Monday, April 25 of 2016


If I come from Heaven, it is because of a greater cause. It is for something that is still unknown to you, dear children, and that is called Infinite Purpose, in which all souls assemble to live the Plan of God, for example, through this meeting.

I wish your hearts would receive My maternal Call, because it is also the call of My Son, Who in this time invites you to the redemption of your lives.

I Am your Holy Mother from Heaven and I wish the best for each one of you.

For this reason, on this evening, I invite you, dear children, to follow My steps as the Pilgrim Mother on the Path of Light that I am outlining through this meeting of prayer, especially for the youngest, who are the next mission for these times.

I descend from Heaven to bring you My Graces, but also to bring you the Word of God, which is the Word of My Beloved Son, that echoes in all of the Universe, and that waits to echo in your hearts forever.

Dear children, if your hearts awaken, many more hearts will awaken and, in this way, little by little, the Plan of God in this world will be fulfilled, a Plan that is precious and immaculate, that waits to be drawn in your hearts so that it may also be fulfilled in your lives, before My Maternal Presence.

Today I want your hearts to feel comforted by My Spirit; because I am not only here with you, dear children, but also with all of those who hear Me at this moment, who reciprocate with My Greater Call of spreading peace throughout the whole Earth.

If you live in peace, dear children, and seek the Peace of God in these times, peace will be established in the world and hearts will not suffer.

But if you, dear children, do not fulfill My call, many more hearts will suffer and will not be able to awaken through your mediating prayer, which I invite you to build, in this time, in your lives, in your homes and families, in that sacred oratory of love that I invite you to live every day of your lives.

While I am present here, dear children, contemplating each one of your hearts, contemplating each one of your intentions, closing your wounds, I am also closing the great wound of the world, the wound of the indifference and persecution, of the evil and selfishness of men.

For this reason, dear children, may the power of your daily prayer remove you from selfishness, may it open your eyes, the eyes of your souls, so that you may see the glorious coming of Christ, that is close, very near, in this end time.

While I am with you, dear children, I am also with those most lost in the world, with those who receive no help, with those most in need who require your arms and hands in order to be able to rebuild a new humanity, through service, prayer and peace.

Because in these simple things that I ask of you, humanity will be able to purify, souls will be alleviated, you will receive the Love of God in your hearts and will be able to be part of the promised New Land.

While that is about to happen, dear children, open your hearts and keep these words in the depths of your beings, because they will be of use for you in the difficult times that will come and that all of humanity will have to live in this last cycle of the Apocalypse.

Today I am also here for the nations; for Venezuela, for Ecuador, also for Uruguay, for all of My children of those places who continue to cry out to My Immaculate Heart.

Thus, today I also say to you: My beloved children of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Uruguay, do not give up. Lift up your arms to Heaven for those who are defeated by the persecution and evil of men.

Continue praying in trust to My Immaculate Heart, because you can be sure, dear children, that I am in your homes and families, helping those most in need, those who suffer restrictions, those who suffer all the earthquakes of this world and have no calm, not even serenity.

Thus, I invite you, dear children, to pray for each one of them, so that My Plan may also be established in those lives, so that My Peace may be able to overcome and heal them, and for those who were lost, that I may be able to lift them up to Heaven, to the Universe.

I wish true peace would be established here, and this will be generated, dear children, by your decision and collaboration. This will also help the Kingdoms of Nature, which are the Kingdoms most persecuted by man through destruction.

I need you, dear children, to contemplate all the needs of the world, that you may be able to see beyond your lives. Thus, you will be able to truly respond to the Call of God and all of your hearts will be true collaborators of the Plan, torches of Light for these times of chaos.

Just as I am here today with you, dear children, bringing the presence of the Celestial Kingdom through My Maternal Grace, I am also with all of My children in the world, with those who open the doors of their hearts so that I may enter and dwell in their lives.

Today I bring you a message of hope, but also a message of warning, that it is time to collaborate with the Plan of God, for servers to multiply in each part of this world, for the servants of My perpetual prayer to multiply their voices, so that God may receive your calls in His Heart.

I need you, dear children, in order to be able to gestate the New Humanity, so that all of the whole humanity may go through this threshold of the transition. A transition that is unknown and from which nothing that will occur is known . Hearts will be surprised by what they will see as each day will go by.

For this reason, dear children, open your hearts and receive My call, because it is the last one for the world before it is completely purified.

I wish to see you ignited in prayer and in faith, because I come to leave Flames of Divine Light in your hearts, Attributes of God, precious Codes of Redemption and of Mercy, that will reform the planet and, mainly, all the souls that hear My Voice.

While I speak, dear children, your inner wounds are closed. Have faith that this is so, because your Mother can do all things, through Her Sacred Intercession for the world.

But today I also wanted to tell you, dear children, that your commitment with Brazil, of praying for its people, for each one of My children of this nation that must awaken to My call, is important. That they must learn to pray and know to unite to God in these times, just as you have lived it today, in a simple and true way.

I need you, dear children, to carry Me in your hearts, that you adopt Me into your lives as your Mother from Heaven and the Universe. In this way, I will also be able to reach all of Brazil, that so much needs it.

Your nation consecrated to My Immaculate Heart and that consecration cannot weaken. It will be through the faithful followers of Christ that Brazil will be protected and saved.

Thus, today I bring you a true testimonial of the presence of My maternal Love for you and for the world, through all the Faces that I have revealed throughout the times and, in this nation, as the Lady Aparecida.

Today you have brought this sacred image to My Altar, responding to My maternal request that today I may consecrate it, dear children, as your Pilgrim Mother for all of Brazil.

After having received the Lady of Fatima, of having worked with her simplicity and purity, I appear again in your homes, hospitals, and houses, to reach those most in need.

Through your hands, you will carry Me and take Me where I am needed, so that I may pour out My maternal Graces over all the Brazilian hearts that believe in My Presence, in My Divinity and in My Love.

For, in this way, I give to everyone; I give them My Graces, I give them My Heart, I give them My Spirit of Peace so that they may always be in God and in My Beloved Son.

My Son gave Me to you, so that I may be your Mother; I want you to be My children and to carry Me in your hearts as a living experience for the rest of your lives; that you pray with Me every day, in the simplicity of the Sacred Rosary; that you remember God each time you wake up, because He has been greatly forgotten and offended; that you pray for your brothers and sisters, for your enemies, for all those who pursue other souls in the world, for those who govern, for those who destroy all life and Nature, for the mothers who have an abortion, for the children that are lost and do not receive the opportunity of living this life.

You must pray for all of Latin America together with Our Lady Aparecida, Who is your Pilgrim Mother of Brazil, the Incandescent Flame that re-emerges in the hearts that invoke its Universal Sacred Presence and brings salvation to the whole world.

I want you to put all of Brazil at My feet and that, in each moment you are with Me, through your Pilgrim Mother, you may open your houses and hearts so that My Presence may be able to enter your lives and, in this way, as I did in Fatima, I may be able to convert the hardest hearts. For who is with Me will not perish.

But today I also come to consecrate the Children of Mary who are part of My great testimonial of love in the world, who clothe their bodies with My mantle of Light to take peace and love to every place they may go.

Let those who will consecrate today come here, so that I may consecrate them and consecrate the holy image that will visit your homes.

I heard from Heaven, dear children, the Hymn of the Lady Aparecida. Today I want you to proclaim it out loud, so that My Spirit of Love may reach all, and the Americas may consecrate to My Immaculate Heart in these times of transition.

Hymn of the Lady Aparecida..

Dear children, when I appeared in Brazil through this sacred image for such simple fishermen, I wanted to leave the message that Brazil should always be the heart of South America, that will pound in devotion and faith, and will radiate His Light to all the hearts of the world.

Each time, dear children, that you stand before My Aparecida Presence, you will be confirming to My Immaculate Heart that I am not only your Mother, but also the Mother of Brazil Who will never be expelled and will reign with Her celestial authority forever and ever and in all the hearts that may receive Me.

I bless this image as an aid for hearts, for the relief of those who are spiritually ill and for those who suffer pain in their bodies.

I bless this image as the testimony of My Love for everyone, because I Am part of this race and to this race I will return, after My Son.

While that is about to happen, contemplate your Mother of Heaven, Our Lady Aparecida, so that I may take you to Jesus and all may be in His Sacred Heart, wounded by the world and by the sins of humanity.

Before the Father, the Beloved Son, the Holy Spirit and all the angels of the Universe, by the most holy authority granted by the Passion of Jesus and the perpetual silence of My Immaculate Heart, closing the doors to the hells, I consecrate Brazil again to Our Lady Aparecida with all the Celestial Powers and the inexplicable Graces that will break out again in the hearts like roses and petals of Light, in praise to the Creator.

I bless you, I consecrate you, My children; I consecrate this image.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May our Lady Aparecida reestablish the thousand years of peace.

And now, My children, those who consecrated will kiss this holy image in the name of forgiveness for all of humanity, so that the most impious and cruel may be saved.

I thank you for responding to My call and may youth be My great engine for Peace.

I am grateful to you forever.


Hymn to Our Lady Aparecida.

While I rise up to Heaven, sing with fervor, so that souls may awaken to the Mercy of God.

And now, that I could enter your hearts by My divine intersession, which is also the intersession of My Beloved Son, go and preach prayer in your groups and families, in your beloved and in those who are known to you, who must heal their hearts and lives so that peace may re-emerge.

Let your Mother, the Pilgrim of Brazil, travel to the places where they wish to receive Her. In this way, I will establish the fulfilling of the Purpose for Brazil, which is not in the hands of men, nor of the governors; it is in the Heart of your Eternal Father, Who you must always seek in the Heavens, in the beauty of His Creation. In this way, you will be in His Will.

Beloved Children of Mary, sparks of My Immaculate Heart, live a life of prayer every day so that My Immaculate Heart may triumph in the world, and thus, I will be able to call the sheep before the Shepherd comes in the Glory of the Kingdom of God.

I will pray for you and you pray to My Heart so that I may always intercede through My Eternal Grace and My divine Purity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I rise up to the Heavens. Let the Children of Mary sing the hymn of their consecration.

Peace and Good for all!

Mother Shimani:

Well, brothers and sisters, to all those who accompanied us today, we are deeply grateful that you have adhered to this call of Our Lady. May the pilgrimage of our Lady Aparecida throughout Brazil, with this image blessed by our Lady, travel to every corner and recover each soul of this nation.

We invite you all to accompany us in the next Marathon of Divine Mercy in our beloved Aurora in Uruguay, at the Marian Center of Aurora, on the 5th and 6th of next May.

In this month of May we are going to remain at the Marian Center of Aurora and all the meetings with the Sacred Hearts will be there. So you are all invited to participate.

Thank you all very much. Today Florianópolis holds a particular beauty.

Let us all thank our Lady.

Thank you, Mother, for all that you give us!