Saturday, January 13 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, transmitted to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children of the world,

Give your heart to God and repent soon, because there is little time left.

Surrender to the Love of God and you will be safe.

Do not let the darkness submerge you. Open your hearts and you will find the Light that comes from Infinity.

Dear children, dear children of the world, offer penance, reparation and much prayer, so that more souls are helped, are removed from error and may awaken to the Love of My Son, to the path of the apostolate and of redemption.

Dear children, what I offer to you, through the Marian Centers, is the most that I can give you, all that the Father has allowed me. Fill these Marian Centers with people in need of love; of souls thirsting for prayer, and a big part of the world will be able to change.

Diffuse My Marian Centers throughout the world; there is still little attendance, and there is a big need for prayer in this world.

I count on My faithful collaborators, with My celestial armies, who have committed themselves with Me since their consecration, so that the souls reach the Marian Centers and receive all the Graces like you did.

Dear children, God has written a destiny for this humanity, a destiny far from suffering and pain; this is why it is important, My beloved children, that within the Marian Centers there exists life, joy and devotion to serve God.

I need, dear children, that you can be more creative, that you summon the flocks of God that are scattered souls throughout the world, those who do not know the Love of My Immaculate Heart, nor the great Love of God.

Be pilgrims of My Marian Centers so that many more may also be. Bring souls to the Marian Centers by all possible means.

My Marian Centers are consecrated to the wounded world, to a sick humanity which, by means of my Marian Centers, may come to healing, forgiveness and redemption.

In My Marian Centers I have left the treasures of Heaven, the greatest gifts of the Universe, which are still unknown to souls, because they are intangible and come from the Spirit of God, from the Purpose of His nonmaterial Source

Dear children, My Marian Centers are for all nations of the world, as well as the Marian Sanctuaries in the world.

I want you to be the voice and echo of My Message. I want you to be the voice and echo of the Marian Centers of Love, that they are filled with souls in need of the Love of the Father and the Mercy of the Redeemer.

For this to be possible, My children, you must think big and not small; you must take on great challenges in this final time, because as long as you do not assume them or take them forward, many more souls are lost in the world of the abyss and are taken to the great illusion of this humanity.

Dear children, in the Marian Centers are the gifts that souls need for this time, the keys that they need to find to open new doors toward redemption and forgiveness.

For example, My children, this Marian Center of Aurora has a purpose with the healing of humanity. I need the brothers and sisters who arrive here, to be here all the time, I need all of My children of this nation and of this region, who correspond to this Marian Center; may you open your minds and hearts more to welcome the most needy.

You, dear children, are the diffusers of the Marian Centers of Love; as long as this diffusion is not carried forward, many Graces that come from Heaven are stopped, they can not descend and are restricted from many souls.

I need, dear children, that you assume this commitment with Me, helping to manifest your true task in the Marian Centers. In each one of them I have left a special gift from God, a gift that you must discover for your work, for your dedication, for your harmony with each one of them. When that happens, the souls will live the great changes that they need and will no longer feel alone nor lost, because they will be with God and in God.

 I come to give you this gift and this treasure of the Marian Centers, because it is the mission of the children of Mary, of all the prayer groups, to make the Marian Centers alive so that they do not quickly die out. It is your commitment and also your obligation as My children, to come to the Marian Centers at least bi-weekly. Because while the Graces continue to descend, your hearts must be receptacles for them, your lives must be mediators so that those Graces that come from the Universe are retransmitted to the souls.

If in the Marian Centers there are not souls physically walking and praying, the Graces can not reach the suffering humanity and even less reach those hearts that suffer from horror, illness and perdition.

May your hearts, your lips and may your hands be diffusers of the Marian Centers of Love; so you will help your Celestial Mother, so that the Work of Redemption and Mercy carried out by My Beloved Son not only remains in the Marian Centers, but also thoughout the whole world, which must perceive and know, through My Message, that I I am here, present among you and summoning humanity so that it will experience its preparation during the end of this time.

My armies of Light must grow, it will start from the Marian Centers and from the true commitment of all the children of Mary.

The consecration does not end in you. The consecration leads you to live a commitment to the Plan of God and so you will be fulfilling His Will, as well as all the Angels of the Universe.

Dear children, since this birth of Aurora, since the rebirth of your superior Fire, from its healing flame, we are entering the last time of the awakening of humanity, and this cycle will at some point close. It will be up to you, beloved children, that this awakening which must arise from the Marian Centers of Love can reach all souls possible, all hearts in need, in all possible languages.

First, dear children, you must expand your consciousness, your heart, in order to embrace the Work in a planetary way; so that more doors to conversion and redemption can be opened in other nations of the world.

Here, with all My Motherly Love, in Aurora as in other Marian Centers, I have created the bases for this new stage. It is time for My soldiers of prayer and peace to accompany their Celestial Mother in this new challenge.

Today I come to leave this message, beloved children, because there is still so much to be done, there is still so much to reciprocate, there is still so much responsibility to undertake, for each one of you.

With this message of preparation, beloved children, today I come to consecrate new children of Mary, who will represent many more, many more who will be consecrated in the future to the Love of My Immaculate Heart and to the sacred task of living and assuming the Marian Centers; so that these may one day become the true Mirrors of God, which must reflect to the world the last time of Mercy, of Reconciliation and of the Healing for Souls.

The Marian Centers must be the dwelling place of the simple ones, of the seekers of the Love of God and of all the lost who do not find meaning in their lives, nor in their ways.

I truly wish, dear children, that the same spiritual impulse that your souls received from the day of your consecration as children of Mary could echo and expand into more souls of the world that cry out for My Heart and My Intercession.

In this way, responding to the pleas of My children of all nations and of the different races of the planet, I come to deliver this Mission in response to the plea of ​​My children of the world, so My armies of Light, so the children of Mary let the special mission of the Marian Centers flourish and go meet the souls of the world, carrying My Message of Love, My Message of hope and peace for all creatures.

For that to be possible, beloved children, you must offer yourselves to the Redeemer, as His apostles willing to go to meet the souls of the world; not only in the way of service, prayer or communion, but also, My children, to meet the nations of the world that should receive the spiritual help they so much hope for and that they need to have a new opportunity in this path of love and redemption, that I offer you.

It will be in this way, beloved children, that the Marian Centers will be able to expand in the world and will not be restricted to the region where they are located, but will have their doors open to receive all the pilgrims of the world. I hope that it will happen one day; I do not ask you to convince them or convert them, but to receive them with love, to teach them to live prayer and to know that there is a way out of all the chaos of this world, a path that leads them to My Immaculate Heart and from My Immaculate Heart to the Kingdom of God.

Unite as groups and servants to take on this Mission for the Marian Centers, and help the Marian Centers to manifest the requests of the Divine Messengers and for this be fulfilled so that more spiritual energies and universal principles descend through them.

For this, My children, it will also be necessary to help in the concretion of all the necessary manifestations that the Marian Centers must have, to help face the end of this time and the final cycle that humanity will live in a short time.

 The Marian Centers must be spiritual islands of salvation, so that the most lonely and lost hearts find relief, peace and hope.

If I ask you this today, I, who am your Mother, it is because it is possible to concretize it; there is potential in your hearts, you should only take the first step, so that the Father's Universe can make everything happen.

The Marian Centers will be the reference for when We are no longer here. You know, beloved children, that there is a time to be among you, and there is not much of that time left. After ten years of Graces, your hearts are ready to take on the task of the Marian Centers, which the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph today entrust to all.

Here you will find us spiritually because Our Hearts will always be in the Marian Centers to bring relief to souls, cure and redemption to hearts.

Today I am carrying out this consecration of new children of Mary in a special way, as if it were the first time here, in Aurora, I consecrated the first children of Mary, who are now part of My Work, who have been strengthened in faith and in prayer, and now pilgrimage with Me unconditionally and are dedicated to living the Will of God.

Renewing this Principle of Consecration that was experienced here, many years ago, today I come to renew that vow of consecration, so that those who come to consecrate themselves in the future can live the same impulse to awaken and commit with God in order to establish upon Earth the thousand years of peace.

May those who today will be consecrated come here. 

Today we will prepare the hymn of your consecration as if it were the first time that souls receive a great impulse, to be able to take a great step, as many children of Mary did in these last years when they said “yes” to God's Plan.

I would like to listen to the introductory instrumental music of that hymn to be able to bless those who will consecrate themselves today to their Celestial Mother.

I will pray for these children who are consecrated today in the name of all those who have already consecrated themselves, so that they can revive their commitment, confirm their vows and carry out this special mission that today I entrust to them in the manifestation of the Marian Centers and in the diffusion of them, as spiritual islands of salvation.

Let us place our left hand on our hearts and join My Immaculate Heart. In this sacred offering that we will make together today for our Celestial Father.

Most High Lord of the Universe, who hears the prayers of Your Servant!

Most High Father Creator, Source of Love and Unity for everything that exists!

Most High Adonai, Venerable Emanuel, Blessed Abba!

Listen to the prayer of Your Servant at this time, so that the hearts of the world, that will one day consecrate to Me, may spread Your Virtues and descend all Your Graces in order that relief for suffering, the cure for  sickness, healing for the souls and redemption for the hearts  is established. 

May all the Love that comes from You today be poured out upon these consecrated children so that, like many others,  they may be renewed in Your Divine Purpose and in Your Infinite Call.

May the Armies of Light multiply today so that more souls in this world may hold the banner of peace, which will indicate the return of Christ.

Dear Lord, grant Grace to these spirits who prostrate themselves before Your Servant to receive Your reparative Love, Your eternal Mercy.

Today I renew, in their name, the consecration of all the children of Mary, so that in these times that come, My Celestial Mantle of Light and Peace will expand thoughout all nations of the world, because My most ardent desire, Beloved Father, is that there are children of Mary in all the nations of the world.

And until that is fulfilled, I ask you Lord, to be here, near My children, for them to be able to accompany you in this great aspiration. Amen.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

And now that the Father hears the voice of His most simple and persevering children, let us sing this hymn of consecration so that more inner nucleus, more souls in this humanity, awaken to their consecration in preparation for the return of Christ.

I thank you, in spite of everything, for answering to My call and I thank all those who are here today and those who will be one day. Amen.



Thursday, January 25 of 2018


I am the Confederate Mother and Missionary. I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three. 

Today I come to your encounter to announce to this people My most special request: that one day the Will of God may be fulfilled in all of this nation and in all those who represent it in the world, who someday I hope will be ambassadors of peace.

Uruguay has an important mission that it cannot omit and it is the responsibility of all My children, especially the leaders of this nation, that this purpose be fulfilled.

As We know, My children, this purpose has been altered by the hand of humankind. But I will not rest, because little by little and silently, your Heavenly Mother and Lady of the Thirty-Three will consecrate this nation to Her spiritual and divine purpose.

The Southern Cone was chosen for a great mission, and a great part of it corresponds to Uruguay. It is not by chance, dear children, that Aurora is kept here and from here it reveals its mysteries.

I need you to understand, My children, how important this Purpose is for God in this time. This is why I am your Confederate Mother and Missionary, because in Uruguay confraternity must be achieved, and this confraternity will free you from all the errors committed and all the debts caused in this country and in this people.

I come here to bring you a renewing message, a new Principle that must be gestated in the human consciousness of Uruguayans. This will allow you to deeply understand the Will of God. And as your steps are taken towards the Purpose, the country will be more aware of what it must heal, of what it must redeem, where it must do penance, and above all, what it has to mend before Our Creator.

Since the purpose of Uruguay was altered, there is still time, dear children, through your consecration to the Lady of the Thirty-Three; there is a definitive opportunity that may lead all your people to a great awakening and a great redemption.

I wish, as the Lady of this people, to remove it from its deep slumber, from its profound illusion and indifference. Truly I tell you, dear children, it will depend on the efforts of a very few for the great mission to be fulfilled in this country.

Do not cease to gestate in this people the groups of prayer, the true groups of prayer that your Heavenly Mother needs for this time. May your commitment not be lukewarm, but real, determined and firm, so that I may entrust you with new designs, which the Father has dictated to My Heart. This will turn Uruguay into a country which is truthful and aware of its responsibilities and commitments, above all, seeking spiritual equality and understanding among the religions.

When I say that the groups of prayer must be true, it is because the commitment must be firmer and truer rather than casual. This will make Uruguay a true Mirror of Light, which can reflect what God highly hopes to pour over this country.

This very Principle of which I am speaking to you today, dear children, is the same design and the same Purpose for other nations of the world, that also must redeem their errors and open the doors to Sacred Divine Knowledge, which will not come from the mind of humankind, but rather from pure hearts, that through prayer and through communion with Christ, will receive from Heaven the impulses of Light that will make this land free, finally free.

I want to remove the permanent spiritual slavery from the consciousness of Uruguayans, a state of consciousness in which it finds itself, that is almost imperceptible, that hypnotizes it, that makes it inert and that does not allow it to take real steps towards the Light.

Until the Aurora of My Heart is recognized, the people will remain in their errors and their transmutation will happen through the sacrifice of a very few.

What I need, My children, is that through the opening of new groups of prayer in Uruguay, a new consciousness may be gestated in the hearts of My children, so that more consciousnesses in this country may definitely recognize the Will of God, and turn this people back into the true people that it was in its origins, from the indigenous consciousness to the first settlers, who lived the Will of God and the dedication to the Lady of the Thirty-Three.

If I was the Patroness who made your people independent, what could I do now, dear children, if the hearts of the Uruguayans would welcome me into their homes and into their families and would live with devotion and with great faith the consecration to the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Holy Face that will lead them to understand My Presence in Aurora?

There are many missionaries here who are asleep. This is why I am the Confederate Missionary who comes to awaken those who are in slumber, those who have not yet found the path of Light and  Truth.

God has given this Face of the Lady of the Thirty-Three to this people because of its great and important mission for the end of these times; just as the Father has also revealed other Faces of My Heart to other peoples, which are what they need to live their spiritual mission as nations and as peoples. Truly I tell you, everything has a spiritual meaning.

The Lady of the Thirty-Three wants to see fulfilled the promises that I dictated to you a few years ago, and also that you fulfill the requests that I dictated to you some time ago. I am still waiting for this.

When these requests are met, with all the effort of the heart and of life, Uruguay will have new opportunities for waking up to everything it has done, to the acts committed that have interfered in the evolution of this part of humanity.

Until this happens, the sleep will still be very deep and it will be difficult for this people to wake up from its inertia. Therefore, among the few that I have called, I will perform great works, just as Jesus called the apostles to make His Gospel known to the whole world, with very few.

I need, dear children, for you not to worry about everything I tell you today. I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three and if I am here today, it is for a mission and an aim.

Live the times of maturing as God needs you to and you will be able to definitively step aside from tepidness. Your hearts will be firm and you will be able to go through the doors that the Lady of the Thirty-Three will open, as a last resort for Uruguay.

Thus, My Work will be strengthened in the whole world before it is so in Uruguay. Because in truth I tell you, dear children, that a large part of the Uruguayans will realize too late all that they have lost.

I need you to be My ambassadors of peace in every corner of this country and to unite under one purpose, in one same attunement, making the necessary efforts to have My Immaculate Heart triumph in Uruguay.

I still hope to continue to be the Patroness of your country because I do not expect, dear children, even though many may think so, to be replaced by other idols that the country itself has conceived as real, as part of its unreal freedom.

I look at this country with Eyes of Mercy, because God has sent me from the Universe to descend onto these lands, in this distant place, where apparently nothing happens and no one hears My Voice. But in reality, it is the exact opposite. The Lady of the Thirty-Three, Confederate Lady and Mother, works silently so that the hearts of this country may be raptured by the Love of My Heart, by the Grace of My Spirit, by the Holiness of My Soul.

Uruguay must be rebuilt many times until the consciousnesses define their path.

Nobody will be free from the Universal Judgment. We know that this time is coming and that the hour is approaching. Do prayer and penance for those who do not do so in Uruguay, for those who transgress life with abortions and do not know what they are doing, how much they are wounding Creation with this attitude and human perversion. 

Pray and do penance for those who have accepted the idols of this world and those who weaken the souls and cause the hearts to lose the path of Light. 

But, at the end of everything, My Immaculate Heart will triumph and those who cannot be in the New Earth will be somewhere else, living from the beginning all these codes that I pour onto them, meeting after meeting. Those souls must learn to be worthy of the Mercy of God. But I will not rest. Your Confederate Mother and Missionary will go till the end, in order to save the largest amount of souls from Uruguay, before everything is submerged.

But if in truth a radical change exists, accepting the Will of God and living true repentance, the majority will not suffer the consequences of their actions. And thus, My Immaculate Heart will intercede, as It interceded once in Fatima for all of Europe, so that it could achieve an inexplicable time of peace, even though they did not deserve it.

When I am no longer here among you, My children, you must have all these things present and clear, so that My Words are not carried away by the wind, but rather sown in your hearts as codes of life, showing to God true actions meant to rebuild your people and your nation.

Do not be afraid to tell the world that I am here. Imitate the saints on this path of apostleship and of evangelization.

I too am praying, My children, for the bishops and the priests of your people so that one day they too may reach repentance and become aware that I have not come here in vain.

To bear witness of this Work of Mercy to the world, today I will consecrate new Children of Mary, who represent many more nations in the world and who will also be precursors of the Work of the Mercy of God, through their faithfulness, their prayer and their faith.

Let them come here.

While the instruments play the melody of their consecration, their Heavenly Mother will bless them tonight. And blessing all of you, I will also bless this people so that it may live the archetype of God, the Divine Purpose, which one day must be experienced in the hearts of all Uruguayans.

Today, the Mother and Lady of this nation, the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Confederate Mother and Missionary, blesses your spirits and the spirits of all your brothers and sisters, so that you reach the Purpose of God in a true and simple way, living out actions of charity and of mercy towards the world, acts of reconciliation and peace among all beings of the Earth.

Today, your Guardian Angels celebrate this moment. Your Guardian Angels receive into their hands your sacred and true names, so that your spiritual mission, My children, may be concretized and carried out within this confraternity that My Heart gestates among all the missionaries of the world.

May the spirit of the Brotherhood permeate you, fill you and bring the symbol of Unity to your hearts, so that reconciliation may be established in your inner worlds, faults may be forgiven, wounds may be healed and the Star of the Brotherhood may light up in your hearts, the Star that will repopulate the Earth with beings of goodness and of light, living in union with the whole Universe.

I bless you and consecrate you as children and servants of My Immaculate Heart. May this step that your lives are taking today be the impulse to take many more steps in this walk towards Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call.

I rise up to Heaven pleading for Uruguay, that it may awaken to the truth.

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