Sunday, August 25 of 2019


Continue, because I am working with the world.

The world needs an unfathomable divine intervention in order to be saved. Therefore, together with the angels of God and all His hosts, under the luminous impulse of the Holy Spirit, today your Heavenly Mother arrives here, not only to gather you together and fill you with the Love of God, but also to lead you to the truth and to the liberation of your life, to be able to break the chains that imprison My children, to free from captivity the many who are in it.

All of this is by the divine authority given to Me by My Son and by the celestial power granted to Me by the Father, since the first time He accepted Me as His faithful Servant.

Thus, I invite you, My children, not only to discover within yourselves the gifts and virtues of God, but I also invite you, My children, to discover your personal mission for this planet and for this humanity, since it is the time of the planetary transition, and the need and the help of many soldiers of Christ has today become very urgent.

Thus, I invite you, My children, to ask yourselves where this talent and this gift of God are that My Son left you, not only through His testimony of Love, but also through His Word, His Gospel.

So, be His apostles of the end of times, and place yourselves in the first lines of His celestial command; in this way, My children, with this inner and conscious attitude, you will not only be serving the Celestial Father but also the fulfillment of His Plan upon the surface of the Earth.

While I speak to you today, in a maternal and loving way, the chains of illusion are gradually broken away from the human consciousness, the hells are closed, and many crystals are elevated to find their process of liberation and of redemption.

In truth, My children, this world still does not know the mysteries of the Universe and all the relics that have been kept here for millions of years, since before My Divine Son incarnated.

I give you an impulse to the awakening of your consciousness so that your redemption, My children, may be the truthful testimony of God so that a new and renewed humanity may be able to continue, freed from the world illusion and the chaos, freed from the prisons that the forces of evil place around souls.

For this reason, your moment of consecration is now, your moment to testify to God is now, your moment for taking a step is now, and not at another time or another moment.

I call upon you, My children, to consciously assume this planetary situation, to establish within your homes groups of prayer that can be, at this moment, pillars of light where the angels can work, not only with you and your families, but also with your cities, peoples and nations so that the planetary balance may be sustained, and especially the mental balance of humanity which is highly unbalanced. So that many things do not happen, respond to this call that comes from My Heart and which is given impulse to by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Today, I return to this Marian Center to strengthen and bless it in its spiritual task, so that its way of life, simple, austere and humble, may be able to open the eyes of many who are here, in this region and beyond it, so that you can feel God in your hearts; so that you may find the only path, which is the path of My Son, the path that will protect you and safeguard you in this crucial time.

Thus, you also will represent My Son on Earth and will be able to reciprocate to His call, knowing that it is necessary, My children, that your lives and the lives of your brothers and sisters do something for this planet. Much blood has been shed in this world after so many wars and conflicts, where humans were against their brothers and sisters.

Now, My children, I come to ignite you with the fire of the Holy Spirit so that you may assume your positions in this moment of the Plan, so that you may hear the voice of God through His Servant that resounds in the very depths of your souls and hearts, bringing you the impulse of truth and of consecration.

It will depend on the awakened human consciousness that the new time may arrive, free of atrocities and evil, of conflicts and of darkness, so that these conflicts may change, and this will help the Divine Hierarchy to be able to intervene.

Like in this moment, My children, My beloved Son has asked Me to intervene not only for your consciousnesses, but also for the world. At this moment, My children, I am not only here, but also in seven places in the world, where extremely serious things are taking place that you cannot even imagine.

All this is possible, My children, through your faithfulness on the path of prayer, knowing that it is urgent to do something for this humanity and this planet, knowing that it is important, My children, that today, when you leave this Marian Center, you be different people, you transform your lives and redeem them, consecrate them and elevate them to God so that He may consider you in His infinite Mercy when the time of the great Justice arrives for humanity, in which there will be no governor, nation or any weapon, however intelligent it may be, that will stop the authority and the power of God, which will move within this local Universe and beyond it and which will have repercussions in all the planets that are part of this solar system.

With this, My children, I do not come to bring you fear, I do not come to give you a warning; I come to advise you, My children, that there is still time for changing the events, for taking up a life of consecration and of redemption that, in the face of the Celestial Universe, can justify all the human errors committed in this time, all the lack of unity experienced in families, in the peoples, in the humanitarian crises, and beyond what you know, of all that is in the mental universe of this humanity and that, day after day, grows and imprisons the human consciousness.

Through a gigantic pillar of transmutation, I come today to this planet that is being subjected and completely lost. But remember, My children, that as much as there are souls in an absolute and profound darkness, there is within you a divine essence, something My adversary cannot touch, although it may torment you and persecute you.

Be intelligent, with the true channel of individual and group prayer, build your powerful swords of light so that each bead of prayer, each new meeting, each opportunity to serve and to surrender to God may, with the Light of the Father, cut all the chains that imprison My children, rescue and save those most in need, not only in the Human Kingdom but also in the Kingdoms of Nature.

Do something for this humanity, this is what I ask of you. Humanity does not know the power of God; it is an unknown and very ancient power.

I ask you, My children, to be mediators with your Heavenly Mother, that in your hearts you hear the Voice that My Immaculate Heart proclaims, that you be different people, that you live the examples of charity and of good, that you no longer judge one another, that you love one another deeply just as My Son taught you. Because in such simple but profound things, you will grant the Mother of God, by divine authority, that I may spend a longer time among you, especially in these moments in which frightful things will be seen, which no previous humanity has seen before.

For this reason, I come to protect you with My Divine Mantle, I come to awaken, in the very depths of your beings, this celestial and universal commitment that you made with My Son.

Because thus, dear children, you will be in the correct place, you will be in the correct moment, you will be on the path of Light and you will no longer see the mirages that this world and this humanity emit to spiritually confuse hearts.

I give you everything that I am and everything I have been, today I also give you everything I attained since My assumption into the Heavens; because I am not only your Mother, who intervenes within impossible causes, for the most serious illnesses, for the hardest problems, I am the universal Governess, the Queen and Mother of Peace, the Sovereign and Lady of the Universe, who comes with the power of the Scepter of God to put an end to many planetary situations.

But so that this can be concretized and carried out, so that millions of souls may get out of the hells of the Earth that they are in, and especially so that humanity may become aware of the errors it commits today, I need you not only as My consecrated, good and humble, charitable and merciful children, but also as My soldiers, so that you may be with Me twenty-four hours of the day, placing the call of God, the path of prayer as a priority; because in this way you will transform, My children, and you will not, in these times, enter the cycles of planetary purification that will be very acute and difficult, but rather you will be ready as soldiers of Christ to go where you are called, to be assembled where there are great needs, to help your brothers and sisters and the Kingdoms of Nature, to know that it is important to establish and rebuild this spiritual family of Israel that has been completely distorted throughout the times.

Do not feed the forces of chaos, be in silence, enter into meditation, seek the Light and mainly, seek God within you. The Father is full of Mercy and of Love to give you; suffer no longer, because what you suffer is what you think and generate, build the new humanity based on a great change in consciousness.

In this way, My Son will come, and you will recognize Him when He comes in an unexpected and inexplicable way, and although the Universe may move and the stars accompany this movement of the second return of Christ, My children, you will be able to feel Him, you will be able to recognize Him, you will be able to find Him within you, and in this way the Plan will be fulfilled. Amen.

Today I needed to talk to you in this way because these times are times of emergency in which you cannot miss any opportunity of awakening and realizing your part, that the planetary situation is harder than it seems. Thus, today I approach your human language and do not use an abstract or symbolic language, because I was your Mother, I am your Mother, and will be your Mother. You have a Mother, nobody in this world is an orphan, even though they may have lost their biological parents.

You have Me and will have Me, and I will always wait for you with open arms to listen to you, to feel you, to receive your love and, above all, your giving of self.

For this reason, today the consecration of new Children of Mary will be special for Me.

I invite you to approach this stage, the Light of My Altar, so that I may consecrate you because, in truth, My children, your essences are consecrated as My children and accordingly, are consecrated to God, it is just that at this moment, the veils of your consciousness spontaneously fall, so that you may find the truth of your origins and the reason for having come to the Earth to serve God and to love Him, to someday find that celestial happiness that is real and palpable for human hearts.

Because in this celestial truth, in this infinite happiness, is where you can find the Kingdom of God and discover all of His mysteries. They are mysteries of Love, of an incalculable and incomprehensible Love, of an immense and very great Love, it is this Love that brings Me to Earth for each one of My children, for each one of My soldiers, for each one of the Kingdoms of Nature that expect from human beings a greater service and a response, to heal their profound wounds and martyrdoms.

My children, in light of the Celestial Father and His powerful divine hosts, on this day and until the next Marathon of Divine Mercy that will occur in this place, Argentina will accomplish its second preparatory stage for what will happen in the month of October, in which the entire consciousness of Argentina will define its destiny and the continuation of the presence of the Mercy of God in each part of this land, in each corner of this place, of this precious nature that God gave to Argentina.

For this reason, I want you, My children, to fulfill My aspiration, an aspiration that I once asked of you, many years ago, that in all the provinces of Argentina there be groups of prayer, and that will begin not only through the help of My warriors of the Light-Network, but also through the very simple but important practice of prayer in families.

It is thus that, with much joy, on this day of the consecration of new Children, this army today stands before My Celestial Altar and surrenders their hearts to My Immaculate Heart, so that from this moment on I may guide you and protect you. It is this army that is consecrated today that will give impulse to the concretization of My request that in each province of Argentina there be groups of prayer. And if this aspiration is fulfilled before the month of October, through the prayer of families, of prayer for families, many things will be avoided and Justice will move away, Mercy will come and hearts will celebrate the return of Christ.

Listening to the hymn of your consecration, I invite you, My children, that each one of those who are being consecrated today before the Celestial Mother, place within My Heart your deepest and most intimate request, knowing that God in His Infinite and Unfathomable Mercy hears the intentions of His children when they are truly profound and sincere.

Today I will carry in My maternal Heart not only your intentions, My children, for yourselves, for your families or for your country, for the impossible and difficult causes, for the greatest or smallest problems, I will carry everything today in My Heart, My children, to bring you relief, so that you may feel God in your lives and hearts; and may that presence of God, which is so necessary in this time and especially in Argentina, be able to be emanate to other hearts through the vow of your consecration.

On such a especial and important day in which you, as a single people and a single family, like that ancient family of Israel that resumes its commitment up to this moment, unite inwardly with God to love Him and adore Him, to recognize Him and to live Him, and thus, always find His powerful Kingdom.

With the Love that comes from the entire Universe, with the Love that created all that exists, all that breathes, all that manifests and vibrates with the Love that comes from the great Divine Essence of God and encompasses all that exists and beyond, with this powerful and immeasurable Love, I bless you and consecrate you as My children.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And with deep love, I am grateful for all that My children of Argentina did during this month of October, because you are already experiencing October.

I invite you to be in real time, in which the most difficult things can be dissolved so that love may triumph in Argentina and in the world.

Today, through this consecration, you have allowed, My children, that the month of October may be filled with a special light that will guide and orient hearts in the decision that they will make for the coming times.

And now I want to hear the hymn of your consecration so that, elevating your hearts, you may seal this alliance between Heaven and Earth, between God and your souls.

I thank you for having responded to My call.

And I promise to return here, to Argentina, so that together you may accompany Me through other provinces that will also ignite in My Love, such as Tierra del Fuego and Tucuman.

I thank you.



Tuesday, August 13 of 2019


I have already told you, My children, that something greater exists within you that you do not know; and that within your original essence, the purity that God conceived, for each one of His children, there are many mysteries to reveal and to show to each one of your souls.

I come as your Mother, but also as your Universal Governess, as this great Mirror of Justice and of Mercy that comes to reflect upon Earth the Principles and the Gifts of God.

What the Father expects of each one of you, My children, is that you also be able to represent Him on the surface of the Earth and that you be able to be mirrors, in such likeness of what I am, that you not only bring the divine attributes to the Earth in this very critical time of humanity, but that you also, My children, come to know your own inner mysteries that the Father will reveal to you when He, with His own Hands, takes away the veils from your consciousness, a moment in which everything will be fully shown and you will remember and know who you are.

This is why I am here, My children, so that your origin can awaken in you also, and so that, by discovering your origin, from which each one comes, you may be firmer and more available, to carry forward the Plan of God in humanity.

Through your daily consecration to My Immaculate Heart, you are sending an answer to the Eternal Father, so that He may count on you completely and unconditionally, because at least a part of this great flock of humanity must fulfill what the Father needs in this planetary cycle.

The tribes of Israel must exist in the four main continents of this planet, not only remembering their origins and their Divine Principles, but also being aware and available to serve the Celestial Father in the last missions that He will entrust to humanity, directly to those who have awakened and will awaken in this time.

This is part, My children, of the Infinite Plan of the Creator, a Plan that has not been fulfilled yet and has not been concretized, a Plan that is being written by your lives and your hearts, not only by the beings that are on the surface of the Earth, but also by all the beings that are in the Cosmos and are part of this great universal fraternity that God formed and created since the origin.

Now you are aware, My children, that you are not alone, but you must be still more aware of sacred knowledge and mysteries that will come to the world so as to awaken it. This will put you ahead of the events of the end of times in a more conscious and mature posture, just as God needs.

I come to bring you, My children, this revelation, because it is not written in the Sacred Bible, in truth this revelation was omitted from the Sacred Bible. Thus, My children, I am part of this Divine Word that, in the name of God, comes to be pronounced to the world through a message and the Divine Word, so that the children of the Father may be aware that there is a purpose and a goal to achieve in this cycle, which no race and no previous humanity has reached up to now.

Everyone that is present in this acute cycle of the planet, are so for a spiritual reason, experiencing within themselves the universe of the learning process and of the tests; learnings that bring you into maturity of consciousness, into an inner willingness and into the unconditional service to the Eternal Father.

There are no major tests, My children, that cannot be overcome. I give you the key of prayer as a path of communication with God, as a bridge that will always link you with the truth of existence, where your consciousnesses will be able to be completely elevated, despite how the world is. And it is in this elevation and in this constant aspiration, My children, that you will find the different aspects of God and will come to more deeply know His Sacred Names, which are true emanations of His Infinite Consciousness, of His different tasks and missions in this Universe, just as in other unknown Universes.

And so I bring you the Light of the Truth, this Light which must penetrate your hearts and souls, a Light that will always take you to the Truth and will remove you from the ignorance of the Earth. Because today I am not only here for Argentina, but also for the world, for all who hear My message in this crucial time and cry out from their hearts for the existence of Peace, not only within you but also in the world.

This elevated consciousness is what God invites you to attain, day after day, not only through the path of prayer, but also through the path of service. This will allow you, My children, to be in another vibration and in another consciousness, from where God will be able to intervene in humanity through the instruments, His children, and thus little by little dispel the chaos that is present in humanity. And in this way, you will perceive, My children, the existence that is in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, which are great powerhouses of information that have always fed your spirits and essences from the beginning.

But now, My children, the time has come to remember all these things, to re-live all these treasures that are deeply spiritual and non-material, and which will place your consciousnesses at the service of the Plan of God, because I assure you, My children, that you will know where to be and what to do at the exact time.

You and all of your brothers and sisters of humanity are a race in transition, a race that experiences the first steps of the Apocalypse, in which many mysteries will be revealed, but also incredible things will be shown by the men and the women of Earth, never seen before, which will also offend the Heart of God.

Therefore, I invite you, My children, to elevate your consciousnesses, and your souls have already made this request. This is why I come today to speak to you about all these things, My children, because you will be nourished by the Non-material Source rather than by the information that humanity itself encourages, which confuses hearts, and which are not true.

As the Mother of the Most High, the Universal Mother and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I come in this time and outside of the Church, to expand the human consciousness, which each day is more asleep, more hypnotized and indifferent to the universal reality.

It will be the elevation of your consciousnesses and hearts, and of all those who aspire to awaken, that will place the human consciousness on another level, in which the Presence of God and of His Source will be able to be perceived and bring the Truth to your hearts and consciousnesses.

What I need, My children, is that you build the New Time through your examples and the teachings that My Son has given to you, not only through the Gospels, but in His Sacred instructions, through all the impulses that He has given to you in recent times.

But the time has come, My children, for the consciousness of the Divine Hierarchy to be shown and make itself felt in humanity, because the human race is at the edge of the abyss and I have the task, My children, of rescuing you and awakening you, and of taking you to the Heart of the Redeemer, where you will be safe and protected. But I also have the spiritual mission, entrusted to Me by the Archangel Gabriel, of revealing the true Consciousness of God and that of Our Sacred Hearts, which not only refer to a holy image.

This is the time in which your consciousnesses and minds can expand and the center of your heart be what governs your lives. In this way, your spirits will prompt you to experience changes without fear, without restrictions or doubts, so that you may represent My Son on the surface of the Earth as His apostles, and so that you not only live His teachings and His example, but you carry the relief of God to your brothers and sisters, to those most in need, and that you  learn to sustain your own nations through the instrument of prayer and of service, which will allow Me to continue to firmly stomp on the head of evil and more souls will be freed from the hells, more consciousness will recover their faith and hope in the Eternal Father, and nothing more will separate you from the Truth, because you will be able to prepare the glorious coming of Christ; not only by living the Truth of Christ within you, but the advent of His Consciousness in humanity, which nothing or nobody will stop, because in the most unexpected moment He will return.

That is why I come as His Mother and as His faithful Slave to inform you and announce to you, My children, that this moment is drawing closer and He will be your Great Patriarch, your Governor, your Leader, your great and infinite Love. And you will have Him before your eyes, like the apostles did, after He resurrected. But now, you will not touch His Wound as Thomas touched it, rather you, My children, will touch His Body and His Sacred Vestments because He will come to embrace you in the name of Love and to definitely establish redemption.

And so, My children, let your hearts in this moment of crisis not lose hope. Be willing to reorganize your lives through group life, be willing to experience communitary life in the Light-Communities that Our Sacred Hearts and the Sacred Consciousnesses of the Universe requested to be founded many years ago, at certain points in South America, so that humanity, which would be suffering during this time, could manage to find a place where it could see God, feel Him in the depths of their hearts and know with certainty that nothing is lost, in spite of the chaos that reigns in the world.

These Light-Communities, My children, are the Islands of Salvation for the entire humanity. Thus, My children, know that the sacred values of God are still present on the Earth and in these places.

But you must fully live detachment, neutrality and trust, so that your lives may gradually change, little by little, and know that God, through the Light-Communities, places His Sacred Aspects, each one of His Sacred Names, so that His Attributes may feed your spirits and all those who arrive there to experience the presence of Love, of brotherhood, of solidarity, of cooperation and of Truth.

Because We are present there, among you and within you. There you will find a refuge for your spiritual and inner needs. There you will find support in following the principles of brotherhood and group life so that all may remain in order and in harmony.

The Islands of Salvation are for those who want to truly transform and surrender their lives into the hands of God, in a way that they never have before. The Islands of Salvation are places for the families, for the main cell of the Plan of God which must be protected and safeguarded by the Hierarchy so that family, as a spiritual archetype, may continue to last throughout time and not lose the happiness and the love that conceived it, but rather they may always receive the Grace of God so that all those who were born and will be born may also be worthy children of God, a part of the universal family.

But the world has its attention on other things; this is why the time has come, My children, that your Heavenly Mother reveals to you that which the Universe has held for a long time and, at certain periods, in the course of the history of humanity has touched this race through awakening and knowledge, through the experience that the sacred peoples, the first peoples that had that managed to fulfill the Plan of God, before they were exterminated.

This teaching, the form of inner contact with the Universe and with God, must be re-acquired by humanity so that it may be in the correct attunement and with the correct protection.

Now, My children, as a testimony that it is important to maintain this universal family, as Mother of the Most High and Lady of Argentina, listening to the instrumental of the hymn of consecration of the Children of Mary, the time has come for those who will be consecrated today to come up here to receive My words and My blessing, knowing that I continue to trust in all those who have already been consecrated, and in those who, beyond the human appearance or events, are being consecrated to serve the Mother of God, the Governess of the Universe and of the Earth, the Mirror of Justice and of Mercy.

So, children, rejoice, be glad and experience hope, which My maternal Heart is giving to you today in this consecration, of allowing your souls and essences to be thoroughly awakened and aware so that your lives may completely be a part of the Attributes of God.

This evening, during which all of Argentina is lovingly blessed by the Mother of God and in the presence of the angels of Heaven, in you, My children, I ignite the Original Purity, so that it may make you free in spirit and in body, in soul and in heart, knowing that God is within you and loves you, and that He has the authority to heal all things, no matter how difficult and impossible they may seem.

You, My children, are today committing yourselves before My Immaculate Heart to not only pray for the families of Argentina, but also to pray for Peace in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

With Me you have the spiritual mission of protecting the Project that God has thought of for this time and for this place in South America, where the Star of the New Jerusalem must shine, which will allow Peace and Love to be reborn in all hearts.

I consecrate you, as I have already consecrated you many times, but now I consecrate you as My children, as My dear children who will walk by My side being part of the armies of Peace, of the powerful commands of prayer of the heart.

I also invite you, My children, to practice and to live service for your neighbor and for the Kingdoms of Nature, especially for the very poor villages of Argentina, many of which are to be found here in Buenos Aires, where hearts wait for a smile, for a gesture of love, for an embrace of compassion to be able to bear the misery they experience in this time.

But, My children, if your hearts rise up to Heaven through the impulse of prayer, and your prayers are deeply true, not only you will continue to be under My Mantle, but so will all the poorest among the poor.

Because the Mother of God will continue working spiritually so that the New Humanity may be in Argentina and may receive the return of Christ. Amen.

I bless you and give you My maternal embrace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I leave you My Light, My Affection and My Consolation so that you may take it within you and share it with those who most need it; in this way, the powerful network of My Love will reach the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

And I will listen to the hymn of your consecration.

See you soon.

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