Tuesday, May 21 of 2019

Special Apparition

I come to offer you, My children, My Rose of Light and of Peace, as a means for your conversion and redemption. This Rose of Light is the symbol of My original Purity, the Purity that comes from God and His Source, which was lovingly cared for and prepared by the angels of Heaven, before I was created by God.

My children, accept this Rose of Light that is born of the gifting of My Heart, not only for Italy, but also for the souls of the world; for My children of Africa, for My children of Asia, of Oceania and of the Americas. This Rose of Light that I offer you is for everyone.

From the very depths of My Soul, from the very depths of My Spirit, I come to offer all souls of Italy this Rose of Light, for in this way, the Celestial Father will be able to contemplate your purity, your effort in transformation and in redemption, and when He sees the Rose of Light in each one of His children, He will not pour out His Justice, but rather will pour out His immense Grace. He will pour out all the Love that created you from the beginning of the Source.

My children, may this Rose of Light be in your hearts as a spiritual, inner and silent communion with the Heavenly Mother.

I come to bring this symbol and this example of charity of My Heart, because from My children I wish for their prompt conversion and redemption, so that someday they may reach the Kingdom of the Heavens and they will descend to the future Earth through the New Humanity.

If My Rose of Light is in you, My children, you will be able to offer an example of life, of kindness, and of charity to others.

Europe should never forget that service is the path for finding the Pity of God that it so much needs, just like other regions of the world are in need of other attributes of God, not only for transforming life completely, but also for living His Holy and Divine Will.

With this Rose of Light that I bring you today, My children, to Italy and to the whole Universe I exhibit the essential Purity of the Mother of God, one of the most immaculate and great mysteries of God that comes from His non-material Source for all the creatures of the Universe, for all the galaxies, all the stars and all the suns.

When opening to the inner life, everything, absolutely everything is permeated by the essential Purity of the Mother of God.

What I need, My children, is for you to cultivate within yourselves this spiritual symbol of purity so that, day by day, you may learn to reconsider and to change, so that you may learn to live in the Commandments of God, especially so that you may learn to take care of your planet, of humanity, and of the wounded Kingdoms of Nature.

Open your hearts, My children, for this mystery of Love that I bring you today. I am interceding for you, as I have never before interceded for Italy.

That is why I come today, My children, as the last Messenger of God, to announce to the world the Light of Christ, which is drawing closer to humanity and to all the planet through the Purity of the Mother of God.

I need your lives to be an example not only of charity, but also of love; and you will learn to reconcile with one another. In this way, My children, you will learn to recognize the Sacred Face of My Son in your brothers and sisters. It is what My Son needs today from Italy, that all recognize His Holy Face in your brothers and sisters and in your fellow being, so that He may establish Peace, so urgent in your people as well as in the whole world.

I need you, My children, to sow on Earth the purity of your hearts, because humanity has completely lost it.

The Purity that comes from God is within you; it will illumine the Earth, all that is created, and all that is manifested, and thus, everything will transform according to what God has expected for such a long time.

Be encouraged, My children, to find your purity again and to ask yourselves where it is. I offer Myself as your Mother and Queen through the true path of prayer so that you may find this path again and help your brothers and sisters to be able to find it again, because with this simple act of charity, when expressing the love and the good in all of this people of Italy, many more will find again the meaning for being here on Earth, and before everything happens in the world, many will feel called to live the path of conversion.

My Son gave you an incalculable treasure for humanity through the divine Sacraments so that you may always be blessed, renewed, and filled by the Divine Spirit of God that comes to the world through His Messengers to open the eyes of your consciousness, so that you may see beyond the material, and also beyond the spiritual.

It is time, My children, that in awakening your original Purity, you may also see the need of the whole world. Learn through love and the good to cover the needs of your fellow being, to alleviate suffering, to bring peace where it no longer exists, where it has been missing for a long time.

At this moment, your Divine Lady ignites Her Crown of Light, by means of Her twelve stars, to illumine each one of the nations of Europe in this pilgrimage with the Messengers of God, to sow the new attributes on Earth, arid and very dry lands where the spiritual Source no longer exists.

But I cause them to sprout like in Lourdes, the water that will heal you and that will save you. I offer you, My children, the Water that flowed from the Side of My Son, the spiritual and material Water that flows from His Side, bringing the light to the world and healing to humanity.

Every day, My children of Italy, practice small gestures of love and of service. Keep your cities and your peoples in harmony. Take care of the hygiene of the environment so that you never lack health. Love and respect what God has given you. Contemplate and love the Kingdoms of Nature.

Build the city of Naples through these gestures so that you may someday perceive that a spiritual Universe far from Earth, but within this universe, waits to descend to the world to awaken your spiritual consciousnesses. And in this way, like the ancient patriarchs and prophets, move forward to live the Plan of the Most High with bravery and love, just as He thought and gave it to the people of Israel.

With examples and education, remind those who do not have any to take care of the environment; nature will be deeply grateful to you. Spiritual harmony will be set in place so that other things may happen, not only here, but also in the rest of Italy.

As testimony of that essential Purity that emerges from My Heart, today I come to consecrate new Children of Mary. At this moment, I will listen to the instrumental version of the hymn of your consecration, so that your Heavenly Mother may be able to bless you and commit you to a new mission for many more souls, which someday hope to awaken to the Consciousness of God so as to realize that they never lacked the Love, the Grace and the Mercy of the Father.

May those who are going to be consecrated approach.

With such different souls, one from another, I come to bring the Spirit of renewal of My Son, knowing that Europe has need of a very profound change to achieve the Divine Attributes of God that will transform life on Earth, that will bring awareness, light, and redemption to humanity.

Under this Spirit of Love that comes from My Son, I entrust you with the task, My children, of praying for Italy so that more of your brothers and sisters of this nation may someday commit to praying as you do, knowing that the commitment of My children in this time is for humanity and all the planet; giving the Purity of My Heart to each one of you.

Thus, I renew you, I heal you, and I grant the Mercy of God to you and your families, to your nations of origin, to the European continent, to all of humanity, knowing that you must always remember that, beyond your nations, histories, or past, it is possible to redeem and renew everything. And that you will always be brothers and sisters in Christ so that He may always bless you and fill you with His Merciful Love.

My children, for this step that you are taking today before your Heavenly Mother, I am very grateful. You do not know what that means to Me. Someday you will understand it, when you are in Heaven with me in the Celestial Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This new step opens for you the doors to new learnings, to new schools, to new challenges. You will be safeguarded by your Celestial mother, in obedience, in humility, in resignation, in absolute trust and in surrender.

In the name of the Purity of God that flows from the heart of His Universe for all of humanity and the planet, as an inexhaustible Source of love and of compassion, beyond the errors of the world and the injustice of humankind, I bring you the maternal blessing, the love of My Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of My Son, I thank you all for having accomplished, up to this moment, this second stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace, and now Croatia and Hungary will prepare to receive us, so that more light of the Divine Source may continue to be poured out in Eastern Europe and also the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My Call and as a greeting to your Celestial Mother, I invite you to sing the hymn of your consecration.

I thank you.



Wednesday, May 8 of 2019

Special Apparition

I come from Heaven with the hope that My children have understood all that I have said, knowing that time is lacking for them to be able to make so many changes, and that these changes that will come into your lives will have you face new events, as will all of your brothers and sisters and all the nations of the world that must testify to their inner change.

This is the time of your great change so that the new can come and renew you.

Today I come full of Grace because of again being in this blessed place that continues to reaffirm and live its devotion to My Immaculate Heart, which is what allows the whole world to have Me intercede and save lost souls.

Today you have spiritually entered into the Kingdom of Fatima through your singing and your prayers. Something so simple as this, My children, is what made it possible for you to make inner contact with the true Treasures of God, which are on this planet and also in the Universe.

Today I not only speak to you about My sorrow as a Mother, but also about My joy, because souls take small steps on the path of transformation and of surrender, steps that will lead them to live the preparatory time for the return of Christ, just as the rest of humanity should live it because this time, My children, is now very close, it is about to happen. It is about to show itself and be revealed to the world.

Thus, I invite you day and night to the path of conversion, not only through a life of prayer that may illuminate your cells and atoms and all of your consciousness, but also through a path of service that Europe must experience and practice in this definitive time so as to compensate for the errors committed in the past, which nobody has paid for yet.

But through My Grace and My Love, through the Light that emerges from My Immaculate Heart, coming from the Most High, the Almighty, I grant you, My children, a time of reparation so that your lives can be illuminated and transformed, be the example that Christ needs on Earth so that He can soon return and be amongst His Own, carrying His Word of encouragement and hope again to convert all lives and all hearts.

I ask all this of you, My children, because the time of suffering has not ended; souls are in agony for themselves and for the consequences of their fellow beings. But I invite you, in this hour, to a moment of reparation, not only in the real living of the Sacraments, but in the time of adoration, in the time of service and of peace, in the time of the good that you are able to generate and give to your brothers and sisters for these so difficult times.

I invite you, My children, I remind you, My children, the same that I said here and in other places of the world, to live Christ in a simple way, to be a part of Christ, of His Consciousness and of His Heart, because He still needs many more hands to be able to labor and help the world, in obscure and unknown places where the light and the love have not yet arrived.

This also is a task for all the brothers and sisters of Europe, for all the followers of Christ who are to be found here. He hopes to see that this can be done, that it can be alive within you, that it not be a tepid nor cold commitment but rather, through surrender and service to others, not only for Europe but also for Africa, you may finally learn to step out of yourselves so that the love of My Son is able to work in you and in the world.

But this will happen, My children, when you take the first step and the first surrender. My Son lovingly prepared you in these last days to take the next seven steps. This will not be a mystery, nor a theory; it will be something alive in you, something that you must consciously practice and exercise.

For this reason, My maternal love, the love of My Son and the love of Saint Joseph will fill your nation and the nations of Europe, spending some time here, sharing with My dear children the impulses of knowledge and of instruction, not only to have your spirits grow in love and in truth, but so that the surrender, so awaited for by the Eternal Father, may be true. Because His ardent desire, His most intimate thought, is that all may be saved and be part of this new humanity, which must first be born within you to afterwards be a reality on the whole planet.

As a means, I offer you My Immaculate and maternal Heart. My Voice will not tire of pronouncing in this world, and of speaking in various languages, so that all peoples, all races and cultures may prepare for the arrival of Christ to humanity in the most culminating moment of the planet and of the entire race in which the doors of light will open on this planet for the arrival of the Universal King. A moment in which He will expel and exorcise all the evil present on Earth and in humankind, and the triumph and the victory of His Heart will no longer be a promise, but a reality that you will live consciously for the thousand years of peace.

As the Mother of Consolation and Mother of Grace, I prepare you, My children, for these events. It is no longer the time to just speak beautiful words, it is time to speak the truth as My Son taught you a long time ago.

It is time to practice the good, it is time to proclaim peace, it is time to unite nations in one voice and in one prayer. It is time to receive Christ within you and to commune with His Divine Spirit; in this way, you will be saved and will achieve redemption.

So that My Grace not only continues to be poured out in Portugal, but also in Europe and in Africa, I have need of the response of My children, of the adherence of the soldiers of Christ so that the project of redemption may be accomplished on this Earth, overcoming limits, obstacles, transcending challenges, overcoming barriers, opening the doors of the heart to welcome the fellow being, the immigrant, the refugee, the foreigner.

This is what Europe must do in this time, because the planet and the continents are a gift of God for all beings.

Creation is of humanity and of those who should be consecrated as worthy children of God.

On this eighth of May a cycle is completed and another begins until the eighth of August, when everything will be more defined and clear.

Thus, My children, you still have time to be concentrated and united with the purpose of God without becoming distracted, in which all your attention and fervor must be on the words of Our Messages so that the world may reconsider, so that souls may awaken and know that a new time is coming in which suffering will no longer exist and pain will not prevail but rather, the happiness of serving God.

I only need, My children, for you to attain the truth so that you may be free of yourselves and labor in peace.

Fatima will always be your place and your refuge; what I left here will never be lost, in spite of what may happen on the surface. Because Fatima, as spiritual rather than mundane consciousness, can dwell within you. You can be the light that carries souls toward peace, just as I conveyed peace, through Fatima, to millions of souls in the world.

Because the light that leads to peace is the love of the true heart, the love that vivifies and feels Christ and that always has Him present within. This makes you be within Fatima, in any place, so as to be able to convey peace to the world and the end of spiritual captivity.

Be instruments of the Most High Father, make an effort and completely transform your lives because, in the falls or in the temptations, I will be there to bolster and strengthen you in faith and in love, and in the purpose and the conviction of living Christ.

Like a Mother, Who does not tire and does not rest, I come to give the testimony of My Love again through the consecration of new Children of Mary. In this moment, hearing the hymn of your consecration, I call these, My children, who in the name of humanity and the planet will today take a new step so that all may be transformed and converted according to the Will of God, so that souls may achieve eternal life and the joy of doing the good and accomplishing the good wherever they are.

Therefore, I call you, My children, to give you My blessing in this new task and in this new commitment that you endure today, before your Heavenly Mother, knowing that this consecration which you are experiencing today in the Sanctuary of Fatima opens the doors so that you can journey on the path of your original purity, an innocence that the whole world must urgently recover, because of having separated itself from God, and mainly from Supreme Truth.

This is why this step that you are taking today, My children, is not only for you but also for the world.

My maternal intention is that you always pray together, as many times as you can, for the souls that must return to the arms of God and recover their essential purity, contaminated by the world adversity and illusion.

Your prayers will always reach My maternal Heart because I will always remember and will never forget what I have asked of you.

Your consecration is a step for many more, for those who must take it someday and that through fear, failure or error, cannot manage to do so. Just as I welcome you, embrace you and receive you into My Immaculate Heart, receive your fellow beings into your hearts.

Be the testimonial to the Love of Christ for all of Europe. Share this love that you receive today from My Immaculate Heart and make Jesus happy so that He may always return in Divinity and in Spirit to pour out His Mercy on Earth and close the abysses of illusion and of evil, so that souls may recover their hope of being here and may awaken to their mission in this time.

Let us pray together to the Celestial Father because He is Who grants this time of extraordinary Grace in the world and draws toward Himself all His children to fill them with His Love, to give them impulse with His Mercy, to redeem them and heal them through the impulse of His Divine Light.

In the name of the Love of God, let us pray: Our Father (in Portuguese).

May My Heart and My Life always be the portal that, through Fatima, leads you into peace. Amen.

I consecrate you and vivify you in the Love of Christ, our Lord and Redeemer. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

At the request of Jesus Christ, I thank you for having fulfilled this first stage of this pilgrimage and we ardently hope, under the Flame of the Love of God, that the graces and mercies of the Eternal Father be poured out upon all nations.

I thank you.

You can sing to My Heart.

Song: Hymn of the Children of Mary.



Friday, May 31 of 2019

Special Apparition

And finally, I bring the spiritual rebuilding and the symbol of peace to Croatia and its sister nations. 

Our Celestial Father has blessed us with the presence of the Heavenly Mother in Medjugorje, as well as in this place, through this pilgrimage, to bring to the world the awakening of consciousness and the Love that comes from the Heart of God.

I bring the time of its renewal to Croatia so that souls can find the path of the light that they so much seek.

This is why I offer you the symbol of My Peace, so that peace may be in you and in your brothers and sisters; so that you may not be afraid of the end of times; so that with courage and love, with hope and inner strength, your hearts move toward the New Time, the time of the Return of My Son in which many of you, children of Croatia, will be participants in this event, as many nations will also be.

Therefore, rejoice in your hearts, My children, the time of spiritual captivity has ended. The doors of Mercy were opened here so that your hearts and your lives may be rekindled in the love and faith of God; so that you may be testimonies in this new time, of the Attributes of the Celestial Father, which must be present in you and on the whole planet so that the rest of humanity may be healed, so that the rest of the nations may also receive Mercy.

Today I summon you here, My children, in the name of the Love of God, so that your lives may feel the relief they need and so that you may believe that in this new time that will come, everything will finally change.

The past will now cease to be a story, the present will be your new future so that you may be closer to God.

Therefore, My children, I need you to continue as you have up until now, offering your devotion to the Mother of God, not only as the Patroness of the Stone Gate, but as the Queen of Peace who, month after month, visits you in Medjugorje to bring you the Light of God and the hope you need to face the end of times.

Today your past is erased, today your present is blessed and your future will receive the Glory of God so that you may share it with your brothers and sisters and families so that more deep wounds may be closed.

The time of the arrival of My Son will bring you new opportunities and graces. You will be strengthened in Christ to personally celebrate with Him His new supper of redemption and of love that will gather together all the apostles of all times and of all eras, together with the angels of Heaven and the Heavenly Mother, to celebrate and to renew this current humanity that suffers and endures its own outcomes.

Therefore, My children, not only love God, but also love your brothers and sisters of Croatia, of Bosnia & Herzegovina, of Montenegro, of the whole world so that Peace may emerge in your hearts and there is no longer any more intentions of conflicts and wars.

But if I am here, as the Queen of Peace, nothing will happen; you will only know spiritual miracles so that your lives may testify to the conversion experienced in Christ and for Christ.

Today, My Heart of Mother, the Lady of the Sacred Stone Gate, feels joy in Her Heart, not only because of the reception of the message of Medjugorje in your hearts, but also, My children, for your reception here tonight, in which the doors of Heaven are open to bring peace and healing to you and your families.

Today Croatia ends a cycle, to start a new one under the reign of the Mother of God, of Her Beloved Son, and of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

Today Eastern Europe is much worked upon by the hand of God itself, by the impulses of His Divine Source, by the work of His Grace and Mercy.

My wish, My children, is that you and your brothers and sisters of Croatia and of your sister nations, through Love and Peace, finally seek an inner reconciliation so that your Heavenly Mother can continue to come to Medjugorje, as She has continued to do so for so many years to accompany your steps, to accompany your conversion and redemption.

Because of all of this, My children, your deep and true change is reflected in the whole world and also in the nations that are in conflict and in war, as they are in the Middle East.

Open your hearts to the possibility of loving as a service of charity and good so that, in Eastern Europe, the Eyes of God may always be contemplating this region of the planet and so that, through the Queen of Peace and the message of Medjugorje, it may also help Russia to someday experience its process of redemption and conversion, and its consecration to My Immaculate Heart; because, My children, the message of Fatima is still in force, as well as the request of your Heavenly Mother.

On this day, I want to establish a fraternal, ecumenical, and loving prayer for Peace, just like the prayers that you have been carrying out for the nations so that the Peace of God may be present in the world.

It is for that reason, My children, that I come to ask you for the Prayer for Peace for Eastern Europe and Russia, so that both nations, peoples and cultures, may attain the consecration to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

This prayer will be offered in Croatian and in Russian so that you too, My children, may recover the roots of your peoples, the kindness and the love that is present in your hearts, as it has been in your previous generations, so that divine reconciliation is in both places in the world and souls may love one another more every day without the need of causing any harm to one another.

Thus, My children, the Aspect of the Queen of Peace, the Mother of Medjugorje, will be the Patroness of this prayer for Peace that, through the time and commitment of praying hearts, will create the necessary conditions for your Mother to be able to continue to come to Medjugorje as well as to Russia, through this pilgrimage.

What I ask of you in this moment, My children, is something grand and unknown to you, but obey My petitions, for in this way, you will understand them.

My children, I pray for you before God and before My Son, bringing you hope and faith as gifts of Love that will fill your hearts and lives so that you may always be renewed in Christ.

At this moment, My children, I bless these roses that you lovingly placed at the feet of the Queen of Peace so that, in you and within you, the Love of God and the eternal joy of always finding Him may be born again.

I bless you, I love you, and thank you for having responded to My call.

I bless you under the authority of Christ and I bless Croatia under the authority of God: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And now, to give God your gratitude and love, raising your candles to radiate the Light of Christ to the world, you will sing Majko Bozja, as you did in the beginning, gladdening the Heart of the Mother of God.

Until later, My children.

My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

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