Wednesday, February 28 of 2018

Special Apparition

I come to bring My Mercy where there is no religious or social justice.

I come to bring something that human beings do not yet have, because of the little value they give to it.

But it does not matter what education they have, it is the heart that counts with God, because it is the one that will always perpetuate, will always bear witness to the Love of God among all the men and women of the Earth.

Place your gaze, dear children, on the heart, and there you will find God, rather than humankind. If God is in you, My Son will be in you and no one will be able to change that inner union.

Nobody will be able to say, My children, that God is not present in the hearts of humankind, that God is not alive in those who believe in Him above all things, beyond all events.

I come to teach you the way of love, because in the Love of God you will always find the way out; there will always be understanding and wisdom for comprehending the designs of God and above all, His highest Will.

Today I come to bring peace to those human beings who arouse uncontrollable anger.

Today I come to tame hearts, so that they may feel peace and know that everything is being fulfilled, beyond all understanding or any philosophy.

What God needs, dear children, is for humankind to learn to love and that it not forget the path of love, because whoever is not on the path of true love will not be on the path to Paradise, no matter how much they may profess the Name of My Son, no matter how much they may perform the Eucharist before the people of God.

Love is everything. It is the first science. In love you will understand life, as you will understand suffering.

Unite in love and not in the separation of your ideas or your thoughts. The Kingdom of God is for everyone, it has no religion or doctrine. The Universe of God is free and ample. And He comes to point out the children He has chosen to carry His Work of redemption forward at the end of these times.

I tell those human beings that are claimed to be wise, that they not tempt the wrath of God. That they live the Gift of the Fear of God; let them live the Gift of the Fear of God so as to not be separate from the Father and not separate the flocks of My Son from the Heart of God.

These are not times for divisions. It is the time of the great celestial unity. It will be that unity that will save the planet and humanity, especially the most miserable in spirit, which are not only found in life, but also in religions.

My Son comes to give an opportunity to all souls. His Mercy is not limited to humankind. His Mercy is universal and infinite.

I need, dear children, for you to open your hearts to the great divine understanding, not allowing yourselves to be involved in what humans say of this world, by what humans point out in their fellow humans.

Open the eyes of your heart and you will find the Truth, the Truth that rests within you, the Truth that is born of the heart, that accepts all things and understands all things; an unconditional and living heart, that is not afraid to embrace the unknown and say “yes” to the Universe every day.

I am sorry, dear children, for those who do not understand the Will of God and who claim to live it fully, but which is not true.

Seek a union between your hearts and you will be prepared to receive the second coming of Christ.

God has asked me to come and seek all the essences of the world and not only those who believe in My Son. Remember that My Son is the Lord of religions, because He is the Lord of Love. And if He is the Lord of Love, He is the Lord of Truth, of Divine Will, and of Justice, of the good He Himself would wish to profess for all the beings of the Earth.

So, dear children, do not get confused. Feel My message in your heart, more than the message of empty human beings, who are empty of love, of truth, of the true understanding that only is given by the Holy Spirit.

There will come a time, dear children, where all religions must appreciate and understand each other. Because if this does not happen, who will open the door to Christ so that He may return?

It is necessary to pray from the heart and soul, so that in these times the humans of the Earth not confuse you.

It is necessary to choose the Most Blessed Sacrament, so that the humans of the Earth do not confuse you.

It is necessary to live a life of service, so that the humans of the Earth do not confuse you.

In this way, your faith will be strengthened, which is a faith that has no investment in anyone, or in any person. It is a faith that belongs to God and intimately to your hearts.

Revive that faith with good examples and open your eyes to divine knowledge that comes from the Universe. Thus, you will take sure steps in redemption and will fully accept the call of God, without thinking what others may say.

Dear children, as Mother of God and Mother of My Son, I come to re-connect you with the path of love, because it is a path that is not being practiced by the humans of the Earth. Illusion, and all that is superfluous, separates humankind from that true path.

Live the Commandments and you will be in true spiritual freedom.

I come, dear children, to do good, to teach you the path of Love and of Truth, at the request of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. No one can take that away from you, the experience of your faith and of your devotion to the call of God in these times, outside of the Church of My Son.

See the importance of the awakening of hearts in these times and do not allow yourselves to be invaded by the comments of people. It is necessary to unite and become stronger. It is necessary to unite the strength of the heart with the strength of the heart of your sibling, to carry out the Plan of these times, in the face of a chaotic and difficult planetary reality.

On this night, may your hearts feel the truth of My Heart and not repent, nor abandon your consecration as children of My Immaculate Heart, because what I bring you, dear children, no one will give you, not even the highest hierarchy of the religions. Everything comes from the Heart of the Father, from His non-material and eternal Source. You must learn to nurture yourselves spiritually from that every day; not only from the Gospel, which is the basic path for your awakening and redemption.

Find meaning in your spiritual path, in what is higher and divine, and thus, you will be in the Father and the Father in you. Your hearts will feel no doubt or distrust, but rather will take a sure and firm step on the path of Love and the joy of serving God.

Remember that you must reintegrate your spiritual dignity again in the Father’s eyes.

Religions are the bridge for that, but it is not the final thing. There is something, dear children, that must begin with you, that must be born of your heart, in order to be in Christ and in His Divine Presence.

I come to evangelize with a New Word, a Word that humankind does not know, because the Word that I pronounce is a Word that comes from the Source of Love. It is a Word that is not wasted. It is a Word that serves and helps souls in their conversion.

When the times are more difficult and the rebellions of humankind are present, it is a sign, dear children, that it is the triumph of My Immaculate Heart and the defeat of the beast, which confuses hearts, despite their beliefs.

I come to bear testimony of what Christ gave you when He was present on this planet. I reintegrate this testimony of love again for you so that you do not forget, dear children, that the answer is to be found in love, in wisdom, and the way out of the great obstacles.

As I will not tire, dear children, of saying that I am here, although many publicly deny it, I come to consecrate new children to reaffirm that testimony of love, that testimony of the Infinite Love of God and of the Christ that, more and more, unites consciousnesses with the Essence of the Primordial Source.

That is why I will not stop giving blessings, no matter how much talk there is, no matter how much lying and not telling the truth.

Pray for those who do not understand, because they are very miserable and sick of spirit and do not know it, just as I pray for you to heal your spiritual illness. I invite you, dear children, to pray for the miserable of spirit and soul, because they do not know it, so that they may receive the Grace of someday realizing this and asking for true mercy from God, rather than uttering vain words.

Be merciful as I Am, and the planet will have more opportunities, more souls will be healed, and hearts will become reconciled with the living God.

Let those who today consecrate themselves come before the Fountain of God's Love, so that they may be witnesses of what I ask of them, so that they may defend their consecration and are not afraid of saying that they believe in My Presence, as a precious call from God for these times.

I would like to say to all the Children of Mary that they remember their commitment with Me, because I cannot waste anything, not even a minimum amount of the energy of Grace. All that I give you is because you need it, even if you do not understand it or do not know it; everything is a reason for a special Project in your lives, in your consciousnesses, and in your spirits. I give you something that no one can give you, that must be valued and respected, revered, and you must pray that the Gift that I give you may persist in the end of these times.

Listening to the hymn of your consecration, I come to bless you, dear children, so as to re-consecrate those who have already consecrated themselves as Children of Mary, to be witnesses of the Word of God and of the return of Christ, with nothing to fear, because the love that may be in your hearts is invincible.

The love that may be in your consciousnesses is indelible. No person or any being of this Earth can erase the Love of God. They will never win, because love is the one that overcomes; it is the Love of Christ that overcame death on the Cross and that comes to teach you that in love, everything is possible, until the end of days.

Beloved Father, have Your Fire descend upon simple and humble hearts. Have Your Divine Consciousness descend upon those who preach Your Word and who in the simplicity of their heart testify to Your Presence in the world.

Have Your Wisdom and Your Grace descend upon the hearts that must be converted to the Christic life of service and of love for fellow beings.

O Beloved Father!, listen to the voice of Your Faithful Servant, have Your Love descend upon the miserable, upon those who do not understand, and those who do not accept Your call, upon all those who cause the separation of Your people from Your Most Beloved and Intimate Heart.

O Dear Father!, forgive them, forgive them so that they may find a new opportunity, through Your Divine Compassion and Your Grace.

Forgive, Lord, those who offend their fellow beings. Forgive them, Lord, so that they may find the Light of Your Heart in the great Universe of Your Universal Love.

Today I bless and establish My Peace among humankind of the Earth, knowing that I will still be here, fulfilling Your Divine Will and Your Call, in union with all My Children, especially those who consecrate themselves, to be the example of Your Life in the Universe.

May the Lord bless you, redeem you, and consecrate you, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now sing, because you have been consecrated to the Mother of God.

I thank you for responding to My call, in trust.