Saturday, June 8 of 2019

Special Apparition

Today I only want you to feel My Heart of Mother, a Heart which suffers for the world, a Heart which suffers for a humanity that does not listen to God and does not respond to Him, a Heart which intercedes for you, for your brothers and sisters, for all those who suffer and agonize in these times.

Today this salvific Heart, in the name of Jesus, gives Itself to humanity, once and again, to bring the Grace of God to souls.

I come to offer you My pain of Mother so that you may offer your small pains of daily life, knowing that assuming this planet means a great sacrifice and a great surrender, which God can contemplate with love, on the part of each one of His children.

Thus, your small pains will be transformed when you assume, as apostles of Christ, this planet which suffers and agonizes day by day.

Thus, I come today as the Mother of Creation, as Mother Nature, as the Mother of the World, Who contemplates the Earth all the time and tries to take Her children towards God, so that each one of them may find the inner light which dwells beyond adversities, darkness or evil.

I come to awaken, in this world and in this final time, that Christic Light which exists in each one of My children, which is subjugated and judged, which is oppressed and forgotten by many beings of the Earth, who forget the inner God, to substitute the god of modernities in place of Him.

I come to open the eyes of human consciousness by means of the spiritual impulses I bring from Heaven, not only to liberate the present time, but also the past which, full of errors and bad actions, must be transmuted and healed through the intervention of the Mother of God, with the powerful help of the Divine Son.

Thus I come to bring Peace where today it does not exist. I come to bring a message of hope and of renewal, knowing that Christ, My beloved Son, expects you to be able to find Him within yourselves, by means of the precious experience of the Sacraments, a legacy He left to humanity until He returns to the Earth for the second time.

All those who are given the sacraments receive the spiritual Light of My Son. All those who commune of the Body of Christ receive the Light of God, which impulses them to change and to perfectly live the path of redemption.

Today I come for a Germany which is changing and slowly awakens to the calling of God, as My Son needs it in this time, so that more soldiers of His may present themselves to live the path of apostleship and of unconditional service for others, for this planet and for the Kingdoms of Nature, which need to feel loved and respected by humankind.

All this, My children, will cooperate with the Plan of the Return of Christ.

In this afternoon of Light in which a special Grace descends upon you, a Grace that does not allow evil to act, but rather allows hearts to awaken to the great summoning from the Creator, today I start, My children, here in the city of Munich, to prepare the land, a fertile land in the hearts of humankind, which will receive the seeds of Light that today your Heavenly Mother sows so that Christ may reap, when He returns, the fruits of redemption and conversion, not only in the conscious experience of the Sacraments, but in the fervent path of prayer from the heart, which transforms life and consciousness and which allows the souls of the world to perceive the reality of this time and the true need of this planet.

As your Mother, I invite you, My children, to accompany Me and to follow Me because of everything the Spiritual Hierarchy expects to accomplish in Europe and in the world; because of all Projects My Son has, which must awaken in your hearts and nations, and which will allow placing the European continent in a necessary preparation, spiritual and internal, in order to be able to receive My Son, the Christ.

He comes first in divinity and soul before coming physically, so that the Light of the inner Christ may awaken in you, which will help you and assist you in your inner purification and in the unconditional support to your brothers and sisters who will also experience their purification in this end of times, in order to finally attain the Grace of God, of being in His Kingdom of Glory and of Light.

By means of My Heart and of My Soul, My children, I bring to you and to all those who listen to Me today, the Light of My Son, as a powerful stream which comes from Heaven and from the Spiritual Universe, so that your souls may be strengthened and your spirits may be renewed by the maternal impulse My Heart brings to you today, of not only sharing and experiencing the pain of the Mother of the World, but also of working together with the Heavenly Mother for the redemption of the most lost hearts, for the most lost and forgotten ones to have the same Grace, the same Mercy and the same forgiveness you received, My children, when you let My Son enter your inner world and when you let the Mother of God enter the temple of your hearts.

Today I see many needs in the world. While I am here with you, My children, I am with the rest of humanity, under the Omnipresence of the Almighty, and I work along with the Celestial Father for the nations of the world, which will need to be reignited in the Love of God, so that someday many more than you may feel in their hearts the touch of the Grace of God which will come to meet them as It came to meet you when you felt God in your hearts and recognized Him, not only as a Divine Consciousness and Source, but also through the Sacraments My Son left you as a spiritual treasure, like doors that open to find the Universe of God.

Today the Universal Laws will start descending upon Germany and its sister nations, because a new Kingdom, a Kingdom of Light and of Mercy will be established within hearts so that Christ can meet you when He returns in His Glory, in His greatest expression of Light, just as He promised before ascending to the Heavens.

By means of this encounter with the Spiritual Universe of the Father, today My heart of Mother brings Graces for those who have decided in this afternoon to be consecrated as My children and to commit themselves to spiritually work in their process of conscious consecration, as souls and as consciousnesses, as apostles of my Son who listen to the calling of God for unconditional service for humanity.

Come here, those who will be consecrated today so that I can bless you. While listening to the instrumental version of the Hymn of your Consecration, let us place, My children, this offering before the Celestial Father.

And just as in previous meetings, I have given Roses of Light so that they would open up within the hearts of My children, today as well, I will give you Roses of Light so that, by means of these roses offered to My Immaculate Heart, you may find within yourselves the true meaning of the inner beauty God placed in you when He created you as essences, in His image and likeness, so that you could imitate Him, so that you could express it as the beauty the Living God is and will always be in you, for all eternity.

Make worthy, My children, the possibility of expressing your inner beauty in God, so that God, by means of you and of your brothers and sisters, can express in the nations the Spiritual Attributes which will come before the arrival of Christ to awaken hearts to the Greater Universe.

Today, I bless you with the Light of My Spirit and of My Soul, just as the Archangel Gabriel, in the name of the Father, blessed His faithful Servant for Her to start living Her important mission on Earth.

Today your souls, My children, are placed before this path to start living the spiritual mission you have come to fulfill on Earth, not only as souls from Germany, but also as apostles from the world who open yourselves to receive the Light of the Inner Christ, the redeeming and triumphant Light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These flowers your Heavenly Mother is blessing today not only have the reason of expressing in you the beauty of God, the great possibility of unconditionally loving the world and the souls that suffer; but also of allowing you, My children, to awaken the Gifts of God which one day will become the talents Christ will seek in His Second Return, to unite the 144 thousand in a single people, a single culture, a single humanity, the humanity of Love and of the Mercy of God.

In thanksgiving to the Eternal Father and to His Source of Divine Grace, you will pray to your Heavenly Mother a Hail Mary so that the Father may receive in His Heart the ray of gratitude, of reverence and of devotion which will abound and be expressed in Germany in this new stage.

Prayer: Hail Mary (in German).

I thank you for having responded to My call!

May the Grace of God, the Divine Love of the Son and the Light of the Holy Spirit be in you and in all of Germany.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I listen to the hymn of your consecration.