Friday, May 25 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Through this song, I come to cry out to the world to not lose its innocence, because otherwise, it will greatly suffer, worse than the last century.

May innocence not be lost from the hearts so that they never lack Peace.

Yesterday I spoke to you about hope, but today I speak to you about the true consciousness that many eyes do not want to see, for being afraid, for fear or for anguish.

But I, My children, as Your Mother and Mother of the World, must always tell you the Truth.

We are trying to build something new in a difficult time, in which each second and each minute is definitive; in which each step to be taken must be taken with forethought and discernment, so that no one precipitates into the abyss.

With this I want to tell you, dear children, as I told the shepherds in Fatima: Do not lose your innocence; because if you lose your innocence as humanity and as a people, you will lose the power of your original purity, your essences will be stained and God will not be able to draw close to you to bring you what is new and renewing.

But as I Am Mother of all and Mother that comes for all, for those who are present and for those who are not here, today I make this plea to you from the depths of My Spiritual and Maternal Heart; that your innocence may be able to shine in these times in spite of the mistakes, of the tests and of all that happens in the world, day after day.

I need, children, that through your innocence, you return to the path of your essential purity, because the world greatly needs it in order to continue forward.

In spite of all the manifestations of these times, My children, remember that I will always be your Patroness in this nation, and I wish to be the Patroness in all the nations of the world, no matter how they may know Me or call Me. I Am the Divine Mother of God, the Sacred and Feminine Spirit that emerged from the Source to come to the world and hold all of My children in My Arms, just as I held Jesus, the Supreme King.

I invite you, through the path of prayer, to not only seek the hope of God, but also the inner innocence that must reign in these times, so that things may be kept in balance and, above all, nations may remain in harmony.

Because if your innocence is available to the world, permeated by a deep gratitude and love, many things that would be about to happen in the coming times could be stopped, very difficult and very large things that your Heavenly Mother observes, day after day.

For this reason, everything you do and everything you offer to God will be important in this time; you must be creators of sources of reparation so that many things may become balanced in the world and many events that have been foreseen may not occur.

Through this call, I want to lead you all to the essence of Love and of Truth, so that the world may also awaken to that.

But that essence of Love will first begin in you, in discovering it within you in a simple and humble way, so that it may then awaken in the world and in humanity.

Humanity has lost many values, has lost many principles and also many designs that your Heavenly Mother comes to reestablish in this time through the pilgrimage and the call to all Her children of the world, irrespective of their religion, their nation or their people.

With this I wish to tell you, dear children, that I Am the Universal Mother, the Mother that embraces each one of the children of God: the perfect and the imperfect, the sinners or the believers, those who have erred or those who have been correct, all are My children in the same Original Source.

That is why I come to call you and I come to find you, so that the transformation of the consciousness may take place in this time and serious events may not happen as has been foreseen.

But the path of prayer of the heart that each one of you offers Me day after day, gradually dispels all the bad influences so that the Light may reign a little more in the world, reach more sleeping hearts and awaken more consciousnesses that must find their inner truth in order to continue following the path to the Source, the path toward Divine Will.

While I speak with you, I pray for the world. I hope that in all the days to come, you will imitate this exercise of your Heavenly Mother, because in each second of your lives, as well as in each daily task, it will be necessary to place the mind and the heart in prayer, so that many, many more negative forces may be dissipated and the powerful channel of prayer may triumph in My children and consequently, in the world.

Unite in constant and continuous prayer with your guardian angels; more critical times will come to the world and they are not only just words, but realities that your Heavenly Mother decrees to you at this time.

Because the world chose to follow the path of lack of love and withdrew from the truth.

But even here, on this Earth, there are many brave hearts, that God will fully avail Himself of to carry His Work to the world.

There is still a little time to resolve what is happening in humanity.

That is why I call you, My children, to accompany Me at each step of a new pilgrimage, because your Heavenly Mother needs to establish new realities in the world; what I call "Principles of God," which come directly from the Source to aid humanity.

God needs instruments, many more instruments that may want to donate their lives to the Plan; for a Plan that is still unknown and of which humanity knows only a small percentage.

But there is no Mystery that cannot be revealed; your Heavenly Mother will always bring you the truth, the guidance and the path for your lives, so that this Divine Plan may be fulfilled as it is foreseen.

Know, My children, that we are reaching the great moment of great efforts that each one of your souls must live. Greater efforts than those you have lived up until now, because it is necessary to change many more things in the world.

With the sweetness of My Voice, today I bring you the Truth; with the calmness of My Heart, today I bring you hope; and I pronounce the call of God to the world again and again, until finally all souls may listen and realize that it is necessary to change.

I thank you for your perseverance and your faith; through those virtues, I can also do many more things in the world.

Perseverance will always make you brave; hope will always build the future, inside and outside of yourselves and over the surface of the Earth.

I want you to make the Plan of God triumph in humanity, with each daily effort and dedication, with each opportunity of service and of surrender, to relieve the Heart of God that is much offended by men, also by His church.

I want you to relieve the Heart of the Father together with Me, with that joy that you live and that you have that will never be erased, with that devotion that you have built through each daily prayer bead, with each service that you have lent to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

All, all of those virtues transform the world and repair the Heart of God, although you are sometimes very tired. Everything is valued by the Highest and recognized by His Angels from Heaven.

There is no testimonial of love that you make that is not written down; everything is recorded in the Book of the Heavens; every good work done, every work of Peace that is spread, every service rendered that is unconditionally surrendered to the Universe, is recorded in the Books of the Heavens and, in this way, many more Graces can return to the world, such as the Grace of the Presence of the Mother of God in these critical and difficult times.

The sweetness of My Heart will always be close to you, even though the time will come in which I will withdraw to Heaven, as My Son will; I will be here, in Spirit, with you, making the Graces that many more souls will need in the definitive times blossom and emanate at the Marian Centers.

Everything you do for God, you do it for humanity and, as a result, the Kingdom of Heaven will reward you with His Graces.

Today I can say, dear children, that the Spiritual Mission in Europe and Africa will be accomplished; but much more help will be needed for it to be able to end as has been foreseen by the Universe.

For the first time, dear children, and by the Will of the Most High Father of the Universe, the Divine Messengers will embrace many nations at the same time and with them, all the souls that are in them, in order to avoid a universal catastrophe that could encompass a great part of the world and above all, many, many lives.

But now that you have responded to Me and will continue to respond to Me in the days to come, I Myself, at the request of My Son, will prevent what could happen in that part of the world and that could bring about great consequences for the rest of humanity.

When your faith is sustained in the Purpose, the Mission is accomplished and the Graces return to the world to aid the most lost hearts and the nations most in need of Mercy, although it would not seem so.

Today I ask God for humanity to recover its inner innocence and that this innocence may prevail and reign in this time.

As a testimony of this request of Mine, today I will consecrate new Children of Mary, who will actively form part of My celestial armies, to carry forward this work of Redemption and of Forgiveness in humanity, which the world must awaken to.

Let the Children of Mary, who today will be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, stand at the foot of this stage.

Today I will ask you again to repeat the song you have sung, as a call of Mine to the world, so that many more of My children may hear Me and find Peace.

I wish you to bring water before My Presence for blessing and consecrating, for My children who will be consecrated today.

I am listening to you...

I consecrate you and bless you.

I thank you for having responded to this important call.

May God pour out His Light in your lives, and especially in your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you!