Wednesday, June 13 of 2012



In the last Prayer Meeting in Lujan, the group gathered at 3:30 pm to begin with the prayer of attunement.

The place on the stage was very simply organized, there was a beautiful altar where was found the image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, with many candles and flowers.


Mother Shimani: We are going to start attuning ourselves through an operative prayer that we have learned in this days, which will keep us attentive, alert and conscious.

Let us work especially with the ¨Universal Mother¨ prayer, to bring to this region all Its attributes.

Each time that we pronounce some of the attributes, let us try to bring this energy to here, with all our love.


The prayer starts.

After some beads a pause is made to read the daily message in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Continuing the canticles and prayers, until the last canticle “Immaculate Heart of Mary,” the Divine Mother approached Herself quickly. 

Then the bells were heard announcing Her arrival.

Friar Elias stood upright and together with Mother Shimani went to the right side of the altar, where the Celestial Mother appeared. 

While the whole group was singing with much fervor, Friar Elias and Mother Shimani were talking between themselves about the indications that the Divine Mother was giving to them.

Everything that was spoken was translated from Spanish to Portuguese and to English.


Mother Shimani: Our Mother wants to do a special task with all of us, and for this we will move to another place in the room.

Let us pray ¨Hail Mary¨.

Then, after some beads, we sang the canticle that the little shepherds of Fatima used to do:  ¨Ave, Ave Maria¨, and after the canticle of ¨Ave Maria¨ was sung.

At this moment, Friar Elias, Mother Shimani and the rest of the brothers and sisters that collaborate in the apparitions moved to a place in the room in the middle of the people.

There was silence, Friar Elias got on his knees and started transmitting the words of the Divine Mother.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother said:

In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Today I want to remind you of something important: that always My heart will invite you to prayer.

As the Immaculate Conception, today I bring you the Light of My kingdom, so that you know that My Divinity will always be present here in this world and it will be in the next humanity.

Today I bring you the light of My face of peace so that you may hold on to it and unite yourselves to My Immaculate Faith.

Also I want to tell you, dear children, that I am very grateful, because the Father has allowed me to be here, above you and accompanying you.

(She appeared above those present).

Glimpse the extent of My blue belt, the symbol of prosperity and of the reconciliation among the hearts of the whole world, which for you represents the Celestial Grace.

I want to tell you that My Maternal Grace is among you for a special reason, because I am contemplating  the needs of each one of My children and I will respond to them at the correct time, in God´s time.

But in order for the Grace to exist in your hearts there must exist reconciliation, for this I am here, to concede to you this Grace.

Now, as hearts of humanity, put your miseries on My mantle, so that I can turn them into stars of light and return them to you.

I am here too for a special motive which I will tell you.

The opening of your hearts has allowed Me to return to Argentina.

This is, dear children, so that you know how is lived fidelity, fidelity that will bring you to find Mercy, to find Peace.

Today I come as the Immaculate Conception to bring you My message of Blessing, and to tell you that I am always contemplating you in My Maternal Heart.

Today I open My arms again to receive you, because it is there where you should be, together with Me, as Jesus was.

I want to take you to find the new mystery of Peace that is guarded in each one of your hearts, but few know it.

I am the standard of Peace that wants to take you to this encounter with Peace, thus you will be able to release your deepest sufferings that I know very well.

But for this, you must first take a step towards Me, in order to then find My Son.  Know that I Am the first faithful disciple of Jesus.

It is necessary, dear children, that in prayer you find the Holy Spirit.

This Spirit will be the new Divine Stream that will help the world.

For this, the Divine Conception shows you the face of the Divine Trinity, and even that you do not now understand this mystery, you will understand it when you be with Me in prayer.

Dear children, do you know what it is to be immaculate for these times?

The answer you will find in the prayer of the heart. And, how is found this inner response?

When the prayer is pure, true and sincere.

Today, dear children, with an immense joy, I invite you to pray for all of the souls.

This way My Heart will be unfold towards the Earth and will be dwelling in the heart of all of My children, so that Christ can live in them.

When I announce to you that I will be back, I am referring that I will be back in the next days, for this wait with immense love for My coming.

Very soon you will understand.

It is necessary also that you see the crown of My stars over your hearts, they are the new twelve gifts that will guide the souls.

Some are already reciting them in their prayers, but others do not know them yet, and all this discovery also begins with prayer.

To end I want you to leave you My Gratitude and My Peace, and to tell you that what you have lived here, that you will be able to live it again in Paradise.

Let us pray.


Friar Elias: The Lady is asking us to pray ¨Lady of the Graces¨ to bring Peace to this moment, mainly – She said to all those ones who are lost in this Nation.

The Divine Mother tells us:

Eternally My Heart looks for those ones who are lost and who no one can support.

This prayer will help you all. Raise your hearts towards My Heart now.

Feel the beat of My Maternal Love.

I am teaching you to pray with the heart.

Concentrate your sights in the being-center of each one of you and talk to God, which is there.

As the Mother of the Mercy, I will help you also in this exercise and as the Immaculate Conception, I want to wash you up with the water of the Source of My Son.

Hold onto My mantle with your hands now. Let’s begin from the heart.


Lady of the Graces,
     Spirit of Peace,
Emerges as a flame,
     In our hearts,


This prayer is prayed for a couple of times.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:

Thank you little children of God for answering to My call.

My Mission is that My Maternal Love sprout in your hearts to reach Peace in the world.

This is the true mystery of faith for all in this time.

This is the Light that I want to bring to you, to forgive and so to redeem in light the heart.

I thank you Infinitely.

In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen


Friar Elias: Thank you Mother of God for how much you give us.

Everyone repeats.

*  End of the Apparition  *


The group goes back to sit down in their original places.


Mother Shimani: Now we will stay some minutes in silence and after we will make a short account of some of the events that have happened during the Apparition.

We are going to review the words of the Mother, placing them in the heart.

And allow for all that we have lived, to enter into our consciousness and so that it does not go away anymore.

For some minutes everyone stays in silence, trying to keep in the heart everything that was said and was felt.


Mother Shimani: Well, now we are going to do a short account of some of the things that have happened during the Apparition in the other planes.


Friar Elias: Today, as Our Lady announced, She came as the Immaculate Conception, as the Apparition in Lourdes, France.

As many have felt, it was a very intense Apparition as She was very close to all of us, so close it was Her light and Her consciousness, that was a human and alive Consciousness.

She appeared behind the painting, and while we were singing Her face She was drawing Her face little by little.

When we could see Her clearly, we saw Her, She was crying and we asked Her why

She was crying.

And She replied us that She was crying out of happiness, because She would be returning to Argentina.

At the beginning we did not understand but later on she explained it to us.

She said that Saturday (the 16th of June) She will appear in the city of Buenos Aires, in a place that God will be manifesting.

That we should trust in the Divine Providence and that it will be in a place that God will provide us.

Wherever it is, She will be with us at 7:00 pm to transmit the daily message. We asked Her the reason of this special Apparition.

She said that the crying was a expression of joy that She felt through the Grace received from God to be able to appear in the city of Buenos Aires.

She wants to do something important, that we do not know but that we have to accompany Her and encourage ourselves to follow Her as missionaries and pilgrims.

During the first part of the Apparition, She made a revelation and a promise that was very important, She told us that if there is an intensification in the prayer groups during the next three years, praying the known prayers and adding the Holy Rosary, Argentina will receive much help.

And She promised that this way She will be able to collaborate with the big changes that are approaching to this nation.

She also said that if Argentina consecrates to Her Immaculate Heart, it will be an immense joy in the Heavens.

You have seen that at the beginning of the Apparition, and also at the end, the electric energy got cut off.

The Mother said that we should not be scared because it was a consequence of the movement of Her Consciousness that was strongly manifested today, more than yesterday.

The movement that She made, of moving above the persons, meant a bigger movement of energy and of Heaven that opens upon all in each Apparition.

During the Apparition, while She was transmitting Her words, She was helping the Argentinean nation very much, especially to all those souls in need of help, the ones that still are in intermediate planes and cannot be elevated to Heavens.

Truly She was very thankful for the answer of everyone and especially because we opened our heart.

When we did the prayer ¨Lady of the Graces,¨ She did a very lovely exercise with us, an exercise of contemplation, of feeling the prayer with the heart, to enter into the deepest, in the soul of each one of us.

This allowed, according to what She told us, for us to be closer to Her.

Thank you all.

It ends singing the canticle ¨The Woman who guides us¨.