Wednesday, January 25 of 2012


Yesterday, while a small group was praying to the Divine Mother, She appeared and said:

Dear children, tomorrow I will appear at 7:15 a.m. after the study, to say good morning to all My children and to all the residents of My Community of Figueira after so many months.

Thus She announced this Special Apparition and invited all those present in the Community to participate. She also communicated that the message for this apparition would be the Daily Message for that day.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Dear children,

I say good morning to your hearts. My Plans of Peace continue their course. I count on the collaboration of all of you through prayers. The Lord has granted Me to come this morning, to be present in your hearts and give you My Peace and My Love.

I want that you no longer afflict your hearts, that you follow My path, that you trust in Me, and that you launch yourselves into My Heart where you will be protected.

Dear children, We must continue to work for peace. The planet needs it and your hearts need it as well. Still not everything has happened, therefore we must pray to strengthen the heart and the soul in this last hour. Today I pour My Special Graces over all those who may want to receive them.

My dear ones, feel trust in Me, I am with you, at your side in your paths. Wait in peace for the coming of the new; in a short time you will understand what I tell you. In this last hour everything will change. Therefore, dear children, you must be open to receive it. I cannot say anything about it today, but your hearts will feel it moment by moment.

Dear children, do not sadden your hearts because if you do you will be collaborating with the enemy. You must open your hearts for peace, for the call of My Peace. When you live peace, the world will have peace and all will end soon. As it has been for centuries, I am among you, accompanying you.

Little children, receive My Heart with humility. I come to this encounter to love you and protect you so that you may consecrate your lives to the Lord, each one in their place and time. The coming of the New Spirit, of which I have spoken before, will be in this end of times. Therefore we must pray so that He may come and envelop you, protect you and bring you peace.

Dear children, do not waste time any longer! It is time to bring forth the gifts the Lord has given you. This is why I need you strong and absolutely donated. Do not keep any resentment in your hearts because it is the time of the Judgment of the Lord. The veils of the world will fall and many will be surprised.

Therefore, dear children, I come to announce My Peace to you so that you can live it and radiate it to your brothers and sisters. Many months have passed since the last apparition in this region, but know that My Heart has remained here, as in Aurora.(*)

Nothing is separated in the Law of the Lord; the world must live its lesson of humility to be able to reconcile with God, and thus the new will be born.

I come as the Mother of all to announce to you the arrival of My Son, who will knock at the door of your hearts. You must be prepared, My little ones, because He will do it without your knowing. The Voice of the Lord will be heard in many hearts that will feel the peace in this time of conflicts and wars.

Remember, dear children, that everything is for the love of the Lord, everything that happens is for the good of all. But each one learns, reaping what they sow. It is time to give the fruit that is kept. Therefore I invite you, My little ones, to do it now and to not fear because I will be there. Feel My Peace in this moment, everything is perfect for the Lord and in the Universe from which I come.

I thank you for waiting all this time. For this reason, the Lord has conceded Me the Grace of being here again in February, among you and your brothers and sisters.

My dear children, My message is not just for you but also for the ones who are not here and that need God. You, My little ones, have already found Him, therefore it is now time to open the door for your other brothers and sisters, who need the Most High and who need My Peace. You are the precursors of My message that must be given with love and without interferences. Thus, dear children, you will be working with Me as little workers of God.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Receive the Grace of My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


(*) Region located in Northern Paysandú, Uruguay