Sunday, February 25 of 2018


Do not be afraid. I, Who am here, Am your Mother, the Mother of humanity and of all the peoples of the Earth.

I am the Mother and Lady of the Sacred Sword, the one who with the power of prayer struggles to remove evil on the surface of this planet.

I am the Mother of all the shields and with them I protect My children so that they may soon enter the Kingdom of God.

I am the Mother of the Sovereign Scepter of God and with It cause the Will of the Most High to descend to Earth, so that souls may live the Sacred Will of God.

I am the Mother of the Divine Crown of Light and with it I illuminate the paths of My children, I draw lost spirits to My Heart, I redeem fallen consciousnesses so that they reach redemption and peace.

I am the Immaculate Heart of Peace and through My Heart I bring the Mercy of God to the world, which in souls will reanimate their spiritual path and their inner transformation for these critical times.

With the sweetness of your hearts, today I can be here and bring more Graces to the world, not only for your lives, but also for the planet, which suffers in various parts of the world without anyone knowing.

I come here to bring you the design of God, which you had never known before, as well as His Sacred Will, which you must live in these times to please the Heart of God and to carry out His Project on this Earth; a Redeeming and Liberating Project that will put an end to human captivity and the spiritual loss of many souls.

The doors to the Mercy of My Son are still open, thus, today I bring in My Hands the Celestial Holy of Holies that contains the Sacred Eucharistic Body of Christ, so that it may be venerated in the world, much more than it has been venerated and worshiped until now; so that it may be considered the intermediary between God and humankind, as the last lifeline for those who want to save themselves, and thus enter paradise.

Through My Words, I come to bring you the loving example of the life of Christ, what He testified to for you while He was here, on Earth, close to this humanity and this people, which was being lost from the Purpose of God and that by His Presence and His Sacrifice, by His Painful Passion and by His Blood, was able to save the world in those times. Now that He ascended to the Heavens, you must fulfill your promise. First you have to testify to Christ in your hearts, so that He may be testified to by you to the world.

It is necessary, dear children, to live a correct and worthy life in the Lord, to have healthy and correct examples to experience a true spirituality.

It is necessary, dear children, to withdraw from what is superfluous, from all that pulls your attention away from the Heart of My Son, from true filiation with God and with His Kingdom.

It is necessary, dear children, to live a life of peacefulness, first within your families and loved ones, so that then this peace may be radiated to the world, to the hearts that are most in need of the Mercy of God.

Do not look for Jesus only in the Eucharist, but also in daily confession, in fasting, in prayer, and above all, in the service of the poorest of the poor, because if you do not serve them at this time, who will attend to them and help them get out of marginalization and suffering?

With this same Grace that I bring to your hearts today, I fervently wish, dear children, that Ecuador be a people of high service, that through service can retransmit its sacred roots of fraternity and love among peoples.

The first step for you, dear children, will be the school of prayer.

The second step will be the school of service.

The third step, dear children, will be your surrender and your consecration to God, so that many more souls may consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to My Immaculate Heart.

To be able today to say all these simple but true things, I must remove evil from the surface of this planet with the compelling and loving help of the Angels of God, under the Celestial Command of the Archangel Saint Michael.

Believe that the end of captivity is possible, dear children. Each one of you, to some degree, has experienced a spiritual or material captivity. As Mother of Mercy, as the Mother of Grace and Light, I come to put an end to these things, through your practice of daily prayer and your daily consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

I would like you to open the doors of your homes to establish new groups of prayer, because in the times that will come, dear children, the only refuge and salvation will be your homes, which must become true temples of prayer, so that God may be present in every moment and in the face of all events that will come unexpectedly into the world. You will close the doors of your houses, close the windows of your homes, you will light a candle for My Immaculate Heart, and you will stand in a circle in front of My Altar to pray and plead for this world, in the face of everything that will happen.

And you will go through the three days of darkness in this way, but you should not pay attention to what will happen in the world, but rather on what must be alive and resplendent within you, through prayer and communion with My Son, and thus you will be protected.

And then, you will call your guardian angels, even if you do not know its name. If it were a necessary grace, you will know what your guardian angel is called, and so you will invoke it so that it may be close to you, as it is until now, in unconditional and silent service, in order to protect your essences from the assaults of My enemy.

Thus, with your groups of prayer firm and established not only in Ecuador, but in the world, joining as nations in prayer, you will be part of My army on the Earth and will become members of the Light, of the Sacred Celestial Armies.

You will be part of the Divine Commands, even though you do not know how this works; but through your pleas and devotion to My Immaculate Heart, you will make this land a Promised Land, and even though the Earth may tremble, the abysses may open, and frightening things may appear on the surface of the Earth, although the moon may be the color of blood, and the sun does not illuminate you for three days, you will not perish.

Be brave, dear children, hold on to My Mantle, unite with My Rosary of Light, for I will protect you. That is My Sacred Task for the end times. This was the Sacred Request of Christ, at the foot of His Holy Cross, before He expired.

Do not fear because of what I tell you. It is time to open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, so that you may see beyond the material illusion.

Tell this to the priests and believe that everything I say is final and decisive. It is time to truly take up the life of prayer and not just pray once a week in the Sacred Church. Your prayer must be daily, in each movement, in each breath, in each new action, both in your work and in your family, while you clean, while you cook, and also as you fall sleep.

Offer each moment as a Sacred Prayer, because millions of souls in the world are being lost daily, especially those mothers who condemn the unborn with an abortion. Let them repent who have not repented. The Source of Divine Mercy is still open to all. I desire the good for all humanity, but I know that there is an unjust people worldwide, a people that wounds the Kingdoms of Nature in an uncontrollable way.

I would like you, dear children, to learn to take care of your house, which is this sacred planet; that you experienced a healthy education, under the principle of spirituality; that you read good things and not things that contaminate you all the time. Take care of your little children, they must be part of a New Humanity rather than part of a model of world perdition. Motivate your families to experience charity, because they will always be within the good and in peace. Imitate the example of the Holy Family of Nazareth, which is a nearby, rather than distant, example for everyone.

If you live all that I ask of you, you will be within the Kingdom of God, and My Words will not pass, but will remain in your hearts as little seeds of light that will protect you in the end of these times.

That is why I come here to Ecuador, with the sacred motive of consecrating new children who surrender to My Immaculate Heart.

Today I come here to give you this special blessing for all your people, for all your culture, for your original principles that were so positive and good, for your origins and for your roots, that must continue to penetrate into the depths of the human consciousness, so that the sacred spirit of devotion and reverence always be in you, as it has been until now.

The children of Mary can stand up where they are.

Water to bless.

And just as I consecrate those who today take the step and who will not disappoint me, today I also consecrate Ecuador so that it may maintain its inner filiation with Christ.

With the same water that baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, today I spiritually baptize the souls who consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart with the principal motive of establishing the good in the world and of removing evil on the Earth, so that unity may be established between hearts and peoples; so that like you, new consecrated souls can emerge that together with the Mother of God, may help to weave that Great Mantle of planetary protection, which today you wear on your bodies as an act of union and of reparation for all those things done that have wounded the Heart of the Father.

May Ecuador again receive this consecration and may the Purpose of God be established here.

And now, sing the hymn of your consecration so that many more may be consecrated.

Today, may this water that has been especially blessed by My Maternal Heart be a Source of Grace poured out, not only upon those who will be consecrated today, but on all who are present here; those who, one day, when they have been more strengthened in prayer and service, will consecrate themselves to My Heart. Remember that all of you are My children and that I love you as My children.

Today, dear children, I also bless these roses, which are the precious symbol of your inner prayer, of your true offering to the Sacred Mother of God, to the Lady of Guadalupe, to the Woman clothed in the Sun, Who in this time unites everything that is separate among you so that universal healing may be established in all those who need it.

I thank you for responding to My Call, and I lovingly wait for you on the next 28th so that My Work may expand even more in the world and more Graces may be poured out in Ecuador.

I thank you.



Tuesday, February 13 of 2018


I come here for a people that loves Me, that listens to Me, that invokes Me and pleads to Me.

I come here for this land to be able to heal it, so that a New Humanity can re-emerge from it.

I come here for the love of hearts that express themselves to God with simplicity and humility. That is what makes me come here, dear children, that you chose to arrive here within this work of pilgrimage and this purpose that God has given me as part of His sacred designs.

Today I come here, dear children, to place each of you in My Arms; so that you may feel the gentleness of My Love, the fire of My Heart, and the Light of My Spirit that comes to heal souls of the past, to heal the errors, to dissolve the sorrows and all the suffering that you may have experienced at some time.

Today I hear the voice of your prayers with complete enjoyment, in eternal joy, because today you are opening the door to your Heavenly Mother so that She not only may be here among you, but also with the whole country and with all of the Andes, which so need God's help.

I would like that after this day, dear children, your lives enter the path of ministry and of prayer, and that this first impulse that your souls will receive at your consecration be the reason for taking new steps in the concretization of the Plan of God on Earth, so that one day your souls may be the suns of the New Humanity.

Today a new path begins in your lives, dear children. Your paths are straightened so that at some point you may meet the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is the forerunner of all things. He is the Great Messenger of God Who sends His servant and disciple to deliver the Word of Life to you through His fount of Mercy and of Love.

I would like you to know, dear children, that today your steps are illuminated in love and in truth, so that many, many more souls, who in these times despair and live in darkness, can find the light, the light of their hearts.

I come to encourage you, dear children, to be charitable; to live a life of service for your fellow being, so that your nation and your people may receive a great universal atonement, and above all, the restoration of the consciousness of this nation. So that the new divine codes enter into your essences, in your hearts, and in your lives; and everything, everything, may be recreated just by taking your steps on the path of love, of prayer, and of service.

I invite you, dear children, to be a part of the Work of God; not only experiencing communion with Christ every day through the Holy Eucharist, not only through confession, prayer, or fasting, but also through your ardent surrender, in the same way that you surrendered today to My Immaculate Heart.

My wish is that all these spiritual impulses that I bring you today from heaven may remain alive in your lives for a long time, because in truth, dear children, you will need them to carry out the Plan of the Return of Christ to Earth.

Today I come to bring you, dear children, the new Wills of God; that is, the new designs that spring from His Merciful Heart for each one of His children, which today especially, He pours out with so much Love and so much Mercy through My Immaculate Heart, as a doorway to Redemption.

I know that the world and your lives need healing. I deeply know all the needs of My children, and especially those of My children of Peru; but if you fulfill My requests, and obediently follow My steps on the path of love and of service, I assure you, dear children, that not only will your lives transform and your bodies heal, but also, thousands more souls, that in this nation are still waiting to awaken, will receive the same Grace that your hearts receive today, and they will feel motivated, despite the end of times, to say 'yes' to the Plan of God.

You are a sacred people, and I could say, blessed in its origin. I remind you again, dear children, of the importance of recovering the values for the life of this humanity, so that the Sacred Gifts of God may permeate your consciousnesses, and beyond your lives, all your siblings who also have need of the Sacred Spirit of God to find the Path of Light.

Today I also wanted to thank you, dear children, because your people, despite their needs and tests, have welcomed those who emigrate to this country looking for an opportunity and a new hope, and above all, peace, which must also be instated in this people and in this nation. If you truly continue to pray from the heart every day, I will be able to fulfill the promise I have made to God, to awaken new suns here that may illuminate this humanity and these times of tribulation.

If you come together in groups of prayer, it will be more fluid, dear children; the Plan of God will be concretized, not only in this nation but also in the Americas, where a large part of this race also waits for its awakening.

In this time, I have been making a pilgrimage through the Americas to awaken the race to the designs of God, to the Sacred Will that is written in the Heart of the Father and that must become a reality in your hearts.

If you pray with Me during this time, dear children, you will allow Me to return to Peru a second time. I will fulfill My promises when I see your hearts kindled by the fire of prayer and of service, of charity and of goodness, so that in this Sacred Land, the principles of a New Humanity may be regenerated; a New Humanity that will begin within you so that it may finally emerge on this surface.

Today I come as the Sacred Sun of the Universe to light up your essences, so that you may remember your origin and your beginning, so that you remember the beginning of your existence and the first steps of your evolution. That will make you strong. Because prayer will make you strong, to be able to carry out My Requests, and finally be able to consecrate this people and this nation to My Immaculate Heart. Thus, I will be able to count on your hands and arms to carry forward the Work of Redemption in this part of humanity.

Be happy, dear children, because you are rediscovering the path toward God. Your perseverance and your faith have permitted this event and today a new history is rewritten for Peru, which begins to emerge in the inner universe of each being.

And now, My Words are the Breath of Spirit, a Flame that ignites the flame in your hearts so that you may vivify the Plan of God and carry it forward in these critical times, where Peace, fraternity, and the brotherhood between consciousnesses is pressing.

Today, I would like to do a special consecration before all your Sacred Suns; that inner Sun that must always shine, that must have the inner strength to overcome obstacles, tests, and darkness; that must be in the heights of the Universe to shine the Purpose of God through the conversion and redemption of your lives.

Those who will consecrate themselves here today come forward, so that your Heavenly Mother may bless you through the Divine Fire of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Water to bless.

"Lord of the Universe: Bless this element that you have Created as the purest emanation of Your Sacred Heart, so that it may bless the souls with the Breath and with the Fire of Your Spirit, with the true experience of Love in the hearts of the humankind of this planet.

May Your Light descend, as Codes of Light, as radiant stars that cause the Divine Purpose to be vivified in souls. Amen".

While you listen to the hymn of your consecration, may your hearts be lifted up to the heights to be blessed, welcomed, and received into the arms of the Creator Father.

Let your inner suns light up. May the living flame of devotion awaken and that the healing of your spirits be established as a portal for a New Humanity.

May this consecration represent the new time, the new unity, the eternal covenant between your souls and God, in which nothing will be separate.

Dear children, on this sacred night, on this blessed day in which God unites with your hearts and the Divine Son unites with your essences, your Celestial and Universal Mother gives you the aspect that unites all peoples, all the religions, and all the cultures. May your people and your country be protected and blessed today by the Sacred Mantle of the Lady of Guadalupe, so that the Purpose of God for this nation may be fulfilled. Amen.

Today I give you this image, so that as a pilgrim of your people, many more consciousnesses can experience this inner union with God through Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the original peoples and of all the cultures of this land.

May this image visit those who most need it and may it always be present at your moments of prayer, as a new group of prayer.

Today I leave here the testimony of My Light, of My Love, and of My Grace for each one of you. For this purpose, I consecrate Peru to My Immaculate Heart. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

I listen to the voices that rise up to God to establish this Divine Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I thank Peru, its people, and its culture for having responded to My Call.

I love you, and I thank you.

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