Monday, December 24 of 2018

Vigil of Prayer

Prayer of the Angel of peace.

Behold the King of Universal Peace. Hallelujah, hallelujah!

The sacred Child God was born of the purest Womb of the Mother of the World and brought liberation to the Earth.

The sacred Child God came from the Breath of the Spirit, from the Creator Word that manifested itself and became flesh among humankind on the Earth, revealing the power of love and of redemption.

Today I ask you to remain with eyes closed because of the magnitude of the splendor of the Child God, so that your inner worlds may bear His extremely high divine vibration and so that, from now on, My children, before the Mother of God and the Child God, you concentrate upon the center of your heart, where is found the triumph of the soul and of the spirit, the inner dwelling place where the Christ of the end of times will be reborn.

Today an opportunity and an infinite grace are being born for all of humanity, for the consciousness of the planet and even for the Kingdoms of Nature.

This Child God is the beginning and is the end. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

He was announced, prophesized, lived among humankind, healed the sick, expelled evil spirits, revived the dead, converted sinners through the powerful Fount of Love-Wisdom.

And this Child, the Sacred God, will not only be born in you again, in the communion with His Body and with His Blood by means of this sacred night of light in which darkness is defeated and the hells are conquered, paralyzing the abysses, expelling the demons from those that they intended to perverted through superfluous temptations and the dominance of human control.

The Sacred Child God today announces His Advent to the temple of the heart of each human being so that His Radiance and all the Power of His Light may transcend boundaries, limits, and all forms, transcend the planes and all of the consciousness and, within the soul of each human being, may germinate the chance to re-ignite the Christic Light within, the Inner Sun that enters into fellowship with the Universe and all of the Brotherhood, making the Christs of the new time possible on Earth.

Just as the Kings of the Orient bowed down before the birth of the Redeemer, today the angels bow down before the rebirth of Christ in the beings of the Earth and the mirages of the human consciousness are dissolved so that the truth and the light may be born; that light and that truth that were a depository in Jesus through the Archangel Saint Michael, and transcends all times and all generations by the sacred teraphim of the Sword of Light of Saint Michael, which expels all illusions, which reveals all lies, which dissipates all hells and which concedes peace to the one that invokes it, to the one that invokes His sacred name.

Thus, today not only is the Child God here but also the splendor of His Eucharistic Heart for all those who adore Him.

Not only is the Mother of the Lord here, Who gestated grace and redemption for humanity in Her most pure Womb, but also the Archangel Saint Michael is here, the archangelic patriarch and the universal custodian of all the warriors of Christ for the end of times.

His Power has no limits; his authority has no boundaries. His presence defeats all evil by the commanding power that is born of His Heart when from Him emerges the Love of God that granted the Birth of Christ, the redemption of humanity until the Crucifixion and the Death of the Lord, and even during His Ascension to the Heavens.

For this reason, I ask you, My children, to not sleep while facing this revelation, neither physically nor spiritually, because you would be wasting many codes that are unrepeatable and nontransferable to other people.

I ask you to keep your eyes closed on facing the splendor of the Child God and the presence of the Archangel Saint Michael because in them there was a divine fusion from the beginning; a spiritual alchemy that was only known to the Essenes and which was veiled and safeguarded throughout time through the love and the unconditional service of Christ, up until these times, so that you, as current humanity, might receive this revelation on this day and at this time, when faced with a very acute planetary crises and an unbearable pain for millions of souls of the Earth because they are separated from God and the Truth.

Now I ask the consecrated to come up to the foot of this stage, and that with the light of their candles, they hold the descent of this revelation that comes from the Fount of the Celestial Father through My Immaculate Heart, for this planet, for this humanity, and for this moment.

Sacred are the Treasures of Heaven.
Elevated are the Revelations of God.
Immense are His Mysteries.
Infinite are His Projects, which must be complied with and materialized in the souls of the Earth so that the Sacred Will may be fulfilled and the cycles become renewed time and again.

Now you can open your eyes, because the splendor of Jesus, of the Child God, has withdrawn.

Knowledge exists in all the spheres of the Non-material Universe. And that knowledge, which is great Projects of God and part of His Divine Idea, expects to descend to Earth during this transition and after this transition, so that the concretization of the New Humanity may be fulfilled.

We are faced with a scenario similar to the Birth of Jesus, at a very serious time for humanity and the planet in which the human being has already learned to self-destruct and to damage the Kingdoms of Nature.

We are in a time more difficult than the time in which Jesus lived. And you know this, My children.

Thus, for God, today the presence of each one of you here and with this means of communication, is very important. Because that represents a mature response, although unknown on the part of your souls and your inner nuclei, which make the effort and surrender even though they are not ready to live the Plan of God, transcending desires, giving up pleasure and wholly seeking Divine Life for all those who do not do it on this Christmas Eve, in which the distraction of the world is very great, and the angels struggle against the demons so that the essences of human beings may not be contaminated, lost, nor perverted by evil.

For this, the Victory of Christ in this hour is very important. Not only because of His inner Presence in this place, which reignites your inner Christs, but also because of all the Hierarchies of Light that, in a single brotherhood of Wisdom and of Love, unify in a single Spirit and under the same Purpose, to carry forward the Plan of God in this transition.

You, My children, are faced with an event similar to the Birth of Jesus.

The personas that participate in this scenario are different, but the story is similar, because the planet is suffering and its souls are called to alleviate it through gestures of love, of charity, and of good, not only for souls but also for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Today I am not only here with you, My children, but also with those children of Mine who are alone in the asylums, in the hospitals, in the dark streets. I am with the children, with the divided families, with the mothers who went through an abortion and who will have an abortion in total ignorance.

I am with everyone and in all nations, in Omnipresence and in Light, facing the coming of the Child God and of the Archangel Michael, the emperor of the Celestial Homeland. Because if His hosts are here, He too is here, operating and working with the planet at the level of spirit and of human essence.

Perhaps My message today is very symbolic and abstract. But what is most important is that you keep the words in your hearts and all the vibrations that come through them which you will need for the next cycle, to learn to fight for the Plan and for the victory of Christ, although He still has not returned to Earth.

May this light that today you bear in your hands reignite the commitment of living the inner Christ so that the apostles of the end times may be present in this cycle and in this time in which emergencies and needs will be experienced that must be attended to by everyone, so as to maintain the psychic balance of humanity, and especially the peace, where it still exists.

But hold on to your faith and hope in this Christic light that comes from Heaven this evening, which nurtures you, which fills you and which heals you so that you can be different and believe in this great change in consciousness, which the rebirth of Christ can generate in your lives and consciousnesses.

Have absolute faith in that miracle of love so that the Will of God may be fulfilled and you may be participants, in this time, of His Divine Purpose.

From the depths of My Maternal Spirit, I want to thank all those who responded to My call through the novena, and for all of the families who were helped far and wide in the world: from the most miserable families to the richest families, from the most divided families to the most united families, from the loneliest families to the most joyous families.

The essence of families and their spirituality was helped and intervened in through My armies of light by means of this novena of light that was offered. Amen.

Before the Child God, which on this night is preparing to be born within humankind, in the depths of souls and in the consciousness of spirits, we offer the prayer of the Sacred Family as a symbol of spiritual union with the Kingdom of God.

Let us pray in Portuguese.
We take a breath.
Prayer: Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

Very good, children, very good!

Now, so that this night may end up consecrated not only here, but also in the families of the world, I will ask you to play the song Silent Night again, in Spanish, so that the Child God, in the presence of the patriarch Archangel Saint Michael, with the Power of Heaven, of the Universe, and of the Kingdom of God, before the angels that surround Him and adore Him, may consecrate the elements that will be a part of the communion between souls and God.

We stand up.
Song: Noche de Paz (Silent Night)

May the Peace of Jesus Christ, dear children, be in all the hearts of the Earth.

Glory to God in the highest and peace on Earth for all beings of goodwill.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And may the rebirth of Christ be a truth and a reality in each one of your lives. Amen.

In fraternity and love, for the peace on this planet and in each human heart, in the name of the Child God and of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, you may give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you!