Tuesday, June 12 of 2018

Vigil of Prayer
Apparition of the Virgin Mary during the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, in Ourém, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Like one hundred and one years ago, the Sun of God shines again on Fatima, bringing peace to the world and the Mercy of the Redeemer for the souls.

This is the greatest testimony of the Love of the living God for all of humanity and the planet.

Today, dear children, at My Feet I bring the flags of two nations of the world: the one of Nicaragua and the one of Eritrea, so that with this symbol, your hearts may understand where the Mother of God is, seeking the love of Her children, trying to protect the wounded and aid those most in need.

Today I unite the two nations under one heart and in a single tune, so that the Grace of God may descend upon them and peace, the end of the war, and the persecution amongst mankind may be established, because thus, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Today, with the prayer of your people, I was able to achieve many things in the world. You know, My children, of the great planetary need, of the need for love, for Mercy, for forgiveness, for healing and redemption.

Through the path of your daily prayer, I can grant you all those Graces and many more Graces, ones you could not even imagine.

My Heart is with the heart of My children. The Lady of Nicaragua is with the people that cry out, and through the prayers of My children, I weave the hidden Mantle of Peace, where I place all those that need to be in God, safeguarding them from evil and danger.

Although your people are troubled, do not lose faith. Trust in the power of My Immaculate Heart, and the Wisdom of God will be in your minds and in your hearts, so that you may be guided on the path of the Good and the Light, so that this guidance may benefit many more souls, especially those that are in danger and suffer great persecution.

Today I also bring at My Feet the flag of Eritrea, because I love this suffering people that aspires someday to find peace.

Just as you pray for the nations of the world and so that serious events do not develop, I also ask you, My children, that you place Eritrea in your heart, so that this people may be able to recover and achieve peace, live the hope of My Son, and be immersed in His Divine Mercy, without the need of taking refuge in other countries to escape the horror.

But even if this happens, My children, My Immaculate Heart is also in Africa; it is in the heart of those from Eritrea, so that they may be able to promote peace through prayer, through entreaty, and especially  through communion with My Son; so that the Sacrament of the Eucharist may grant discernment and wisdom to the leaders of those nations, so that they may realize that it is no longer necessary to suffer, but rather, to love, to love with all of the heart and all of the soul, just as I love you, My children.

Because this Love that I have for you is what allows Me to be here on this day, announcing to the world and to humanity that the Mother of God, the Lady of Peace, is with Nicaragua and with Eritrea, as She is with all the nations of the world, especially with those that make wrong decisions and that compromise the spiritual life of millions of souls in the world.

I come to untie the knots of the human consciousness through your pleas and your prayers.

Today, the offering of all those who pray in the world at this vigil of prayer has permitted to stop great disasters; especially grave decisions that would condemn the rest of humanity.

With this, dear children, I show you the importance of the life of prayer, of the constant life of prayer, and of perseverance in prayer, so that your lips not grow tired of asking God for Mercy, because Mercy will save the world, and in this way, Divine Justice will stop and the world will not suffer again, as in the past century.

I come as the Mother of Light to grant healing to deep human wounds and all those that respond to My call in the different nations of the world; let it be only one consciousness.

This opens the door, dear children, so that the Grace of God may enter into the nations, especially in those most in need of mercy and of forgiveness.

On this day, on this night of Grace, I come to speak with you again about the commitment to the vigil of prayer for peace in the nations, which will be fundamental and essential for the coming times, in order maintain the stability of the planet, and above all, the balance of the psyche of humanity.

Each prayer that is offered and that shall be offered, will be well received by the Kingdom of the Heavens. And not only your lives will be transformed, but the world will continue to change to recognized the Will of God, and someday, by the Grace of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the thousand years of peace will be established.

Someday I will return to Central América to reestablish the Kingdom of God, that My enemies are trying to remove. But do not be frightened; remember that My Immaculate Heart will triumph; it will bring Peace to the world, even if it is purified, even if it goes through this critical final time.

Tonight I will say goodbye to you, My children, granting you a spiritual Grace for your efforts, sacrifice, and persistence in carrying forward this Work of Peace in the world, following the footsteps of the Divine Messengers in this important Network of Prayer that is generated by your hearts, to bring about more peace on the planet, relief and healing to all the souls of the Earth.

Eritrea is a country that must be taken into consideration by all the nations of the world, because there exist souls that are worthy of the Mercy of God, and that through the cooperation, charity, and fraternity of the rest of the countries, may be able to receive an opportunity of being someone in life.

For this reason, My children from the rest of the nations of the world, I invite you to open your heart even further to welcome into yourselves the real spiritual need of this people, which needs of the help of everyone, not only to establish peace, social dignity, the good, and cooperation, but also to reestablish the Kingdom of God, as it once was in the beginning of the life of Moses.

In this way, you will be able to make the commandments valued, which were born in that region of the world at the request of God, and which taught humanity, and continue to teach the first steps in spiritual life, so as to become worthy children of God, following the steps of the Law and of Divine Will.

Eritrea is a country that must be healed, not only through humanitarian service, but also through the prayers of all My children, especially through the welcome that the hearts of the other nations can provide for those that most need it, as well as for the rest of Africa, that awaits more compassion, solidarity, and humanitarian aid.

This help that I ask of you will not be born of the great nations of the planet, but of the simple nations of the world that have not yet lost the spirit of solidarity and that will be able to understand what I ask of them.

So I ask to not fear opening the doors of your homes to give refuge to those most in need of hope and of peace, because someday, you also may be in need of that peace and that hope.

I invite the adults in the life of the spirit to become aware of this and make themselves available to help these nations, that wait for solidarity. In this way, you will be consoling my Immaculate and Maternal Heart and granting the world a Grace that perhaps not many would deserve, but that will be possible because of your spirit of unconditional support and of service.

Eritrea must be a country repopulated by hope, that transmits the happiness of living in God, as it once transmitted, so that the consoling spirit, which is the Holy Spirit, may with Its Gifts fill that land and its people, bringing renewal and healing for all those consciousnesses.

So, dear children, from this day, in the weekly prayer for Africa, I ask you to place Eritrea in your hearts, so that My work may reach that place, so that the Will of God may be fulfilled with the help of everyone, and Peace may be achieved in that country.

My joy is infinite in having a representative of that people present here.

My Maternal sweetness is in those needy hearts, closing deep wounds, purifying deep after-effects, granting peace in the inner world of My Eritrean children.

I Am the Mother of the refugees, the Consoler of Peace, the Bird of hope, the healing for essences, the eternal consolation for hearts.

I Am the Queen of Peace and the Great Mother of Africa, Who has Her Heart in the center of that continent, and from cycle to cycle, making the hope and the joy of rediscovering God to pulsate in that place and in all of the nations of Africa.

Today I grant this son of Eritrea the blessing of the Celestial Father for their new task.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

May the Spirit of Peace be with you, and that this Spirit of Peace propagate in Eritrea and in the world, bringing hope and renewal to the lives of those who have most suffered because of social injustice and indifference.

It is a European mission to take on Eritrea. It is their duty and their commitment as well as the rest of the African nations, that expiation be granted to both continents and the cycle of persecution and slavery be closed, and thus, the cycle of Light and of Hope, of Mercy and Redemption may open.

Today My wish is that from this African heart may part the Love for all the hearts of Africa, as well as from all of the hearts present here and that are accompanying this moment with the Mother of God.

I wish to hear again that song that is a reminder, that brings to memory the Presence of the Lady of Kibeho, the Patroness of Rwanda and of all Africa.

I thank you on this night for responding to this important call.

God bless you and grant you Peace. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. Amen.

I thank you.



Sunday, June 24 of 2018

Vigil of Prayer
Apparition of the Virgin Mary during the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, in Zurich, Switzerland, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

For the sake of God, I bring Love from Heaven, to pour over this place, over this planet. I bring you the Love that you need, the Love that you seek so much, the Love that you so much aspire to penetrate in order to find God.

I bring you the Love that will liberate you, so that you can take a new step, knowing that it is necessary to listen to God in the same way as the Mother of God listened to the call of the Archangel Gabriel.

I invite you, dear children, to follow the example of the Mother of God, in an unconditional obedience, with the immense joy of being able to follow the steps of the Lord, just as God needs in this time.

All that I tell you, My children, is not to hurt you, neither is it to wound you, it is to open your consciousnesses, it is to penetrate your hearts with the Love of God so that such deep wounds, which are still present in your lives, can close and dissolve.

This is the reason why I am in Europe, My children, presenting to you My different Faces, in order for you to know the Omnipresence of the Mother of God, in order for you to know how to understand and hear Her the best that you can; thus I come as the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt.

But today I do not bring My Son in My arms, I bring an African child, among so many who would like to be in My arms.

Today, I bring the most sick and hungry child, the most painful child, the most anguished child who needs the attention of humanity, and of its people.

Therefore, My children, I invite you to solidarity, to cooperation and to the good that must awaken in your hearts so that the world, and especially humanities suffering and pain, which must be relieved, can enter you so that you may feel as the Mother of God feels when there is lack of consciousness, lack of love and especially of fraternity.

If you take the step, I assure you, My children, that many more will take it.

Thus, today I have decided to come to tell you this, so that you may hear My call, so that you may feel My Maternity, so that you may make use of My Heart, a noble Heart that cries out to the world, a Heart that welcomes the miseries of humanity, and especially of those who suffer the most.

I invite you, My children, to imitate My Spirit of Maternity, of service and solidarity; this will transform your people completely and will make of your people a Promised Land, knowing that God still wishes to manifest His Divine Will here.

With maternal Love I call you, My children, to become aware of this, to give importance to this in your lives, so that your lives can also transform through the response to My Sacred Call.

I will always wish good for you, thus I am not only here for you, I am also here for all nations of the world, for everyone who has conceded this Pilgrimage for Peace, for everyone who sincerely, in one way or another, have made their loving and unconditional effort for Me to be here today for Switzerland, just as I will be in a short while for Germany.

Thus I invite you to this Unity, the Unity that God gestated since the beginning, in the Universe, the Unity that will lead you to Peace, because it is a Divine Unity that the world has completely forgotten.

This is also the reason why we still go on pilgrimage, leaving the Marian Centers on the quest for the neediest and most lacking hearts, on the quest for the awakening of the consciousness of humanity, so that the purposes of God may be fulfilled.

As Mother of Love and Virgin of Schoenstatt, I do not wish My children to suffer and to accept living the path of suffering, because humanity has already demonstrated to the world that it knows how to destroy itself. I want to change this human pattern by means of your prayers and supplications, by means of the opening of your inner world to My call.

Thus, I will not only be able to continue working for Switzerland, but also for the world that needs Me and I will be able to reach other nations of the world, just as I have reached here in an extraordinary way, by the response of My children.

Today I transmit to you, My children, with all the Truth of My Heart, the affliction of My Maternal Heart for the deafness of My children.

Thus, I come from Heaven as I have come to Fatima and to Medjugorje, to bring a message to humanity, to demonstrate to the world that I am unique and that I am the Mother of all nations and of all children that exist on this planet; that I am the Mother without religion, because My religion is the Love of God, which the Archangel Gabriel had taught Me when I had Jesus in My Womb.

The Love of God was gestated in Me so that redemption could be born in the world. Today My Womb of Light donates Itself to the world, so that your lives can be born again someday with the hope of living in faith, and of attaining the redemption of the heart.

I invite you to redouble efforts for My call, and I thank today, My daughters who live here in Switzerland for having been the precursors of My call in Zurich, for having strived and dedicated themselves, so that the divine fulfillment of My Spiritual Mission in Switzerland may be accomplished.

Today I will leave here with a hope, because you have demonstrated that it is possible do disseminate My call, knowing that it is urgent that the souls leave the terrestrial hell to enter the Universe of My Heart, where there is a special place, there is a refuge in the Heart of the Mother of Schoenstatt for each one of My children.

It is your love, it is your dedication, it is your offering that allows Me to return time and again to the world.

I thank you for responding to this convocation and I bless you with the Sacred Flame of the Hope of God, which will never extinguish because it is eternal.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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