Friday, June 29 of 2018

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary, in Geneva, Switzerland, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

When the world understands that we are one, humanity will be saved and there will no longer be suffering or desperation in the hearts.

When humanity understands that we are one, joy will return to the hearts and hope will make souls be reborn.

When humanity understands that we are one, a new humanity will be born and it will not be necessary to live in the past anymore, but rather to look always to the future, to what is more reachable, immediate, to what is available for all souls and that comes from the Kingdom of God.

When humanity understands that we are one, it will no longer be necessary to hold back the mysteries of the Universe, because all will be revealed and divine knowledge will be there for everyone. Human science will someday understand that God, Our Father, is the great Administrator of Creation and of Life; and that we all come from Him and that someday we must return to Him to carry out the synthesis of this experience and thus recreate Creation.

That is why I come to Geneva, seeking to unite all Christians under the Most Pure Spirit of My Son, in which everything will be realized, in which everything will be able to be carried forward, following the steps of the Light of the Lord.

In this way, I come to stabilize all that moves against the evolution of God. Through divine neutrality, I come to bring peace to the hearts that need it and I come to awaken the souls that must open their eyes to the Truth of God.

Through Peace I come to grant these Graces to the world, knowing that for God nothing is impossible and this is an example of what happens today; nothing is impossible for God when He wishes it with the ardor of His Heart.

The spirituality that the world does not live consciously, which is grand and infinite, is very simple and humble. So simple and humble that the ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God, comes to meet you to testify and to confirm the importance of this ecumenical union among the servers of Christ. Because by establishing this ecumenical union, doors all over the world will open that it had not been foreseen would open; doors through which many Graces will be poured and many atonements will be granted to places in the world that were meant to disappear. 

Thus, My children, when the first step towards the Call of God is taken, many more things may happen than those which were foreseen.

When the response is real, full of love and simplicity, God can continue working in the hearts and bring more Mercy to the world.

That is why I am here, My children, in Geneva, standing by for that great moment, which anticipates the coming of Christ in a surprising way, never seen before by this humanity.

In the meantime, My children, follow the path that I am indicating to you. Continue building in yourselves this ecumenical spirit that I need to move forward with the Plans of Peace of My Beloved Son.

I need you on this path and on this realization, knowing that it is important and immediate to respond to the needs of humanity, so that more hearts may be healed and redeemed.

I encourage you to live this spirit of Christian ecumenism that will unite races and peoples even further, that will defeat the projects of My enemy and that will cause the Sacred Heart of Jesus to triumph in all souls.

Thus the importance of this moment, My children, because while the Mother of God is present here with you and with the world, with each devoted and believing heart, the omnipresence of the Mother of God can destroy the great currents of evil that pervert souls and remove them from the path of Love of My Son.

Therefore, if I am here, why should you fear?

I am here and I am your Mother, and whoever is near the Mother of God has no reason to fear evil, because evil does not exist, evil is created by the indifference and the ignorance of humankind.

The Love of God does exist; it neutralizes everything, it harmonizes everything and brings peace to hearts.

Hold on to the Love of God and your lives will triumph in the conversion, not only because of daily prayer, but also because of the Sacraments that My Son offers to you, which should be valued and contemplated as true jewels of the Spiritual Universe.

So, My children, I invite you into the spirit of ecumenism, because the world needs it in order to figure out and perceive where this current humanity stands and how distant the path that it treads is from God.

I invite you to make all the necessary effort, because this will help the Plan of God and will, in your hearts, constitute a real purpose that will cause you to walk on the Pathway of Christ and will give you the impulse to inner transformation.

Following these steps, responding to My requests, everything will have been said.

While I am here, I am with the people of Switzerland, from the North to the South and from the East to the West, sowing the cross of victory of Christ at the highest point of the Alps. So that all spirits, all consciousnesses and all hearts may recognize, through the Redeeming Cross of Our Lord, the Advent of Christ in His second glorious Return to the world.

Continue praying for peace and peace will be granted to the world for some more time, and the great representatives of this humanity will make correct decisions, that will be in accordance to the Will of God and especially with the need of the most humble and poor peoples.

As Lady of all nations, I come to call you to solidarity and to the good, because in this way, hearts will also be healed and the most solitary souls of this world will find once more the hope they need to be able to see Christ again.

I am leaving here with a stage completed by all who have responded to My Call. Because the amount does not matter, but rather the truth, which brings hearts here who hear the inner call of the Mother of God; this will build the Plan of God in souls and will bring Light to all the essences of the world.

With so little I can do much, because in the little is the simple, that which is humble and sincere.

Thank you, Divine Mother, for all that you give us!

And I give you the Light of My Hope.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for this important moment because later you will see. Amen.



Sunday, June 17 of 2018

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Krakow, Poland, to the visionary Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I do not only come for the love of Poland; I come for your Church and for the Church of all Central Europe, also there many more things can be restored; that is why it is also important for My Son, knowing that there is still time for His Mercy, to be able to enter into His Pity and His Compassion.

Just as yesterday My Son gave you the blessing of His Kingdom, today I give you the blessing of My Grace, the Grace that, in spite of the events, has always permeated all the hearts of Poland and of Central Europe.

It is that Grace of Faith that has allowed all of your people and all of Central Europe to continue forward, in the spirit of perseverance and constancy.

So today I present Myself before you as the Virgin of Czestochowa, bringing the Child Jesus in My Arms so that He, from the bosom of His Purity, from the center of His Heart, may impart His Mercy on the whole Church of the world, and especially, on all the believers.

The healing of this planet is still necessary, and through your prayers and supplications, that spiritual healing can descend to humanity. That is why I am here, dear children, to remember once again the power of the Virgin of Czestochowa in all your homeland and in all your people, to remind you of the importance of this spiritual and divine icon, which unites many souls in the world, not only through your color or your race, but also through your souls; through the souls whom God has granted to be here to carry onward a part of His Divine Plan.

With this spirit, I invite you to the renovation of your Church and of your people, to the conservation of your culture, to have your faith expand, and thus the world receive a little more peace. Not only peace in hearts, but also in the nations that have need of the prayer of their beings, in order to be able to establish peace.

I invite you to take that step, dear children, to be able to conceive of the need of all humanity and the entire planet in your hearts, knowing that you are a single civilization that needs to be reborn not only in the life of the spirit, but also in material life, through works of service and unconditional charity.

I want Poland to carry this working spirit to the world, to teach other peoples how to be reborn in the spirit of faith and of devotion, because there are many nations that have need of this in order to be able to continue forward spiritually, to be able to establish the Designs of God in their Kingdoms, in their culture, and their people.

With that love that My Heart brings you today, I invite you to the renewal of your commitment with Me, because I will always be the Mother of your Homeland; I will always be the Light for your hearts; a Light that will lead you to Christ, My beloved Son, so that you may enter into communion with His Divine Consciousness and always receive the blessing of His Spirit knowing that it is necessary, My children, to wake up the gifts and talents in your heart, essential attributes that Christ will need from you to prepare for His second return to humanity in this part of the world.

That is why I want to always have you in My Arms, My children, just like Jesus, so that you may feel the beating of My Maternal Heart; so that you may feel the joy of My Spirit and the gladness of My Soul for being close to My Children, not only of Poland, but also of the entire world.

Through the Virgin of Czestochowa, I come to unite all cultures and all peoples, so that each nation may continue to know me as their Mother and their Patroness, because in that way, with the devotion of My children, I will be able to continue interceding not only for Poland, but also throughout Central Europe.

I invite you to follow in the footsteps of the Redeemer. Slovakia is a country that needs a miraculous healing, especially in its spirit; that's why I invite you to follow Christ, so that His works may manifest in the world through your collaboration and your cooperation with this Work, which on the inner planes builds Cathedrals of Light where souls can take refuge to meet again with the Celestial Father.

I want to bring you back to God, reconciled by His Grace and blessed by His Mercy, so that this same Grace and Mercy may reach the souls that most need to awaken in this part of Europe.

Through the Lady of Czestochowa, I bring you the Wisdom of God necessary for these critical times, essential in the essence of all souls, so that the nations of the world, after all they have lived, learn to make correct and wise decisions that contribute with the solidarity and the good of souls, rather than with exploitation or slavery.

That renewal, through the Wisdom that the Virgin of Czestochowa brings you today, will happen in simple hearts, will take place in humble souls, will reverberate in meek hearts.

This is the promise that I bring for your people; and this promise, which hopes to descend to the world and become live in hearts, is a reason for the visit of My Beloved Son to the Homeland of Slovakia, so that more spiritual and inner values ​​may be recovered.

Again I say to you, my children: follow the footsteps of Christ to rediscover the Path to the Celestial Father.

May the spirit of the faith of Poland always be preserved; may the spirit of the devotion of Poland one day become eternal, so that souls may be carried to God and feel the Mercy of the Celestial Father. A Mercy that restores souls, a Mercy that restores hearts, a Mercy that submerges nations in the ocean of the Compassion of God and in the Spirit of His Pity.

May these Gifts of the Spirit, which should continue to be cultivated by Poland as a people, awaken new vocations to the life of Christ and especially to the Spirit of Sanctity, which will make it possible to change the world thanks to the souls that renounce their self to live in God and fulfill His Will, just like all the Saints who fulfilled it throughout time.

Today, at My side I am accompanied by Saint John Paul II, and as He has always done with all of humanity, in a simple but true way, today He will give you His Blessing, in the name of the Virgin of Czestochowa.

John Paul II says: "May God always give you Goodness and Charity so that you may know the imperious spirit of His Mercy and so that the Fount that pours out of the Heart of Christ may bathe all creatures of the Earth, so that they may reach the Celestial happiness and the Inner Union with the Divine and Sublime Son.

May the powers of the Grace of Christ, may the inexhaustible spring of his Mercy, descend upon Poland and all of Central Europe, and in this way, the Grace of Redemption be established.

So be it".

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Let us continue walking for Peace, so that Peace may be established on Earth and in all humankind. Amen.

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