Thursday, August 8 of 2019

Special Apparition

May peace be in this place and in the entire world, in the name of My Son Jesus. Amen.

With joy, the Empress of the Universe visits you.

And today She is not only crowned by the love of Her children. Today, Her mantle is the flag of Argentina. The Heart of the Mother of God is the Sun of this country.

It is this way, My children, so that you may experience the advent of the Return of Christ, which today is being announced in the depths of the hearts of humankind and in the miracles of love that many of My children are experiencing in this time.

As Mother of all and Mother of the Universe, I come to testify to these events through My Presence, because My Son has requested it of Me so as to carry this experience to the Thrones of God, as the truthful and real testimony that miracles exist in this time, in spite of it being a crucial time.

This mantle that surrounds My Body and which is the flag of Argentina, is what I will use, My children, until the end of this pilgrimage, because I not only come to work with your inner worlds or with the consciousness of this country, but also I come in search of many more souls that, on the inner planes, need a great deal of help to be able to get out of the prisons of life and the terror that My adversary imposes on them, day after day.

But today, not only am I crowned by the love of My children, and this is of greater value than hundreds of flowers on My altar, but also, My children, the Mother of the Sun and Mother of the Universe, with Her Feet, treads upon the head of the cunning serpent so that My children may be freed, at this moment, from the oppression they feel in their hearts and, in consequence, the nations of the world may receive mercy and pity.

Therefore, My children, I am here today to give you My testimony of love, not only through My Word, but also through My Presence, because today I can tell you, My children, that I feel the love of My children in My Heart. And it is this love that God asks Me to pour out upon the world all the time, especially in those who most need it and are in darkness.

Today I tell you again, My children, as I told you this morning, the important values of protecting the family, the universal family that is constituted by all of you. That is what God needs in this time, that the men and women of the Earth become a single family, without differences or patterns, without positions nor with a lack of human values; let it be the spiritual values of God, His divine Attributes, that will be able to have all of you see that all are equal in the Eyes of God. And if you do this, My children, the cell of the family will be protected, My Consciousness will safeguard it from all that is still to happen in the world for these times.

Today, I not only come for you but for all Argentina. In an omnipresent way, My Consciousness is not only here with you but also with all of humanity. My Consciousness especially expands from Ushuaia up to La Quiaca, from the heights of the mountains of the Andes to the la Plata River. And in this way, the powerful and invincible Cross of My Son is established so that the uncertain destiny of this country may be protected and safeguarded by God Himself, knowing that the Universal Father Himself allows and permits His children to learn what they chose.

But the strength of the love in your prayers and hearts make it possible that many things do not happen and that in time, everything may be reversed, knowing that God expects the good for all His children and the greatest love for all Creation.

That is why I am here also as a Witness of God and as His Servant, to open for you the path toward love, so that you may feel encouraged to tread it and experience it, because it is important in this time, My children, that this love may be able to heal you deeply beyond your material or mental consciousness, beyond your spiritual or divine aspect. It is this love that will rebuild all of humanity, will bring hope to the men and women of the Earth.

So as Servant of God, it is Mine to announce the advent of My Son, the Return so awaited for by all of humanity.

But first, My Son must return in your hearts. You must open the door so that you can live Christic experiences, so that your lives can completely transform according to what God needs because, in this way, you will be living in His Will and in His Love, and this will be mirrored and will be radiated to all of Argentina and the entire world. The values of God will protect you and you will be free from many oppressions.

Then, begin, My children, to protect your families and your loved ones, all those you have around you daily, living the principle of reconciliation and of faith, of brotherhood and of fraternity, so that love does not disappear from the families of the world, but rather love may be the engine that transforms everything, that expands your consciousnesses and hearts, that will someday cause you to achieve freedom from this planetary prison that humankind created on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, I come under the Will of God and at His request because, within you, My children, exists something infinite and non-material that waits to be shown before your eyes, in your inner worlds and consciousnesses. It is this divine aspect that has come to fulfill a special mission on Earth, at the request of the Creator Fathers. And this mission must be fulfilled in this time, not only for your awakening but also for your charity.

I am here, My children, to help you and guide you, to safeguard you and protect you, so that this divine essence that is within you has its fundamental mission in this time, and it may take first place in your lives for, in this way, all suffering will dissolve; pain will disappear, the healing of the soul will come and the spirit will rejoice for the presence of the Love of the Living God, which will be within you, and you will be able to give to the whole world through your service and surrender to God.

It is in the simple things that God will be able to re-consecrate the planet, transfigure the human consciousness of all the errors that it has committed up until today, stepping out of the Laws and of the Commandments.

God will place you upon His Hand so that you can feel His protection and you may feel unconditionally supported by the Sacred Hearts, to feel encouraged to live this transformation that will resound in the entire world and mainly in its families.

It is in the simple where the truth will be seen. It is in the simple and humble where My Son will return and will be able to be among you preaching His Word of salvation and of redemption, of gladness and joy again for all souls.

In truth, My children, it is to Him that we owe everything that has happened up to today, for He is the great Intercessor before the Celestial Father, He is the great Mediator and Consoler of hearts. I am His Servant and His Slave and, I invite you, My children, for many more to be His servers and apostles, because in Jesus the Christ is your salvation and this will allow your inner Christ to awaken and have you feel you are on the path of the Celestial Father, able to find again the meaning of being here, in this very critical and difficult time of humanity. Because your real mission goes beyond the material and you must always perceive this, My children.

You must profoundly thank, without complaints, for everything that the Universe sends you for learning, for in this way you will grow inwardly and your consciousnesses will expand in degrees of love when every day you decide to love unconditionally and without rules, just as My Son loved you and loves you for all eternity.

Today I consecrate many souls in the spiritual Universe and all these souls will face God at some moment, and will become aware of what they have come here to do in this time. For this reason, I am here today, in Argentina, to bring this opportunity to the hearts that still have not awakened and that, in their inner world, cry out for redemption, just as all of you cried out today to the Celestial Father.

I am this bridge that will always take you to God and that will protect you on the path of the spirit because, My children, it is your spirit that must be aware and awakened for this time so that your minds and hearts may be available at the service of God, so as to support this humanity that has lost its sense of the truth due to so many influences it experiences, day after day.

I need, My children,that in these twelve years you to continue to transform into My roses of light, so that the center of your original purity may be what governs your consciousnesses and may carry your hearts into a devotion to God and an incessant search for the truth, which will show you the path you are to follow for the coming time.

If your lives convert, your hearts will be peace-bringers and will represent Christ on Earth, and He will be able to come to call you when He physically returns to the world so that, in the company of the tribes of Israel, He may repopulate this Earth with new principles and codes that humanity has lost since Genesis.

This is why you receive the Sacraments and are blessed in this end time, so that your souls may be ready for His next advent and in this way, they do not lose the meaning of everything that He wants to show you and point out to you in this cycle.

In this way, My children, My Beloved Son will count on you because you will be before a spiritual maturity that He needs to see present in this time for everything that will happen, for everything that will come and be shown in a surprising way to humanity.

He will have pillars, He will have soldiers, servers and collaborators, He will have columns of light, living and available, which will be able to become His armies and commands so that, when He comes in an unexpected way, in light of the manifestation of the reality of the Cosmos and of something that humanity has still not ever seen, there may be hearts and souls that support this universal movement that the Universal King Himself, My Beloved Son, will carry out in the company of the Creator Fathers, the Archangels.

In this hour, everybody will see their own reality. The majority will repent, but many more will be glad upon experiencing that re-encounter with Christ. They will have memory of their passage at the side of Jesus, My Beloved Son, and will feel such a strong and such an inextinguishable impulse, that it will position them as warriors of the Light in the lines of His armies, to announce and pronounce the redemption of Luzbel.

And in this way, everything will end. The Universe will be rebuilt as it was in the past times, the same way it was changed in the most ancient times. The origin of the origin of what God thought of, meditated upon, contemplated and profoundly wished for will return to the present, to this actual time, so that in the presence of His Son, the Christ, the new humanity may emerge, which will no longer have a religion because its own religion and its own faith will be the Love of Christ, which will unite all things and will no longer separate anything, because all will see and recognize themselves as worthy Children of God. And everything will begin again and the Project will be fulfilled.

That is why Argentina has a very important mission in light of this event. God asked us to be more present here for the coming times because now, and after these end times, everything that has happened up to this point has only been a small preparation.

As from this August 8 of 2019, your real mission begins.

So be it.

And behind Me, My children, the Universe is here today, that leads you to God, that takes you to His infinite Presence.

In gratitude and joy for His having allowed Me to be here up until now, for twelve years, we will send our love to the Supreme Source through song and voice.

We stand and place our hands on our hearts to feel God within us in this commitment of renewal and of faith on August 8 of 2019.

And together with your Heavenly Mother, to close this meeting, in the presence of His Celestial Church and of His Creation, through My Heart, My children, you will invoke the Attributes of the Father through "Adom, Adom, Olam."

We now place our hands in the position of reception so that the Light of His Attributes may descend upon us and, in consequence, in Argentina and in the whole world, and so that the very definitive decision that this nation will take in the month of October may benefit and safeguard those most in need and who cry out for justice. Amen.

I am listening to you.

We place our hands on our heart and give thanks.

Feeling this very strong union with God, very sincere and real. And in this way, we renew our faith, our joy and trust in the Father, in the Eternal Father.

And let us give thanks to the Mother of God, for through Her intercession and mediation as our Advocate, as our Mother, the Father has called us, as imperfect as we are, to decide to follow Her Son on this trajectory on the path of love and toward Infinity.

Dear children, in the name of Christ, I leave you Peace, so that you may always remember Peace and it may be in your hearts, and may these moments serve as an aid and protection, as encouragement and momentum to experience the tests of these times, knowing that behind every learning, school or experience, God is there with His Arms open and with His Heart expanded to receive you.

On this day, may souls be able to generate in Argentina the coming of the Kingdom of God.

And at this altar that you have lovingly offered to Me today, which has led you to the Great Portal of the Universe, where My Consciousness and Spirit dwells so as to elevate you to God, more each day, I have used this scenery to bring you the Presence of the Father and the testimony of His Love.

Behold His Servant and Slave, the Co-redeemer, Mother of the Savior and Mother of God, the Celestial Advocate of those who cry out and the Mediator of those who ask from their hearts for help and mercy.

Let this altar be established here until August 13th so that your Heavenly Mother, at the request of the Father, may continue to deepen Her task here in Argentina and so that My children, who will be consecrated on August 13th, may also experience the safe and trustworthy path of their profound awakening.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and I thank you for responding to My call on this very important day, because at the end of your days before going to the Schools of Infinity, before walking towards Paradise, and toward where God needs you, at some point of this Creative Manifestation, you will understand this day and will remember it as if it were today. Amen.

At the request of Our Lady Mary, the Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, we will listen to a song that is felt in the heart of all Her children, who trust in Her Presence and in Her Intercession. A song, says Mary, that was born of a great disciple of Hers, a follower of Christ.

United through melody and voice, let us listen to "Mirarte a Ti".