Sunday, July 31 of 2016

Daily messages

To all the youth gathered for the first time at the Youth Festival for Peace:

Praised be Christ, dear children!

After the last months of preparation and of having faced tests and challenges, finally My request is fulfilled and a new phase in the planetary rescue will be accomplished through the integration of the youngest ones within My Campaign for Peace.

I would like, My children, to thank the unconditional support of Association Mary for having opened the doors to the youth and, mainly, because some consecrated ones offered to fraternally collaborate in the awakening and in the maturation of the consciousness of the young founders of this spiritual impulse that is being born concretely today for everyone.

Many of the youths present today in Florianópolis, as well as the youths from different Light-Communities will be able to create this bond of fraternity and of service with the Higher Plan of the Celestial Father.

Thus, dear children, this first meeting is the redeemed seed of light that is just sprouting and showing all its potential.

On this day on which there must be joy, love among brothers and sisters and enthusiasm for complying, I invite you to give the best of yourselves and a little more, so that, willing to learn, you may come to know your inner virtues and discover that everything is possible by willing and serving.

This first Youth Festival for Peace has been considered by the Hierarchy as preparation and, at the same time, as a spiritual and material decoupling of all the human ties that My adversary creates among the good souls.

This first impulse of the Festival in Florianópolis promises to be the incipient cycle in which new doors will open for the youth that wants to assume its mission for the end of times.

Therefore, you must sustain this first impulse of the Festival until the next six months come to an end, when in the month of January of 2017, the second Youth Festival for peace will bring twice as many people as there are present today.

I invite all the founding youths to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy does, in a cyclic and paused form, so that the true fruits may be able to emerge and mature through the task.

The next six months will be, among prayer, service and diffusion, the preparation for the second Youth Festival for Peace, which will have more social and public importance,as its spirit is, through music, art and the elevation of consciousness by means of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to separate from vices all the youths who are submerged in them.

Be aware that, in the meeting of today, My Heart will be with each youth, hoping that the seeds of love and peace may sprout in each being who is present there.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United to each young heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 30 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

On this day, I invite you to contemplate the Plan of God and its Purpose in each action of life, in each service, in the accomplishment of His Divine Will.

Today I invite you to love this Plan unconditionally and not to reject it, as does the majority of Humanity.

Dear children, in this way, by loving the Purpose above everything, you will always be in the correct path and in the right direction, and you will never stop attending to the needs that present themselves in your life.

To love God’s Plan unconditionally so that it fulfills itself, means to renounce without understanding and accepting with all the inner openness of your hearts.

Millions of souls seek, through different paths, to know about their purpose in this life, and this leads them to lose themselves on paths foreign to their capabilities.

I would like, My children, that you understand that their still exist consciences that, having received the call in their lives, decided on their own to separate from the Divine Purpose of the father.

I ask all of you that, conscience of the path of prayer that you are realizing in these times, just seek to lovingly fulfill with what is asked of you, without any criticism or judgement.

The Greater Good is very great and you still do not know it because humanity is always immersed in the laws of matter.

So that your hearts are consistent with the Plan of God, I invite you to adopt it and live it so that this experience multiplies in you the absolute confidence that everything that you are living is part of a wise and infinite Greater Will.

Today I leave you this instruction, dear children, because there is no time to lose, only faith will suffice and by faith walk forward.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Making you aware of the Superior Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, July 27 of 2016

Daily messages

I am the Mother of the Heavens and of all the oceans, each space of this planet is ruled by My Mirrors, from within the oceans of light.

In them I keep the codes of peace, love and rehabilitation, those that radiate to the whole planet.

In the great oceans of the world, the praying souls can find the celestial codes of redemption and rehabilitation.

In each ocean is kept an evolutionary and spiritual history of the celestial Universe, that which radiates itself secretly to the continents.

Spiritual currents of divine energy that help to maintain the planet under a certain protection manifest themselves in the great oceans.

When the praying people unite to the oceans, they reflect what they protect and thus an inner communication is created between the soul of each being and the oceans.

I leave this instruction for all because the oceans keep in themselves the hidden principles of harmony, beauty and balance for humanity.

Oceans exist to contain the emotional plane of humanity. They help the inner healing of the consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prays for the great oceans,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 26 of 2016

Daily messages

Pray for those who are indifferent

Dear children,

The human indifference that many hearts, consciously or unconsciously, live is the result of the lack of true love.

That love which conquers all is not of personal interest to indifferent consciousnesses, those who throughout time affirmed their projects within the mental plane.

It is the absence of love that makes them indifferent and distances them from the Heart of God; it is thus that on the path of these souls, destinies become blurred and are lost because in them there is no peace either.

At this time, dear children, indifference is a spiritual and personal disease that many are living, until the time comes in the life of these consciousnesses when everything will break from the inside out. Indifference, as an energy, will leave them at the same place and from there nothing will move.

But when other souls encourage prayers for those who are indifferent, an undeserved Grace can descend and take action to the point of converting those consciousnesses into different people.

However, when those who are indifferent do not live love nor profess it, it will be more complicated to decrystallize a lower consciousness.

Only daring and peaceful love, in an open consciousness, can conquer life and thus transform it into a model of God.

In this cycle, indifference is one of the important after-effects generated by the lack of love and service to others; it is a great wound generated by possessiveness and spiritual arrogance.

Precious keys, such as sincere and spontaneous prayer, have been given to dispel this spiritual disease that brings irreversible consequences.

Through the work that at this time I carry out with you, I try to move My children away from the imminent danger of this spiritual disease, which some of Mine are already experiencing.

It is only with love and through love that this barrier can be crossed, that blindness imposed by My adversary on the hearts who only look at themselves all the time and who have forgotten the need of others.

May that indifference be eliminated by all the hearts who love Christ, to help to release from the path of permanent error those who have already entered it and do not know how to leave it.

To all those I offer My Heart as a source of transformation, of renunciation, and of sacrifice, because indifference fears ongoing effort and every being who loves with the inner possession given them by Christ.

Let us pray for those who suffer this decadence; be just and merciful one with the other, thus you will not become victim to this spiritual disease of humanity.

I do not cease to implore the indifferent to become conscious and change, change soon.

I thank you for responding to My call!

I pray for all those who are indifferent,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 24 of 2016

Daily messages

Divine dialogue between the Most Holy Mary and the Angel of Portugal

Angel of Portugal: “Sweet Queen of the Stars, Spiritual Ruler of all souls, lost and not lost; consent, Celestial Majesty, to raise each one of Your children into the arms of the Celestial Father.

At least, Adorable and Holy Virgin, shine with Your Divine Love upon each essence so that it may at last find God, the Supreme Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Welcoming Angel of Portugal, legionnaire and server of Archangel Saint Raphael, I send You and all of Your blessed armies, in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael to free all the consciousnesses that are chained by My adversary.

With Your Peace, Angel of Portugal, dissipate all illusion of the consciousness, and I ask, servant angel of God, that you pray for all My children, especially for those that believe they are living their spirituality and do not have God because of their great pride.

Angel of Peace, untiringly protect My beloved Portugal, and also have it inwardly know that all these peoples must still settle their errors committed against My indigenous peoples”.

Angel of Portugal: “Yes, My Lady, Most Pious Mother Who consoles the afflicted, Who brings hope and renewal to those who are spiritually hungry.

Yes, Mother, this is My humble reply before Your precious request for mercy. Remember, Holy Celestial Mother, those who blaspheme the Heart of Your Beloved Son; implore, Holy Virgin, for each consciousness of this world, so that nobody lose the peace of the Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Servant of My Father, who serves the Higher Universes, valued Angel of Portugal, I will respond to your holy petitions; I will ask My Beloved Son to placate the justice of God and that His Sacred Heart help to dissolve human indifference, the action that commits all the errors of the world.

O Holy Angel of Peace!, help the angels of all the nations, give impulse to each regent angel of each nation, so that it may show itself to the world. Holy Angel of Portugal, Consciousness that adores the Holy Body of My Son in the Eucharist, radiate the codes of light that spring from the untiring Heart of Christ and cause each soul to discover the sweetness of the Love of My Son.

Have it come to known through the perfect communion with His Body and His Blood, have it come to love first and in the life of each being, so that in this way, My children abandon the abyss of their great ignorance.”

Angel of Portugal: “Beloved Mother and Queen of the Jubilation of Christ, we will make known the most pious majesty of Your Son, so that hearts may find Christ and never again separate from Him.

I will send the armies of the Archangel Saint Raphael, so that they may work on healing all souls, and especially the disregarding hearts, that still deny the power of Your Son.

Do not cry, Holy Star of Peace! From your tears springs the appeal for a merciful salvation for each one of Your children. Let me, Mother of the Sun, dry each tear from Your most pure countenance with My linens of light, to offer them to the Beloved Father as petals of the eternal flowers of Your Heart.”

Most Holy Mary: “If souls knew, Beloved Angel of Peace, what My generous Heart feels, they would not fail to be in My arms, just as Jesus was.

I will not cease for one instant to stretch out My arms to the world and to offer My consoling hands, as healing and a remedy for any pain.

It gives Me pleasure, Holy Angel of Portugal, to hear from Your mouth the offering of Your Angelic Consciousness. Thus We will alleviate the Father, experiencing for all the pain of the world. In this way, wronged hearts will be able to find the path of hope.”

Angel of Portugal: “You know, Pious Mother and Queen of Peace, that we are at Your eternal service, for Your name, which is holy, resounds in our hearts like a melody of love and of redemption.

We will hear Your call and will respond immediately; all the guardian angels of Your children will help You so that the men and women of Earth respond to the voice of Your supplications”.

Most Holy Mary: “Then, Angel of Peace, emit this Gift of Grace from Your heart, so that Peace embrace not only Portugal, that it one day may redeem itself, but may the Peace of God, of the Most High, reach all who need it.

I shall invoke Your name, and You, Holy Angel, shall make known to the world the lack of its innocence. Take refuge in the prayer of all My children, and in this way, together with Your legions, You will redeem the Earth, preparing it for the return of Christ.”

Angel of Portugal: Yes, Merciful Mother, we shall comply with Your most sweet petitions; may Your Holy and Immaculate Heart be the refuge for each angel. Together with You, Adorable Mother, we lift up all supplications so that this blind humanity may awaken from its deep sleep.

We thank You and praise You, Universal Mother.

Most Holy Mary: It is thus, Angel of Peace, that on this day I shall make known to the whole world our divine dialogue, so that souls may be moved and feel the truth and the cry of My blessed words. This is why today I reveal them to all My children”.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union with the Angel of Portugal,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 23 of 2016

Daily messages

To the choir members and musicians of the groups of prayer of Europe

My dear children,

On the eve of the great youth meeting in Cracow, Poland, today I ardently hope that your hearts will join this important Jubilee of the Mercy of God so that from here, in the city of Porto, the first spiritual impulse of awoken humanity may emerge, which will implore with all its heart for the Mercy of God.

My wish is that in this meeting that will take place here today, on the eve of the awaited World Youth Day in Poland and of the first Youth Festival for Peace in Brazil, the inner invocation from each choir member should be sent forth, asking for peace and the Mercy of God.

Dear children, I have very closely followed the whole of your preparation and enthusiasm for giving of your best in honor of the Celestial Father.

On this spiritual gala night, where My angels from Heaven will witness this meeting, I wish that each of My children of Europe should ask for forgiveness and mercy on behalf of all Europeans and for all the acts committed since the colonization and moral, human, natural, and spiritual plundering of the whole of the Americas.

I hope, dear children choir members from Europe, that from your voices blossoms this profound request for pity, so that My angels may have the joy of presenting to the Celestial Father the musical and instrumental offering that today you will offer the whole of humanity.

Children, each one of your spirits has God at its core, so with full trust in the Mercy of God and for the two youth meetings that will take place in Poland and in Brazil, join hands and invoke the power of this infinite Grace that grants, redeems, and heals all.

May the meeting of music tonight serve to expand out from Europe the very powerful flow of the Mercy of My Son.

From the whole Iberian Peninsula may the doors of redemption open for all the consciousnesses that must move through them in this hour.

Dear children, from the Kingdom of the Heavens I will be with each one of you, accompanying this spiritual and divine impulse that will be given today for Portugal and the whole of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united with the song of the holy angels and of My children of Europe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 22 of 2016

Daily messages

An Invocation of the Soul

My Lord, purify my soul and every part of my consciousness so that being transformed by You, I may find the fortress and the healing for life.

Pour, Lord, Your Holy Spirit and illuminate each atom and particle of this consciousness, so that in Your Grace, I may vivify Your Love and Your Peace in me. 

Help me, Lord, to correspond to Your Holy Will and soon, empty me completely to the point that I will not want anything for myself.

Show me, Lord, Your holy Humility and teach me to resign myself before Your universal Majesty, that is present in each one of my fellow beings and companions on the path. 

May Your paternal gaze not cease to observe me, but when I am about to fall in the abyss of my poor ignorance, send me, Lord, Your Holy Angels to help and assist me in all adversity.

Teach me to live in the poverty of Your Spirit, in the Love of Your words, in the Mercy of Your Heart.

Unveil Yourself, Lord, and show me Your merciful Face in each soul on Earth and reveal Yourself in compassion for each brother and sister on the path.

Allow me, Lord, to know Your profound Love and pull out with Your hands the pride of my person. Naked before You of all property, pride and error, make me, Lord, Your instrument of peace on Earth.

Show me the values of Your Sacred Sovereignty of humility and leave me empty so that nothing of my own will dwell in me, but only You, Lord, who gives strength to the weak ones, and surrenders Your Peace to the disturbed ones and who sheds Your Mercy to those who are blind and lost.

Teach me, Lord, the science of Your Divine Love and establish the Gift of Your Grace in this consciousness.

Remove one by one the human aspects that condemn me and make me free and pure like the birds in the sky.

I wish with all my heart not to be lost from Your blessed Path, keep me in Your Arms until Your holy Will sends me out as one of Your disciples.

No longer allow, Lord, my blindness to dazzle me, but may the light and love of Your Holy Spirit resurrect me forever.

Make me the smallest among my brothers and sisters, make me the most donated and sacrificed in the absolute silence.

Do not allow, Lord, anything that comes from me to show itself, hide me in Your Heart, so that in the nothingness I will be the receptacle of Your silent work and of Your repairing Grace.

Forgive me, Lord, for what I have not done well; deliver me Your Divine Piety because I need it. 

Pour Your Love so that I may strengthen myself until the end of days, when after this life we will be one in Your Divine Eternity.

Let it be so.


Dear children, I leave this invocation for all the souls that may feel encouraged to live their sacred transformation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who heals and redeems you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 19 of 2016

Daily messages

Spiritual and foundational minutes of the Community-of-Light “Fleur de Lys”

Dear children:

On the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, in the year of the Lord of Mercy, Your Mother and Advocate performs the first spiritual and institutional foundation of the awaited Community-of-Light, “Fleur de Lys”.

On this sacred day the Almighty God deposits His Love, His Piety and Mercy so that this sacred project that will work through prayer for the souls of all Europe, can have its awaited awakening.

On this path that is being built from this day, the Divinity sheds Its Gifts, so that the principles of the Sacred Center of Lys on the surface will flourish in the consciousnesses of those who integrate this project.

It is so that Your Holy Mother declares that, at this place, in which we gather today, there is the first seed for this Community-of-Light. Also the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother is officially founded, a center that will be created by the hands of the Community, and that will have its maternal house in the future, as well as the Community, in the village of Dornes, at the margin of the lakes of the Sacred Center of Lys.

For this moment the seven first residents of this Community-of-Light will already be impelling a summoning for all Europe for the formation and expansion of the bases of this spiritual and Marian work.

Putting in writing the institution of this fifth Community-of-Light upon a Planetary Center, I invite everyone who is present, and the members of the Light-Network of Europe to sign these minutes, in order to register their adhesion to this call and as official witnesses that a sacred seed of light is growing again from Lys to all Europe.

Enriching your small spirits, dear children, I also put into writing the consecration of the first resident, of the first guardians and custodians of this initial project of love, peace and redemption, thanking the Father who is in the Heavens because all His Works are simple but true, full of Love and Mercy for the world.

It is for this reason that with the creation of this Community-of-Light on the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, I leave the written testimony that this project of the Nucleus of the Sacred Heart in the city of Fatima will be considered a Community-of-Light from today on, being an official part of the fifth hand of work of Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, located on the Planetary Centers.

With songs of joy, dear children, I institute here two important spaces to be developed in a short time: the Community-of-Light of Lys and the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother, for Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the luminous sign of the Holy Cross, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, July 18 of 2016

Daily messages

I am this source of Graces of the Universe, more potent and powerful than all the sources in the world.

I am subtler than all the waterfalls in the world, because through My Maternal Heart I make flourish and give live to the soul that until then had been dead.

I am this water that washes and redeems all, because I am this divine code of light that can penetrate beyond the consciousness and in this way establish the spiritual purpose for each being.

I am this merciful source that restores all and intercedes for Her children so that they never lose the path that will lead them to love.

I am this living and resplendent fountain that brings to the spirit the essence of unity and of peace.

I am this Sacred Spirit of God that was gestated in the most pure womb of Creation, which brings to the world the truth of God incarnated through the Beloved Son.

I am this path that will always lead you to find the great and only source of love that will quench your thirst: Jesus Christ.

Because of this, dear children, each time you unite to My source of love, you will be uniting to the luminous source of My Son and the source of the Celestial Father.

I wish that from your hearts would spring this feeling of always seeking the unity among the beings above all, because in this way your hearts will be healed and will be born through My source of peace to the renewed life in Christ.

My children, I leave this aspiration of Mine: that you may live in the only Source of God and that you may follow a single path. My Pure and Immaculate Heart offers Itself to lead you to the revelation of the great mystery of love.

I am happy at seeing today My children of Europe, gathered around My source full of Graces.

I love you and always contemplate you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the Holy Spirit of God, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 17 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I purify My children from all debts and sins.

I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I baptize My children in the name of Christ.

With water I give life to spiritual creatures and constitute the inner fusion with the Celestial Father.

Dear children, I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I heal the deepest wounds.

I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I sanctify My children and pour out all My Graces upon them.

I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I divinize everything they touch and moisten, because within the essence of water is purification, as well as the elevation of life.

Dear children, I am the Lady of the Waters, and through them I mirror My attributes of light to the world.

Anyone who unites to the divine consciousness of water will be able to feel its purity and chastity; it is through this sacred element that God created where everything can be regenerated and renewed.

I am the Lady of the Waters, and with them I erase the evils of this world through the light that physically emanates from them.

As the Lady of the Waters, I invite you to protect from yourselves everything they hold so that, in the future life, the new humanity learns to love the sacred power of this element.

With this water, you will wash your feet from the past and you will renew yourselves in essence and in life because water, when it is sanctified, allows to dissipate and clean every inner situation.

Renew yourselves, renew yourselves through water, and may all purity emerge from your hearts so that there may exist a little more peace.

As the Lady of the Waters, I purify and consecrate you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for protecting all the waters of the world and for praying for them!

Who heals you spiritually,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 16 of 2016

Daily messages

The soul: A beauty of God’s Creation

Dear children,

Each time a soul conscious of its mission and of its path in Christ celebrates a new birthday, on this day a bridge of unity between the spirit and the soul of this being is established.

The soul that celebrates its birthday on Earth has the Grace of receiving an impulse of expansion in its consciousness so that the personality may take a greater step in its transformation.

My adversary, with its cunning and intelligence, has erased this important happening from human consciousness, in which the soul receives the Grace of being able to emit an impulse to the whole being and of being able to express the potential of its beauty. Thus, My enemy has created the parties and entertainment on the birthday of each soul so that this could not take place.

The millions of consciousnesses that exist and that experience these festivities do not permit a new spiritual impulse to descend in response to the movement that the soul of each one initiates.

This impulse that is generated internally by the soul itself during the time that elapses between one birthday and the next, can bring to each being, if the consciousness receives this Grace, the following spiritual benefits:

First, the soul receives the opportunity of repositioning the state of its incarnation and as a result, this has repercussions in the material life.

Second, the soul can conceive states of expansion of consciousness with each new birthday.

Third, the soul can decide upon a surrender and a deepening of its spiritual path within the Plan of God and thus define itself.

Fourth, the soul can prepare to receive new revelations from its consciousness and become aware of its origin.

Fifth, the soul can balance the states of its universal debts and can receive spiritual impulses of Mercy.

Sixth, the soul perceives in the whole of its being the purpose that has placed it on the spiritual path, which it has come to fulfill.

Seventh, on its birthday the soul has the Grace of being before God and of contemplating Him in His beauty, thus receiving an important impulse that will lead it into living ever-greater degrees of love and of surrender.

If each soul became aware of this, and above all, waited for this sacred moment, Divinity would recognize the true honesty of each being.

When the soul celebrates its birthday, it spiritually receives the divine impulse of being able to mature and grow in awareness.

For God, the soul is one of the principal beauties of Creation, because from it come the experiences of living love and the school of forgiveness. All souls are main emanations of this Divine Love, and the soul per se lives its maturity in different stages, depending on the steps of the human consciousness.

Because of this, the soul has a priceless value and it is this divine treasure conceived by each soul that is sought after all the time by My adversary until it generates the decadence of the souls.

But as Mother of all souls, I establish My legacy of love in each one of them, in all the hearts that follow My steps, and I instantly fight so that all souls attain inner enlightenment and are transfigured in Christ.

Today I pour out My Love over My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, who represents that living example of conversion for all the young souls that incarnate at this time to fulfill their mission.

I pour out My Light over My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, and I strengthen her for the new times, in union with My sainted husband Saint Joseph.

Take care, My children, of the beauty of your souls!

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In union with the day of this soul,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 16 of 2016

Daily messages

My beloved children,

While the world agonizes and My adversary tries to write a different future for the Earth through the wounds set in the hearts and spirits of the children and youths that live in wars, My maternal Spirit of love tries to lead you to balance and to the reparation of the human heart.

Children, the deep wounds that are being spiritually stamped in the children and youths of today causes hatred and resentment, the eagerness to start new wars and revenge to grow in the hearts of My little ones, and extinguishes from within them the gift of fear of God, the possibility of loving, finding peace, expressing harmony, beauty, fraternity, purity, and compassion.

The youths and the children who suffer today due to wars, and who even actively participate in them — forced or led by the resentment in their hearts – are souls that have come to the world to render a service, to express a divine attribute, and to take to the Universe a learning of love and unity.

For this Plan of the Creator not to be lost or modified by the hands of the adversary, I call on you to balance, to generate unity, peace, harmony, and fraternity. I call on you to spread love, and the possibility of experiencing on Earth a healthy life that is full of God. I call on all the youth of the planet to collaborate in the redemption, not only of their own beings, but also to be guardians of the future of all humanity; guardians of the divine project whose manifestation will be their responsibility in the coming time.

My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of amusement for youths, as many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.

Today I call all the youths of the world to unite in heart and in spirit with the Youth Festival for Peace, where they will express themselves through art, singing, creativity, spirit, and will speak the language of the heart through the prayer that is found in all these things.

The art that they will express there will not only be an individual or group manifestation of harmony and beauty; it will be an offering on behalf of all the youths and children of the world who can no longer express themselves freely through arts, and who have not been able to find within themselves the way to express the joy of their souls with colors, harmony, and beauty, because many times, My children, this joy is absent.

May singing be a singing that heals, that radiates, that renews and that inspires new hearts.

May the photographic arts lead them to the sacred, to communion with life, the expression of divine beauty, which in daily life they are not able to observe.

May the words written among verses and poems express the gratitude of the soul for serving God, and may they always be a source of awakening for other spirits.

May each moment of interaction and fraternity be an offering for all the lack of love that permeates the world today and for the inability that the adversary has caused in many of My children to experience unity with their neighbors, even within their own families.

Beloved children, today I will ask everyone to support, to help, and participate in the Youth Festival for Peace, seeing it not only as a moment of peace for My dear young people, but also, children, as a planetary service that is based on the example and the living of divine principles that express themselves in the simplicity of the young heart.

May all the youths and children of the world receive the radiation of this divine seed that will be planted in the human consciousness by means of this Festival, and thus the Plan of the Creator find a hope and a renewal in the human heart, in the heart of the youngest ones.

I love you, and today I bless you, at the same time that I bless My beloved daughter, who also represents the youth that is consecrated to My Heart, the future of the planet, and its entry into the real time of the universe.

I leave you My holy peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

The terrorist humanity does not know the power of the Justice of God at this time and it launches itself into the emptiness, overthrowing all the principles of a true humanity.

Panic and fear embrace many hearts because the time of Apocalypse has already begun. Unimaginable things can already be seen in the streets of the world and fear drowns the majority, who is indifferent and does not pray.

The hearts seem to lose the meaning of their existence and fear the death generated by terrorism.

It seems that the flame of faith fades little by little and the souls that do not accept Me are unprotected and without My shelter. The time of chaos has already arrived and many prefer to deny it for not wanting to face their own reality.

The miseries seem to multiply themselves more than the roses and the valley becomes the scenery of constant outrages.

Humanity feels the awakening, but soon deviates itself losing the meaning of the true path of redemption.

All offend God to some degree and when the majority moves away from God, this jeopardizes the life of all.

This difficult and cruel time precipitates upon those who are fallen spiritually and the bombs and attacks explode before their faces.

Nobody turns to God and everybody gets lost in darkness. While this separation of hearts happens for not thinking not even for a second about God, I fight day and night together with My hosts against the plans of My adversary.

Nobody knows the power of the Justice of God; while there is time, repent and ask for forgiveness for those who offend and outrage the Heart of God.

Pray with more consciousness and determination so that the world tests that are approaching do not surprise the majority again.

My Heart feels again the pain of the world and the causes of so much human indifference. I only pray for you and for all My children to be prepared and thus be able to face the final time.

I thank you for following Me!

For peace in times of attacks,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, July 14 of 2016

Daily messages

When a being and a human consciousness consecrate themselves to the Celestial Father, it is a reason of praise and Glory in the Heavens, because the prophecy of My Son, that at the end of times and before His return there will be new Christs, meek of heart and pure of feeling, is accomplished again.

A new door opens from Heaven towards Earth for the ungrateful humanity to receive an opportunity of salvation. It is through the consecrated soul that a bridge of light and mercy is established, when the consciousness simply declares, “Yes, My Lord and My God, I accept.”

At this moment, dear children, the portals open themselves and new Laws of mercy act upon the sick humanity.

I would like, beloved children, that everyone would understand the celestial value of a consecration, because not only one consciousness renews itself, but all those who are around this new consecrated being also receive a Higher Grace.

Thus, see in your hearts the steps that Christ took for each one of His followers so that the spiritual purpose could be fulfilled.

A consecration means for the Universe an act of giving in and of surrendering; it also means the opening for the spirit of this small consciousness to cleanse its sins and to be baptized by the spiritual and divine Light of My Beloved Son.

Finally, this consecration attracts to the consciousness the deepening of its commitment with Christ, and an important spiritual fusion is established, which would be called a transverberation that happens at the moment in which the soul receives this Grace of consecrating itself; thus the soul will not forget this moment for the rest of its life, because it has been ignited in a potent flow of love.

Thus I reveal the beauty that God conceived for each soul of this planet, a beauty that My adversary tries to destroy through the spiritual detour. Whoever consecrates themselves to My Immaculate Heart and follows My steps, may you know that you will not perish.

Praised be God for impelling His creatures to the spiritual consecration!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, July 13 of 2016

Monthly messages

From the invisible levels of the Earth emerges all darkness that has been hidden. The souls that have been in pain and suffering for many centuries raise their arms asking for the light and forgiveness of God. Evil no longer hides its actions because Good is also expanding and announcing its triumph.

It is a great battle between the duality of this world, because the time of definition has come for the entire human race; it is time to live the absolute unity with God or be taken to primary scales of evolution, to start over.

In many parts of the world, the Sun seems to be hidden by the clouds of pain and suffering.

In the East, what was once a sea of graces, has become a sea of terror and despair through the indifference of humankind. But that does not mean, My children, that My Heart will not triumph.

In the heart of the Americas, the light begins to expand and the Sun of a new time arises, as the Aurora of dawn. The fire that emanates its cosmic light comes from the love of awakened hearts.

Human beings are discovering their likeness to God through prayer, and the truth descends on Earth with the same power of Mercy emanated a long time ago by My Son on His Cross.

To all who hear Me, I will say not to fear but to feel in your lives the triumph of My Heart. My mantle expands beyond the continents and I grow the seed of new life that I have planted in the Americas in the hearts of all those who, anywhere in the world, accept to respond to My call.

There will be no tribulation to knock down My soldiers, because they will be sustained by the strength of My maternal and infinite Love. Not even the greatest of beasts that rises against My little ones will make them falter, because the truth impressed in their pure hearts will bring them the certainty that reality dwells only in the light and consciousness of God, and all that is outside of Him is part of an ancient illusion, which ties consciousnesses to the damnations this world.

Children, even though the darkness that emerges in and outside of you, and in many parts of the world, seems to be infinite, do not fear and remember My words when I tell you that the potential of the Sun of God in your hearts will defeat any night and any darkness. The darkest night announces the clarity of a day of renewal and Graces.

For a thousand years of peace to happen, there must be in each heart and each  consciousness the choice to live love and unity with God.

Once the seed of love is planted in the consciousness of all those who have made a commitment with My Son, it will be enough for the triumph of the Creator because Christification will only fully flourish in an entire race, when light prevails on Earth and - consecrated with another name - enters the new time, the real time.

Little by little the veils fall from the eyes of My children and everything that has been kept in holy books as tales and illusions will take their place in truth, and will depose the reign of indifference and numbness.

Beloved children, despite the terror that you see in many parts of the world, I want your hearts to never lose the certainty of the triumph of My Heart, because just as purification has begun suddenly and unexpectedly for many, the light will  also emerge suddenly and be consolidated in the consciousness, without you realizing it.

Pray with the heart and when you least expect it, My Son – who reigns in the universes –will reingn in each particle of your being and will begin to build, within each one of you, the New Jerusalem, the race of the redeemed by Christ.

I love you and leave you My Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 12 of 2016

Daily messages

The two final witnesses and the love of error

A not too distant day will come when, through His holy angels, the Lord will send the two final witnesses to the court of the world to declare before humanity the whole truth that very few knew.

The Holy Spirit of God will inspire them to speak the words one by one, and so that the unbelievers wearing red caps can no longer deny the truth.

And the Universe, which is holy, knows that the final hour of the two witnesses will come after they have declared, with divine inspiration, about the coming of the Redeemer being close. In that hour, the two final witnesses will know that they will be fulfilling the prophecy and they will give their lives to unmask those who indoctrinated the belief in a materialistic god.

At that moment, and before the two witnesses are placed in the main square facing the crowd by the hands of those with red gloves, to be judged unfairly, the angel of the Lord will make a great roar from east to west, and a cosmic light, like thousands of golden ribbons flying in the wind, will mark the definite sign that the last Judgment of humankind has been established on Earth.

The angel, who will only be able to be seen by the pure of heart, will ask that the strong and impetuous winds of the Atlantic take apart the forts of sand that those in the red caps built through their own idolatry.

No one will be able to deny that after they have condemned the two final witnesses of Christ, humanity will be purified. Therefore, before the blood of martyrs of the two witnesses is shed as in a thousand profane chalices, another sign of the Universe will appear and the truth will come to light, because nobody will be able to hide from their fellow beings.

The Lord will give knowledge and understanding to the pure of heart so that they too may reveal the hidden actions of those with red gloves; in that hour, humanity will become aware of its age-old deception and at that moment the final and unknown Judgment will begin.

Until the last hour, the two witnesses silenced by the Divine Spirit will be in deep prayer, and with their surrender, which will fulfill the final prophecy of John the Apostle, they will save thousands of the spiritually condemned.

The cry of the same women of ancient Jerusalem will be heard when those with red gloves have declared their death sentence. In that hour, a powerful fleeting spirit, brighter than the sun and all the stars, will descend upon the two witnesses who will be chained for having spoken the pure truth, and many will be able to open their eyes and will wake up because of the intense and Christic light that will illuminate them.

Humanity will declare death for the two final witnesses of Christ, those of His Celestial and not earthly Church, and that event will be televised and communicated.

Thousands of jeers, that will be the cause for offense against the two witnesses, will immediately turn into a plague of thousands of locusts, and in that moment the sky, which before was bright, will darken.

Those who were not deaf, will be so. Those who blasphemed will become mute, and an inexplicable silence, generated by the blowing of the trumpet of the second angel, will leave the entire earth hypnotized. It will be in that hour and at that moment that the nations will become aware of all the ways they failed God; and thus the new time will be created after all is past.

In the last minute of life, the two witnesses will ask God for forgiveness for their fellow beings, just as Christ taught. It will be in this way that the two witnesses will teach by example the love that loves all error. As it was on Mount Calvary, those with red gloves will become aware of their wickedness and of their hearts closed to the truth of the Universe.

Children, the two witnesses are already on their way to that moment and of fulfilling the sacred scripture. Repent while there is time and ask God for His Mercy, so that the ones most deaf and blind of spirit can be saved.

Today I reveal to you the Book of the Apocalypse because you are already prepared to understand it.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who prays for the two witnesses,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 10 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

After a heart opens to find its original purity, it finds peace.

This is why, dear children, that in this time, souls that live in peace manage to express their purity to the world, which helps in the extinction of the evil that it generates through its actions.

I invite you on this day to seek this purity within yourselves, and to not miss the opportunity of finding it again; in this way, you will provide an impulse for your brothers and sisters to also be bearers of purity, which will save the world from its constant moral and social self-destruction.

My children, as Your Mother, I remind you of the importance of your lives becoming future seedbeds for those who must remember that they were created by the essence of the Purity of God.

When you take the definite step for your hearts to become lighthouses of the world and of original purity, everything will then be able to be regenerated, even before the glorious coming of Christ.

In spite of everything, do not cease to about the fount of this original purity, and in this way, My children, you will also be helping the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the awakening of original purity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 9 of 2016

Daily messages

If My Son allowed Himself to die for you to be able to save you and for you to have eternal life, act and fact realized for love, why would you not forgive those who have betrayed you so many times?

Love is an act only for the ones heroic of heart, because this is the form to transcend the mistake, which is human and indifferent.

Therefore I invite you to love those who are indifferent, who omit themselves and are evil; pray for them because in them God is not completely realized and they are unhappy because they make so often the same mistakes without being able to liberate themselves from them.

The Christic love is gestated in transparency, in renunciation and in sacrifice for all those who are not transparent, for those who do not renounce and for those who do not sacrifice themselves and accommodate themselves according to their earthly expectations.

My Son still works for all of those because behind the hard rock there is a precious crystal that has not been found yet by their own consciousness.

Be in this life like Saint Paul, who having done all the evils of the world, touched by the Light of Christ converted himself into a faithful follower of Your Lord.

Above all indifference that you receive, do the goodness you cannot live and banish the evil of separation and omission from one another.

What will you gain?

Help the world to conquer its redemption; for this, first be this manifested redemption through a true transformation.

Your real aspiration must be surrender to afterwards live renunciation and at last humiliation for those who do not humiliate themselves for lack of conscious love.

Dear children, My Son drank this bitter sip of negation and, knowing that this was unfair, love came in first place.

As Our Lady of Piety I still have in My arms those who for several reasons distanced themselves from My Heart; in piety I contemplate and hope for your prompt rehabilitation.

Let us pray for those who lost the path for them to find again the light that used to lead them.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 8 of 2016

Daily messages

I am that great Mirror of Light that fires others with love and faith.

I am that Mirror of the Universe whose prayer draws the Consciousness of God to the world.

So, dear children, open the mirrors of your hearts so that they refract the truth of what you are and with each prayer pour out the attributes of the new humanity.

I form the Mirror groups of those who pray so that they may be a network for the elevation of humanity.

Dear children, each prayer verbalized can draw the Gifts of God to this planet; thus the prayer of the heart is the right means for each soul to learn to light up in devotion and love, as the Mirrors do.

In this time try to be a part of this Mirror network of those who pray that elevates its word and its prayers so that the critical Gifts and Graces that the world needs can draw closer.

My children, it is time for you to enter this school, not only forming groups of prayer, but also making the commitment to watch so that each Gift of God becomes present in humanity.

If each soul offers its prayer out of love, just as the Mirrors of Light of Your Heavenly Mother offer themselves to intercede for humanity, miracles will happen, and consciousnesses will have the Grace of being able to respond to the Call of God.

Being a Mirror of prayer is the goal of every disciple of Christ. It is time to open the doors to this sacred knowledge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who radiates the Mirror of Love to the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, July 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Spiritual and Civic Regulation for the Children of Mary

Dear children,

Due to the end of times and the beginning of inner purification of souls, I emit to you this basic regulation of consecration of the Children of Mary who, by signing it, will be accepting the foundations of this consecration and of this regulation, which will help you all to maintain yourselves within the Purpose and within the Law of the Hierarchy, the Law of Love.

This regulation is born to respond to the need of taking care of all the Children of Mary, not only of their consecration as Children, which has a spiritual value, but also to protect the Work within ethical, moral and civic values.

Remember that the affiliated to Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, register themselves within the absolute spirit of accepting the proposal that the Divine Messengers present in this cycle.

Association Mary is the legal and spiritual mother that protects the consecration of all Children of Mary within the living of Christic values of spirituality, as well as within moral, ethical and mental balance.

Given the spiritual need for the consecration to become more clear, Your Heavenly Mother is presenting to you, on this day, the basic spiritual and civic regulation that the Children of Mary, consecrated and to be consecrated in the future, must accept and send, signed, agreeing with the proposal and assuming total adhesion and trust to the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is for this fundamental reason that each Child of Mary, having been consecrated a long time ago or recently, will have to make vows before the Hierarchy, committing themselves with the following:


To keep a life of prayer for one's own redemption and for the redemption of the world. To maintain a rhythm of daily prayer for peace and for the fulfillment of the Plans of the Creator.


A consecrated Child of Mary assumes total adhesion and obedience to the indications and instructions that they receive from Association Mary, an ecumenical and spiritual entity that supports and accompanies them on their inner path.


Every Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes not to participate in any movement, doctrine, group, human social or spiritual association of any kind that opposes itself to the assumed values of a life of prayer, service, mercy and charity inspired by the Divine Messengers. This means, children, that each Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes the proposal presented by the Most Holy Virgin and also signs on this document their spiritual, moral or human disengagement from any spiritual movement that is not the Christianity taught by the Most Reverend Lord Jesus Christ according to His Gospel and Instruction.

Association Mary, as guardian and speaker of all the consecrated Children of Mary, has the authority, the permission and the responsibility before each one of them to indicate, notify, orient, accompany and determine their disaffiliation from the entity for the following reasons: 

A) When they present mental problems that determine that the person cannot assume, by themselves, their own consecration, nor can it be assumed by some responsible person.

B) Due to evident reasons that they maintain, in a parallel form, any spiritual and human link to other movements that contradict the Christian ecumenism and that are out of the proposal of being a Child of Mary.

C) In face of any situation, be it spiritual, mental or human, that impedes them to assume their own consecration, or that puts in risk and compromises Association Mary, or other consecrated children.

D) Due to slander, verbal, social or public mistreat of the Work of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, or for generating confusion, commentaries or any kind of individual or group movement that compromises the values of respect, fraternity and transparency held among members registered in Association Mary.

E) Due to passing away. In this case, the consecrated Child will be terminated from the Association, holding the presence of this soul in the Kingdom of the Heavens among all the consecrated Children. Association Mary will send a document to the corresponding family members, informing them about the decision made. 

F) In the face of any other spiritual, mental, emotional or human situation that compromises their own consecration due to the purification of these times.

Every Child of Mary assumes, through this signed document, that they could be officially disaffiliated from their consecration and openly accepts to maintain their inner consecration to the Divine Mother. In the case of being disaffiliated they cannot keep the materials received at the moment of their consecration. Therefore, they must hand over all of these elements to preserve from themselves, or from their own impossibility, the Work of the Heavenly Hierarchy.


All the Children of Mary, through this document that will have to be signed by each one, assume and accept, trustfully, any determination, action or procedure from the Board of the Association Mary about their possible disaffiliation from the entity, which integrates them as consecrated members of Association Mary. Every affiliate entirely accepts any observation or decision that, for logical reasons, may lead the Association itself to take a rapid determination.

This regulation intends to reinforce the true commitment of each consecrated being to the Hierarchy as a healthy and harmonious response to protect, from oneself, what the Divinity intends to build, assuming that in the time of purification, everything is unpredictable.

I will thank that all of My consecrated Children receive from the Board of the Association Mary a copy of this document so that, as soon as possible, they may send it back signed for it to be registered and archived. 

If any Child does not accept this regulation, I lovingly ask them to return all the elements of the consecration and that theyapproach some Marian Center to pray and ask for light because the consecration is a commitment assumed consciously out of love for the Plan.

I thank you for understanding Me!

For a major purpose,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

I would like the Peace of God, so necessary for the world, to remain latent and alive in each human heart in order to realize the work of redemption led by My Son.

My children, it is in this way that I guide you towards My Son for you to be able to recognize His Love and His Mercy, important affluents for all the souls of the world.

I would like your lips not to get tired of professing the greatness of the Love of God and of all He realizes through His Infinite Grace. The greatest testimony of your lives is the conversion of the heart, there is registered the triumph of the Plan of God in each human consciousness.

I encourage you every day to rekindle the aspiration of living a fast conversion, because not only your consciousnesses will see themselves benefited, but also the whole of humanity in some proportion will receive this spiritual Grace.

Therefore, truly work every day for this conversion. Thus you will see this crystalline flame that leads all souls and guides them to meet again with the Celestial Father, be born in the horizon of your inner universe. Take courage and say, “Yes, Father, I accept redemption!”

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you from the Heart of Fatima, Inner Sanctuary,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, July 4 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

When souls cannot manage to fulfill the purpose they have come to carry out on this plane, this situation is shared amongst those who, through an effort, are able to comply with the other part of the spiritual Purpose of God. Thus it is that the scale is unbalanced, because in truth each soul must fulfill what they have come to do.

But, dear children, consciousnesses cannot for very long take on the part that another consciousness has failed to meet, because each being has a capacity to cope with their commitment to the Plan. This reality is a chain in constant imbalance and there are consciousnesses that at this time cope with the tasks of others only for love of the Project of God.

Imagine, My children, how many consciousnesses in the world that are distracted by the innovation and the cunning of My enemy stop fulfilling the service that in reality they came to give. Thus the planetary consciousness counts on very few and true servers for alleviating the current crisis in humanity. Souls will be surprised when they see all that they have failed to do, sometimes because of free will, causing the project of the race to go into a constant decline.

The Celestial Universe works at this time with consciousnesses that truly have a good heart and no longer yearn for anything for themselves. It is in this way, My children, that the realization of the human project is framed within a template of few possibilities, given the great indifference of the human race.

For this reason, everyone is called to permanent and daily prayer so that in this final stretch, most can reach the goal of crossing the portal to salvation before all the Doors of Heaven are closed and the complete purification of humanity begins to take place, because at that point there will be no more time.

Risk leaving the point upon which you have placed yourselves, and take on purification and service to the Plan while serving God with complete love and sacrifice. Remember that the life of ease and comfort in the world will be the first thing to be purified by the presence of the crisis of hunger experienced by many, many souls.

As Mother of Divine Justice, I am trying to bring you to another state of consciousness where the changes not yet seen until now can occur.

I thank you for understanding Me and for participating!

Who prays for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 3 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

Making My feet alight on the Kingdom of Fatima, I return to this place and on this day to reignite in the world its original purity.

I return to bring peace to the world and a greater time of mercy.

I return to awaken in My children the Love of God and the inner compassion that must exist among consciousnesses.

My children, from the Kingdom of Fatima I proclaim the greatness of the Mercy of God, since He is placing again on the path all those who had lost it from sight.

Dear children, it is an infinite joy to be able to return to the House of Lis, the Inner Sanctuary that brings new divine codes to the consciousnesses.

Therefore, My children, with your hearts wide open travel again though each space of this great planetary Sanctuary for the angels to deposit in your essences this sacred energy. And those who cannot be present here, place your hearts between My hands for Me, Your Heavenly Mother, to be able to lift them towards the House of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, may your hearts throb in Lis-Fatima so that at the end of all, the Project of My Beloved Son may be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 1 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children:

I thank you for the prompt response of all to My maternal call. You already know that, as the Mother of humanity, I long for the best for each of My children, because My ardent wish is that nobody misses the opportunity to meet with God and to know His true Love.

In the next six months of prayer you will be able, if you assume it in your consciousness, to find the path that I will make you know, the path to be in Christ permanently and not to leave it.

Dear children, this cycle of continuous prayer that I am calling you to live is to banish the planetary inertia and everything that leads constantly to the perdition of the souls.

I would like, My children, that your hearts find in this cycle the flame of faith that will help you to live the tests and deal with the challenges for the Plan of God.

My children, in the following six months I will be with you praying daily in each place where you may be, without ceasing any moment to bring you to My Heart for you to feel peace. If the world would respond promptly as you have responded to My call, many planetary and human situations would be avoided by the angels of the Universe.

Dear children, when a heart or more responds to My summoning I can work through it, not only in prayer but also in charity, humility and in Divine Mercy.

Awaken at this time those who are still asleep and tell them that there is a grandiose Celestial Mother who loves them and hopes to have them in Her arms to shed over them all the love of the Universe.

Tell them to have determination and valor to abandon sin, the human indifference and omission.

Tell those who sleep to encourage themselves to listen to Christ in their interior and to allow prayer to heal and to redeem them.

Tell them, My children, that the Divine Mercy is still available for all those who want to look for it and to discover it in the source of the Heart of Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call for the world peace!

Who loves you and always follows you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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