Saturday, September 10 of 2011

Special Apparition


Second Apparition of the Divine Mother


The group, in this second day of Apparitions, gathered at 7 pm to start the prayer work. Nightfall was approaching, and once more there were no chairs. The uphill climb to the Hill of the Apparitions was very harmonious. All brought lit candles, which awakened the devotion amongst all present in a special way.

Mother Shimani, José Trigueirinho, Friar Artur and Friar Elias faced the tree where  Mary, the Divine Mother had previously appeared. 

There, Mother Shimani invited all to pray “Universal Mother.”  After a few beads, Mother Shimani conveyed a request of the Divine Mother  that invited all of the children present in the Hill to approach the tree. 

Many of the children sat at the foot of the tree. All remained within a profound silence during all of the Apparition. There were no cries, even amongst the toddlers and little ones.

Some even fell asleep.

While the prayers continued, Mother Shimani sang “Hail Mary” (Ave Maria).

After the song it was asked that the sisters of the Fraternity Network for Prayer come closer. As they reached the tree, they joined Friar Elias in prayer.

Shortly after Mother Shimani sang “The Woman that guides us”(“A mulher que nos guia”.)

Friar Elias: She asks that nobody moves, and all be quiet.

In this moment, a real silence was established.


Friar Elias: Now we will explain what happened. While we prayed, a few images in the sky manifested themselves. First three angels with orandiums appeared, in prayer.
After a while, a golden triangle of light emerged in the sky, dwelling there for a long time. It seems as though, with its light, it tore the material plane by the intensity of its shine. 

At another moment, two angels appeared, one in each side. They showed us a golden Christian cross, sustained by their hands.
Mary was then seen, above the tree, wearing white, surrounded by a very white light. In the center of her breast, Her Heart with the color of blood can be seen; a Heart that pulses each moment. 

Later, She guided me to look to the skies, where a small planet Earth appeared; this planet was within this local universe, within this solar system. It could be seen that our planet, from outside, was being invaded by dark forces. In this moment, angelic armies emerged that came to watch the planet.
After a while, all the continents and the whole planet seemed to be surrounded by a large orandium.

Mary then tells us:

“If you do not pray, you will not reach Me; will not reach the Heavens”.

It was in this moment that She asked us that the children come closer and that we sing “Hail Mary” (Ave Maria). While we sang, She blessed each of them. In the silence, She observed and contemplated us.

The Divine Mother says:


Thank you for answering to My Voice, I am the Mother of Peace.

I hope that you have understood My Message, that is why I came here.

The open hearts in the invisible lights, will notice My Sacred Heart. 

I have announced My Voice in many parts of the world and many children are answering me, like you all have, in Faith.

Today, I come for us to sing together “Luminous Bird” (Ave Luminosa) and so that your hearts open even more to My Heart, that shines within yours, that seeks refuge within you so that it unites to Me in this task.

Today, I come to tell you that many words were said along this day about My Divine Conception and that I am here so that you find Peace even if it is for just a few moments, for a few seconds; so that your hearts open up and feel Me, that your thoughts settle and find refuge within Me, like I seek refuge within you.

Today, I show you My stars.


Friar Elias: She is showing her crown of stars with the word MIRNA-HE.

The Divine Mother says:


This is the Immaculate Holy Spirit, of which was born in Me. I sprouted from the Source to all creatures. I am the Messenger of the Plans, which announces the Voice in the universe, like My Son, the Redeemer. 

Do you want to know why I am here and why I came?

So that we pray, because it is necessary. So the doors to Heaven in this place, in this region, here in my beloved country, can open. The angel of Brazil announces to you Its´ coming, for I have recommended to it that it be present at this moment, to protect you, and support you, so that you find the shield in the immaterial, in the light of the angels.

Why do you carry this flame? Why was it asked of you? (The Divine Mother is referring to the candles of the procession).

So that you see that My Light is in your hearts, sprouting like that fountainhead that springs from the earth to satiate the thirst of the hearts that are tired and that are yet to redeem themselves. 

I give you the Holy Spirit, in this moment, above your consciousness, so that you know where to return or where to refuge, in these final times.

My Voice is coming to a close in Medjugorje and will end here as well, next year.

I want both nations to consecrate to My Immaculate Heart. I know that many of you have followed me for a long time, but, more is necessary to reach My Peace; I want to give it to you before the Beast arrives, and so that it cannot find refuge in the tired hearts. 

Because of this I ignite My Cell of Light in your hearts, so that you find rest and relief. Because I Am the Mother of Peace, the Protector of your souls, the one that announces the New Prophecy for the ones that want to hear. This prophecy does not come from Me, it comes from the Creator, for I announce myself to you before the Master returns in living flesh, in soul, and in spirit over this planet, within humanity.

Many will recognize Him, others will distance themselves, because it will no longer be the live Jesus; it will be the new Universal Consciousness that will bring an irradiating love for the hearts that come closer to It, even without seeing it. Therefore, first comes My Message, before He arrives.

Know that He is the Way, I have already said it, and today He has asked of Me to repeat it to your consciousnesses. I will be here, as I have already said, until the day 15, for those that are up to meet Me in the invisible, even if you cannot see all that you are receiving.  But you will see it at the end of this time, when I will be here not; but will be awaiting you in prayer, so that you come closer to My Immaculate Heart, in the Kingdom that found Me to receive you and protect you.


Friar Elias: Grabbing a jar with water and wetting Her feet, she says:


This is the blessing that I want to deliver to you all. The same Source that bathed Me and washed Me since the beginning, since the origins, I want to sprout in you all, not only as a fountainhead, but also as a life attribute for the ones that live in obscurity.   

You all, have lit hearts, today. Not because I am here, but because you all did this through trust in Me. 


Friar Elias: Let us pray, She says. Let us repeat the prayer phrase by phrase, so that the ones that do not know it can learn it.


After we prayed “Luminous Bird” (Ave Luminosa), we intoned for a few times the phrase “Hail Mary” (Ave Maria).


Friar Elias: She says that a million and five hundred souls have been rescued.

They started to be rescued by Her in Aurora (Planetary Center in Uruguay), through prayer, and she asks of us to continue with this spirit of collaboration. According to Her, they are souls that, in this moment, are being enlightened. She says it came from the galaxy´s heart, to lift these souls.

The Divine Mother says:


Someday, you will understand what I tell you.


Friar Elias: In the moment that “Hail Mary” was sung, She lit a small flame of light above each of our heads. She showed that some lights were more alightt and others more opaque; the latter started lighting up  slowly.

She says that the Holy Spirit comes to humanity in various forms. There are many faces and not all are known; it is a Spirit that makes itself known in this world, for those that in Him believe.  

Says the Divine Mother:


Because it is the same spirit that permeates Me, Me and you all. First it enters in essence, makes the light sprout, and then expands itself over all of the heart, until it rises up to the consciousness, that finds a new wisdom never felt nor heard before, that had never awakened in your interior. This is the Spirit that transforms, that arrives in these times though Me, to prepare you all for the new cycle.   

As in in Aurora, I want you all to build next to this tree, a large campanile (bell tower), that will announce the sign of Peace for the end of this time, close to the year 2012. So, more prophecies will be revealed to the world, for many beings that hear My Calling. This campanile will be rung by a prayerful being each week, in the same lined rhythms: at 6 o´clock, at 9 o´clock, at 12 pm, at 3 pm, and at 6 pm.  


Friar Elias: She says that these times are the different moments of the day when Her Consciousness descends to the planet.

The Divine Mother says:


I want to see a strong path for the pilgrims, for all that live My brother and sisterhood, like that of all the Hierarchies, so that they can rise up to here and elevate themselves to Me, because here I will find them.


Friar Elias: She says that she will be here until the 15th and also that she will come back starting in the month of November, in the days 25 and 26 of each month, until the month of May. The day 8th of June of 2012 will be her last apparition in this region. In Aurora, the last apparition will be the 8th of August 2012.

She says that she wants both nations, Brazil and Uruguay, to be Her epicenter of prayer, that sustains the Southern Cone, that sustains Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

She is still manifested and observes us. Behind Her appears the triangle of golden light, the same that was seen in the beginning. Two triangles that place themselves one on each side of this first triangle appears, in this way forming a line of three triangles. Moments later another two triangles together with the first three appeared, forming a cross of equal arms. 

The Divine Mother says:


I am the Mother of Graces for those that open themselves to it. Superior Grace that is a Divine Grace, Grace which many of the ones here were previously touched, in another time. 

To be here over this Center is a Grace and for Me to be here is a Greater Grace; I know that you do not understand it, but that yes you feel it, because once you were touched by Me. 

I bless today all My children, the little ones, because they will be a strong column of My Heart for the times of chaos; and their angels, that shine, will be known to them all because these angels were sent along with them so that they fulfill a part of My Peace, even if My children, these little ones, follow other paths that are not equal to this. 

Today I am here more manifested so that you can feel Me for a longer time, for I interceded for them, for the ones that do not believe. I leave over this tree My roses.


Friar Elias: She takes the golden roses from the superior part of Her feet and places them on the tree.

The Divine Mother says:


It is for this loyal companion, the tree, to guard My Maternal Energy and irradiate it for all the nooks of this Nation, the one that needs peace despite believing in Me for a long time.

I am the messenger for your hearts and, as in Medjugorje, I want to be an echo of a great voice in each interior.


Friar Elias: She ignites the Stars, the ones that are in Her Crown, of shining celestial color and one  more letter appears in MIRNA-HE, the letter N in celeste, MIRNA-HEN. She explained that it means that the Holy Spirit is fulfilling the last phase of this cycle.

The Divine Mother says:


I call you because you are in time to reach the Holy Spirit through Me in your hearts; do not believe that I am here, believe in your hearts, in Light that you once reached by the exercise of prayer and of struggle. Know that I have been here as Mary, the Mother of the Messiah. I am the Bird of Universal Peace and Immaculate to all of you and to My children of all races in this world and of others. 

My Bird of Light descends today over you all so that you find rest, after having walked so much in search of Light. I am found in each prayer, the one that does not resist to a Prodigious Mother. I am the Bird of Mercy and hand you My maternal and protecting energy so that you walk in the dark night.


Friar Elias: She irradiates from the center of Her Heart two rays, one pink and the other blue, and projects them over the soil.

She asks that we repeat the following prayer:

Mercy for those who have not yet been redeemed,
Mercy for those who do not live in peace,
Mercy for those who are still sleeping
Mercy for all the Kingdoms, who are also My children,
Mercy for those who are still not open,
Mercy for the whole world,
Sacred Mother establish Your Gate of Peace.



Friar Elias: She says that she is being very compassionate and at the same time, instructing, teaching us to talk and to pray through Her Ray of Light and of Peace.

She says that many of the souls here present have questions to make and that She is willing to hear them, at first in silence.

She places her hands in the sign of prayer and says that the hour indicates to her Her return, and that tomorrow she will return here to find us renewed in faith and in trust in the Higher, in the Universe. 


And at a medium tone, let us pray together with Her the “Universal Mother” prayer for a few moments. 


Friar Elias: Before leaving She says that she will respond a question to three people, that She signaled. She says that we should be in tranquility and in peace. It must be a question that is really necessary, because, according to Her, it deals with a celestial opportunity. I will go in search of these three people, meanwhile we will pray the “Universal Mother,” at medium tone.   


Friar Elias goes in search of these three people so that they come closer to the tree. They come closer, in silence. All the rest maintain in prayer.

Each of these people do, in a low voice, a question and Friar Elias transmits to them the response of the Divine Mother.


Friar Elias: She says that each day 15 hourly prayers should be made; with groups formed by seven people selected among the pilgrims of Figueira, praying inside the Prayer House (Casa de Oração). The groups should pray from sunrise until nightfall, until the hour of Her Apparition here, at 8 pm.

She says she called these three people so that they comprehend how Her Grace is and that God, also, permitted that each of the present write in paper a question. Of all these questions three more will be extracted, that will be read by Mother Shimani so that She answers. Mary asks us that they be questions essential to life.

The Divine Mother says:


I am interceding with something larger, which has never been permitted by the Universe.


Friar Elias: Until the day 15 She will answer three questions per day. She says it would be important as well that all who have questions, ask them in prayer, in order to give the opportunity so that others write their real urgencies.

The Divine Mother says:


I elevate and leave today My Heart so that you sleep with It, an Immaculate Heart that comes from the Heavens so that you find the Peace in the way that you travel.

I am founding herea new Universal Consciousness, not a Church; the campaniles are for the devotees of the cosmic Heavens, for the ones that want to receive the Light of the stars, of which irradiate the rays that come from the Source through My presence here and of the Redeemer. 

Thank you for responding to My Call.


Friar Elias: Let us close with the song “The Woman that guides us” (A Mulher que nos guia), the same that was sung in the beginning.

We can turn off the candles. Let us remain in syntony because Her Energy is still present, irradiating us.


- End of Apparition -