Monday, May 21 of 2012

Special Apparition

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for May 21, 2012

Dear children,

If you are in My arms you are with Me, and in this way, tomorrow you will be in the Heart of My Son before He returns to give you, for the second time, His Good News.

Today smile to life and thus, dear children, you will allow My Ray of Peace to reach more souls through your hearts. This, so simple, is what I ask you today: to live the truth, the peace and the serenity that My Immaculate Heart brings to your lives. Live in My joy and in this way I will be able to bring you to the Temple of My Son, to the House of the Father.

Today I also want to ask that you continue praying with the heart. The world is being helped very much because the kind eyes of God are on each one of your lives, contemplating each one of your hours and those of all My children who need peace and salvation to be born again before the Love of the Creator.

Today I want to correct two things in each one of your lives:

First, you must not allow the heart to suffer, and for this today I invite you to live in the perseverance of the Light, the Unity and the Love that the Heart of My Son promises you in this moment.

Second, today I also ask you that in prayer you allow to emerge in your hearts the immaculate fire that My Heart is pouring into you at each moment. In this way, My children, you will be calling all those who are in need of salvation and protection in these times.

Today, see once again in My hands the beads of prayer. This exercise must be continuous and in this way you will allow, dear children, that the mysteries of the Father that will lead you to consecration may be revealed in your lives, to each one at their own moment. In order for this to happen, prayer is primordial because it will not only lead you to peace when you persist, but also you will be able to find My Heart present in the path of your lives.

Why do I repeat all this to you today?

Dear children, the time has come to persevere on this path of transformation that each one of you is living before the Face and the Heart of My Son. Therefore, believe and live in His Mercy so that His Rays may reach you and thus convert your hearts.

It is also necessary to contemplate the Heart of God to ease the offenses that He receives from this world. But also today, believe in the Power of My Immaculate Grace that comes to help all of My children in these times of conversion and definition in the spiritual life of all.

If you allow Me to take your hands I will be able to lead you to a true and merciful encounter with the Lord Jesus.

In this time of changes that many of My children live within this world, I invite you only to prayer and to activate the flame of the heart so that you may be united to My Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father that today I also bring to you with much compassion.

I have you all very present within My Being and within My perpetual prayer, contemplating the heart of My children, all those who must walk towards redemption so that the Plan of the Father may be fulfilled, at least in some souls. For this it is necessary to find the fire in the heart, the Flame of the Holy Spirit, which will permeate you when you invoke it in prayer.

In this way you will be able to see how the same Spirit that descended over Me and the apostles when I was on Earth, descends over you. This same Spirit will be able to come and help all the hearts that accept the conversion and the transformation of all the faults committed, by means of the Holy Spirit and the fire of Love of My Son.

Know that My Son still pours the Rays of His Compassion and Mercy, but it is still necessary, My children, that the hearts truly open themselves to live this promised encounter with God, that will lead you towards Eternity, to Paradise.

Serve God in prayer and in the love that can be born from your hearts, because on this path you will find peace and you will be with Me in the mission of peace for the world.

To serve is to love, it is to give oneself to God, it is to share the true fraternity that is lived in the Heavens, which may descend to the Earth through you, My very dear children.

Today I am upon the world, bringing especially the conversion for all creatures that have not yet awakened in forgiveness and in the love of the heart; creatures that still live irreparable faults and that My Immaculate Heart tries to balance through Love and through My victorious Light. Faults of My children, those who I call, but who are lost and who need God. The collaboration from all of you, although small, will allow My intercession for all of them.

Today I leave you the Presence of My Heart so that you may remember It and adore It, and in this way you may be able to reach My Son. Because, know that He always waits for you in prayer and in silence, which is very necessary to give peace within the great noise that the world lives, a world that still does not pray and in which there are very few who respond to the call.

But the hour of conversion, of the opportunity before the Father, will come for all at the end of this time. And, in this exercise of Salvation, of Conversion and also of Redemption, My Immaculate Heart will be present helping My children, lifting them and assisting them with My Maternal Heart.

May the celestial victory of the Father, may the power of His Compassionate and Merciful Love that descends through My Son to all of you, be able to convert you and prepare you for the new, for the Good News, for the Hour of Peace, of Universal Harmony.

I thank you for responding to My call, because in this response the world and humanity have been helped very much.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: The Divine Mother always says that silence helps us to remember things, especially when we are before an apparition and everything that She gives us as Light.

Today She visited us as the Queen of Peace; She was wearing a sky blue mantle and a pink tunic. She had Her right hand on Her chest and with the left hand She was holding a rosary with many beads, and so far She has not told us how many they were.

Before She appeared, during the prayer, we saw lightning bolts that permeated all of this area and beyond. At that moment some groups of angels, in armies, approached. They were in a state of contemplation and constant prayer preparing this place. They were also using our prayers to do a service during the preparation of the arrival of the Divine Mother.

Today something also happened that sometimes occurs in other apparitions, which may occur with more or less intensity, depending on the depth of our prayer and on the inner openness that we put in it. At a certain moment while there was lightning, a channel of light descended upon the top of the tree that we have in front of us. Usually this is an indication that the consciousness of the Divine Mother is approaching. It is important to be aware that the condition for the approach of the Divine Mother is the prior work that the angels perform, creating channels of Light.

At some moment the angels began to gather at a point of the Sky, forming concentric circles, and at each moment more angels approached. It seemed that during the prayer they remained observing something that was gathering them. In the center of this gathering of angels there was something that, for a long time, we could not see, until there appeared a great golden chalice with many consecrated Hosts in it. Then each one of the angels, which were many, took a Host from this chalice and headed out from the planet. And then they began to place them over the Earth, covering the whole globe with consecrated Hosts.

At another moment, almost at the end of the prayer, the angles showed Christian wooden crosses. They placed themselves in the Heights to our right and to our left and they contemplated the channel of Light that they had opened over the tree.

Today, as in other apparitions, the wind moved the garments of the Divine Mother with much harmony. This happened especially when She arrived.

She manifested a contemplative state and at the same time a great devotion towards us, Her children, and towards all of humanity.

While She transmitted Her words we could see behind Her, as in each apparition, an open Sky where the presence of the Father was manifested as an energy of Light that sometimes changed color, from pink to white or sky blue, and at times all the colors were manifested at the same time.

Her words would become clearer as we approached Her, which generated inside of us, as we heard Her, much peace and harmony.

As you heard, the Divine Mother spoke about prayer because with everything that is happening in humanity, She is making a special intercession through prayer, because She said that there are many events that are being generated.

For this reason She left two requests: the first one is to continue with prayer; the second is to write down an intention on a piece of paper and to place it in a basket where She will appear in Fatima on the 25th and 26th of May, 2012. To those who go and do this, She promised to radiate all these intentions and to intercede for all these lives.

The Divine Mother said that She will know what each one’s intention will be, that in truth She already knows it, but that it is necessary that we do this exercise to be able to detach from something.

Thank you all.



Monday, May 14 of 2012

Special Apparition

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Children are the first to enter Heaven, they enter before the adults.

At that moment, one could hear the laughter of some children that were playing in the park of the Nucleus.

Stay with Me today, here and in this moment.

Message for May 14, 2012

Dear children,

With joy I give thanks once more for the response of everyone. The Lord is sharing His Blessings of Peace and Love with each one of you and with your families; consequently, My children, with all the families in the world.

I want you to consider My words today, as a guideline to start living prayer as something important for each one of you.

Today I need you not only to be here, but also in the world, carrying My Peace and My Love through prayer and the surrender to God that each one of you can make in this last hour. In this way, dear children, you will be responding to the need of the world to relieve the suffering and the hearts. Thus, My Peace will be able to satisfy all the hearts that urgently need Peace and Light in order to resurrect from the life that each one of My children lives, far from God.

I also want you to know that on this day My Immaculate Heart ignites little souls so that they can live their redemption and the encounter with Love, the True Love of My Son, that today is also announced to you through My presence in Portugal.

Dear children, it is important that you live in communion with My Son so that the mind may receive wisdom from the Heart of Christ in each decision you will have to make in your lives in this time of changes.

If you were united to My Heart, I would be able to accompany you and follow your steps when you openly allow Me to.

Know that when I was here in Fatima, a long time ago, it was because of the Will of the Lord and for the conversion of the hearts. Hearts that still today, must continue converting themselves to the Glory of God and before His Judgment. Know that Mercy is at the door of each one of you. It is enough to ask for it through Christ.

Today I also tell you that many faults that each one of you know in the depths of the heart and soul have been forgiven throughout these last days by My merciful Presence, thanks to the fire of Love and of the infinite devotion that I have for each one of My children.

Also know, My children, that I only wait for you to find humility and true purity in order to be in the Lord in these times that are approaching, when He will then come to the encounter of everyone.

Your hearts, little children, must be prepared, not only through the practice of My prayer, but also through communion, confession and the daily participation of your lives before God, before His Majesty and Splendor. Here I am referring to His throne of Peace and Light that all My children must find.

And for this gift to multiply in each one of My children, you must only be in prayer. A deep prayer that builds day by day, from Heart to heart, the union with Me so that it may attract, through My intercession, all the Graces that My children, the world and the nations need in these times, above all things.

Also know that My words, which are authorized by God, are ending, but My Immaculate Heart will continue serving each one of the souls so that they may achieve forgiveness and conversion in this time.

The Lord has allowed Me to pour the last founts of Mercy to transform the hearts of all humanity and even more of those who are distant from the Father and who must ask for forgiveness so that I can take everyone towards the Promised Kingdom, announced by My Son Jesus in Jerusalem.

This promise of the Kingdom of the Father must be alive in your hearts together with prayer and the giving to the neighbor. In this way you will be able to find Light on the path, patience in the heart and peace in life in spite of what happens in the world, and I will be able to tell you that you will be united to My Heart in spite of everything.

Many still must come to the Maternal Encounter with Me. For this, My children, you must be prepared not only by opening the heart but also the arms, as I have been doing for so long, for so many centuries in this world, so that My Heart may be able to reach everyone without limits and without restrictions. In this way life is totally consecrated to the Father. This is all I ask of you: to consecrate the heart, because in this way you will be consecrating your life to My Son, who waits for all.

This is all that I want to say to you today.

But there is something else that I ask of you: do not lose what I have given you in these days. Continue united to Me within My Heart. This is possible when the soul lives humility and learns to love with the wise examples of charity and giving of life to others. You will be in this way imitating My path as a Servant, to which I want to take you quickly to enter into the Kingdom of the Lord.

Out of Mercy on the children that My Son delivered to Me, I sustain with My hands the prayers that I perpetually announce and pronounce before the throne of the Father.

Keep peace for the most important hours of this world and thus you will be able to help Me so that it can be spread over those children who will need it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Peace! Peace! Peace for the world!

This is My perpetual prayer.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

– End of the Apparition –

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: In the apparition of today the Divine Mother presented Herself as meditative. She appeared as the Queen of Peace, She wore a white veil and a pink tunic, and as always, She held beads in Her hands. She came accom- panied by two angels that appeared as lightning and prepared Her coming at the scheduled time.

Generally, She lowers Her face and smiles before beginning to speak. Her presence radiated a very maternal energy. Today She told us again that She was sheltering and receiving all the pilgrims, especially those from the Portuguese nation.

For the second time She spoke about what happened in Fatima. She said that this event had universal importance and that everything that had occurred and was seen in Fatima on the part of humanity, was not understood in depth at that moment. She was referring to all the levels of the Portuguese nation and of the planet that the consciousness of the Divine Mother was touching and impregnating.

When She referred to Fatima She invited us to, above all, recall the period of Her apparitions and of the actions that Her consciousness made with other consciousnesses that were not revealed but that collaborated with Her arrival on the planet.

There was a moment during the apparition when She said that we should not only be with our hearts open, but also with our arms open. Then She opened Her arms and showed Her Immaculate Heart. She explained to us that by means of this sign that She was giving us today, of being with open arms, our hearts would always open and love would arise. She was inviting us in a symbolic way to do the same with everyone.

Today also She referred to the importance of fasting, and as a good Mother, She reminded us that the days of fasting are Tuesdays and Saturdays. She said that She considers the giving of each one by means of fasting and that it really does not matter the way each one fasts, but that She was reminding us about this exercise because it helped Her Marian Mission on Earth, mainly in the mission that She has with the souls in different parts of the world.

At the end of the apparition when She was leaving, She blessed this place and all those present in a special way. Then She ascended towards Heaven, converting Herself into a sphere of Light that alighted at another point. There She appeared once more as the Queen of Peace and when She definitively disappeared, in a very subtle way, She formed a shower of rose petals that covered the whole range of the hills.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: I would like to reflect on two things: first, the more prepared and concentrated we are, the greater the possibility of Her acting on each one of us. Our minds and our lower consciousnesses need a certain vibration and a certain work to be aligned and to maintain the inner contact with the Consciousness of the Divine Mother. If we are distracted, this will not happen. When we do not make a good task of preparation, She cannot work as much with us.

The second reflection we wanted to make is that today She said that those important mistakes that each one knows that they have made, that which is kept deeply inside, will be forgiven by Her Mercy during these days when we will be with Her. And She also said:

Do not lose what I have given you on these days.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: Does any one have any question?

Question: Does Mary speak through the expressions of Her face or does She also use telepathy?

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: The Divine Mother uses various resources to communicate. Sometimes She speaks in silence, sometimes She pronounces words.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: And She moves Her lips, complementing what was said.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: And sometimes She uses Her creative power, the power of Her mind to transmit information. She uses whatever She has available.



Tuesday, May 1 of 2012

Special Apparition

The group gathered in the Monastery of the Divine Trinity, as requested by the Divine Mother.

Before starting the work of prayer, Mother María Shimani de Montserrat shared some reflections with those present.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: Before starting the prayer that prepares the arrival of the Divine Mother, we would like to share some reflections with everyone.

We have had the feeling that we have never understood well the reach of the words of the Divine Mother; if we had understood, our attitude would be different. But this time we will make an effort to put in our consciousness and in our heart the importance of the praying action in the face of Divine Justice, for what this great city has generated up until this day.

The Divine Mother came to this place by a special permission from the Creator, and it is necessary that we make an effort for Her coming to produce the fruits that She and we expect.

At this moment in which the planet is preparing itself to face important changes, all of our actions, as missionaries of peace consciousnesses that we are, must be done with a great commitment. It is necessary to reflect if we are placing our time and our dedication at the service of the Hierarchy or if we will remain involved with our personal things. But if we have the right attitude, we will always be able to, in balance, carry on with our lives. We truly need to reflect on the proposal that the Hierarchy has made to the inhabitants of this city.

I would like to emphasize that this situation is not common and, from what we have heard from the Divine Mother during these years, we can say that it has been a very surprising promise on the part of Our Lady, and with all our respect and our love, I would say also, very daring: to offer us the possibility that the Divine Justice may descend with harmony and lightness over this region.

It is the first time that the Divine Mother transmits so many instructions and revelations to humanity. We need to value what is happening. If in this moment we are not totally conscious, when a little more time goes by and some things have already happened, perhaps we will understand what the apparitions of these times meant to humanity.

It is a call to our consciousnesses. We know that She is already in our hearts. Now we need to open our consciousnesses and adhere to Her call with much more conviction and with the love of our hearts. This will increase our faith and our determination to collaborate with the Hierarchy in this Rescue Plan so that humanity may receive in a more balanced way and in peace that which it needs to learn.

We feel that She wants to deepen the assistance to this city so that some situations, that would not be good for anyone, may be deactivated.

So, to collaborate more consciously with our Divine Mother, as part of humanity and as inhabitants of this city, let us say “yes” so that the energy of Our Lady and of the Holy Spirit will come here and continue with this assistance and with the deactivation of energies that would otherwise compromise the normal development of this part of humanity.

After these reflections let us begin the attunement, putting our consciousness, our heart and our love in each word, in each canticle.

Let us begin as She taught us, opening the door to the Holy Spirit so that It will accompany us in the task of today.

When we sing Luminous Bird, let us know that we are invoking the Spirit of Light, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth, the feminine aspect of the Trinity that we know as the Holy Spirit.

The group sang Luminous Bird and started to pray. After praying for about an hour the Divine Mother approached.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Mother María Shimani de Montserrat stood up. After a few minutes Mother María Shimani de Montserrat transmitted that the Divine Mother had asked everyone to leave the room because the apparition would take place in the garden.

When everyone arrived at the place, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón started transmitting the words of the Divine Mother.

Message for May 1, 2012

My dear children,

With immense joy you receive Me in this home. I also hope that in all the other homes you may receive Me like this, glorifying the Name of God and bringing peace to Earth through prayer.

My dear children, today I invite you to be in My Peace because this vow must be renewed day by day so that it may prevail and so that Peace itself, that is My Peace, may guide you during the difficult times that the world will go through during its purification.

But do not be afraid today, dear children, keep your feelings in the center of My Heart. So, among hearts, We will be united in the Purpose that God has for the world, thanks to the daily response that your hearts give to My call.

I also thank you for your perseverance and for the constant prayer that is necessary for all My children, those who lose themselves minute by minute, hour by hour, moment by moment, in each part of the world. Therefore, if you unite your efforts within My Immaculate Heart, I will be able to guide you and My steps will lead you towards God.

Today, also keep in your hearts the importance of silence so that you may hear the instruction of the Lord, the call of My Son, announced through His Faithful Servant. My merciful eyes will lead you towards more infinite paths, where there is no darkness, but only the Peace and the Love of My Heart.

Today I also collect the prayers of all My children who are in other parts of the world, honoring the Heart of God and persevering in faith in this hour of tests. For this reason, you must not fear, dear children, and know that My Immaculate Heart can take you through the paths that Christ walked to reach the Father. This is the goal of your hearts through the consecration that each one of you can live at this hour.

Let us pray, let us pray, My children, because it is necessary to be able to continue walking towards God.

Lady of Graces,
Spirit of Peace,
spring up as a flame
in our hearts.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Know, My dear children, that My Heart is here so that you will be able to renew your trust in God. My mantle extends itself over the world while My Heart is present here, and enters into this humanity. My children, drink from the Fountain of Love and Peace that My Heart brings to you so that you may be able to erase any pain from your hearts.

Know that I also know each inner situation, therefore entrust your situations to My Heart so that I may be able to hear, forgive and heal them before God. In this way you will be able to renew your lives by means of the ministry of My Son, in the coming and in the return of His Love and in His total Peace.

I also want to tell you that I am keeping something special for you, something about My coming to this place until the end of this year. My Heart will be here on every 24th, and then, on every 25th and 26th, It will be in Figueira.

Also know, dear children, that everyone must follow My steps, those that are being marked by My feet for the approaching time in different parts of the world, as in Portugal, Argentina and Nicaragua.

When I am no longer here, you will be able to be in Me and thus We will be united, sharing the same heart and the same Purpose that God has for each one of your lives. You will discover with prayer what My Heart will dictate each moment to you. Resolve life through prayer, this is the true path that will guide you towards peace.

Listen to the voice of the Servant who wants to accompa- ny you in the steps that you are taking. The commitment today is in the life of prayer; in this way you will be in Me and My Immaculate Heart will be in you. Therefore, trust this promise.

I thank you for responding to My call and for your prayers done for all My children who need Peace.

Keep the stars of My Crown so that they can serve you as Light on the path.

I thank you from My Maternal Heart.

My Immaculate Heart for each one of you.

Thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: During the apparition silence prevailed, a silence that spoke without Her really speaking. It was a silence that transmitted much peace, confidence and security that She was here. She was also very joyful for each one of us and She invited us to persevere in prayer, to not lower our arms and to continue forward.

The first request that the Divine Mother made was for this Nucleus: that this place be transformed into a garden of roses in honor of Her Immaculate Heart. She said that any creature, any brother or sister who comes here and sees the garden of roses, will be able to identify it with the Divine Mother, and thus will already have been prepared to enter the House of Prayer. It is an inner task with the Plant Kingdom that She is offering to us.

Today the Divine Mother also liberated some energies of the city, which were being removed as She addressed Her words.

As Mother that She is, She knows the inner situation of each one of us. We remained as crystalline as water before Her, where everything can be seen. As She spoke She would point out and say:

Look at that one who needs a bit more attention. Now I am going to direct My gaze towards that son who needs Me the most.

She announced that the next apparition in São Paulo will be on the 24th of June and will be public. She also said that the apparitions of the 25th and 26th of May in Portugal will be publicly transmitted through the internet.

She also said that She will come back here until the end of the year unless the Father requests Her to go to some other place. Anyway, She invited us to be united with Her through prayer wherever Her pilgrimage may go.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: We see that our task is expanding. She wants to come back here to continue assisting the city of São Paulo, which will be very important for everyone. Thus, let us prepare Her house, because this is Her house, to receive Her on the 24th of the upcoming months.

The only thing we have to take care of is that the Divine Mother may be able to enter into our hearts to help us in the times that will come. Let Her awaken in us this ardent devotion that She wants to activate; it will be a great experience.

Let us make an effort for our prayer to have the power that God has given it and that we have not been able to discover yet. Let us allow this Power of God to work on this planet and that we may be able to overcome the tests that will come, in union, in a fraternal way. Let us thus allow that our faith in the Hierarchy may increase more each time and then we will all see how the events unfold.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: In a certain moment of the apparition She said something else important:

I ask you that today be a day of prayer.

She asked us to pray, each one in their home, the four Mysteries of the Rosary so that through this task the Heart of God may be repaired, and She said that this task would continue until the end of the days.

Thank you all.



Saturday, May 26 of 2012

Special Apparition


The group gathered at 5:30 pm, as on the day before in an auditorium in the city of Fatima to pray and to wait for the Divine Mother.

During the prayer the Divine Mother unexpectedly asked a collaborator to do the simultaneous translation of the Mother’s words into English.  Therefore everyone listened to Her words in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Almost an hour after the prayer and the canticles began, the presence of the Divine Mother is felt in a very intense way.  At a certain moment while everybody sang, Friar Elias and Mother Shimani stand up, announcing the coming of the Celestial Mother.

Silence was requested, we heard fourteen rings of the bell and the words “Moment of Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart.”

Soon afterwards began the transmission of the words of the Mother.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Know that today you are here to be one in God.

Dear children, with immense joy I thank you. My maternal heart is in your hands because in this way I want to come to all My children. Today I need you here, as I will also need you on the other side of the world.

Dear children, I want you to know that I bring in My Heart Good News, that I want you to hear in this moment.

Place your hearts under My maternal rays, today I am being kind and prodigious with you.

The Grace that I bring you today My children, is that My maternal Heart wants to come with Its Voice to a place in the world, this place is the United States. My Heart of Light wants to descend on California on the days of the 12th and 13th of September this year.

And one more Grace I bring you: that My words of peace may be transmitted to everybody as in these days (by the internet) in Lujan, Argentina, in Nicaragua and in California. In this way My Heart of Peace may come to all.

Know that My maternal Heart has interceded for this also I intercede for you all.

This is the special Grace, this is the bliss and My joy for this day.

Celebrate with joy this meeting with Me, because many souls are being touched through My Call and in the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

Today place your left hand over your heart.  Know that with it I will always talk to you, know that it is that which knows joy, know that it is that which goes to Heaven.  For this dear children, cultivate pure feelings so that your hearts may hear the words of truth, the truth of God, the truth of His Love in your hearts.

This will permit the sincere and true prayer that is born from the heart.  I only want that you imitate My path so that you can reach the Lord who is here and now with you through the presence of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, dear little ones, smile to life, the Lord is placing you in His arms of Peace. Know that the true inner child must be born again, for this I pray and for this I wait.  If you are inside My Immaculate Heart you will be as roses that will blossom to remove from me the thorns.

Dear children, concentrate your consciousnesses in the Heart that today must awaken through the Grace of My forgiveness so that thus the Lord may reveal to you the Glory of His Kingdom, which must be alive inside you.

See now, dear children, how the souls that are outside heal themselves by praising God (from the beginning of the Apparition we hear joyful canticles of praise in a place nearby).

Why is this occurring my dear children?  How is it happening?

Placing the heart in God, the tears of pain and of suffering disappear for the joy of God present in My children.

What is more important for these times dear children, than wanting to be in God?

Many souls withdraw in this life and others search for consolation outside of God.  Then, dear children, I only ask that you pray for them because the Lord needs everybody so that, in love, the great trials may be overcome.

Today I ask you to redirect your hearts in My Heart of Peace.  In this way, little children of light, you will be in Christ.  Know My children, that My maternal Heart was fused into Jesus during the great surrender here on Earth and My Immaculate Heart was Glorified when the Lord called Me to Heaven.

Children, come into Heaven as did the Mother and Queen of Peace.  I am opening the doors so that all My children may enter into the true Inner Kingdom that first must be lived in the heart so that after it may be known by your souls in Paradise.

Do you know what is Paradise?  It is not an illusion for souls, it is the presence of the souls upon the Heart of God.  This is Paradise, it is where I want to take you.  But first you must forgive so that you may to be able to know it.

Also there are two principles that in this time you must live: love among all and peace in humanity.

Know, dear children, that I only invite you to live in prayer so that you may know the gifts of the Father and His little hearts may be glorified as Mine.  Thus you may know how simple and humble it is to be in God.  When God sent Me to the Earth He allowed Me to know something important about humanity: the original purity that He placed in each one of you.

Today My children, here in Fatima and for the second time, celebrate in the procession that in a short time you will experience (the Divine Mother had asked us to participate this night in a Procession of Candles in the Sanctuary), with the flame of the heart lit up so that My Grace may purify all pain by the offer of your hearts in this exercise of fraternity that God is asking of you.

My children, walk stripped of everything so that Christ may reign in you through My call to prayer.  God wants for the world to be consecrated to His Heart through My Immaculate Heart and through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  This is the Father’s aspiration for this time and this is the reason for My staying in the world.

I want you to keep these words as a great memory in your lives so that you will recognize them at the end of this time.

With prayer in My hands and with My Heart manifested to you, go in Peace and in Eternal Joy.

I want to consecrate these intentions because I have promised to (this refers to a basket full of letters written by those present in which the Divine Mother asked that each one write an intention directed to her).  May this intention be the strength that stimulates you to pray more.

As Lady of the Graces today I want to pour over your heart all the light that springs from My Heart because I know your intentions and supplications and, above all, the need for Peace in the world.

With this call which is spread by My Marian Voice and which extends itself to the nations as a request of God, I want you to accompany Me as a pilgrim with bare feet and an open heart because in this simple way, My children, you will be following the steps towards your consecration.

I place all intentions in Heaven, for this, sing with Me, sing to the Only God.


In this moment we were asked to sing the canticle “Mercy, O Mary” for a few minutes.


Friar Elias: Let us now make a prayer that Our Lady is asking to see Her off:


Holy Spirit,
convert the consciousnesses,
redeem the hearts,
for the Glory of God.



We pray phrase by phrase this prayer many times.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother said:



May the Peace of the Lord be with you. Thank you for answering My call.

Go in peace and in joy because in the evening vespers the prayer will prepare your hearts for the awaited encounter. (We felt She was talking about the return of Christ to the Earth.)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


- End of the Apparition -


Mother Shimani: Let us stay in silence for a few minutes trying to approach the effort that Our Mother is making so that everybody may understand Her message.

Let’s meditate a little on what has happened and how Her mantle has extended to other places on the planet, and also how She does not want anyone to be without Her Love and Her Protection and how She surprised us today with this translation to English so that our brothers and sisters that speak this language could receive Her message.  The commitment of appearing in the United States has as a goal to be able to reach the heart of all Her children.

Let us feel gratitude in our hearts.

Let’s sing “Bendita Tu Eres” (Blessed Are You) to thank Her and to say goodbye to our Mother.


The canticle is sung for several minutes and with much gratitude and joy.


Mother Shimani: It seems that today we had a lot of surprises. The Mother has asked us to translate the message into English and we were not prepared. But as good obedient children, we did it. It seems that from now on we will have to translate into one more language. And another piece of news is that our brothers and sisters in the United States will have to prepare themselves to receive us.

Our Mother has a very busy schedule now.  In June we will go to Argentina, in July we will go to Nicaragua and in September to the United States. Besides all this we will have monthly Apparitions in Uruguay and Brazil.  So we need to be attentive because every second and the last week of every month we will be with Her, at least until September, according to what She has revealed to us.

The task intensifies more and more as the days go by, so we need to be more strong to accompany Her wherever She goes.  And when we speak of being strong, we mean all of us, because you also need to accompany us.  Each of you, from your homes, from your groups of prayer, need to accompany us and accompany Her in this task.  Thus it is how we will form all of what She calls a Marian Army.  So we will wait for all your hearts in these places, in addition to all those who can physically go there.

Now we will make a report on what happened during this long Apparition.


Friar Elias: After each Apparition the Divine Mother calls us to withdraw.

Today was the longest Apparition, but also very precious. We will make a synthesis of what we remember because many things happened before and during the Apparition.

In one moment, during the canticles, the Divine Mother presented Herself in a special way, She was dressed in white, as the manifestation of the Immaculate Heart, but there were no thorns, only a flame of fire, a fire that enveloped Her Heart.  She stayed like this during the whole Apparition.

She was very close and it seemed we could touch Her, it was something alive and intense.

At one moment She opened Her arms and with them Her mantle which irradiated a lot of light. We saw that inside Her mantle there were many hearts which She started placing over our hearts.

Today Our Lady’s joy was incommensurable.

She transmitted Her words with much patience, much wisdom and much love.

During the Apparition She instructed us on something that in the beginning we did not understand. She revealed a part of this Heaven, this Paradise of which She spoke.  As everyone heard, She said She has as a base the Love of God and that the souls that live there are surrounded by the Love of God.

In the vision that She showed, the expression of the souls that lived there was of joy, there was no suffering or pain.  In these moments, in a very loving way, She brought us closer to this Heaven.

We noticed on Her part that She had a special mercy to be able to stay with us for so long. There was a permission granted from Above.


Final reflection for the groups of Europe that are gathered for these Apparitions:


Mother Shimani: From today on we have a commitment with the Divine Mother. If we adopt prayer as a daily task, surely we will keep alive all She has given us during these days.

It is as if She had given us a seed and planted it inside our being.  We need to care for this seed so it may sprout, and the way to keep it alive, turn into a plant and that gives fruit is to pray every day.

We have the commitment of making this seed sprout in fertile soil because the fruits from this seed will be fruits we feed on in the hard times.  Thus it all depends on us.

In a short time we will meet in the Sanctuary of Fatima to share in the Ceremony of the Candles, and as we said yesterday, we will do this exercise for other consciousnesses and we need to do it with the same joy the Divine Mother showed us during the Apparition.

Thank you to all.



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