Tuesday, September 12 of 2017

Vigil of Prayer
Apparition of the Virgin Mary at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come to this world for those who do not deserve My Grace.

Today, may those who are tired come to My feet. May those who can no longer bear their miseries come to My feet; those who have not yet found the way out to experience their sacred transformation.

I cannot have near Me those who do not experience gratitude, consideration for their neighbor, nor a perfect union with the magnificent Work of God.

God asks you for simple things, but also very significant.

While the world is in agony, I come for those who really live in despair, experience the terror of these times, persecution, exile, hunger, illness and the catastrophes of the world.

I come tonight, for the United States. I come for my brave hearts of North America; for those who have had faith in My Grace and for those who persevered in prayer of the heart, in spite of what this nation was experiencing in these times.

I again wish, dear children, with your help and collaboration, to return to the United States, to again bring to My Immaculate Heart all those who have need Me, those who follow My steps and who in these times experience their unknown purification, without knowing how to step out of themselves and sometimes without finding the path of light, which can take them into the healing of their wounds, of their errors, of all their misunderstandings.

Today, I come for the regions of the world that experience the planetary turmoil, the world disorder, and the lack of fraternity and charity among human beings.

Today, My children, I come in truth for those most in need. You here have received many graces, more than you deserved. I am being sincere and fair, just as My Father and your God has requested. I have to be true, dear children, honest with all of you, so that you may grow from the love of your hearts, through an act of bravery and of courage, of releasing your resistances and forms, for all those children in the world who have no peace, who cannot find serenity, who have no home, not even a country where they can place their feet.

I invite you, dear children, with the maternal honesty of My Heart, to finally come out of yourselves, thereby greatly helping to free My Heart, and I will have a place and space to be able to endure the true planetary suffering, rather than your small and insignificant sufferings.

I invite you, dear children, to open the eyes of your soul, to look at the horizon and see around you the abysses that the planet and its humanity experience. I have invited you throughout time to accompany me in a planetary work rather than in a domestic work, so that your consciousnesses may expand through this Work and reach great spheres of consciousness, so that you may be able to understand a little more, every day, of the sacred Plan of the Creator.

Today, souls that cannot take their steps distress Me, because in truth they can take them, by means of this Sacred Center and this group and communal life. All the keys to all the doors exist for being able to transcend the human condition. 

During a full year, My beloved Son gave you the experience of Saint Joseph. And this beloved instructor of souls gave completely of Himself to you so that you could be like Him in the simple and humble example of His consciousness, and especially by means of His messages, so that your lives could be the testimony of Saint Joseph.

Where are these teachings? What repercussion have they had in your lives?

Do not lose the keys of Heaven. Do not waste the treasures of Heaven, because in the Universe nothing is wasted, everything is transformed until it reaches the true Light, conversion and redemption.

I no longer come to call the usual children. You are already adults in My Maternal Presence.

Do not use up your time in unnecessary things that may crystallize your spirits and all your consciousnesses, for the simple fact of not wanting to take the step.

Just as we thank you for everything that you have made possible for Our Sacred Hearts, for this mission of peace in the world, we must also correct you, although there may be greater resistance, because we want, we aspire and we beg Our Creator Father that you always continue on the same path, without deviating from the paths of Christ for such petty things.

The world is suffering and needs help. Souls are experiencing chaos, floods, catastrophes, the lack of hope and of faith, as the United States has experienced.

I will go to those children who do not yet accept Me, because they do not truly know love. I will go to those children who are in the United States waiting for Me with open hearts and an unknown hope, those who have opened the door so that I may return, until I conquer each sinning heart and have them change through the Love of My Son, an infinite and invincible Love.

I do not want you to feel anxious, nor that you experience any regret. I need you to truly grow, and not only inwardly but also externally. That you are able to show My beloved Son that you have understood His instructions and that you make an effort every day to be very like Saint Joseph.

Now is the test that each one of you must go through. Saint Joseph explained the details to you thoughout an entire year, about the simple path of inner transformation. If this Plan of Love, that the Sacred Hearts bring, does not bring about results within you, what will happen to humanity? Who will testify to Our Presence? Who will be a participant in their own redemption?

Meditate on the messages and live them because, in this way, you will show God that My words did not reach you in vain.

We are in a time of great demands, in which the greatest part of darkness reigns upon the planet and thousands of souls are led to perdition, minute after minute, second by second.

My Son, tonight, has asked Me to be clear with you, without any restriction, because I love you so much that I wish the good for your souls, and that this good may be achieved even in the smallest details.

Never boast again. Never seek inner self-realization again. Experience the desert that God presents to you because, in this way, Our hands will never be separated from your hands and you will be guided toward the end of the desert, towards the Portal of the Heart of God.

We need you to be what you can be, but for real; because this will free you from all of your limitations, from all your imperfections, from everything that resists and still does not want to change.

You already have enough of My Love to transform your lives in the Sacred Tabernacle, where the Heart of My Son will be placed so as to illuminate and transmute the abysses of the Earth.

That is all I want to tell you, with the sincerity of My maternal Heart, aspiring that someday you will much more greatly understand the spirit of My words, the meaning of My message, the intention of My consciousness for each one of you, without doing any harm.

Fill My eyes with joy and no longer with sadness. Fill My face with light and no longer with dismay, because I already have enough of it with the world, which turns its back to me and does not accept My Love.

You are part of My Love and I need you free of your own resistances, of your own fears, of your constant difficulties, so that you may soon find Christ within you and thus He may be able to carry out His Work, the Work that is so expected.

Let us continue praying to God so that you may be aware of the planetary reality and less of yourselves. Because while you are here, beloved children, the children all over the world are exploited, such small children are sold and women in the world abort what God gave them with so much love.

Who will be responsible for this planetary debt? Who will present themselves before the Creator to ask for an opportunity and an incalculable Grace?

Although it does not seem so, this is My mission, and I need you to be transparent, real, sincere with one another, free of lies, of illusions and of all pride; because being free of everything, with His eyes of Mercy, God will see that His most cherished treasures of Heaven have not gone astray within their hearts, nor in their lives.

I invite you to reflect, to understand with the wisdom of the heart,  in which you are present, in which Work you are participating; because on the day of the Final Judgment, dear children, you and your guardian angels must declare everything that you have received, and what you have done with those most precious treasures.

I bring you consciousness so that you may grow and mature quickly. This Work cannot be carried out with immature consciousnesses, only with true souls, true of heart, in spite of their imperfections; because in this time I come to seek the good that dwells in your consciousnesses, rather than your obstacles. If you prevent me, even if only in a small detail, I will not be able to place My Scepter of Light upon you, and My Celestial Government, which is part of the Government of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, will have restrictions for proceeding in humanity.

Now, do you understand, dear children, the difference between being within My Heart or outside of It? A simple divergent step could change the events. Watch your walking and you will realize how your attitudes are and what your responsibility  is before the Plan of the Creator.

To be able to continue with My Work on this surface, I need you to be decided. My beloved Son can no longer accept lukewarm hearts because, otherwise, His Work would never be fulfilled.

Reflect and meditate before everything happens. The world is in flames and many are being burned without even perceiving it. 

It is time to work for a Plan of Love that is possible for all and especially for those who will be farthest from God.

This is the Law that I present to you today: "Love one another," just as My Son said, so that the Plan may be fulfilled.

Remember that your freedom is respected in this Universe. As I said to you today, the decision is in your hands.

I thank you.