Thursday, October 25 of 2018


With the Union of Heaven and Earth, I descend to the world in order to help it, bringing in My Heart all the wonders of God, and through the angels, all possible Graces for hearts.

Today, My inner voice resounds in the world, and the inner worlds listen to the word of the Mother of God, Who comes to rescue Her children from exile and the wreck of these times, Who comes to bring the healing of humanity through Her hands.

I only wish, My children, for the good in each one of you, and that many more of My children recover their spiritual affiliation with the Celestial Father, knowing that for these difficult and critical times, the affiliation with the Creator Father will be essential for all souls.

That is why I come as a Great Mirror Consciousness, so that through prayer, the Mother of God may be united with all Her children who invoke Light, Good, and Redemption for humanity through the prayerful Word.

But I encourage you, dear children, to continue building within yourselves the end of times through a life of service and of prayer for others, knowing that there is much to be healed in this humanity and on this planet.

Each time you practice these attributes, My children, you will allow the Mother of God to intercede again, just as She is interceding today for Argentina.

I desire that your hearts open more and more to this call that comes from Heaven and that in this life will not be deeply known, but if your hearts unite with My Immaculate Heart, like a single chain of light and of love, through the Rosary for Peace in the Nations, I will be able to embrace many more souls in need of love and of light.

Great is the captivity of millions of souls in this humanity, and they are not able to get out of that state, because of having many obstacles and barriers.

But you know, My children, My presence has many aspects, and the Mother of God counts on Her Powerful Sword to be able to defeat evil by means of love and of faith, bringing liberation to the world and peace to the hearts that most need to again find God within themselves, to live, in these difficult times, a true communion with what is High, a profound union with the Divine.

I come to invite you, dear children, to learn to live the divine Laws, through the attributes which are conceived in the prayer of the Universal Mother.

If you live these attributes and apply them in your lives daily, it will not be necessary for Argentina or any other nation, to endure the sufferings generated by the peoples themselves.

The attributes that I bring you, My children, are born of My Maternal Fount, they are attributes that are born of the humility of the Mother of God, because of Her eternal service and as Servant of God.

But if you, My children, strive to live them daily, you will not only build an invincible and unbreakable fortitude in your souls, but you will also help your nations so that more souls may be contemplated in the Ocean of Mercy of God.

The time has come, My children, to live fraternity and cooperation among the peoples, this will demonstrate to God and the whole Universe that humanity is understanding something, and the Grace of God in Argentina and in the world will be inexhaustible, in spite of the extremely grave mistakes that many souls make in these times, and that from time to time outrage the Heart of God.

But today a new story is granted for Argentina and for its essences. The prayer work done today has helped a great deal, so that the Mother of God and your Mother may intercede, knowing that there are many souls that do not deserve the Grace of God, but as your advocate, and celestial intercessor between Heaven and Earth, God has granted Me the salvation of more hearts for the times that will come.

My children, the giving of your lives will be the key of the great transformation and the portals of the Universe will open before your eyes, you will see the spiritual Universe descend, and the great archangels, creator fathers of all the planes of consciousness, will assist you and help you to live, in these times, inside of an unknown, I would say, unalterable Universe of Peace.

This is possible thanks to the power of constant prayer, and to your daily commitment to the Holy Rosary. Thus, My children, you will be protected under My mantle, your families will also be protected from all evil; this will come even more to all places, because the Light of My Heart radiates to the whole world through the prayers of My children who are aware and have the discernment that prayer is a basic key for these difficult times.

Submerge in this practice and in a short time you will not recognize yourselves, your lives will have transformed completely, and you will manage to walk towards a freedom from self, achieving a transcendence from matter, and uniting your spirits with non-material life.

So that all these attributes to the Universal Mother may be in your hearts and in your peoples, today I open My Immaculate Heart as a house and refuge for hearts, as relief for the afflicted, and healing for the sick, to receive from your voices, the Sacred Prayer to the Universal Mother.

I am listening.

The Prayer to the “Universal Mother” is recited three times.

And in this way, I will be able to carry your pleas and deep intentions to Heaven, placing at the Feet of Our Creator Father, the intentions of His children, of His creatures, so that His Plan of Love may triumph in humanity and on the planet.

Remember this prayer as something fundamental for Argentina.

Today, My request for this nation is that a third weekly day of prayer for Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay exist, but this time praying the prayer to the Universal Mother, so that these sibling nations may be contemplated by the Mercy of God, and the divine attributes of My maternal Heart may be established in souls as a divine spiritual protection.

I would wish that all of My children, beyond Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, be united in this practice of praying to the Universal Mother, so that the attributes also be radiated to the others nations of the world.

But today I ask for this prayer especially for these three nations, because they are the ones that most need it, to maintain their spiritual balance and their harmony in these times.

Prayer, whichever it is, that invokes the Divine Plan of God and that opens the doors of the Universe, will be the weapon of defense against the adversary, and the Mother of God, through the prayer of all of Her children, will step again with Her feet on the head of evil.

May the Project of God triumph in this Land of Argentina.

May hearts again find their affiliation with the High, and universal healing occur in souls, and in hearts, may the talents of Christ come alight, so that the commitment to the Universe be alive, real, and faithful for this final time. So be it

Like in all the places I visit, with immense love and gentleness for those who most suffer and despair, today we will experience a new consecration, reaffirming this commitment to union with the prayer to the Universal Mother, so that many more may feel drawn to the Fire of Love of My Maternal Heart, and thus souls may be healed and redeemed, freeing themselves from their chains and their prisons, so that the light of their spirits may fly.

At the request of the Mother of God, those who will be consecrated as Children of Mary should come forward to receive Her blessing.

And in this moment of consecration before the Mother of the Most High, we will begin to listen to the Hymn of Consecration of the Children of Mary, so that those who will be consecrated, and those already consecrated, may renew this commitment to the Mother of God, so that it be real and alive.

Children represent the happiness of Jesus on Earth, thus His Celestial Kingdom descends in the most pure and innocent, and reaches all the men and women of the planet in order that the Sacred Family be constituted in humanity, through this offering to Me that is done today by your hearts.

I have come to bless you and give you My love, My consoling and healing love, so that your souls be reborn in the enjoyment of the Divine Spirit, and so find again the peace that dwells in the Heart of God.

May your souls light up in joy and gladness, so that the spiritual soul of this nation lights up in the Gladness of God, deeply believing that it will be able to fulfill the designs of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

My Spiritual Light descends upon you and enters your hearts, establishing this consecration as My beloved children, faithful followers of Christ, creatures loved by the Celestial Father.

I baptize you with the light of the Holy Spirit.

In name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call, for all the efforts made, for the triumph of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart in Argentina.

While you sing, I will contemplate you, so that your voices may reach Heaven as a plea of humanity to the Celestial Universe.

I thank you!