Sunday, July 13 of 2014


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

My dear children, today My words have now been heard by your hearts. Today I have come especially to pray, for you and with you, for this sick humanity, sick in spirit and in soul.

While I am here among you, dear children, the world suffers many things; mainly, all precious soul are suffering, those that are revered by the Eyes of God in His Project of Mercy and of Redemption.

You have already heard My messages; now is the time to live them and practice them. In glory to My Son Jesus, God has allowed Me to pray the Via Crucis with you tonight, this infinite mystery which My Son left engraved within the Universe, through the signs of His Passion. In each station, dear children, you will find a key to living steps of conversion and redemption.

In that time, dear children, My Son lived a broader Passion, beyond what you know. For this reason, I come to reveal to you, through this prayer, the powers that My Son left engraved through His Passion in each one of the steps of His calvary because, through His offering of Love, He liberated many things of this world.

And so, on this night, I come to renew you with the Via Crucis, then we will pray together for this humanity, so in need. It is not necessary, dear children, that you know the realities of this world. Your hearts, in prayer, can feel and perceive the great planetary need; thus, as Mother and Queen of Peace, I come to pour out My Graces upon you and upon the world.

Let us pray, together, the Via Crucis, remembering the Passion of Jesus as the passion that many experience in this time, a passion that leads them to find freedom and healing in all things. Many experience other passions through the Passion of Jesus; His powerful Blood and His powerful Water came to liberate hearts that are condemned in this time, prisoners of the enemy. For this reason, I invite you to pray this evening, I invite you to ignite your hearts in Jesus’ Love, in His devotion and in His profound faith, for all of this humanity that has much need in this time.

My perpetual silence in the end of these times will reveal many things to you; thus, be attentive, dear children, to when I am in silence for a long time and I say nothing to you; this will be the true sign that something very big will be happening upon the surface of this planet.

Through My maternal Love and My Mercy, for all of you, I open the doors of Heaven through the Via Crucis so that My Immaculate Heart may gather together your offerings and intentions. Today you will pray with Me with awareness, truly, because of love, seeking this supreme Love through the Passion of Jesus. On this night, My Son has allowed that My little children within the world may unite, through this great mystery of Love, no matter what things may occurr. Elevate your hearts through prayer so that you may experience with Me this true meeting. Let us pray for peace and for the souls that most need the Mercy of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At the first station, we announce the condemnation of Jesus. At this moment, My Son felt the inner flagellation of the world, but the power of His Love and of His absolute trust in God allowed Him to overcome the enemy.

Jesus carries the cross of the world at the second station, but His sorrow did not focus on the weight of the wood, but rather upon the liberation of the sin of the world. He closed the hells for three days, and this spiritual task, carried out by the merciful King, began in calvary.

Jesus falls for the first time and, at this moment, liberated evil from the heart of humankind. In this way, He banished evil from the miserable consciousnesses.

And before He fell again, I met Him on the street. I gave Him My maternal embrace, the embrace of a Mother for all children of the world and, in this way, in this mystery of the fourth station, I chose the most impure spirits, to free them by the power of My love.

And among the multitude arrived a fellow man, one chosen by Jesus Christ Himself. This was a man from Cyrene who was willing, on behalf of humanity, to carry a part of the great weight of this humanity.  In this way, humanity, in that time, was redeemed by the victory of the cross.

And after this great revelation of love, in the faith of the Cyrenean, a woman named Veronica, compassionate and humble, came forward toward My Son. Through the offering of water, she wet a great cloth to wash, from the Face of Jesus, the sins committed by the world. Upon this great cloth of Light, His precious Face was drawn, which she revered for a long time. Jesus left for everyone the power of His Face, by means of His sacrifice of Love.

During the second fall relief was to be found for the pain of this humanity. Through this fall, Jesus transformed human suffering, outrage and the lack of mercy. By the power of His love, He victoriously triumphed. 

Jesus told the compassionate women of Jerusalem that they should cry for their children and for their families. This was simply a prophecy of what would take place at the end of these times, throughout these human generations. We are still in time, dear children, of getting up from the ground and continuing the path that the Master, in His Return, points out.

Jesus falls for the third time and frees many souls from eternal condemnation. His precious Blood, shed during the calvary, left Codes of Light imprinted upon this world, which perpetually shine in locations of light.

Jesus was not stripped of His garments, but rather it was humanity that was stripped of its sins by the great offering of Love of the profound silence of Christ, in which Truth could be found.

Jesus was crucified, as was said. Within His shed Blood could be found Mercy, and this precious Blood was placed in the chalices of light of all the Angels of Heaven. By means of this precious offering, humanity was redeemed, peace was established and all hells were closed. This is the great mystery of Love: to be washed in the precious Blood of Christ, in the profound aspiration of being able to live His great mystery.

Jesus died on the cross for the Love of all. When His consciousness expired, it elevated all souls of the Earth in a great communion, in a profound glory, celebrating His victory in all the worlds and in the distant Universes.

He was gathered into My arms, by My maternity. Our Lady of Sorrows suffered the pain of the world to be able to release it from the hearts of all beings that, in that time, were experiencing anger and evil. In this mystery, in this station of Love, Pity was reflected as a great expansion of Light throughout all limits of the Earth and, in this way, the world became rescuable.

Jesus was not only buried; He banished evil from the world, transmuting it completely from the cells of all the beings of Earth and, in this way, the new Christic Code was sown in those who believed in the Messenger of God, in the Messiah that returns, Who will return among the clouds.

And, as He did with others, He rose among the dead, manifesting the Glory of God in the splendor of all His bodies.

The angels and archangels praised Him for having fulfilled the Mission of God. In this great mystery a key could be found: the Love of the heart.

At the sixteenth station, the Messiah, that had already ascended to Heaven, sends the Most Holy Virgin and His apostles to found the Order of the Templars, the Order of the Eucharist, which had scattered throughout the four corners of the Earth, and, in this way, all of humanity came to know God through Jesus, made Body and Blood, in glory and praise to the Supreme.

At the seventeenth station, Mary, the Mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; Joseph of Arimathea, Priest of Jerusalem, and a group of women of faith, consecrated to the Redeemer, carry the relics of the Passion in a great pilgrimage throughout the world, at each point of the Earth pouring out the Christic Codes of Redemption and, in this way, new lights emerged from within the Earth.

At the eighteenth station, the last Station of this Via Crucis, the apostles, two by two, with many more friends that practiced the gospel at that time, diffused the Sacred Word, the message of the Passion of Jesus, awakening the 144,000 as the new Christs that would awaken in this time.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

I want to make this Via Crucis an eternal path among your hearts.

I want to reach the World, My children, and in the future, tell about the Via Crucis, of the new age, speaking to those who will come in the near future, about those who renewed the Cross of Christ, transcending the sins of this time upon the Planet, suffering in the name of God for the renewal and for the salvation of all souls.

This is the time, My dear ones, for each one to carry their cross, just as My Son carried it; that you be capable of defeating yourselves and the offerings that this world makes to you, to reach redemption, not only for your souls, but for this whole race that lives in the world today.

At the end of this Via Crucis, I want to say that New Christs have been reborn; that within this Universe they have achieved the concretization of the Divine Project because they were capable of living love, of renewing, as a race, the love that My Son lived so many years ago.

My children, I want to speak about those who will rise after having died in life. I want to speak about those who will ascend to the Heavens, will become one with Christ and will return in essence to the One Essence of God.My children, I want to speak throughout the Universe, let My Voice echo among all the Worlds, just as it echoes today among the nations, announcing not only the victory of My Son, but the victory of all the souls of this World; that finally, My children, a race of Christs has been born in this Universe to definitely overcome evil and forever manifest the Glory of God.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

These new stations are the results generated by Christ through the Passion. This is important that you know, mainly those who are devotees, those who practice the priesthood of Jesus, as well as those living religious life.

Today I bring you the spiritual fruits of Christ, precious pearls for this humanity that must resurrect again through the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call this evening. The Queen of Peace blesses you and loves you. Glory to God in the Highest and peace on Earth to all beings of goodwill.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Hail, Supreme Father, King of the Universe, Love amongst loves, Healer amongst healers, Supreme Source of unity and of love for all eternity! So may it be in you and in all beings of the Earth. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

And before rising, My children, as a symbol of this cross that I have poured out today upon you, I want to call upon those of My children that have decided to consecrate their lives to My Heart and at the same time that I elevate My Heart to the heights, upon this world I pour out the Celestial Graces that will help your lives forever, so that you may follow in My footsteps.

I eternally thank you.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

And to close this sacred meeting with Mary, responding to Her call, we will recite the Prayer to the Mother of Infinite Mercy and we will offer all our gratitude to Our Mother of Heaven, to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Supreme Creator Father.


O Most Pure Mother of Infinite Mercy
who deigned to come from the Supreme Heaven
to our aid,
help us to be free of ourselves.

Strengthen our faith so that we can fulfill the
sacred purpose.
Day and night protect our footsteps.
Free us from the ties of evil.

O Sacred Mother of Infinite Mercy,
who revealed the power of Your Face
upon the sacred lands of Aurora.

May Your Most Holy Heart
be reborn in our hearts.
May Your kind gaze of a Mother
guide the inner way we are to traverse.
May Your blessed hands
bless the greater mission that we must accomplish.

O Mother of Infinite Mercy,
may Your Heart unite us with the Glorified Heart of Christ,
and may nothing separate us from You
so that, on the day of the great return of the Redeemer,
we may forever glorify the Grace of God.