Sunday, July 16 of 2017

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Sister Lucía de Jesús

Place your gaze upon My Heart so that you may find the Universe of My Peace.

On this day I am the Lady of Mount Carmel, who takes care of religious life and also of the evolution of souls.

For this reason, I have come today with the Kingdom of My Peace, so that you may feel encouraged to enter into it and confidently feel your true origin.

This is the House of the Father, where everything is created and recreated.

This is the plane and the dimension where everything exists and nothing is separate; because here, in this place, the Primordial Source arises from where this entire Universe that was created has come, from the moment in which the Father emitted His Thought and His Feeling of Love so that everything would exist, as well as His creatures, so similar to His Divine Consciousness.

It is from this Higher Heaven that I come today as Mother and Lady of Mount Carmel, to strengthen the spirituality of souls.

Today I show Myself like this, before your inner eyes and before your hearts, so that you may see that something greater exists, and which is unknown to many.

In this place is also Christ, your Lord, your Master and Sovereign.

From there, with the Laws of the Father, He rules the Universes and commands them, so that fraternity, love and unity may exist.

Into this Heaven, not all can enter, but there are other Heavens that are open to receive you.

I show you this Heaven from where I come today, because it is where I will take those to whom I have appeared through this Work, so that together with Me, and in the next world that will not be material, they may continue to serve Me and may continue to respond to the call, which is not only for the future humanity, for the next humanity, for the next race, but also for everything that will come afterwards, for this Universe and beyond it.

Each one of the souls has a place in Heaven, which it must conquer with its sacrifice, with its surrender, with its renunciation and above all, with prayer.

If these foundations do not exist in your lives, how will you be able to enter into these Heavens, where your spiritual and infinite life will continue together with the blessed angels, together with the Sacred Hearts, which from this place cry out to the Father for a greater Grace for humanity?

Even though, to many, it may seem that many things do not make sense in this material life, or that it does not matter if they are lived or experienced as sacrifice and surrender, today I tell you, dear children, that all of this is very important to God; because it is the testimony and the way for you to pay for your debts of the past, and that through the Divine Mercy that arises from this Primordial Source, you may be able to enter, in the next world, the Universes that I offer you today with so much mercy, grace, and love.

Today, everything that surrounds My celestial aura is sublime and infinite, it is cosmic and higher, because in this place equality, justice, brotherhood, and equilibrium are lived.

Everything is in its place, so as to be able to awaken and evolve, just as God thinks and feels it. But the world and humanity have their gaze placed upon other things, and the time of definition is approaching, and it will depend on each one of My children for them to be able to take this great step towards their spiritual mission and towards their path, which will continue in the stars.

Meanwhile, I come to you to call you, so that you may follow Me in trust and faith, because in this way, on the inner planes I will be able to call all of humanity, and above all, the part that is most asleep and far from God, without knowing true love, true existence, and the true meaning of being incarnated in this time and in this final cycle.

All the tests that you go through will strengthen you.

All the difficulties that you experience will make you grow, so that you may be able to find the path and the meaning for responding to something greater and sublime.

From this place whence I come today, from one of the seven Heavens of the Creator, I come to call you so that you are able to expand the consciousness of your charity and service to others, because it is necessary to help a world that suffers and is in agony day after day.

I come to teach you to generate, through good examples rather than through resistances, the necessary merits to be able to enter into the Universes that God hopes so much for in the next world.

Quickly acquire a spirit of charity and service to others, and  learn, in these times, to take care of the Work of God in all details, because each thing that you do in this time will have great influences in the Plan.

Help the destiny of this Plan to be fulfilled as it is thought.

Help yourselves so that the Plan can be concretized.

In this Universe where I come from today, many things happen that are unknown to the  conscious humanity.

Here are kept projects, ideas, and treasures that the Creator emanates directly from His Source, in a permanent and continuous way.

I am talking to you about the designs that are born of His Eternal Heart, so that in all the manifestations of His Creation they can be fulfilled, and the souls may finally come know the essence of Love, which in this time they must conquer with effort and sacrifice.

This, at least, however simple it may seem, will make of this humanity a redeemable humanity; it will generate a possibility for new Laws of the Universe to be able to act in an infernal and indifferent world.

But in spite of everything, dear children, My Heart is untiring, My patience is infinite, and My purpose for you is even greater, and I work for this.

I wish My words would not pass, as other words or other messages have passed.

I need you to internalize My messages and to be able to understand, through your hearts, all the symbols that I reveal to you, because in this way, you will be consciously prepared to see the signs that the Universe will show in a short time.

And in spite of this, the planet will not stop suffering.

I need My servants and the apostles of Christ to be responsive to each need that presents itself in these times, no matter how simple it may seem. If you do not do it, dear children, you will not be growing inwardly, but rather will be evolutionarily stagnating.

And you must continue growing to be able to embrace new principles and new purposes that God will show you in the coming years.

Your lives are no longer your lives; your paths are no longer your paths; your decisions are no longer your decisions.

Learn to be in Christ, for Him to be able to be in you, and thus act. And be aware, be discerning, and have the wisdom not to make mistakes or err.

I invite you to be stewards of an unknown Purpose.

I invite you to be the pillars of an infinite Work, that does not only begin and end in an apparition, in a message, or in the liberation of a region, of a country, of a people, of suffering, or of a culture.

With the bases of Instruction that you have received in the last thirty years and in the recent times, I need you to be able to act just as God needs it.

The demand will be greater, but the consolation will be very great.

My Immaculate Heart will be the fortitude of those who are consistent, of those who say "yes" without thinking about it so much, and of those who respond spontaneously, without any resistance to live that which is new, renewing and transforming.

I wish you would receive in your hearts the Designs of God, just as My Immaculate Heart receives them at this time, as the Sacred Lady of Mount Carmel, who again gives you the symbol of the scapular of peace, so that souls may have on their bodies the union between Heaven and Earth, between God and souls, between this Universe and Paradise.

you may have the mysteries of the Infinite, of the Universe that holds you and will always hold you, as your strength for the tests that will come,  because they are supported by the Faith and the Hope of God Himself, your Creator Father.

I come to prepare you for a time in which My voice will no longer sound upon the world, but the echo of My words must be inside of you.

Everything that I have said to you throughout these years and that I will say the years that will come must remain imprinted in your consciousnesses and reflected in your lives as pure and simple actions, of hearts that are awake to fulfill the Plan of God.

Many want to find the Celestial Mysteries only with the research of the mind, but forget about the simplicity of the heart, of building this path with the stairway of a true prayer, of service to the neighbor, of the understanding the miseries of their brothers and sisters, to heal in oneself that which they expect to see healed in others.

deeper mission, in which I will conduct the human consciousness to unknown Universes.

the symbols that will manifest in the future, in order to dissipate the disbelief of hearts and so that you are be able to guide others in the moment when everything may happen.

Today, My children, as Our Lady of Carmel, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lady and Mother of all consecrated spirits, I grant a special Grace to all My religious children of this world, so that they may be liberated from the atavisms of the past and that their consecration may be real; so that all of the brotherhoods, monasteries, convents, temples, in real union with God, may become these pillars of light that will sustain the world, and that the Truth may be lived there, rather than human mediocrity.

in a near future, face to Face, without guilt or fear, for not having done what He expected of His companions.