Monday, December 31 of 2018

Special Apparition

May the Glory of God be in this place forever!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Opening the doors of the Celestial Universe, the Consciousness of the Mother of God penetrates the deep dimensions of the Earth to bring souls a grace, an opportunity.

Because I am not alone here, but rather surrounded by the Hierarchies of Light, those great Consciousnesses of the Universe that contemplate, time after time, the Divine Plan of God and Its manifestation in the different worlds.

With the great dome of the Sky, Today I bless all souls of humanity and, while My portals open, the light of the New Aurora emerges in the heart of those who believe in it.

At this moment, a spiritual intervention is established between the Universe and the Earth, between the souls and God, and an extraordinary Grace permeates all spirits of the Earth to grant them the peace, the redemption and the living Love of God within each human heart.

In this way, the stars of My Crown of Light descend today over the Earth, surround the orbit of this planet to ignite it, not only in light, but also with all the attributes of God, with the twelve main currents of His Divine Spirit that will make the Earth a rescuable planet and a redeemed New Humanity that will finally follow the Commandments of the Lord.

For this reason, hear the Voice of the Mother of God on this unique and extraordinary Day, in which not only your souls see themselves benefitted by the Greater Universe but also your higher beings participate in this circumstance; those beings who came to the Earth with a principle and with a mission, which in these definitive times will be revealed to the one who wants to open, to know it. Because this mission and this spiritual principle will be an important and fundamental contribution for these definitive times, I would say, a grand spiritual and internal task that each soul will be able to donate to God with the plenitude of its heart and of its life, constantly donating itself to the Creator in surrender, in service and in sacrifice.

This commitment of each being of the Earth is vital for these times. For this reason, dear children, the great Hierarchies of Light, gathered today around your Celestial Mother, contemplate the great opportunity that the souls of the world have in this universal and cosmic conjuncture in which the most awakened souls, those most available for this new year that will begin, will have the grace to take a new step under the blessing of God and of His Divine Trust, thus concretizing His Principles and Wills, materializing His Projects and fully living His Plan.

You must not miss the opportunity of understanding what God needs because His Words are not wasted, they are water of a living fountain for all souls of the Earth, for all those gathered by His Love.

From higher Universes comes the help to the world; the unknown becomes known, the mysteries are unveiled and the doors open for the sacred Knowledge of God to descend once again to the Earth and this may strengthen souls in their commitment to the Plan and in the experience of God´s Principles and of the purpose that the Father has for each being.

For this reason, I say that it is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for this new year that is beginning to not only be permeated by conscience and wisdom but also by the awareness on the part of all of what must truly happen for this new cycle, with the contribution and the collaboration of all creatures of God, of all servers of Christ, of those who fully want to live in the Lord in order to always find His Kingdom.

It is in the silences of My soul when the most important codes descend and souls can nourish themselves by the Truth.

From this spiritual nutrition, the soul finds its path, returns to its origin and awakens to the Divine Consciousness, finding the meaning of its existence and the increasing capacity to truly love without conditions, transcending limits, frontiers and difficulties.

Because it will be the Love of each one of you for the Plan of God that will allow His Works to keep occurring; this will allow everything to take place and nothing, absolutely nothing, to be changed by the indifference of humanity or by the mediocre collaboration of souls.

To concretize the Plan of God and its next goal, the collaboration and the adhesion of all is necessary; a truly interior adhesion so that it may later be an exterior and true adhesion that can fulfill the precepts of God, according to how He has thought and destined for the world.

But while this does not happen, My children, God will wait in His Kingdom for the answers of His children. And His Celestial Kingdom must descend to the Earth in this critical time because otherwise the planet will not survive.

It is necessary, My children, that you understand beyond forms, beyond the mind and the heart; that you can unite to the Source in order to find the meaning of His principles and the manifestation of His projects for these acute times of the Earth.

All of the knowledge that has been given must be the base for your reflection and awakening for your next step within this year that will begin, waiting for a sincere and honest response from all hearts to the Celestial Father; for a response that comprehends beyond knowledge, that understands beyond wisdom, that accepts beyond forms and that adheres wholeheartedly and in an unconditional way to what God needs.

All these changes and all these experiences will form this great response on the part of the human consciousness which will grant, on the part of humanity, the continuity of the Plan and of its manifestation for these times.

But it is important that in this cycle which is ending, that each one of your hearts, each one of your consciousnesses, make an inner synthesis, perceive the reality, awaken to the Truth and become aware of what it must become aware of, not losing the Word of the Hierarchy, not losing the meaning of the Message, so that you find the next keys that you will need which will open the doors to the new opportunities and to the descent of the new graces that the world so much needs, as well as humanity.

I do not want this year to end with some ignorance, with some incomprehension or with any doubt.

I wish that in this year that is ending your response may be sincere and truly honest to God.

I repeat it again so that you may understand it and accept it, so that you may live it and especially practice it, knowing that there is still a lot to do in this humanity that is ill, that is sick from distancing from the Love of God, for believing in self-love, in fantasies, in illusions, in the mirages that the whole world offers day by day, time after time.

But your reconsideration before the Hierarchy, the awareness of your honest and true response will create new opportunities, new conditions for the Universal Grace and the Cosmic Mercy to reach more hearts of the Earth and to more nations.

Remember that I still expect to reach Asia and Oceania and this goal must be concretized by all for this new year that will begin.

I will not stop coming to the world until I can concretize this spiritual mission, together with the union with all of My children and under the response of everyone.

This will allow the Work to be expanded in humanity, the missions of service and of charity in very distant regions of the planet, where there is true desperation, chaos, disease, indifference and loneliness of many hearts.

But now, My children, you, who are carriers of the Grace and the Mercy of God throughout times, have all possibilities and all means to accomplish this and also to duplicate and spread this call to more hearts in the world that must awaken to the awareness of these times, to the emergency of these times, to the necessity of a fraternal life and of service to the souls of the world.

The healing of the planet is in your hands, the change of consciousness is within you and the upliftment of this humanity is through your prayer.

Comply with My requests during these next months. Be obedient and go to the Marian Centers, do not let comfort submerge you, make the effort that is necessary, that is just, which God deserves from each one of you for all He has given you in these last eleven years.

Thus, My children, although storms may be in humanity, darkness on the planet, tribulation in the lost hearts, I will not get tired of coming to the world, again and again, because I will carry in My Heart of Mother the sincere response of My children so as to be able to show it to God and thus continue forward with His Plan, that the Kingdom of the Father may live and dwell in all hearts so that His Love and His Plan may triumph.

Perhaps, in this night, you expected to hear great things, more revelations that My Heart can impel, but this will be possible, My children, when your response expands, surpasses barriers, transcends fears and when you can absolutely adhere to what I tell you, knowing that behind each one of My words there is a purpose, a meaning and a spiritual objective that your consciousnesses do not reach yet.

For this reason, My children, open your inner senses, open your heart and welcome My words with the sweetness of Love with which I give them so that your lives may be enriched in God and may live the plenitude of His Wisdom. There is still time to change.

A great part of the world will cry for not having changed, but if the change is born in very few, everyone, in the majority, will feel impelled to change, even as small as it may seem.

For this reason, My children, in this night of glory, joy and love, in which the portals of the Universe are open to uplift your consciousness and the whole planet, the consecration of the Children of Mary on this special night is an undeniable, non-transferable and immediate commitment. A commitment of praying for the plans of the Most Holy Trinity and of committing, in material life, to mirror this higher Will through the acts, the virtues, the service and the surrender, which will be the means that will transform your consciousnesses to be able to live Christic Love someday.

May those who will consecrate today be placed at the right side of the altar and come here with the encouragement that I grant you, that I grant to all souls, to all those who Hear Me and to all those who live Me, because the unity of our consciousnesses is where the Plan of God will be built and will be manifested; and its blessings will be unlimited.

His Graces will expand in your consciousnesses and hearts and thus, your lives will completely transform according to what He has thought for each one of your essences.

For this reason, My children, today I consecrate you so that you can live the commitment with God on behalf of millions of souls that do not live it, that are immersed in world hypnotism and illusion and that will suddenly awaken to their reality and experience when My Son returns for the second time, to the Earth.

But you will have the opportunity, children who will consecrate today, to help these souls that you do not know, putting them in prayer, in each act of love and service, so that the Divine Grace may touch these consciousnesses and more souls may be able to transform according to Christ, according to His Principles of Love and Truth.

Hearing the hymn of your consecration, may the Fountain of the Supreme Grace approach this beloved Aurora so that the hearts may feel the joy of living in the Love of God and in the Grace of His Wisdom, which heals the wounded hearts, cures the consciousnesses that have been injured by evil and dissipates all spiritual and internal diseases.

Aurora, in the name of God, grants you inner healing and the absolution of your debts so that this commitment may be true and transparent, loving and humble, following the steps of Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the Savior.

Placing your hand on the heart, receive the Light of My Spirit, reaffirming the commitment to God and the goal of materializing His Purpose for these times, so that more souls may attain healing, redemption and forgiveness, just as today you, My children, before the Universe of God, attain it through an extraordinary Grace and through an infinite atonement, fruits of the Work of Mercy.

And today, the angels of the Most Holy Son will transubstantiate the elements offered at the feet of the Mother of God, which will convert into the Living Body and the Living Blood of Christ so that the souls may feed on the reparative communion with God and on His Sublime Essence, which is eternal in the whole Creator Universe.

Just as I wash your souls, I wash your heads, your hands and your feet with the Fount of the Holy Spirit so that your lives may be repaired in the communion with Our Savior.

May the Divine Blood of Christ be shed as a code of light within the souls thirsty of the Love of God.

May the Water that flowed out from the side of Christ descend as healing for the hearts.

In this night in which the world does not keep vigil nor adores, may the Lamb of God, who was sacraficed and taken to the slaughterhouse, be recognized and adored by his faithful followers in the whole world, so that his attributes of Grace and Mercy, sources of healing and renewal, may expand in humanity in order to make it rescuable and sacred someday, just as the Heavenly Father needs it forever and ever. Amen.

Eat from the Body of Christ, drink from the Blood of the Lord and trust that everything will be repaired and will heal according to how God has thought.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ, happy will be those who, in this night, serve from the Lord, Amen.

Our Father...

And now that you have been consecrated with the Spirit, be consecrated with My Peace, in the hope, in the faith and in the Love that you will understand, for the coming months, what God needs from you so that His Will may be fulfilled in the whole Earth and within all of humanity.

I consecrate you, children, and bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In happiness and in joy, in the name of My Son, you will give one another the salutation of peace for peace to permeate the Earth.

I thank you!