Wednesday, April 25 of 2018

Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the Peace and the Love of Christ be in your hearts, dear children.

On this day, and for the second time, I return from Heaven to talk to you about My Projects of Love. Those projects that God has asked Me to disseminate in the world through My living and maternal Word.

The new Community of Mary will not be a single one, but many more; and it will be the prelude for many events.

This is why it was a project prepared for this time, because the Designs of God had to be generated in your hearts first, so that you could accept them and then live them.

Each Community of Mary will be a flower in My Garden; it will be a gift that I will leave for each one of them, knowing that it will have its doors open to receive My children of the world, who will need much consolation and protection.

Thus, I need you, dear children, to understand My Projects beyond the material plane and to know that all Design of God comes from the Source, brought by the angels of Heaven through My messages, through My Words that can echo in the heart of men, when they hear them open within and even more, in their consciousness.

The Communities that exist will be the foundation for such a manifestation. I want you to understand, dear children, that I will bring the refugees of the world to the Communities of Mary; not only those who experience wars, persecution or death, but all those that will take refuge in My Maternal Heart in the end of times, when everything will be seriously unleashed in the world.

The Communities of Mary will also be islands of salvation, they will be refuges in which peace may be found, and you will be the precursors of that movement. This is why I need your response to be not only concrete, but also deeper, a response that is born from within you and that is free of doubt or of questioning.

How would the world find its salvation if there were no islands of salvation?

The founding of My Projects first begins in you, in your inner universe and in your consciousness; from there, everything will unfold and many will be able to see in their tomorrow an opportunity to return to the House of the Father and, especially, to be in the Arms of God, receiving His Divine Consolation and His Calm.

Remember what My Son told you a long time ago: "Everything you do for the smallest of your siblings, you do it for Me, twice."

And this is not a theory, My children, it is a living reality for whoever aspires to achieve the ministry of Christ in these times.

If the Communities of Mary manage to be expressed according to My Designs, the Gifts and the Virtues of God will descend over them and, especially, over the souls that are in most need of inner healing and of peace.

From that point on, each one will mirror its attributes for the whole world, in the most crucial times for humanity, in which despair will reign due to the lack of inner serenity or tranquility.

But those who pray to My Immaculate Heart every day will know what to do and, during the severe movements of the planet, will have direction and guidance to continue forward, helping other souls to find the path; souls that are very heterogeneous and diffrent from their own souls; souls that have not known peace or any respect for Creation.

Just like in the Calvary I worked for a lost world, for a self-destroyed civilization, in this time and in the end times, I am working for a future and New Humanity that must not only be present in spirit, but also in matter as something concrete and realized.

I need you to love My Mysteries, because in My Mysteries, which are the Mysteries of God, are My Designs and, through your lives, I will be able to write the Projects of God.

With My own Hand I will guide you on the path and will lead you to meet the Will of the Most High, in which everything can be expressed and realized, just as He wishes from His deep and eternal Heart.

Meanwhile, and while the Communities of Mary do not manifest, I ask you to pray with Me so that God may express His Will in the men of the Earth and the magnificent ideas of human beings may not prevail; ideas that have led them to perdition and deceit, stepping out of obedience.

I need you, children, in the firmness of your heart, and I tell you again: it is time to live the Plan, just as God has thought of it from the beginning and for this cycle of humanity.

If the Communities of Mary manifest, sacred tools of the Universe will come to the Earth from the spiritual and cosmic plane; and souls will be able to continue walking on the pathway of trust, protection and peace.

Although wars may shake the world, a part of the race will be protected because it would have, in obedience, understood the Will of God and not that of men.

Secondly, My maternal, spiritual and divine Principles will be projected, which are attributes that I live in the Universe and that I reflect to all the worlds and all the galaxies. Something that is still unknown to humanity, because the Church, and above all, the race, has stopped since My Assumption.

But after this event many more things happened, which I come to reveal outside of the Church, so that any being of the surface of this planet may have knowledge of the Truth and of the reality.

A reality that the Mother of the World lives, from the moment of Her Assumption to the Heavens and within this local Universe, which is a living part of the manifestation of God.

The Communities of Mary will be a Mirror of these higher realities, and still, you will not understand everything that I tell you, because it is still a mystery that will be unveiled in these end times.

I ask you to take in My Words as true treasures, because this is the last universal impulse that your Heavenly Mother will give for humanity and the planet.

And from these Christian Communities of Mary the Source of happiness will emerge, for serving and experiencing God in the heart of the simple and the humble; for carrying forward each daily task, knowing that it is a part of the Plan that is being built in the human consciousness and in those that participate in It.

I have waited for this moment for so long and I know, in the depths of My Spirit, that still men will not understand what I tell them; but who loves without understanding, will understand all things and will not hesitate on their path nor in their spiritual decision to follow the Steps of the Celestial Father.

In the name of My Son, I come to build new things, new spaces, granting renewing Graces and renewing impulses that will remove souls from the planetary inertia and from indifference.

You are participating in the same timeline as God, the one the Father has built throughout times by means of the eternal time, the eternal present; and in this eternal time, He has called His children so that they may carry forward His Will and fulfill His precious Designs.

You, My children, become aware, wake up; you are in this story that the Father Himself writes with His Hand in the Book of the Soul of the Earth.

Remember that Heaven and Earth will pass away, but the Words of My Son will reign.

And the Communities of Mary will be a mirror of the Attributes of Christ, once given to the first Christian peoples that lived the spirituality of the Lord, after His Ascension to the Heavens.

The story of the past is being built again, with souls so different from one another, with hearts that try to mature on the spiritual path and carry forward the Divine Purpose.

A new opportunity that the Celestial Universe is granting to the men of the Earth is being built again, in spite of their serious errors and the assaults made upon Creation and the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Mercy granted by Christ to the Mother of God, at the foot of the Holy Cross, is poured out through this project of the Communities of Mary; happy will be those who live in them, empty of self and free from expectations; for they will allow the Gifts of God to descend and, in the souls, the true christic path will be built, which will take them to the formation of a New Humanity, far from errors and self-destruction.

Thus, the angels offer themselves to carry forward this design that flows out from My Immaculate Heart today and that is a spark of the Fire of the Love of My Heart, of the living Love of a Mother Who loves Her children unconditionally and Who never loses the hope that Her children will take their steps toward the Lord, knowing that there is still much to do on this planet and with this sick humanity.

On this afternoon, I come to confess My great aspiration to you and I leave for My children the ardent desire of a Mother Who will only try to establish peace in critical times.

May each flower from each Community of Mary express itself, and may that flower first open in the hearts of the simple who hear the Words of the Mother of God.

I leave you My Peace and My Blessing, knowing that My Plan must first mature in you so as to later be able to manifest on this planet.

Those who have not felt welcomed in the communities, come back, because it will be I, your Mother from Heaven and from Earth, Who will hold you in My arms so that you may dare to live the Plan of God and to fulfill His Designs, as it is written in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Let no one else feel offended nor rejected; let there be no indifference or omission but rather welcome and the joy of taking Christ to the heart of those who suffer and who seek peace.

The first attribute of the Community of Mary shall be: "love your brother as he is, and do not try to change him according to your wishes."

In this way, you will clearly understand what I am telling you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And finally, may the advent of the New Humanity be fulfilled.



Friday, April 13 of 2018

Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, transmitted to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the silence of the heart, may the Words of the Mother of God be heard, the Mother of Heaven who pronounces Herself to Her children to lead them along the path of good and of peace.

But while a great part of humanity submerges in the illusions of the world, I come to call those who hear Me, those who have been brave by My side, those who unconditionally follow My steps.

I come to talk to you with the Voice of My Heart and of My Soul. I come to pronounce My Message to the world at the request of the Heavenly Father.

You must be brave and keep going, you must continue to gestate in your spirits the second coming of Christ, because He still expects to live it together with you and with humanity.

But as long as your efforts are poor, lacking enthusiasm and dedication, poor will be the results for this great planetary moment. It will depend on you, My children, that everything may be fulfilled.

There is nothing else that Heaven can do but wait for the response from the creatures of God; but silently hear the prayers of those who have made a commitment with Christ for these times.

In truth I tell you, dear children, what is done is still not enough. The consciousness of equality must reign in you, because this will protect the Work from the enemy itself, because this will balance all of you under the powerful impulse of fraternity and good.

I dedicate this message for those who truly want to hear; for those who dare to cross the thresholds of indifference and human ignorance; for those who risk to transcend the times, living the transformation within themselves and making Our Words alive, one by one.

Children, the Universe needs from you a greater integration and not only good or passing moments.

It is necessary that the Plan of God incarnate in your cells and that you make It part of yourselves; because thus you will be able to represent Christ on Earth and be His true followers, be His true Church, be His true testimony.

He expects that all He did more than two thousand years ago has not been in vain and even though humanity still does not know all the mysteries of Christ, humanity will, someday, be aware of what the true Surrender of the Lord meant, in all planes of consciousness, in the essence of the spiritual plane.

I need, dear children, to take you from mediocrity, from what is lukewarm and insecure, this is why I must talk to you with a celestial transparency and an immediate clarity, free of confusions or points of view.

I need you to understand and comprehend what I tell you at this moment, the continuity of the Work is in your hands, because you have been called to live it and you yourselves have assumed it, without thinking what it would be or what it would mean; from there comes your responsibility and your commitment, from there comes the value of what this means for such a crucial time in humanity.

I do not mean to say that you will be the liberators of these times, because the Only One is Christ, Our Lord and King of the Universe.

You must be multiplied sparks of this Divine Plan of God, which, from time to time, comes to humanity to impel it to changes, to the redemption of its debts and to the forgiveness of its sins.

For this reason, the Graces that My Heart brings are inextinguishable, the Mercy that My Son brings is non transferable, nothing can change this; it will depend on you to take this step of total surrender, just as it corresponds to each one in this cycle.

Because God does not expect holiness from everyone, but rather consecration, the absolute experience of the commitment with My Beloved Son and with His Plan of Rescue.

Each thing that you can give to the Plan will be welcome; but not with what is excessive to you, but rather with what spontaneously comes from your heart, and is true.

The return of Christ will be a laborious task and the fulfillment of this Plan must come from you so that it may be manifested on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, you will lack nothing, because humanity in truth owes much to the Universe, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature that still keep suffering the consequences of these times.

It has been said that after the last Sacred Week with the Lord, the cycle would change; behold this cycle that has come and what your inner eyes need to see and your hearts need to feel, without fearing to know what this represents for the Creation.

For this reason, you must work immediate inner divestment, not wanting anything for you, but rather all for the others, sharing what one has and experiencing the love that the others live within.

And thus, the great current of Light will be transformed, the great current of Light will be renewed and your feet will walk free from the past and from errors, because you will be at the service of Christ, in plenitude and joy.

And, in spite of what may happen in this world, you will not give up, but you will take each test as a confirmation of your confidence in Christ, because neither will you fear or consider what you might lose.

Everything that was given to you must return to the Father someday and this day is near, this retribution is close, because now you are conscious and you are not within the world´s ignorance.

The Plan of God is a definitive consciousness that very few dare to cross with determination; but now the moment has come for all to cross this portal to the total experience of the Plan, making it a part of your lives and of your daily routine and not leaving it as something secondary or transitory.

The Plan will be fulfilled with the collaboration of all and I will not get tired of repeating it, dear children, because it is necessary for your other cells to awaken and for you to recognize the Truth that arises from God, through My Immaculate Heart.

In the name  of My Beloved Son, I come to reinforce His requests and His supplications.

The planet must still sustain itself, although it may seem that it will sink and that it will soon lose everything. But it is this force of consoling love and of the commitment of humankind that will make the planet sustain itself, with this indifferent humanity that only seeks God when it needs Him and that does not cross the door of repentance.

I want you, children, in the freedom of the heart and in the expression of the soul.

The final time approaches and it is time to assume your commitments so that Christ may be able to work in you, without limits and without obstacles, so that He can fulfill the promise of His return to humanity and, finally, everything may begin again, as it was thought in the beginning, in the origin of this race.

And in this absolute surrender, you will participate in the Communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and, thus, you will renew yourselves.

May My Words awaken you, may My impulses lead you to walk towards this objective of being heralds of the second coming of Christ, in truth, carrying it out with the time that we still have, so that the majority of humanity may be saved and may recognize its affiliation with God; and thus, evil may end in the hearts and in the world, and thus, peace, brotherhood and good may reign, as parts of the Project of this race and of the New Christs.

I thank you for listening to me while open in heart, living My Message and taking it into practice, exercising it every day through effort and dedication, without letting My Words dissipate from your consciousnesses, but rather, on the contrary, having them be fire and light in your spirits.

I give you Peace in the name of My Son and responding to His request.

There is still much to do and we wait for your response, as you have done in other times, always giving a little more of yourselves, without fearing to lose anything, but being part of the Universe of Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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