Saturday, June 30 of 2012

Special Apparition
APPARITION OF THE DIVINE MOTHER, IN THE Sacred Heart Nucleus, Light-Community of Figueira. Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for June 30, 2012

Dear children,

It is with immense joy that today I invite you to repair My Heart. Today, especially, I reveal My Immaculate Heart so that you may contemplate It.

Dear children, I want to tell you that I am united to you and to all those that, at this moment, hear My call. Today I come to bring the Special Grace of Reparation for your hearts by means of My Inner Reparation.

I can see that many of you have the Scapulary of Peace. Do you know what it means, My beloved children?

It means that you are responding to God the Creator and to the Heavens. And also, My children, it means that My task of peace is materializing on Earth by the simple fact that today all of you are united to Me in prayer.

As the Lady of the Holy Rosary I invite you to pray every day. With this simple response that your hearts will give I will be able to assist all those who are, in this time, in need of a Celestial Mother.

Today, I also want to direct My Blessings especially to all of you, My children. If you keep this blessing that emanates from My Heart, this peace will be able to be propagated among creatures. Know, dear children, that above all the things of life, you are instruments of My Heart when you pray with Me for peace.

You know, dear children, that peace is not present in the world; this is why I need you faithful to My prayer so that I may be able to appear before God for this world.

Today I also want to leave you with an instruction that is born from My Heart: live the Love that My Heart is giving to all of you in these times. In this way, My little ones, My Heart will be able to pilgrimage through this world for longer.

Today I have all of you in My prayers; all means all, and especially those who do not hear My call.

The Lord Jesus My Son, is present in your lives at this moment. Accept, My children, His Rays of Mercy. His Rays are passing through the planes of this world, but many still do not see them. This is why He sends Me to you, so that I may announce His Return.

My Blessing is Directed, also today, to all those who deny God. For all of them I invite you to be in prayer. Remember that God is attentive to the supplications of all of My children.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: At this moment the Lady shows a sign in each one of the palms of Her hands and says that these signs reveal that She carries the world. The Divine Mother continues saying:

With these signs I say to you, dear children, that all the scars that the world generates in the Heavens are disappearing through the prayer of all of you. This means that old wounds have been engraved in the Heart of God, and now the moment has come for them to be repaired by all of you.

Let us pray.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: She places Her hands in a sign of prayer and repeats:

Blood of Christ, wash me.
Blood of Christ, wash me.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón continued transmitting the words of the Divine Mother:

I am untying the knots of the hearts that are suffocated. Dear children, it is simple to talk with God when you allow it. Today I am here as the Lady who unties the knots to alleviate the hearts of My children. Great knots created by the world will be able to be liberated when everyone prays with Me the prayer of the heart. There exists other collaborators who, from the Heavens, untie the knots on the Earth. Know, dear children, that the celestial realities are not distant from your lives; therefore I am here, simply and with love, to help you.

Many of those who have been on Earth living for Christ untied great knots in humanity permitting the Kingdom of the Father to come closer and closer each time, to the Earth. I reveal to you, My children, that the collaboration of all My children who have lived in Christ, and who to- day are with Me in Heaven, helped to open the Doors of Heaven.

Little creatures, know that I have been here for many generations; today as the Queen of Peace, before as the Immaculate Conception; as the Lady of Graces; as the Most Holy Heart of Mary; and many other presences that God has sent Me to show you. In each one of them, dear children, there exists the same essence; the same essence of Love that I am pouring in Medjugorje for Europe; the same essence of love that I am pouring here as the Divine Conception of the Trinity for all of the Americas.

My presence is unique and maternal for all of you. Rejoice your hearts so that I can be here today in your lives. Remember, My children, that it will be necessary to be in faith in this time, the faith promised by Christ to all of you. In this way you will be in the arms of God.

Remember, My children, to have pure thoughts and crystalline feelings, just as the water that bathes you day by day. In this way, you will be with Me in the throne of the Father.

The promise that today I leave for you is to be able to be with My Son. My Immaculate Heart, by means of your response, will be able to triumph so that He may be a true presence in your lives, day by day.

My children, open your hearts each time that I am with you in the apparitions so that I can water the seed that I have sown within you so that it may grow and mature.

Today you are in the abundance of My Fountain, but the hearts of many of My children live in great deserts. This is the pain that I carry throughout time; a pain caused by all those who do not listen.

You who are here, like many of My children who follow Christ, are missionaries of prayer. In this time in the world, I call you to the perpetual reparation with prayer. In this way you will be always with Me, in My arms.

Also know, My children, that God hears you in silence, and that the Heart of My Son and My Heart will always be there, present, in the silence, silence that must awaken in your hearts because in this way you will find My Peace.

Pray today as well, dear children, for the elders, the adults that are alone. I will thank you for this response; everyone needs God to be able to live eternity.

Let us sing to praise the Heart of God.

All intoned the canticle Inmaculado Corazón de María.(*)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: The Divine Mother is saying at this moment that She will give a special blessing to all the other children who respond to Her call. For this, before bidding farewell today, She is going to call here a sister who Our Lady knows trusts in Her.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón continued transmitting the words of the Divine Mother:

May the Kingdom of My Peace be the essence in your hearts.

– End of the Apparition –


(*) Tr: Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today during the apparition, the Divine Mother had a special companion. She approached us as the Queen of Peace, although in a certain moment of the apparition She untied knots.

Before the apparition, a few important things occurred. When the sun was setting, there appeared an army of angels with the presence of an archangel. The archangel, lifting a large monstrance said:

Accept Redemption! Live Redemption!

The monstrance had a Host divided in two parts. He was trying to mend it, to unite it again. As we were praying the archangel elevated our prayers and directed them to the monstrance, towards the broken Host, and said that all of the prayers were restoring a part of Christ.

The special companion was Father Pio, who appeared together with the Divine Mother. While She transmitted Her Message She asked him to give blessings and to do inner healings in those present. Father Pio followed with precision the instructions that Our Lady gave him, reflecting total obedience. He gave blessings by means of a prayer, placing his hand over the head or chest of the people.

At another moment, before the transmission of the message, the Divine Mother showed us the Holy Shroud. The angels that were accompanying Her brought a cloth, which they opened from the left to the right when She indicated, extending it as a great Mantle. Numerous angels held the edges of this precious cloth. Once it was extended the body of Jesus could clearly be seen imprinted on the fabric. One of the angels that held the Holy Shroud said that they kept in the Heavens a copy of the true Shroud that had enveloped the body of Jesus.

This sheet, this Shroud that they held with so much love, became illuminated and radiated a very powerful light. At this moment the codes that It kept were projected over this place.

Then the body of Jesus imprinted on the Shroud disappeared, and over the Shroud appeared many images, images as if of a film, where different moments of the life of Jesus in Jerusalem could be seen. For example, moments of His public life; moments of the Passion and of the Crucifixion.

At the same time this great Shroud would absorb and receive all of our prayers, which were helping in many situations that were taking place on the planet; situations that somehow began to be solved. Our Lady showed this so that we could understand the power of prayer.

In the beginning of the apparition the Divine Mother made a request and an invitation to us saying:

Dear children, today I bring you a Special Grace, a new permission that God has granted Me to be among you.

My Heart is in the New Earth. Will you receive Me in this Community?

In the name of all the brothers and sisters present we said “yes” to Her. Then, more seriously but without losing Her joy, She said to me:

In truth, dear son, it is a Special Grace that I will pour over the population that is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Dear children, I will approach all those children who were rescued because My Heart is with them, and My Special Grace is also with them.

Remember to say, dear son, that many of these children must continue to pray so that they may soon be with Me.

She explained that, with the exercise of prayer that the children will be carrying out, other children will be assisted who She wants to reach in this time.

We asked Her where She was going to appear, and She replied:

In the new lands, in the Community New Earth. And I want something else for that day – and opening Her arms She illuminated Her Face and, looking at us with a smile on Her lips She said: I want 33 white roses and something even more special; I want the children to sing to Me before the apparition. When they sing they will allow Me to help other souls.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: It seems like our Divine Mother does not want to leave any place without Light. The permissions that God grants Her are the result of our response. Therefore, let us be attentive to where Our Lady will continue to place Her Heart. We will have to have our bags always ready.

Thank you very much for responding to the call of our Divine Mother.