you need at this moment so that your consciousnesses may be focused on the necessary discernment and wisdom, so as to know how to act with caution, protection and safety, so that you may always find the truth and be not confused with appearances, with all the world reports.

By means of sacred objects, and on this day of the Holy Scapular, My children, you will be able to elevate your consciousnesses, you will be able to achieve another dimension and another reality, far from chaos, adversity and all the confusion that in this time is disseminated throughout the whole world.

Hundreds of angels that are with Me here today and also carry the Scapular of Peace wait for more of My children to put the Holy Scapular, the sacred object of God, upon their bodies and souls, so that nonmaterial Graces may descend to this physical plane and bring hearts total peace.

While you listen to My Words, I ask you to meditate upon, to reflect on and to perceive the occult meaning of everything I say to you, so that your consciousnesses may expand and be able to have the same vision and the same discernment that your Heavenly Mother transmits to you in this moment.

I also come tonight with a request: that all My children value the sacred objects that, up to today, have been given to the world through these apparitions and other apparitions of your Divine Mother throughout the course of time because, in this way, humanity will receive the Grace it needs, will receive the help it needs and will be protected by the Sacred Mantle of the Mother of God in these definitive and difficult times.

My Immaculate Heart is still full of Graces for the world, which seek to be poured into the hearts that open to receive them. But in this time you must learn, My children, to carry out the correct practice to receive these Graces that overflow from My Maternal Heart.

Your petitions must be for the common good of humanity and for all those who are lost so that they too may be saved, so that they may also awaken. It is time, My children, for your petitions and requests to be for the planet, for humanity, for the evolution of this race, for the fulfillment of the Human Project of God for this part of the Universe.

In this way, you will be closer to Me, together with Me asking the Father for our essences to be one, in the same way that our hearts may be one in the plea and in the purest intention of your heart, so that Divine Will may be fulfilled.

With the coming of My Son, during the next Holy Week, your Heavenly Mother and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will accompany this coming sacred task, in which all are invited to participate and truly accompany from the heart and in truth.

With this I want to tell you, My children, as advice, that you should dedicate space and time for this task, and that you invite your families and dear ones, friends and acquaintances, who have still not awakened to the Call of God so that, through the meeting of this next Holy Week, they too receive the Grace and the awakening that they need, so that they finally position themselves as servants of the Plan and their errors may be forgiven, their sins dissolved and souls may re-ignite in love.

For now, I thank you for seriously addressing this request, as you have done many times.

It is when we are separated in this crucial moment of humanity that we really ascertain, My children, that under the omnipresence of God and the omnipotence of God, we are more united now than when we are together in these meetings.

But I continue to pray with all of My Heart so that the meetings, and especially the planetary situation, may become harmonized and balanced and, after this planetary retreat, souls may more strongly and with more faith take back their compliance with God, with His Will, reconsidering in their lives, looking again at their commitments, and becoming aware that the time has come for a change in consciousness, for the great and expected change.

The integrity and justice that humanity may experience at this moment will prevent the great events of the Apocalypse. Thus, this moment has an even greater and deeper meaning than the one you know.

This is the moment in which, in stillness, in prayer and in fasting, it will be possible to review each one of your lives, each one of your acts, to make room for Divine Will.

So be it.

With this message and this call, I say goodbye, and I ask you that with the time available to you now, you may review this message so that you remember what I requested at the beginning concerning the sacred objects of God, so necessary for the souls of the world; Graces, promises and victories that will come to souls with the help and the collaboration of those who can manifest these sacred objects, for a simple fact and a simple purpose, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Today, dear children, those who are listening to Me through this medium cannot see what I am doing, but they can feel what I am saying. This is where the truth is.

In this moment, while I rise up to Heaven to wait, together with My angels, to pour out the promises and Graces through the Holy Scapular, see Me mirrored within your souls with the image that each one can recognize in the Most Holy Mother of God. In this way, we will enter into spiritual, universal, and essential communion.

Through the song that you will now offer Me, confirm your vows to the Eternal Father and to My beloved Son.

We will listen to: "Mirarte a Ti (Looking at You)."

I thank you for responding to the call, for the sacred objects of God and for the awareness of your lives in this cycle, so that all the Healing and Light, Mercy and Love may descend to the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Friday, March 13 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Universe sympathizes with the whole planetary situation of these times. For this reason, it sends all the possible help so that souls can find the Portal of Healing and Liberation.

Thus, the whole Universe mobilizes itself as you could have never before imagined.

All the Universe is mobilizing itself to help humanity and so that humanity can become aware of the meaning of these times and of the moment that it is going through.

Therefore, the Hierarchy gathers together, in the different planes of consciousness, meditates, reflects and makes some consciousnesses of Earth participants in the Truth so that they can later communicate to the world that which truly happens and not that which is said elsewhere upon the Earth.

It is important, My children, to avail yourselves of true information so that your consciousnesses and the consciousnesses of your brothers and sisters may not be misguided.

Therefore, at this time, I invite you to use a fundamental ray, which is the ray of neutrality, so that nothing can surprise you, so that nothing can shake you and so that you may have wisdom, in each moment, in each test that will come, in each movement that will present itself.

By means of My Presence, today I bring you this movement of the Universe and of its Hierarchies so that you know that you are not alone, so that you know that we are supporting you and so that, at such an acute moment of the planet as this, you can make use of our spiritual Light, the Light that is made available by the Fount of the One Presence.

It is in this that you must place your consciousnesses, just as we, your Hierarchies, place our consciousnesses at the Feet of God; and we are filled, blessed and invaded by the Fount of Love and Wisdom, which is what humanity needs at the moment to learn how to make correct, not hasty decisions.

Thus, I want to teach you to avail yourselves of true knowledge that comes from the Source, which descends to all the Universes, planets, suns, stars and humanities, so that you may learn to raise your consciousness and your vibration at this planetary moment and so that you do not let yourselves be frightened nor disturbed by all that is said.

I am not telling you to be omissive with what truly happens, but rather that you have discernment and wisdom to be able to decide and, above all, to understand.

These are the times, just as My Son has said, in which everything will be triggered and many, so many souls will learn, in an unexpected way, through the tests and through that which the planet will present as a state of consciousness and as nature, as a part of Creation.

The planetary birth is approaching and, so that the New Humanity and the New Human Being may be born, everything must be purified because you, as humanity, know that you have diverted from the Purpose and from the Law.

For this reason, I come here to the world to announce to you the Word of God and so that you remember the Mercy of the Father in His infinite universal manifestation, because this door to His Divine Mercy is still open, this door that many more souls can cross at this planetary moment, at which the rescue is necessary for all under the spirit of salvation.

But it is also the time for souls to be able to serve their fellow beings, to be able to relieve suffering, to be able to help those who do not have instruction, because the majority is not ready for what will come in a short time.

Therefore, we call you to permanent, uninterrupted and constant prayer for this moment, in which all souls need wisdom and discernment so that they can be guided and conducted along the right path.

As the Mother of Wisdom, today I pray for you; as the Mother of Healing, I intercede for you; because the difficult times will show many hard events, and it is important that you can be prepared and instructed for these moments, in which material life will be completely shaken, both in Heaven and on Earth, preparing the emergence of the New Humanity, which will no longer have personal power or decision, but rather will finally learn to live in adherence to the Will of the Father.

By not fulfilling the rules and the Commandments, sufferings arise, the human decay arises, inequality arises. But this will end, a new time will come, but not everyone will be in this new time.

Many must learn in other schools that which they have not learned so far, because the planet keeps suffering and agonizing, just as the Kingdoms of Nature keep suffering and agonizing, and the Father will put an end to so much wickedness and suffering.

Because the Father created you to be happy, joyful and to live in His Joy from the beginning.

Therefore, all will be reconfigured so that it may begin again, as it should have been fulfilled in the beginning and yet was not fulfilled.

I extend My arms toward you and offer you My hands so that you can firmly take them and, above all, I offer My Heart, so that you can be kept within Me and protected within Me for this cycle.

The time has come for your mature consciousness to manifest so that, in adulthood, you may assume this planetary school of the end of times, a school that you never lived and never experienced in any other time nor in any other epoch.

Therefore, all will be shaken, from the material to the spiritual, from the social to the religious, from the purest to the most impure, so that, finally, there will no longer be duality, but rather balance, peace and harmony.

With courage and bravery, may each one of My children live the calvary that God has given them and may they do it for humanity, just as My Son did, so that many more souls can be saved and can find the way out, the path of return towards the House of the Father.

Today I come with these words to make you conscious and not to frighten you. I come with this degree of instruction and knowledge, of truth and transparency, just as I have come in other times and in other Apparitions, when your Heavenly Mother has had to correct humanity and reprimand it.

This is the time and this is the definitive moment, My children, and you must keep this in mind. There is no longer room for superfluous life, there is no room for what is petty, for mediocrity, for indifference, for lack of love, for the lack of compassion.

This is the time when you must remake your lives under the Presence of God and of His Power so that you may be contemplated by His Mercy and by His Grace, and in this way you can also live the Plan of Rescue, that Plan that the Spiritual Hierarchy will carry forward in this time, in this cycle.

As the events develop in humanity and the nations live their tests, the Doors of the Universe are closing, because the moment of the Apocalypse has arrived, the end of time, for the beginning of the new time, because the moment of the Return of Christ is coming, and this moment will bring humanity a great change on a universal level.

I take the time to speak slowly to you so that you can memorize My Words and not forget them, because My task with you is ending and My children must be strong and firm to go through that which you must go through in the end of these times.

I, as the Mother of each one of you, will withdraw in prayer, as I am doing now, to pray for your salvation, conversion and redemption and so that, above all, open and surrendered, in spite of what may happen and take place in the world, you can receive Christ when He returns to the world.

You must finish drinking from the Fount of Knowledge and Instruction because all that was said throughout the years was not in vain, but rather for a just and greater cause that goes beyond your lives, consciousnesses and souls.

Benefit from what is being given, because you will need it in the culminating moment of the planet. It is through love for this Knowledge and love through prayer that we will be united, in spite of where each one may be at the moment of the great events. There, Peace and Light will not lack, so that you can decide with wisdom and discernment, and you may carry out everything God asks.

I leave you this message and I invite you to relive it and share it, because it is for all My children, regardless of religion, belief or race. All are My children.

This is the commitment that My Son, on the Cross, asked Me to live for each one of you, until the end of days.

May the Wisdom of God bless your consciousness and may this Wisdom bring you healing for the emergence of the new being and the New Humanity, free from the errors, traumas, sufferings and from evil.

May the Grace of My Maternity surround you and may the Supreme Will be fulfilled within you so that, in the unity of brothers and sisters and of a community, you may hold among you the sublime treasures of the Hierarchy to sustain the planet and humanity.

I bless you and I give you My Peace, the Peace that strengthens the spirit, the Peace that elevates the soul towards the Kingdoms of the Heavens, towards the Greater Life.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In an offering to God and in union with the Most Holy Mother, responding to Her request, we will pray for three times the prayer “Sacred Unity of God” so that His Unity, the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may fill this moment and our souls with Its Light so that we may have the necessary strength to follow the paths of Christ.

Sacred Unity of God,

unify our lives,

unify our being,

unify us in profound fraternity.


Thank you, Divine Mother, for all that you give us! Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

And under the blessing of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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