Thursday, January 10 of 2013

Special Apparition

Mother Shimani and Friar Elías were in prayer in the prayer room of the Monastery when subtly the Virgin Mary presented Herself to transmit the following message.


Friar Elías:  the Divine Mother said:


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


We said together the prayer “Blood and Water.”


Friar Elías:  The Divine Mother appeared as the Queen of Peace.  She was surrounded by custodian Angels and on the outside of Her Immaculate Heart was a star of six points. She said to us:


Today I come from Heaven because My Son has asked Me to.

Today I come especially here, to tell you that I am walking with you as a Mother, at your side.

Contemplate each moment with the heart, in Grace and Mercy I come to tell you something, dear children:

I come to tell you that one more daughter will be deeply touched by My Consciousness, by My Message, so that she also will spread My Voice and feel Me even more, accompany Me and understand My petitions with more inner spirituality.

For this today the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of all, Mother of Comfort and of Relief, comes to tell you that, by the Grace of God, I will be touching with My Light one more soul, a consciousness that will accompany Me in this task and who will be the third pillar for the diffusion of My Message.  She will be the principal pillar for protection, support and discernment, and the accompanying of all My requests through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I want to tell to tell you, dear children, that My sister Elisabeth who you know as Mother Shimani is being called to work directly with Me.

As I have transmitted the messages to my children Elías and Lucía, I will also transmit to her.  With this I want to tell you that My Consciousness will be with her on the days Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 PM in order to receive My message.

My task, for a time, will be to give to her a message during these days each week, so that this message will be diffused to all.

The other Grace that I bring in the name of Peace, Light and Good is the request that My Son Jesus has asked of me, that I will also be with My daughter on Saturdays, when I will give My weekly message to her, as I do with my other children.

What will allow all of this new cycle?

To be united with the Hierarchy and to begin to discover the task of each being, the mission that God has entrusted to them.

And why have I not spoken before with My daughter as I have done with Elías?

Because she had to prepare the little consciousness of Elías, as she has done with others, a service that she has provided to God.

Now has arrived the moment.  The Queen of Peace is calling her to enter still more in Her Immaculate Heart, to be more close, to share the same maternal feeling, so that My Lights and Immaculate Blessings will be present in her consciousness and she will learn to feel as I felt.

This also means, dear children, that her higher consciousness will be with Me.

Why do I tell you this today?  Because all this experience that until today was realized, must  be matured.

For this today I come here, so that My task will be amplified in this part of the world where many hearts much be touched.

Thank you for answering to My maternal call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


*  End of the Appariton  *