Saturday, August 25 of 2012


The group gathered at the bottom of the Hill of Christ the Redeemer so as to climb it in a candlelight procession all the way to the top.

Upon arriving to the top, everybody sat down to start the work of prayer.  As in all Apparitions we began reading the daily message in all three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Immediately after the reading of the message, the prayer work begins. This time by the request of the Divine Mother we prayed for the camps of the refugees.

Madre Shimani: Let us begin singing the canticle of "Luminous Bird" so that the Holy Spirit may come to us and especially to the camps of the refugees where hundreds of thousands of people live under subhuman conditions.

The prayer work begins and lasts for over one hour.

Around the time scheduled for the Apparition it is requested to sing "Immaculate Heart of Mary" to receive the Divine Mother. While everyone sings the canticle, Friar Elias transmits to Mother Shimani the requests that the Celestial Mother has made.

After, the group moves to the middle of the participants where the Divine Mother appeared to give Her message.

The bells where heard fourteen times and the Divine Mother asked that the roses that were placed at the altar be brought to Her.

Friar Elias, Madre Shimani and the brothers and sisters who support the Apparitions took one rose each in their hands and raised them up so that the Lady would bless them as She had requested.


Friar Elias:  The Divine Mother said:

I thank you in this day for answering to My call.

As Mother of the Primordial Essence of God, The Lord has granted Me the Grace of being able to pray with you and to give you, My dear children, the maternal blessings of My Heart, from the Rays of Healing of Archangel Rafael.

Let us pray for the healing of all these hearts.

Today I come here to give My blessings to all who are ill, those that are here those who may be found all over the world.

We pray for three times, Hail Mary and three times the Our Father in Portuguese.

Friar Elias: - The Divine Mother proceeds saying:

By the blessing of the Holy Spirit I give you healing to each one of your hearts.

Know dear children, that first the heart must be healed so that the soul, as a rose, may express itself before the Eyes of the Creator.

As Merciful Mother I clamor for each one of your hearts.

As I told you already, My children, this is the last time for repairing; the changes will arrive upon this planet and your hearts must be raised up together to My Son Jesus, prayerful and firm so as to assist the souls who will need the light of the Redeemer the most.

With this I want to tell you, My children, that your hearts will be preparing the return of My Son from the Heavens, from the clouds, from the Greater Sun of this universe.

For this, open up your consciousnesses because this is My one call, the call to redemption, to the re-emerging of your spirits reconciled in its totality with the Light of the Creator.

In this way, My children, through each daily prayer, your hearts will be in the Lord and you will hear in the silence His loving Voice and you will feel His Peace in your hearts.

Today I came to pray with you because healing, is much needed in every soul.

While the world runs fast, many souls need prayer, even more so those who are not in this realm and that must receive the Grace of the Light. Thus all as humanity may elevate themselves to the arms of God.

Know dear children, and with complete love today I reveal to you that My Immaculate Heart is a part of the essence of God.

The Sacred Heart of My Son comes in this time to redeem humanity, to give it a new opportunity to live in Peace.

The birth of the New Humanity must consecrate itself in this Peace, to the Sacred Heart of My Son, living the essence of the Redeemer.

Also it must consecrate itself to My Immaculate Heart, to My Maternal Heart Who has the aspiration to guide you for much more time and to accompany you in this final hour.

Pacify your hearts with the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

For the same way that It arrived in My Heart and in the Hearts of all of the disciples of Christ, this Holy Spirit must be present in each one of your lives.

But for this Spirit to arrive you must call for it.

Then you will be calling for God, for the Greater expression of Its Light and Its Love in all of this universe.

Know dear children that I come as the announcer of this Sacred Spirit, preparing since a long time ago your hearts so that they may open up to the Peace; Peace that you have not felt for a long time.

The time has arrived in which you may feel it through My maternal presence in each one of you.

As I call all of you today, I also call all of My children in the world.

In the same way as I do it from Medjugorje, calling everyone to live in Peace so that everyone may reconcile the life with God and this way, My children, through My Maternal Grace, you may reconcile your lives with the lives of your dearest beings, friends, relatives and acquaintances who are all called to live the eternity.

Today I bring to you, My children, through My Immaculate Heart, the presence of eternity, the true time that you must always seek through the prayer of the heart.

Above all you must seek for it in this time, praying in groups, praying in groups of souls so that God may make use of you and so that the Justice be easier on those who it will be descending upon in this time; upon those who must receive this Justice.

All of you must have great compassion and pray for all of them, because in this way, dear children, humanity will pray for each soul, for each heart of this world and a great network of cure, of healing of the heart will be able to expand itself as light in the world.

So then I will be able to say truly that your hearts will be prepared for the coming of My Son, as it has already been announced a long time ago.

Believe in the promises of Christ which in a short time will be fulfilled for the eyes that want to see it and for the eyes that want to veil the one Source of Life.

A Source in which all are invited to live in this time for the love and for the redemption of this humanity.

I want to tell you, dear children, that I am very happy with your company, in the same way that I have announced to you in Aurora.

For this reason, this is an invitation to proceed as pilgrims to the Source, to Eternity, to the reconciliation that My Son will pronounce upon the whole world on His Return, from His Eternity and His Omnipresence.

Open your eyes to see the arrival of My Son.

The time of forgiveness will arrive for all, especially for those who deny the essence of true forgiveness that is given by God to each creature.

Know that since the beginning the prophets have announced the New Humanity, the Promised Land.

This is not a dream, it is not an illusion, it is the true Project of God, the true mission of My Immaculate Heart to the creatures of this Earth.

Today I invite you to imitate My teachings as maternal Mother, as pure Heart of the Creator Who took in Her arms Jesus, obeying to the designs of the Father even without comprehending and without knowing how to do it or how to serve in those old times.

I tell you, My children: encourage yourselves to live in The Lord! Because you will discover the unknown, the true essence of love that comes to this world to heal the hearts.

In these times of many changes I invite you to be in Peace.

That is the word that I will pronounce eternally: Peace. Peace for this world, Peace for all the nations, Peace for all the souls, Peace for all the essences, Peace for all that has been created and which must re-emerge through the contribution of your prayers; prayers that may be born sincerely from the heart.

I thank you for answering to My requests; and for raising your hearts towards the Eternal Peace.

The celestial bells resound to call all the souls, because this is the time of the return; the return of the souls to the Kingdom of the Father so that together as consciousnesses we may glorify God.

This is the true promise for each one of you.

I thank you.

We sing the canticle from the shepherds of Fatima: "Ave, Ave, Ave Maria".

Friar Elias: The Divine Mother said:

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


End of the Apparition.

The group returns to their seats and after a few minutes Madre Shimani and Friar Elias make the closing of the work.


Madre Shimani: Many things happened today.

The first thing that the Mother requested is that the Apparition of tomorrow will be held at 5:30 pm at the Hill of the Apparitions, and thus our task of prayer will start at 4 PM.

The second request that our Mother made was that tomorrow, Sunday at 8:30 am, will be held a study by Friar Arthur, Mother Shimani and Friar Elias, where all of you will be able to ask questions regarding the doubts that you have about the process of the Apparitions and so that we may explain what it means, in these times all of this that is happening.

At the end of this study our Mother asked us to give a gift to all, but it is not something material.


Friar Elias: The Mother saw that we could all have a rose because She wishes to give us a special blessing. She said that in order to give us Her blessings, She requested that each one of you bring a flower.

It does not necessarily need to be a rose; it can be any kind of flower but that each one should bring a flower and that She will give it Her blessing.


Madre Shimani: Tomorrow She also requested that we make during the study some announcements about some tasks that She is commissioning to us.

She also requested that this study be transmitted over the Internet to the whole planet and that it be available at the Divine Mother's webpage. This study must also be translated into English simultaneously.


Friar Elias: Let us make a report of the Apparition.

Today at a certain moment during the prayer of preparation, we had a special visit of Saint Joseph Who came accompanied by two great masters of antiquity: Elijah and Moses. He also gave to us a special task for the next months that tomorrow we will communicate to you with more detail.

The happiness that Saint Joseph transmitted to us today was very intense. The most important teaching that He left recorded in our inner was His devotio

Moments later the time of the Apparition arrived. Our Lady appeared dressed in a very special way and we asked Her what signified these symbols.

She wore a white veil, a light turquoise mantle that was joined together at the height of Her Heart by a rose and a white tunic.

Above Her head, there were twelve stars.

We asked Her what was the significance of the rose on Her Heart; the fact that the rose was fused within her Mantle caught our attention.

She answered that this represented the Mystic Rose but also it represented the fact that She was not only the Mother of God but She was also the Spouse of the Creator. At this moment She opened Her arms and smiled.

We asked Her if She was God's bride (laughter) and She said "I Am the Spouse of the Creator, the Spiritual Spouse"
Soon She asked us to move over to a spot amongst the audience.

There She appeared in the same form as She had appeared at first but this time She came accompanied again by Saint Joseph.

Her proximity was very intense not only because of the height that She was placed Herself but also because of the lights and colors that She irradiated.

Her face was very clear and also the way that She pronounced the words, everything could be heard with much clarity.

When She referred to the cure of the Archangel Rafael, at this moment She brought from the Heaven the presence of the Archangel.

Then we saw descend a mantle of green light which She, with much love, expanded over all of the town of Carmo da Cachoeira.

In another moment when She was transmitting Her message, She appeared with a baby in Her arms. It was a baby of about nine months old and we asked Her if this was Jesus and She said that this baby was the baby of the New Humanity.

She said this is what She aspires to be realized and She said that for this She will not tire of clamoring for Peace. The Peace will allow the aspiration of our Mother to concretize itself.


Madre Shimani: Everyone who would like to participate in the study is invited to come tomorrow morning. The study will be held in F2. Shortly after we will be meeting at the Hill of the Apparitions at 4 PM for the Apparition.


*  End of the apparition  *