Tuesday, December 24 of 2019

Vigil of Prayer

I come to save those who want to return to God. For this reason, today I am present on this date that is very special, not only for the Celestial Father, but also for the Sacred Hearts.

Tonight I bring the synthesis of the experience that I had in Bethlehem, because many mysteries occurred on that night. And in spite of two thousand years having gone by since this event, it continues to echo in the Celestial Universe, as well as in the Cosmos.

Today I have you spiritually participate in the revelations of God, in the revelations that God made for the Sacred Family and for all the souls that were called by the Father, in that time, to be able to experience and participate in the Birth of Christ.

Today it is a planetary reality that many do not seek the inner Christ. But the strength of the inner Christ in a very few grants the graces that the planet needs, that humanity urgently needs to be able to awaken to the reality in which it lives.

My divine intervention descends today to Earth with all the angels of the Universe that praise God, that adore the Child King. They come with Me today, dear children, to be able to help and assist the families of the world, because the family, as you know, My children, is the main nucleus of the Project of God. A family that, in this so crucial time of humanity, needs to recover the values that God gave them from the beginning of this genetic project.

And each time this very special date of the end of the year comes closer, when My adversary works untiringly to distract souls and draw them away from their inner purpose, the Celestial Universe then comes close to the Earth and, with the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit, through your Heavenly Mother, souls have the great opportunity and the great chance of being able to recover the place they lost after committing their errors. Because the event that took place in the Cave of Bethlehem was a great merit, it was the first merit that Christ granted to humanity, through His Incarnation in this world.

Thus, the living God was present among the men and women of the Earth. He announced Himself to the world as the Messiah, the Savior, and He will continue to do so for the times that will come, until the last soul has the opportunity to awaken, beyond the errors committed in this current cycle.

And so, on this special night, in which we contemplate the Nativity of Our Lord and Divine Grace drawing closer to humanity, I draw closer to the families of the world, I enter into the homes of the world, so that all may be able to spiritually commune of this occult Sacrament of the Birth of Jesus, in which families can again drink of the Divine Fount and souls can be strengthened on the path of faith and of trust in God.

Today I have all nations of the world at My Feet, all cultures and all peoples that give tribute to and remember the Birth of Jesus. And from Heaven, He sends them a fraternal embrace as the Greater Governor that He is, so that you may always follow His Purpose, so that you may continue following His footsteps, the footsteps of light that He leaves opon His paths, until finding the great Portal of Redemption.

Today, in My Maternal Heart I bring this important moment of the Cave of Bethlehem, this mystery that ceases to be a mystery and that reveals itself to the world today, through the knowledge and divine instruction that the Hierarchy brings, knowing that it was not a simple birth, but rather it was a great revelation that God brought for humanity.

With the  birth of My beloved Son, God indicated an opportunity to the world, and He continues to reveal it; He continues to show it through the contemplation of this mystery, in which many Hierarchies participated and a Great Celestial Brotherhood assembled around the planet, more than two thousand years ago, to participate in this moment, because a very great many cosmic rays descended to accomplish the spiritual recovery of humanity and withdraw the human race from a project dismissed by the Eternal Father Himself.

How much Love He had, so immeasurable and infinite, that He gave Himself to each one of His children! He made Himself into such a little child and in likeness to yourselves, so that you could recognize Him, you could feel and see Him with your own eyes, because many that are here today were participants in this event in the Cave of Bethlehem.

This is the time for understanding that this story continues and is being written, and that this story that is being written cannot be changed.

In this way, you can understand, My children, how the Divine Will continues to be active throughout the times and the generations, and how this Will must be concretized in yourselves, and your brothers and sisters, so that what God thought of and ardently desired, within this cycle of the final battle, may be accomplished beyond any event or circumstance.

And so, My children, you are facing a new opportunity of consciously assuming this commitment that My Son offers you; not only an inner union of yourselves with your inner Christ, but the living of the Project of the Redeemer, of all that He needs to concretize and carry out in this cycle.

In this way, your purification will be small, insignificant, because the energy of cosmic healing will grant you a transformation and change of your being.

Thus, I bring you this opportunity so that you may consciously re-enter the Divine Source, this Source that generated the incarnation of the Son of God through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, in the conception of your Divine Mother.

Everything that God needs for this time and through this Work is not small, but rather very large. In everything that He needs to carry out in humanity, in the most distant peoples of the Earth, as is Africa, His aspiration is ardent and alive, it beats in the very Heart of the Father until it may be accomplished and carry out what He needs, because in the simplest things the most marvelous things will be seen. It is in this space and in this place where Mercy will take action and hearts will be redeemed, becoming free forever from the captivity and slavery that My enemy imposes.

But you have the Grace of having Aurora and other Sacred Centers, where you do not lack the opportunity nor the tools for being able to experience this ascension and transformation, no matter how hard it may seem.

While you fulfill what God needs, you will not suffer, because God is love and joy. Suffering is a part of humankind, of that which humanity itself has generated through its debts.

The spiritual Universe is hope, is ascension, and it is light. And it is this Light of Christ that I bring to you today, My children, so that it may penetrate your hearts and essences and, recovering your origin and your existence, you may be able to again feel as a part of the Project of God, of this great Mission of the end of times that each one is called upon to experience, together with your Heavenly Mother.

I place a blessing today, upon those who most need it, setting My Hands upon you and upon the whole world, as a mother who caresses her children and consoles their hearts. This Grace brings you the fortitude of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Science for experiencing these definitive times.

May the fortitude and the science of the Holy Spirit grant you the power of discernment, the capacity to understand beyond the limits of the mind and the consciousness, and to be able to carry out and give impulse to the Will of God upon the surface of this planet.

If you simply fulfill, only this, you will be living the purpose and the essence of your lives. And, in this way, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in many more places, in many more hearts, in many more lost souls that will become rescuable and will no longer be fallen stars, but rather little suns in the firmament that will also live their spiritual mission.

Today I tell you these last words, in this cycle I give you these last messages, because when the twelve years of My Apparitions are completed, in the coming 2020, a period will end, will be finalized, and you must live everything that you have received as knowledge and instruction.

While I am here, I help the rest of humanity and carry all toward the Heart of My Son, fulfilling on this night what He requested of Me, and re-establishing His Divine Will in this place, so that it may finally be lived without alterations.

I am this new Aurora that comes to the world to illuminate the times of darkness. I am the last Messenger of God and the first that will open the door to My Son so that He may return to the world. In that moment, your hearts must already be defined and, with bravery and courage, waiting for the coming of the Redeemer.

Today, from your hearts, I will receive this sacred offering of the novena and in My Heart, I will carry your prayers and all your intentions to those who are suffering because of their purification, so that they may stop suffering, because God loves them, God considers them and contemplates them, just as He contemplated and considered His Slave and His faithful Servant, your Celestial Mother.

I want you to place yourselves at the foot of this manger, this spiritual manger, this divine revelation that I have brought to you today, so that this impulse that the Hierarchy brings may be radiated and expanded into the whole world, so that the New Christs may awaken and participate in this sacred Mission.

For this, in this moment, let us listen to the instrumental of "Silent Night."

And, at the request of our Divine Mother, for all the families of the world, because of all the graces and merits of this novena, carried out by the families of the world, we will pray the "Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth" two times, and in the Heart of the Divine Mother, in Her presence, we will offer these prayers.

We take a breath.

Prayer: "Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth" (repeated twice).

My tears fall tonight, feeling the love and the strength of your prayers. How in the simplest and most humble lies what is great and victorious, what comes from God, for all eternity. Amen.

You will sing "Silent Night" so that this consecration may reach all the families of the world and the very smallest, those who are alone and who are orphans.

I thank you for responding to My call, and may the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem guide the steps and your paths for the coming times. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.