Tuesday, December 31 of 2019

Special Apparition

Today I come for a world that is divided because one part wants to follow God and the other wants to follow the god of illusion.

I come for those who have persevered in Christ. It is My Son who sends Me to Earth, on this day, to awaken consciousnesses and have hearts feel the Love of God.

I come as the Mother of Justice, a Heavenly and Divine Justice, of a Law that today humanity does not know, and that has many times altered because of different circumstances. 

But despite this Law, today I reach the deepest abysses of the Earth, where souls are lost in the illusion and the celebration of the end of the year.

The reason for the change of times and cycles is not this. Thus, My children, you who have more awareness and discernment must pray more and offer yourselves more, in order to compensate for what the rest of humanity mistakenly does. 

After more than two thousand years since the birth of Christ, humanity has made absolutely no progress. Only small spiritual groups that follow the Law of the Hierarchy have, that with much effort and much heart, have managed to manifest Divine Will upon the surface of the Earth.

But many more consciousnesses are still needed so that you may continue to manifest the Will of God. 

To live the Will of God is to live in full and divine happiness, it is to joyfully live the gift of the Fear of God and in daily life carry out the fulfillment of all His requests, no matter how small or big they may seem.

It is at this planetary moment, in which the last and acute transition of humanity will begin, as from the year 2020 onward, when hearts will perceive a surprising reality, because it will come without warning anyone. 

And that reality, which is a planetary reality, will place the entire human race before the Law of God, and everything will begin to happen, especially when My Words no longer resonate in this place or in any other place in the world. 

It will be at that time and in that hour, dear children, that My messages and instructions must resound in the depths of your consciousnesses, re-experience My messages and apply them in daily life, even if you try, every day, and do not manage to succeed.

I have pity for those who abandon the ship of Christ at this time, and who have not understood, in absolutely any point in their consciousness, what it means to represent My Son on Earth.

My Son has not allowed Me to intercede for them, but I will continue to pray like a good Mother and intercessor, for My Heart will always be placed before My most lost children, so that they may be saved.

Even if this salvation is not immediate, even if the salvation is for the next cycle or the next race, your Heavenly Mother will not give up and the prayers of Her good children, those devoted children, of all the faithful who respond to Her divine and maternal call, will be the fruits I will carry toward the Father so as to intercede for My lost children and also for the impossible causes that the human being is beginning to face at this planetary time.

And so, dear children, today I am opening the Mantle, the Mantle of the Heavenly Mother, so that you not only enter the new time, the end of time, but also accept experiencing the great planetary need that millions of souls have in this world and who are not able to find the light nor see it in the Heart of God.

That is why I am again renewing My offer, not only for each one of My children, for those who respond and for those who do not respond, but I am renewing My offer in this eternal service of the Faithful Slave of God for this humanity and for this planet so that My children who will be in the events of the end of times and who will see incredible things may have the strength to endure that which will come and that which will be present before their eyes.

I would like to bring you divine reality tonight. Today I bring you the inner reality, the transparency of this time, the truth of what is happening because the doors of the Universe are closing. 

As Divine Justice begins to descend, I invite you to be in the balance of that Justice, through your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your words, so that the Law does not fall upon you, but that you continue to be worthy of the Divine Mercy of My Son. 

Because when the Law of Justice descends, it will not forgive anything, for it is part of the end of times and of the choice the race of this planet has made.

But My hope, My aspiration and My faith are in those who continue to move forward and who, even in the imperfection, in the intolerance of these times or in the transformation of their lives, do not cease to respond to the Mother of God, knowing that these last impulses and apparitions are definitive; in which your Heavenly Mother not only stretches out Her hands to you, but also covers you with Her Divine Mantle so that you dare to continue taking steps toward Christ, in this transition, in which some will find themselves very much alone in doing all that will be necessary in this time.

Thus, I invite you to assume your tasks with maturity and responsibility as you enter this new year. May you be able to leave behind for good the conflicts, the judgments and the separation that may exist among the flocks of Christ, for He needs you united, always and forever; and when He returns to Earth, He will thus be able to find a safe and real, although poor and simple, place to dwell in the hearts of the men and the women of Earth, to be able to return completely without finding impediments nor borders so that He can come with all His Consciousness rather than periodically. 

May the Law of Justice allow, through the intervention of the Law of Divine Mercy, the salvation of the most lost, forgotten and distracted beings of this humanity.

This is why I will go on, I will take advantage of these last times, these last apparitions, in which God has authorized Me to do what is possible and the impossible, so that consciousnesses not be lost, and above all those who were with Christ and now are not, do not lose their souls forever in the fire of illusion, in the fire of damnation and the hell of this planetary consciousness. 

For I must justify, one by one, the treasures of My Son in the presence of the Celestial Father. Those treasures cannot be lost nor wasted because they are great inner relics that My Son has placed in your hearts and souls, relics that come from the non-material Universe and which will allow you to do what God needs in the cycle that will come during this acute time on Earth. 

It is time to become aware, My children. It is what My Son has asked of Me, it is what He has begged of Me, that you be responsible, that you take on with greater breadth and knowledge what it means to work for the Mother of God and fulfill the promises of Christ on Earth. Because the Law of Justice will not stop when you cry, when you complain or make a request, because the time will have ended. 

This is the truth that I want to bring to the world today. For this reason, so that hearts may generate more merits in the short time that remains, you must not only love yourselves, forgive yourselves and be reconciled with God, and free yourselves from the ties and chains of life, but you must love each other more and more with a greater love, with this love that I bring to you from Heaven, so that your consciousnesses may grow in charity and in goodness, so that pride, indifference and omission may be dissolved in your beings forever.

The upcoming times that will arrive will be very important. The next pilgrimages that will take place, official or not, will also be important, because within everything the Hierarchy will be working more extensively than it has ever done before, and will use all the time possible and all Its consciousness to reach the goals that are lacking and carry out the projects that are lacking in this cycle, which is very short, where there is very little time.

Every time you come to Me to consecrate new children who want to enter My Heart, even if they are already, keep in mind the commitment you are assuming, which is a spiritual, soul and inner commitment to God Himself, beyond your Heavenly Mother Who loves you, cares for you and protects you so that you may always learn to walk in Christ.

That should be the consciousness of all the Children of Mary, this consciousness of responsibility, of commitment and of faithfulness, beyond your Heavenly Mother, with the non-material Fount of God Itself that emits His last impulses of Grace, of Mercy and of redemption for souls.

With this awareness, I today call forward those who will be consecrated so that at the feet of your Heavenly Mother, in the same way that your Heavenly Mother is at the Feet of your Celestial Father, you will make your sincere and true offering so that this commitment may be fulfilled and be manifested in this crucial time.

Listening to the hymn of your consecration, we will prepare this moment of blessing and of grace, in which the light of your souls may emerge and reflect the flower of your hearts, and thus make the offering so deserved and so awaited by God.

May this surrender that you will offer today be a surrender for humanity and the planet, for those who are lost. This will be the main reason for your consecration, to pray for those who are lost, for the non-believers, for the atheists, for those who do not experience nor seek divine spiritual life.

In your prayers, place all those children of Mine, so that God may contemplate them someday, and so that more and more souls on this planet may be saved through your prayers and offerings, services and sacrifices, unconditional and loving surrender, and be considered in the next project of the new humanity.

For the new year to come, it will be the inner Christ of each being that must rule and direct your lives so that your souls, which have suffered the consequences of other times, may also achieve the healing you hope for and a reconciliation with God. Do not fear Justice, fear not seeking Divine Mercy.

From your hearts, souls and spirits, may the impulse of devotion, of prayer and of love for God always flow so that more consciousnesses, peoples, cultures and nations may be healed by the infinite Mercy of God.

And that in this way, with the offering of all the Children of Mary, the door of Graces, of the Mercies of the Mother of God, may be kept open. Amen.

To the children who will be consecrated, place your hands in the sign of reception and from your Heavenly Mother receive the blessing of the Divine Light so that you may be healed and cured inwardly and thus renew your lives in the infinite Mercy of God.

Now, place your hands on your heart and say to me:

"Mother, I accept You, I recognize You, I love You and I live You so that through You and through me, the Holy Will of God may be fulfilled. 

May the powerful Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens govern my soul.

May the powerful Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens give me the impulse to serve.

May the powerful Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens open the paths of my life so that, in the time to come, I may recognize the Return of Christ. 

So be it.


And today I will give you all these blessed roses, as I have given to many of My children who in faith, in simplicity and in love, have responded to God.

May this flower that I give you today be the symbol of the love and the beauty of the Mother of God for your hearts and so that you may always remember that I will always be here, even if someday I stop coming.

And now, the children of Mary who were consecrated will receive the flower of the Mother of God.

And to merge, concretize and carry out this offering of your souls to the Celestial Mother, we will listen to the Hail Mary of Gomez, affirming and confirming our inner consecration.

From Heaven and from the splendor of the whole Universe, I bless the souls of the world, all those who are gathered together as a family, strengthening the unity of the project of God, in your homes and in the communities, so that what God so much expects may be fulfilled.

May this blessing renew you and give you the impulse to face the coming year with courage and bravery, knowing that My hand will always be stretched out to tightly take hold of you and lead you to Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call and remember to pray for the lost souls.

I thank you.