Monday, September 12 of 2016

Vigil of Prayer

Like a flower of peace, I descend to the world to bring peace and unity among peoples and nations.

The Heart of God is wounded on seeing some nations divided, in which My adversary works, bringing worry and horror to hearts. But do not forget that I am the Queen of Peace, the Mother of all that is possible and impossible.

I am the advocate of this world and for all, I bring the reconciliation that you will still have to experience in these times.

My Heart is pleased on seeing your praying hearts, for it finds in them a refuge, a breath of peace to continue onward, carrying out My Work in the world in the hearts that most need it.

Today I am the Queen of Peace before your hearts, but I am also your Mother of Guadalupe. And I come to request, on this day, that this same Altar, blessed today by My Grace, remain present for the next meetings that will take place here with My Immaculate Heart.

For in this way, dear children, through the testimony that I have given you by means of the Virgin of Guadalupe, all the codes that are kept in My Face will be reactivated again in this time, so that your hearts and the hearts of the world may receive the codes of My celestial Light, which will gradually form the new race.

Today I come with this special request, because in your inner worlds, the hands that prepared this Altar, the hearts that gave of themselves to make it beautiful, have understood My primary petition, which is to reach those places, those peoples in which I am still not present in spirit or in divinity.

It will be through your arms and your hands, dear children, through the prayer of the heart, such as you have practiced today, that I will be able to reach those who most suffer and are in need in this time.

Here you are in a celestial paradise, because the sacred light of the Hierarchies interpenetrates each one of these spaces. So, dear children, you lack nothing. But have you asked yourselves at some point in your prayer: how many lack peace?, how many lack spiritual life?, how many lack healing, and mainly, food for their body?

The world is still divided; it does not want to hear the Voice of the Messengers of God.

The Americas must be consecrated as this new Eden and it will be through your works of peace and of charity that this will be able to happen, the charity of being able to collaborate with what is important for God and of contributing to this Plan of Redemption for the planet.

Through My Heart I come to open your pockets, because I know that you can give Me everything in this end time.

My great miracle of love is that I am present among you, instructing you, while My Son and My Father allow it.

For this reason, dear children, I come to open the flows of the love of your hearts, because in truth, it is the heart that gives of itself to God rather than the coin.

It is from your hearts that will be set forth the impulse to experience fraternal charity for your neighbor, and especially for those nations in the world that need to strengthen their peace, live in My Grace and in the Mercy of the Father.

Today My Son especially sends Me to give you this message, to deliver this request to you. Because it is important, dear children, that the Plans of My Peace be fulfilled in the world.

Thus, I have also come today to ask you, dear children, to reactivate the Campaign for Peace, that in your hearts and in all places this campaign for Central America and Mexico be expressed.

Spread My request to reach these nations and you will understand what I will do after some time, because there I will leave a Grace, the same Grace that you have received many times.

I invite you, dear children, to live in fraternity. I also invite you, dear children, to preserve these sacred lands with the gift of manifestation that they have, which the Eternal Father Himself has given you through Divine Providence.

So I invite you to be guardians of this Marian Center and each part of this Community, that they do not be in the hands of others, but rather in the Hands of God.

Again I tell you, dear children, that today I come to ask you and to invite you to live the giving of self, just as the Sacred Family lived in the beginning, giving everything they had, in each step of the Evangelization of My Son. Even when we took refuge in Egypt, without anything to carry, God Himself did not forsake us.

Whoever surrenders the things they have in hand will enter Heaven first, because in Heaven, they will not keep their material life. Material life is part of the evolution and the learning of consciousnesses. The life of the spirit is your sacred goal until the end of times, until you can achieve it, dear children.

Today I open My Heart and I expand it before you. And this invitation that today I extend to all is not only for those present here, but also in the world.

Thus, through the fulfilling of the Plans of God, you will be helping in the correction of the material and planetary imbalance, that the poorest receive what they need, and that the world come into balance through the Presence of My Immaculate Heart, of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We invite you, dear children, in this time to cross the threshold to detachment, so that you may experience the transcendence of self and the perfect union with the Laws of God.

We invite you, dear children, to seek inner balance so that planetary life may also come into balance.

Today, in your hearts, I find a willingness: of aspiring to comply with My call, of aspiring to comply with My requests in this new cycle for Central America and Mexico.

Today, dear children, I see you more open than at other times, to embrace other sister nations, so that you can definitely become constituted as the new race of humanity, and through your giving of self and your service, you can attract to yourselves the new principles that will reform the planet, that will transfigure the consciousness of humanity, and will sublimate the hearts that have still not achieved Light and Love.

Much love was poured out upon you, dear children, so that the manifestation of this sacred center could be present, love is in everything.

I invite you to penetrate the Mystery of the Love of God. In the Love of God, there is nothing for oneself, there is no property or control. For this reason, dear children, I invite you to seek freedom through the giving of self, to seek the freedom of your souls and of your consciousnesses, of knowing how to understand, above all things, that there is an infinite purpose that must be accomplished in this end time.

Remember that My last goal is to reach Australia to rescue My children of the native peoples, just as I have spiritually rescued many children through the pilgrimages.

Redouble your efforts and you will be able to see the Purpose of God manifest as healing in your lives and as redemption for your hearts.

It is in Divine Providence where you should live, so that the doors may be open to all those who come to find food for the body and the spirit.

Remember that through these years I am preparing you to live in the Islands of Salvation in this Plan of Rescue that begins to be postulated, that begins to show to all the consciousnesses of the world.

Lastly, I ask you to pray for Venezuela, so that its people and its nation may find the peace and the help of all nations, which it needs today.

Listen with the heart to what I am telling you. Your Heavenly Mother also suffers because of what She sees in Venezuela.

I invite you to transcend the indifference and open your hearts even more to those who will seek refuge from this exile that they are experiencing today, just like is happening in the Middle East.

I invite you to live in confraternity, in union with the Father and with all your spirits, so that the time of Redemption may thus be fulfilled.

This is all that I came to tell you today. I withdraw in peace, seeing your hearts receptive on receiving My sacred celestial call in your spirits.

I bless you with My Grace and I give you the impulse to continue onward so that you never forget My Greater Purpose, which is the triumph of My Heart in all of the Americas.

I thank you!