Saturday, February 24 of 2018

Vigil of Prayer

I come here, because here there is a people who love My Son, who has revered Him, who has honored Him, who has glorified Him in all this Universe and beyond this world.

Today I am here, dear children, to pour out My Peace and My Grace upon you, to make of your hearts strong hearts, preachers of the Word of My Son through the example of love and mercy, of the unwavering faith that your people has built throughout the ages.

I am also here today, dear children, for the first original peoples of this region; for these peoples so dear and loved by Me who, in ancient times, through their love and devotion to the Creation, have also been witness to the Divine Word of the Creator through their pleas and union with the Most High.

Today I come, as the Mother of the Universe and Mother of all cultures, to gather all the peoples from the beginning so that, as in Peru, your people also may recover the roots, the origins and the principles that have made it possible, during these current times, for your people to be a sacred people.

As the Mother of cultures and Mother of all peoples, dear children, I want you to protect your principles, those that were born with the Inca culture in the heights of these sacred mountains, where the Spirit of God was revered through His Presence in the elements.

I want you to forgive, as My Son has done, all those who did evil, all those who invaded your lands and your colonies causing not only your original people, but also your roots, disappear.

But remember, dear children, that a true civilization of God, a true sacred people, always holds its gifts and principles in its blood. There all the codes are kept, which can again awaken, making an inner contact with God and with the whole Universe.

Through your prayer and devotion to My Immaculate Heart, may these sacred attributes that your peoples of the beginning acquired awaken again in your hearts, not fearing nor doubting to live what you truly are as a culture and a people, because this will make you free and you will be as special for God as are many sacred peoples in the world who, in these definitive and critical times, are trying to survive current humanity.

May the sacred spirit that was once present in your Creation, the stars, the suns and the universes, be able to awaken again at this time. That will make of this place, just like Peru and Bolivia, a sacred land for the coming times.

Truly believe, dear children, that the social marginalization and poverty will end, not by the hand of those who govern, but by the powerful Hand of My Son who, from the firmament, will make the sign of the Cross to close the abysses, where a great many souls are lost and subjected every day upon this surface, within this material life, which only seeks the realization and awakening of human illusion.

Return to your sacred origins as a people and a culture, and you will awaken in yourselves the true inner sun, just as My children of Peru awakened it during these last few days. Thus, your Heavenly Mother, the Lady of all cultures and all peoples gradually spreads Her mantle throughout the Americas; not only as The Guadalupana, but also as the Sacred Mother who cares for and protects the sacred principles of Her children.

Just as when your Heavenly Mother was in the Holy Land, all of Her sacred people, the people of Her beginning, were protected by the Hand of God.

I come to teach you, dear children, to rescue the values of your spirituality and faith, which will one day make you free from these constant pressures imposed by other nations.

I want to awaken these sacred values again, not only in Peru but also in Ecuador, which will allow you to feel, in your heart, the cosmic Fire of God's Love that will renew all things; that will repopulate this Earth with true spirits of good, with sacred servants of love, who will struggle together with Me for the institution of the Kingdom of God upon Earth. In the same way that many more hearts in the world of today are united with you in this sacred mission, working for the same cause and for the same spirit.

Dear children, smile at life, smile at the Love of God, because the end of your captivity is near, just as will be the end of the captivity in Peru, and souls will be spiritually liberated. You will be able to feel renewing hope in your hearts, something that will lead you to fulfill the Plan of God and to experience great and unpredictable things, which are written in the Heart of God, and which in this new cycle, dear children, you will be able to experience through the mere work of your prayer, of your consecration to My Immaculate Heart and through the Reparative Communion with My Son.

Believe that this will be possible, because if I have come here to Ecuador, it is because God wishes it to be so, God feels it to be so and He will allow it to move forward through His faithful Servant, His Celestial Messenger, the Mother of humanity.

I know that you have many intentions for My Immaculate Heart, but what I need, My children, before you give them to Me, so that I may carry them into My Heart, is that you pray every day for them, so that God may make great miracles out of your intentions, within the time that God foresees, under the Spirit of His Sovereignty and His Wisdom. Because everything has a time for being carried out, for being moved forward.

Trust that everything has a time. Do not hasten the events, but definitely ask with fervor, with the fervor of your hearts, because in this way God will hear you through My Immaculate Heart.

When your sacred and inner suns awaken, the Earth will be able to be illuminated by a redeeming, pure and immaculate Spirit, which will go through your hearts and will come directly from My Beloved Son, to call the last unredeemed, those who will form the last lines of His army of Light and prayer knowing that, in these difficult times, prayer will be essential in your lives. It will be that great shield that will draw you away from evil, that will separate you from the abysses and illusions that My adversary continues to generate, clouding the eyes and leaving the hearts distracted, without the Light of God.

But I come to make of your lives and Ecuador a gift for God. God has allowed the Holy Father to come here to bless you and, through His humility, to impart the spirit of renewing Mercy; Mercy that will finally free the hearts that, in the simplicity of their hearts, will just say ´yes´ to the call of God, which today is pronounced by your Heavenly Mother.

Tomorrow we will pray the Rosary for Peace and will contemplate the Sacred Mysteries that the Holy Family and especially My Beloved Son experienced, which is the true testimony of your redemption.

I would like you to pray the Rosary with your heart tomorrow. May each one of your hearts be the one to pronounce the words, so that an infinite light may awaken within you, which will convert impossible and difficult things within you and around you.

And in this way, the Angel of the Justice of God, Saint Michael, will bury His sword and will ennoble your lives, as members of His celestial army, spiritually united with His Divine Militia for these times, when the fundamental battle will be experienced through the prayer of the heart.

My Son sends you a message, through His Mother, your Mother.

He says that He has chosen Ecuador for the next meeting of Mercy so that here, in this country, not only may souls be redeemed, but also may they awaken to the sacred Treasures of God, which many do not see nor know that they are kept in these sacred mountains, as the legacy of the Universe of the Creation. A legacy that will make of this humanity a new humanity, under the guidance of your Savior.

Prepare your hearts for this moment and call the souls that most need the Mercy of Our Lord so that, when He comes to visit you and bless you, He may transform all things and bring you to His Heart, to His Heart of Love.

Today I am so grateful for this simple but beautiful altar, which magnifies God rather than My Heart, because everything belongs to the Lord, everything is part of His Work; of the Work of His Infinite Mercy. Always keep this in mind because, in this way, you will be in God and He will be in you, forever.

Before saying goodbye and withdrawing into the heights of these mountains, I would like to take with me, as an offering to God, the Hail Mary that at this moment you are offering so that, through this melody and this song, many more souls will receive the Grace of God that they need for awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call, for having come to meet Me; because, in truth, you have come to meet God, the God who is present in all things and in all those who open their hearts to Him.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.



Monday, February 12 of 2018

Vigil of Prayer

Today I come to liberate an oppressed land so that it may reach the light of the Kingdom of God.

I have come here for these peoples, that I love and appreciate so much because of their perseverance in achieving peace; from Colombia to Chile, the sacred peoples of the Andes have not been able to teach the world more things because they disappeared through the actions of the white man.

But I am the Lady of all nations, the Mother of all peoples, and I come to amend the errors, to dissolve the suffering and to bring the Love of the Heart of God.

I have chosen to first come to Lima, because here there is a people in great need of God. A people that has delivered a plea to the Heart of the Firstborn Son, who has heard it. This is why I am here with happiness and the joy of meeting you, and of meeting some of you again in this life, to carry forward the mission of God, which no longer has a nation, language or border but rather union and brotherhood among the hearts that will be part of this New Eden, as the Americas once were.

I am here, dear children, to bring you universal healing, something very unknown to the world and to science.

Through the Light of My Hands, I come to bring you healing of the spirit and soul so that the suffering of your past may be erased and so that the new doorways to reconciliation may be established among nations and peoples so as to welcome into your hearts the call of God, that One Who comes for the last time to announce Himself, to bring to the world the Wisdom and the Mercy of God, through the message that tries in these times to permeate souls so that they may enter the path of salvation and redemption.

I come to give testimony to your hearts so that it is possible to experience relief and inner healing, so that they may resurface from within the Source where all is recreated and regenerated, where you can be permeated by the Love and Compassion of God, Who will help you and motivate you to take new steps towards a consecrated life, towards the life of the Spirit, towards the life of the Plan of God.

Today I come for the sake of the original peoples, but also for the peoples of today, who are the remnants of the first peoples, who are the ones in need of the greatest relief from God in order to face these times that will arrive at the doors of all lives.

Now trust, dear children, that you will be able to repopulate the New Earth through your conversion and redemption, through the acceptance of God's call, so that it may be edified in you and manifest in this planetary life, which also needs it.

Today I bring the flag of Peru as a mantle, which represents the expression of your culture and origins, those sacred teachings that were lived in the Andes by the first peoples, before the conquest. Teachings that were also kept in the Ark of the Covenant of God, where cultures left to the world that which white men did not understand and never understood, out of ignorance, lack of wisdom and even out of fear.

But just as I came to Mexico as the Lady of Guadalupe to unite that which was separate among humankind, cultures and peoples, today I come as the Lady and Mother of all Peoples, as the Sacred Woman who brings the Dawn of the New Aurora, so that hearts may spring forth in their awakening and inner healing.

May each of My Words be fulfilled in your lives. May each Word that I pronounce be a decree for the concretization of the Plan of God.

Live, dear children, in My Heart of hope, because your captivity will end; as well as the captivity that is spiritual and defeats souls without leaving them any strength to live the life of the spirit and get out of this illusion of material life.

I need, dear children, for you to re-educate your families in the basic principles of life so that your people may regenerate and acquire new values that will allow them to manifest the new consciousness and the New Earth, with you as participants in a new humanity that also must occur throughout all the Andes, in all these nations that embrace the sacred mountains, which are part of the sacred treasures of God, kept within them like the incandescent flame that illuminates everything and re-consecrates everything.

Recover the values of your ancient peoples. Do not be afraid to show the value of your culture and origins, because that too is a part of the Work of God.

Dear children, do not let yourselves be influenced by the modernities of these times, by everything that comes from outside this nation and is not part of the essence of your spirit and divinity.

I need you to continue consecrating yourselves to My Immaculate Heart through the act of your faith, love and constancy, through communion with Jesus, My Beloved Son.

In these recent times, the Holy Father visited you to give you the message that your people can experience the new times, completing your fulfillment with the heights and with all the values that you acquired in times past, as a people of wisdom, as a people that loves nature, creation, life, the elements.

This is why the Holy Father comes so often to the Americas, because it is not only part of that new humanity that He is building, little by little, but also because your people and the other peoples of the Americas must recover that which they lost with the advance of humans with the science they believe they have achieved, without having the Wisdom of God.

Be like the Sacred Condor of the mountains, which is always in high flight to revere God and to give the cry of hope in the subtle worlds, where the spirit of who offers themselves to God in love and truth is to be found.

May your sacred roots come to life again.

May your sacred codes be reintegrated today in your hearts and essences so that the fire of this new humanity may arise, a fire full of hope, joy, brotherhood and love.

I have come to Peru because it also must have this opportunity, this inexplicable grace that My Maternal Heart comes to grant to the nations of the world, especially the Americas.

The world must know that here there are values that are not lost, but rather beautifully kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant of God. And I, as the doorkeeper of this sacred symbol of the celestial Universes, come to announce to you, dear children, that it is possible to again find that which you have already lost through the influences of these times.

May your holy Guardian Angels guide you upon this path to find the values of the sacred life in this land and the spiritual values that, in its original peoples, led them into being in contact with the Universe.

I am the Mother of the Races and of all ethnic groups, I Am the Lady of all peoples, Who comes to unite consciousnesses and nations in the essence of love, an essence of love that will allow them to understand and accept one another, in spite of differences or traits. But in truth, dear children, all are a part of  the  same people, of the same civilization and of the same project thought of by the One in His Creator Source of Manifestation and Light.

On this night of Vigil, dear children, we not only pray for Peru; Your Mother prays together with you for your people, but we also pray for the Americas so that from here the Sun of a New Humanity may arise, invaded by the Spirit of the Father and by the Light of His Redemptive Grace.

I thank you for being here today with Me in the simplicity of the heart, in the humility of your essences, because this, dear children, allows Me to also reach the world.

From here, in Peru, your Heavenly Mother can also help Venezuela, which is within My beads of the Rosary, so that someday I may return to put an end to captivity, together with the Archangel Michael. But everything has its time. Trust. Everything has its time. Everything is marked in God's time. Everything will be resolved when hearts simply accept the call.

In unity with the Father, I bless you and I bless this nation as Mother of the Church, as Mother of Hope and Reconciliation, as Mother of the Sacred Awakening, of the Sacred Inner Light of the original peoples, of those who once upon a time knew how to unconditionally love the Kingdoms and the Creation. This will also help, dear children, alleviate the suffering of sinners, of those who continue to commit mistakes and offenses to the Heart of God through transgression to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Someday humanity will know who they have at their side and that the Kingdoms created by the Father also have a purpose upon this planet.

I also thank all those who pray for the Kingdoms of Nature on a weekly basis. This is helping the essence of the Kingdoms so that they may have a sacred opportunity in new dwelling places, in the dwelling places of God in the Universe.

Each prayer bead prayed for the Kingdoms is a knot that is untied in the suffering of a kindred Kingdom, be it mineral, plant, animal or devic.

Remember that each bead that you add for the Kingdoms weekly is a great knot of suffering that is untied, alleviated and healed.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call.

I thank you today for being here in union and trust. Amen.


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