Friday, January 27 of 2012

Special Apparition

Dear children,

I come to thank you for the shared days. It will be necessary to pray in order to understand My message. Today I look for you within My Heart, a place where you must always be to be able to live in the Lord.

Do not worry, dear children, if you do not understand My words. They will be translated into different languages so that everyone may be able to understand My message, the same one that I am bringing forth today.

Dear children, rest in Me; I am among you, sharing this moment of prayer with all. The Lord has entrusted Me to ask you to continue praying.

You know, dear children, that this is necessary. In this way the world will be able to be repaired, when everyone trusts in My call and fulfills what I ask. It is so simple, dear ones, to fast and pray. This will be able to help the world.

Each one knows that which they can give without great sacrifices, but with great surrender; the Lord will see it as an offering to His Heart.

Today I come to ask you, dear children, to gather in prayer, each one in their home at 1 p.m. Pray 150 beads of the Hail Mary in honor of the Annunciation. Try to recognize My message, the one which has been written and spoken before. At this hour many souls will be able to be repaired by My Immaculate Heart and all the conflicts that are in your hearts will be able to be dissolved. Whoever trusts in this Grace will receive it.

Thus, I will give you the Light for the path and you will be able to find the fraternity that you must live in this time so that the world may reach peace. It is necessary to surrender to the Heavens in order to find the call and to discover the divine task. Each one has a gift to awaken. I have already told you this.

Therefore, dear children, you know you cannot waste time; it is time to act with the heart and it is time to leave conflicts behind. Thus your families will be able to be filled with My spirit, My Spirit of Peace, and this same presence of My Immaculate Heart will be able to reach everyone.

Dear children, I need you strong in the trust and in the sincerity of your hearts towards God. Many mysteries will be revealed in this last time, especially to those children who want to discover My signs in prayer. Reread My words daily, it is necessary to contemplate My mystery, the one I am bringing in this moment.

I thank you for the infinite patience of the heart, for trying to live in peace. Remember first to radiate it from your hearts so that I may be with you. In this way this peace will be able to be radiated from your words and actions. In this way everything will be impregnated by My Light and you will be able to find a new path towards the Lord that I am leading you to discover. Thus you will be at the door of His Mercy, and the faults will be redeemed for all those who may want to live it.

It is necessary, dear children, to have a transparent heart, free from stains and faults so that My Purity may help you. If you rest under My Mantle, everything will pass and many souls will be saved through your examples. In these times, do not cease, not even for a minute, to be in Me so that I may lead you to My Son, who awaits you with joy.

Dear children, I love you and shelter you.

For the coming month there will be a new step, and in a short time you shall know it.

Will you be willing to accompany Me?

My Universal Sun is among you accompanying your hearts. I need you next to Me to be able to show you the path. Remember to unite to Me in prayer.

May the blessing of this water(*) be the baptism and the purification for your hearts, and may it free them from stains.

Thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

(*) She refers to the rain that was falling at that moment.