Tuesday, August 8 of 2017

Special Apparition
Apparition of the Virgin Mary, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I have come from a place very close to this one, to be with My dear children and to sow My Spirit of Peace in this humanity, which is already alive in you.

I came from a place very close to this one, to feel crowned, honored, and loved by My children, as I can feel it today with My Heart.

I come from the Hill of the Apparitions, where I have been praying with My children, bringing the Universe of God toward this place, and making it expand to the confines of this Universe.

I come from this place because it is the most special for Me, where everything began here, where it manifested, first in consciousness and then in the hearts, the life of this Community.

Today I come as the Lady of Figueira and Mother of all humanity.

Today I am dressed as wife before My children, because I have also come from the Celestial Kingdom, to commemorate this alliance with all of My children, as well as with each one of you.

Today I am before a stage, before an altar, that glorifies a good Mother and the humble Lady of the Light.

This is the representation of the mantle that I weave in the whole Universe when My children just respond to prayer.

I have also come from the stars, from a place very far from here, where Truth exists, the realization of the Work of God from the beginning to the end, from spaces very far from your consciousnesses.

I have come to bring you the unknown, what is still not completely known to humanity and what your Celestial Mother lives everyday and invites Her children to live with courage and valor to discover in each one of you, your own inner universe.

Today I am commemorated with this symbolic mantle of stars, which represent the souls that have been ignited under the spirit of My peace, of My kindness and of My motherhood.

With these simple words, dear children, I invite you to live everyday and for the times that will come, My spirit of simplicity and of love, for in this way, you will always be free of the things of the world and of everything that it brings to the consciousness, through illusion and all that is not true.

Today, before My maternal presence, your consciousnesses have finally awakened to the unknown, to what humanity calls "mystery", but that in truth, dear children, God is not a mystery; He is a living reality in your hearts and spirits.

Throughout these years, dear children, and through these Marian Centers, I have called humanity to return to its true origin, to its true source, to its true primordial essence.

This is what I have built in you throughout the years, from My first call in Aurora to My first apparition here, in Figueira, when your Heavenly Mother worked silently, calling the souls for this great planetary service of prayer.

Today I would like, dear children, that you no longer feel your miseries but rather that you believe in what is true that exists in you and that is called God, which is perpetual, infinite and invincible.

It is in this communion that I invite you to live through My Son, because in this way, the new apostles will continue to be formed, those that will carry the word of life to those who have nothing and who do not know their inner universe.

Today I am before My children, before My most beloved children, who have finally converted into suns, just like all the Suns of the Universe; but the suns that exist here, on this planet, are different from those that exist in the Universe.

Your true sun, dear children, is the essence, that which will always perpetuate throughout the times, that will take an experience of love and of redemption from this humanity towards the subtle worlds, towards the infinite, before the Creator.

It is in that dimension and in that consciousness that, in this time, I invite you to live in, so that you may transcend your former errors, so that this aged humanity may heal and the new christs may be born, who will prepare the Earth, plant the seeds and water the soil for new cells of light to sprout, the new souls that will become Christ and for Christ.

In your hands, dear children, are all the keys of the Divine Instruction. From now, dear children, you can already be instructors and servants of many souls in the world, as well as of each Kingdom of Nature which, in these critical times, waits for the relief of their hearts, through the service of your simple hands.

I invite you, My children, to be a part of the eternity of the present time, of eternal time, of the true real time.

Thus, My children, you will be together with the Brotherhood, united as souls and essences with the Universe and with the Earth, with celestial beings and with each miserable being of this planet that also needs the Mercy of God.

I wish, beloved children, that, in this time, the true impulse of converting everything, of transforming everything and of renewing these times through the christic energy may arise in you.

On this night, be carriers of the Divinity of My Beloved Son. Commune in this moment with that Principle which will make your lives resplendent lives in the Lord, donated souls to build the New Earth and the New Humanity.

Thus, through My presence, today I bring you the whole Universe through the sacred Hill of Light, where you will always be able to find Me and feel Me, because I will always be there to hear My children, as well as to embrace them in motherhood.

Today I feel for the first time, dear children, the loving embrace of all of My children, I feel the warmth of your hearts, the fire that emerges from the most intimate of your souls and which allows to dissolve many things in the world.

Today I am here, closer than it seems, because on this tenth anniversary, a new stage begins that, little by little, you will discover, first in yourselves, then through this Work, and finally, in all of humanity.

I will no be longer be just here in South America, I need, dear children, that after so many blessings, you accompany Me, as you have accompanied Me up until now, in faithfulness, prayer and love, in the whole world.

I need you to follow Me; there are still christs that must awaken in America, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia and lastly, in Oceania.

Who will accompany the Mother of God in this planetary Work until the moment in which My Son returns to the world?

I come to teach you, as Mother of the apostles, to sow this Earth with love, with service, with charity and with mercy, so that, after the sacrifice of My Son, this planet may finally become a promised Land, where our Father may be able to look at the world with compassion, seeing that the souls respond to His call and never fear to say "yes."

Through these words and by means of this message of love, uniting, on this evening, Aurora and Figueira, I show you My new Plans of Light, which God entrusted to Me for this 8th of August and for this new stage.

Do you accept to accompany Me? Yes!

Do you accept to live the unknown? Yes!

And everything that does not come from this world? Yes!

Do you accept to be the living Law in these times? Yes!

Then you can be with Me forever, because I need simple souls, but determined to live what they have never lived, for love to Our Lord.

But I want to tell you something, My children, even though it does not seem so, everything that I have asked you, you already live it, so today you are renewing your vows before the Creator, as children of My Immaculate Heart and as new apostles of Christ, on this sacred mission for the redemption of humanity and for an immediate assistance to the Kingdoms of Nature.

And now, closing My scrolls of Light with the signature given through your hearts, I give the Creator again His most intimate design for this world, for it will be fulfilled, however it may be.

My promise is still in force on this night of gratitude, where the most sublime of the Universe unites with souls in love to establish the Spirit of Brotherhood.

In the silence of your hearts and of your words, I want you to inwardly emit a petition, an intention or a plea to your Heavenly Mother. I listen.

On My bosom a rose of Light is drawn, an expression of the love of My children of the world, of the faithfulness and transparency of the souls that accept to transform themselves into new instruments.

In My Heart of mother I carry all of your intentions to God so that the angels may pray for them and be fulfilled through the Will of the Creator, in perpetual obedience.

On this night, where your hearts are re-consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, I will pray for you and for the world, for this sacred planet that must turn into a great cell of light, into the expression of the Love-Wisdom of My Beloved Son.


"In silence, listen, Lord, to the intentions of Your children, that they be bathed by the Spirit of Your Grace and of Your Mercy.

May the great intention of this planet be fulfilled through the awakening of the workers of light.
May the souls feel the joy of Your Divine Spirit. May the souls reach eternal happiness, where suffering nor pain exist.
Lord, may the carriers of Your Peace ignite the flame of their hearts, that this flame of love and of brotherhood may be expanded all over the world so that Your Work may be realized and manifested in the unredeemed hearts.
So be it."

I thank you, dear children, for being here today; this has great significance for My Heart, because before what is unknown and eternal, this is very important.

The conscious response of humanity and the adherence without conditions of simple and humble hearts is very important.

On this night I want you to feel strengthened, to feel renewed and especially feel healed in spirit and in soul.

I want that in this sacred plenitude of God, you may commune with the Universe and with its essence, because this will never be lost in spite of what may happen.

Remember this moment and the importance that it has for your lives.

Remember that in spite of what may happen in the world and in this humanity, My Love is irrefutable.

Today I can see with My eyes of mother and slave of the Lord, the promised Work, that is already being fulfilled in the world.

Believe that this is true, believe that it is possible to do it. You are very precious to Me, because I see that in the souls there are great treasures that can be shown to this world when only love and unity exist.

For this reason, today I give you My blessing and My gratitude.

And each one of these roses placed at the foot of this image will today come to your hands, because each one of them represents a soul that, on this planet, has united with Me in this Work of Redemption and of Love.

Therefore, I will give them to you as a gesture of the love of My Heart, to the souls that lovingly listen to Me.

I bless these roses as I bless your hearts, so that true life may be manifested, the inner communion with the Creator.

I bless your lives and paths, so that the Project of God may be realized in you, through constancy, surrender and sacrifice.

I bless your families and all your loved ones, so that they may reach the principle of the Universal Family, of the Sacred Family.

I bless those who you do not know, those that suffer, those that endure sorrow, those who are ill of body and soul; so that the inner healing may be realized in them and the new aurora may be born in their spirits.

Today I give the world another Grace; put your hands in the sign of reception to receive this sublime energy through the Greater Ray of My Immaculate Heart.

Keep this Grace in your hearts so that I may always be able to find you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for accompanying Me and for following the steps toward Redemption.