Friday, August 7 of 2015

Special Apparition

The Voice of Mary:

The Archangel Michael is coming, following the Mother of the Sun. Revere this moment before the Creator.

Sacred Sources of Light open before your consciousnesses and the self-summoned gather around the Table of the Lord to commune, in the last moments of this time, in the Sacred Cenacle of Jesus Christ; where the spirits are reignited in the flame of Love, for they have had Faith in the Word of the Lord, in these last times.

The Universes of Light open before your eyes and the most subtle stars assemble in this place, surrounding the Crown of your Mother of the World for these determinant times, where the Word must be Life, to then be an experience in the hearts redeemed by Christ.

Open your hearts to this call and listen to the words of the Mother of the World as an opportunity for renewal; a sacred task commissioned by My Son for this eve of the 8th of August, where wonders will occur in the hearts that believe in the Word of My Son.

Throughout time you will see the changes, you will see the wonders, because thus it is written in the Heart of God for those hearts that truly repent and follow the only path of the Redeemer, for He will be the last door for these moments.

I Am the Guardian of your hearts, of your spirits and lives. I guide you to My Son so that you may find the purpose of your existence. But this will soon cease to be a mystery.

Through your experience of redemption and reconciliation with God, you will find that mission that you have so searched for. Thus, the last flocks will be formed in the Spirit of Christ and the stars will finally light up in each one of your hearts for these times of confirmation.

Keep these words in your hearts, for they are keys and energy for simple hearts that live in the Lord.

And now, listen to My Instructions, in three different Rays. Because the Mother of the World comes to your encounter to manifest Her face of Truth, that which was not known in the Holy Land due to the silence that I kept, so that My Son could reach His Victory. But Our Hearts are united. The Purpose manifested for the feminine and masculine principle. And so, the new redeeming era of Christ has arrived. An era that opened the doors to the principle of the Mother of the World.

After My Words are written, together with Saint Michael, when He arrives here in His Resplendent aspect, I will bless this holy place, which will be a field of consecration for the hearts that are still not redeemed.

But you, dear children, who are united to My Most Holy Heart, allow this to happen. Not only in this place, in this little piece of land of Uruguay, where this space is being consecrated for the liberation of the souls of the world, and mainly, for the liberation of the capital sins.

God grants this Grace through Saint Michael, because it is His Will for these times. You prepared the paths for this to happen. You knocked on the doors of the Kingdom of God and called your Heavenly Mother and Her Beloved Son to come to your encounter in the last days of this final time. Thus, you received My Message and spread it, just as God had so thought.

I brought you the Graces and I comforted your weak hearts, so that you could be strong and brave. And now, in the Presence of Saint Michael, that comes from the Heart of the Celestial Universe to your encounter on this day, let us invoke the Holy Names of God, so that the angels may participate in this conjunction.

Feel the Presence of God upon this sky.


The Voice of the Archangel Saint Michael:

Sacred Spirit of God.

Do not repeat.

Listen to My Voice.

Today I come from Heaven to bless you, in the name of the Mother of all that is created. Through the power granted by the Creator and before the Celestial Universes, My Voice is proclaimed in this world, announcing the return of Christ, for the times that will come; times that go faster than your time, because it is the clock of God that marks it, for all the universes and for humanity.

Feel My Presence in everything, for I come to bring you the Love of God, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, after 2015 years of your calendar time. It is the second time that I come to speak to the world, from the essence of the Heart of God, to liberate the souls from the confusing paths of My adversary, for My spear cuts the alliances with evil, so that the hearts live in the King, Christ.

A new time is marked at this moment, for those who open their hearts to God and do not fear the Angelic Presence, who open the doors to the Universe of God, so that your souls may commune with the peaceful Heart of God, and regrow the fruit in your lives, fulfilling the determined commitment for the end of these times.

I Am the Father of the Supreme Militias. My Name invokes gratitude for this material Universe, in which you participate of this perfect Communion with the Greater Source.

My Thought is transmitted in the conscious souls. In this way, I work in the humble hearts, reinforcing the legions of My Father, in the manifestation of the creatures of the Earth, which are the beginning of Alpha, the first Thought of God on this Creation,

Today is the only time that I will visit you, for this moment was granted by an extraordinary Grace. But continue purifying your hearts and consecrate yourselves to My Celestial Legion.

May the door of your inner beings open so that the Superior Light may redeem you, and you may ascend to My Celestial Kingdom, where the choirs of Elohim are, praising the Eternal Father in His perpetual Glory for the centuries of the centuries.

Today I consecrate this blessed space as the most humble among all the humble, so that the souls may here find, the truth that you have lost, the hope that you have not found and the faith that you have never seen, for God desires that you recover those sacred attributes; Laws that will prepare you for the glorious Return of Christ.

I sustained the Cross until the end and I defeated My adversary for the third time, so that in these times and under these circumstances, you could be here today, listening to Me, through the intercession of Jesus Christ, your Lord.

Let us give thanks to Adonai for this profound moment, where your souls reconsider the path of evolution toward the Purpose of God, toward the mission that must manifest in the 144,000.

Upon this small sanctuary will be the Holy Cross of Emmanuel, for I Am His Son, just as you are children of the Father; something that you should not forget for the times that will come, which will be strong for all. But the heart does not tremble before these events.

If humble, persevere.

If meek, you strengthen, and become a worthy child of God.

And thus, all is fulfilled.

Let us repeat:


Adonai, Adonai, Adonai

Elohim, Elohim, Elohim

Abba, Abba, Abba




This chapel has been consecrated, before the Light of Saint Michael.

Salute your Celestial Prince.

Peace and redemption for the fallen souls. So be it.

Everyone prays to the Archangel Saint Michael, responding to the request of the Prince of the Celestial Militia.