Monday, April 25 of 2016

Daily messages

Just as My Son, I renew all things.

Just as the dawn renews the day, the cycles of life and the very life of all beings, I renew you at each new meeting, at each new appeal of true prayer.

Just as fire revives the embers and gives new meaning to that which was dead, turning degenerate matter into fertilizing ash, so the Divine Messengers come to this world to transform it.

Many are dead in life and have not realized it, but if you let yourselves be burned by the Divine Fire that descends on Earth, first you will become glowing embers, then ash and dust, and you will seem to be good for nothing; but He who knows ash and knows dust - as a great celestial farmer - will use this powder to fertilize new trees, new flowers, new life. And you will see before your eyes how you are reborn from the nothing you have become and how, from that moment, you will truly know what life is, because only after being fruitful matter in the hands of God, children, you will know the essence of human existence.

When the embers that burned in you goes out, do not worry and do not fear; let the heart and the spirit become humble ash and dust, delivered at the feet of God, so that He may collect them and revive them at the right time.

With all the diverted paths of humanity, My beloveds, the time will come for everyone to be nothing, then to be in everything and to be everything.

If you are in My Heart and allow each cycle to be fulfilled according to the celestial laws, you will live in peace each one of these steps and even when you seem to be dying, you will know that it is like this so that one day you may be reborn in the celestial garden, giving life to many trees that will bear fruit and new seeds. This is how the Kingdom of God is established in this world.

When you, My beloveds, surrender to God, many others will be able to eat the of fruits of your surrender and also leave the new seeds of life for those who come after and who will not need to live what you have lived, because the soil will be already fertile and fruitful .

My dear children of Brazil and of the whole world, with simplicity and love I call you to trust your Celestial Mother, and in this humble way and without many secrets, I bring you close to the Heart of God, so that you will recognize your own mission and feel you are participants in the Plan of the Creator in this world.

Children, as of now, give up the old life , the old man, and allow the fire of My love to burn you and change you forever.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Sun



Sunday, April 24 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children,

I am the Eagle of Light that overflies the Universes and the spaces of this world to rekindle the Christic flame in each heart.

I am that sacred presence of the Universe that visits you and welcomes you in the warmth of the Heart of God.

I am the Aurora, I am the One who brings the Light of the infinite to pour it into the abysses of the Earth and so that the portal of liberation can be established.

Dear children, I am not only Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I am that Great Mirror of the Universe that reflects the Consciousness of God so that the creatures awaken to the call of the Creator.

I am the humble emanation of the Love of the Father for the cosmos and for all the stars.

I am that infinite path you can take courage to travel through the prayer of the heart.

I am Your Eternal Mother, I am the Solar Consciousness that comes from the Celestial Universe and Who grants inexplicable Graces to hearts that are open.

I am the Mother of the New Aurora (Dawn) for all Uruguay.

May My beloved children hear Me today, may you keep in your hearts the Words of God, because the time has come to take the big leap into the unknown, into the greater commitment.

If today I gather you in this oratory of peace, it is because you are prepared to respond to Me. Therefore, My children of the Sun, open the ears of your heart to hear the cry of the Mother of Heaven.

My children, I need everyone to join Me in May in Aurora, where the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be present to grant new Graces to the hearts who most need them.

Uruguay cannot lose its divine consciousness; the Aurora cannot stop dawning in the spiritual life of each being. You, who already have received so much from that sacred healing center, now cannot turn your back on it. Aurora calls you to complete the cycle of the great collaboration.

Attention! My children, the sacred treasures of the Universe are still present there. Because of this, respond!, respond soon!, not only for yourselves but also for all of Uruguay. I am calling on everyone to be present in Aurora in May so that together we may rebuild Our House and protect the treasures that the Father deposited there.

Those who pray, devotees, servers, collaborators, builders, donors, carpenters, architects, and those who are consecrated are called to donate their skills and work on the physical reemergence of Aurora.

When everything is about to happen, you will have a place to go. Your Communities still need you; it will be through your unwavering collaboration that they will be able support themselves at the most critical moments.

Called to serve in Aurora, activate your missionary spirit and serve during May so that the universal healing that is still present there can continue helping humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who pleads for the existence of the Communities of Light,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, April 22 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children:

I come on this day so that you may believe in the existence of the universal life, the principle of brotherhood and love that is lived in the whole Universe and that leads the consciousnesses to be within the Plan of God.

To live the universal life is to practice daily the attributes and the patterns of life that lead the consciousness to be united to God. These patterns we see reflected, for example, in fraternal actions of brotherhood and of service to the neighbor.

At this time, dear children, the universal life must be appreciated so that more consciousnesses feel the magnetism of being united to the Plan of the Universe.

Your world is part of a distinctive system of life, of an aspect of Creation that experiences a certain degree of Laws and Principles called sources of energy.

Omnipresence is one of the Principles or of these patterns of spiritual life in which the consciousness is internally present in several places at the same time. This is possible when it emanates the love for God and for all His Work. It is in this way that a fluent communication can be established between human consciousnesses, whenever unity between the parts predominate.

There are no coincidences in the Universe, but rather there is an internal relation with certain Laws of the Father that collaborate in the communication between the consciousnesses and the worlds.

The spiritual Hierarchy is the principal spokesperson of all the universal impulses, it is the one in charge of the whole humanity to enter, as possible, in the same state of consciousness. Prayer is the first school to contact the Plan of the Father in the inner universe and to be attuned with the Purpose above all.

The universal life is a path of permanent effort, it is to be in the Arms of the Eternal Father all the time that is possible. Therefore, at this planetary moment, humanity should be with its gaze at the Universe for major help to reach everyone without distinction.

All those who consider themselves praying people will have the mission to maintain alive the Purpose within themselves and in the planetary aura; this will lead the entire humanity to count on the fundamental assistance it needs.

Equality, the Law of balance, manifests itself in the universal life, because all are considered members of the material universe guided by Major Universes. It is in this way that the perfect harmony fills the Universe and the whole galaxy to which you belong and that lives under the Principle of Peace, even though in humanity other things happen. This is possible when there are consciousnesses open to receive the impulses of the universal life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who comes from the Celestial Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, April 21 of 2016

Daily messages

My children:

While your hearts and lives purify themselves, I call you to live the spirit of inner transcendence, an act of love to surpass all the tests and internal difficulties. That is why, dear children, I offer you My Immaculate and Maternal Heart as a safe refuge during the inner cycles of the storm.

My Grace gathers you every day and I come for you to accept My Immaculate Heart as a protective shield against all evil and as the source of the Love of God for the world. Enter My Heart through prayer and vivify at this time the light of the attributes that I want to shed over you.

To consecrate yourself to My Maternal Heart is the first step of the praying soul, for afterwards sharing with Your Heavenly Mother the Gifts of God until now unknown by all.

While you study on Earth at the school of self-purification, dear children, unite your hands as brothers and sisters and implore for My Chaste Heart to help you at this acute time on Earth.

By working in your daily consecration to My Immaculate Heart, you will allow Your Heavenly Mother to intercede for humanity at this time.

Just as it was in the beginning of the daily messages of peace, after so long I leave you basic keys to work until the end of your days in the consecration to the Maternal Heart of Mary. These principles of a good Christian are also considered for those who consecrate themselves as Children of Mary.

The seven principles to consecrate oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary every day are as follows:

1. To have a life of prayer.

2. To be a peace maker.

3. To commune daily with Christ.

4. To perform an act of mercy a day, be it to serve, to help, to take care of the sick people, to visit those who are imprisoned in jail, or to help those lost by drugs.

5. To pray a mystery of the Holy Rosary for peace.

6. To confess faults regularly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus be it with a priest or in profound solitude.

7. To welcome a pilgrim giving them repose and shelter on the way.

These seven principles were taught to the eleven apostles, after the Assumption of Your Heavenly Mother. It was the merciful legacy that Mary left you to live the apostleship of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you infinitely,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, April 20 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

In this time of purification the doors of Grace are still open for those who invoke it with their heart. This inexplicable Grace is the one that can transfigure all things because Grace is a concomitant action with Mercy.

In spite of what may happen, My children, search for this major Grace so that the Lord hears in His Heart the supplications of His children. Grace is the formula for these times of liberation; it is the cause and the reason for all the souls that must find livelihood through it.

Grace is a state of atonement and at the same time of compassion; these two higher currents come from the Will that generates love and unity, to which all must aspire daily.

My children, through Grace one finds relief and it brings peace in these critical moments. In Grace is found the Flame of God, a flaming and perpetual Spirit that rekindles the hearts in compassion.

Humanity must place its vision on the Grace of God and build it within for it to multiply and reach those who need it. This very potent Grace breaks the chains of evil because its main spring is in the Love of God and in His Omniscience.

May Grace be the key for you at this time; thinking about it everything materializes according to the Will of God, because Grace is what removes the consciousnesses from ignorance and from the inferiority of conditions.

Grace gives meaning to life and the perfect motive to serve God, it is the one that unites all things under the principles of Peace, Love, Mercy and Redemption.

Grace is considered a source of unity, it is the balm that nourishes spiritual life and renews it. The world is present until now in the Universe by the work of Grace.

You must remember, dear children, that the Grace of God is everything and that through it you will relive and concretize the paths of the Father.

Grace is that state that leads to the Light of God and His infinite goodness. Grace is the path for those who are not rewarded due to the faults they have committed against the Plan of God.

Grace is a life raft as is Mercy. From the Heart of My Son springs Mercy that is His Blood, and Grace that is His Water, purifies and redeems.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, April 17 of 2016

Daily messages

Beloved children,

In order for peace to be established, ignorance must be dissipated from the hearts and consciousnesses of human beings.

This sacred planet is being taken to the abyss by the actions and the ideas of those who believe themselves wise but who ignore the truth, even about themselves. How to live in wisdom, if you, My dears, do not even know the truth about yourselves, about your origin and the real reason why you came to this world?

The path to discovering the truth is considered by many to be the path of the ignorant; those who seek to develop faith in order to unveil heavenly mysteries are often considered lost and blind by the great powers of this material world.

Children, very unhappy is the heart that is blind to the things of God or has a tepid and superficial faith, only to give the appearance to society that it follows a path that leads to the Father.

My beloved ones, at this moment, on the planet, when a definition is demanded of all consciousnesses, you must give everything for love of God. The definition of your lives must be complete and absolute, because this is the only way to not be deceived by the enemy and by yourselves. Because I tell you that the very human tendencies, those that have been rooted in your consciousness for so many centuries of uncertain and diverted experiences, can lead you to the abyss, without My adversary having to make any effort.

Children, do not think that My words threaten or come to cause you fear, because, otherwise, how will I reveal to you the truth about these times?

Those who do not realize for themselves that we are in the last days of human illusion and who do not see with their own eyes the decay of the world will awaken abruptly when this chaos that expands in the world touches their lives forcefully.

My beloved ones, I just want to make peace and good triumph in your lives. I want to keep you firm for the trying times so that you may persevere with the inner light ignited and alive in the days of darkness. For many will depend on the light ingnited in the hearts of a few in order to see their own path and not get lost.

My children, it is time to hold on to the life of prayer, so you are not confused by what is coming. It is the time and the moment, especially for the Americas, to protect the Plans of God, and this will be done within each one.

Children, leave external influences and material appearances for the strategies of My adversary, because the masks of illusion will fall by themselves when, on the return of My Beloved Son, light triumphs again in the world.

Concentrate, you all, in affirming the foundations of inner fortress, the one that once built, is immutable and impermeable to harassment and doubt, which are inherent at these moments.

The adversary is fighting with all his strengths. In world events, you can see the reflection of this battle which does not only happen in the Middle East, but everywhere on the planet. Therefore, My beloved ones, in every way I insist and beg with My Heart for an immediate awakening.

May light be established in your lives and may the power of love, which is expressed in unity and fraternity, be greater than the incentives to false power, which generates the conflicts and wars that are growing in the world.

I love you and for this reasonI tell you all these things. Unite to My Heart in prayer, in donation and in service. Persist so that peace will be established. Persist to overcome the obstacles, and may My Plans, which are the Plans of the Creator, be able to be fulfilled.

I bless you, under the Celestial Light of the Most High.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, April 17 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children of the whole world,

With the Americas in My Heart, this day I approach you to ask once again that you pray to My Immaculate Heart for peace in the Americas and in the world.

The fury of the unjust and the lies of those who are masked incite the nations of the Americas to revolution, and humanity from South America is still not ready for the great moment of its purification.

Through an urgent call for prayer, My dear children, Your Heavenly Mother calls you to awaken in these times of emergency, and in particular, to respond to everything that is being asked for by the Sacred Hearts.

The times have changed again, therefore , My children of the world, not only do I call upon you to live a true and fervent prayer, but I also call you to service in the face of the latest catastrophes in the world.

Dear children, if I had stopped coming to visit you daily, humanity would have self-destructed in a few months and the social obsession would have submerged Europe and the world. Therefore, today, from Fatima, Heart of the Kingdom of Lis, world Shrine of prayer, My Immaculate Heart loudly proclaims the call to awaken.

I would not want the ignorance of the majority to make you give up the path that My Son invites you to live, a path of praying for humanity.

The planet and all of its inhabitants chose this final cycle to learn through purification. My pulsating Heart has not tired of asking you for prayer, fasting, and Communion as sources of reparation and mercy for the world. But humanity is still deaf and blind, prefers to live the transition, and rejects the Love of My Heart; thus today Your Mother cries, looking down at the ground, asking the Celestial Father for Mercy and Compassion.

My children, humanity incites the Justice of God and does not know what it is doing; many faithful of the Church have lost their devotion to My Heart because they are imprisoned by the temptations of the world.

To those who pray with Me, every day in perseverance and sacrifice, I ask you to implore for your humanity, for the Americas and the world before a possible social war that is also about power is established amongst the nations. If that were to happen, the poison of the impious and the atheists would spread throughout the planet, and shortly thereafter a great spiritual sickness would cause three-quarters of humanity to disapper because of atheism.

To prevent the setting aside of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil, I come to implore for more prayer before the armies of the Earth take the nations of the Americas; may your surrender to prayer be greater. For this, dear children, I wish My Immaculate Heart to triumph in the Americas through the fidelity of the faithful followers of Christ.

Attention! My children, the third secret of Fatima could still be fulfilled, and humanity has already forgotten it. For that reason and for the salvation of all those in the Americas who have already condemned themselves to the eternal fire of hell, I come to ask for the praying of the Holy Rosary for Peace in the Americas and in the world. The third secret could be mirrored in the Americas and the devotees should prepare for that.

I come to dissolve all evil with the Light of God. Consecrate yourselves soon to My Heart so that Your Heavenly Mother can intercede for a humanity filled with injustice.

Thus, dear children, in May and June I have dedicated the spiritual space for a pilgrimage through continents that are in need of the descent of the Light of God. Your collaboration must be immediate and without delay so that I can triumph before My adversary; I will appreciate your adhesion and promptness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In continuous prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Americas



Saturday, April 16 of 2016

Daily messages

I deposit My Love upon you as a new wine in wineskins restored by the infinite Light of My Son.

The Merciful Love of the Father is the one that allows to generate the redemption of your lives and the constant renewal of your spirits.

The love I shed upon you is like the new wine…

It is through the most sacred Love of the Father that the good souls encourage themselves to take the step towards conversion and thus cross all the thresholds of the consciousness in order to be able to be in My Son.

The love I shed upon you is like the new wine…

Through the peace in the hearts good fortresses are built and they feel fulfilled to be in the Lord.

The love I shed upon you is like the new wine…

I leave in each heart the spark of truth and unity so that in some moment the hearts be able to recognize that everything in life has a meaning within the plans of God.

The love I shed upon you is like the new wine…

From time to time Your Heavenly Mother renews everything for the souls to feel that everything has a greater Purpose and that nothing is left behind.

The love I shed upon you is like the new wine… for you to live the codes of Christ and this way experience the fullness of His Love for all of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who unifies you in the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, April 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Everything is going through its Judgment

Dear children of Mine,

Through My plans of peace and prayer with all the souls of the world, I prevent you from entering into the Judgment.

But now all is already in Judgment…

As Your Mother, I reveal new projects to you that must follow the perfect order of the Universe and in this way everyone can be within the Law.

But now all is already in Judgment…

I prevent souls from continuing to submerge themselves in the darkness of these times and I call all the lost sheep to return to the path of Christ.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Every day I invite hearts to follow in the footsteps of the Heavenly Mother, thus in these times your footsteps will be protected by the Light of My Maternity.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Hearts condemn themselves each passing day and justify themselves through their actions, carrying all of humanity toward Universal Judgment.

But now all is already in Judgment…

There is no consciousness, race, religion, or nation that is free of Universal Judgment; that is why Your Heavenly Mother motivates you to develop projects of light that are united to Divine Will so that in this way you do not enter into the Judgment.

Dear children, the time that was foreordained for certain events is arriving; Your Most Holy Mother together with Her angels is uprooting the networks of evil through the prayer meetings.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Souls cannot lose the Grace of converting their lives through the sacred atonement that comes from Heaven.

Before everything happens and entire nations enter into their Judgment, pray, pray from the heart for the needs of the planet, so that at least the angels of the Universe come to the call of your voices.

Everything is now in its Judgment, inside and outside of human beings; the Judgment of purification has come, and at the same time, that of the evidence.

Before the Great Judgment is established in the world, prepare your hearts in adoration; now everything is in its Judgment, and hearts cannot be distracted by the things of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prays now and always in the face of the Judgment of the final times,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, April 14 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children,

In order for the Campaign for Peace to be a true reality in the world, peace must first be present in your hearts.

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to have its birth in the city of Florianópolis, but the expectation is that this campaign will immediately be disseminated to the States of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, which together with the State of Santa Catarina, will be the epicenter of this campaign, that will later expand through the whole of Brazil, Latin America, and finally throughout the whole world.

As from the beginning of the Campaign for Peace with the Youth Festival for Peace, and when all the youths of Brazil congregate in Florianópolis for the first meeting, it will be the moment, My children, when it will be disseminated to the different regional universities of Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul; from the student body will spring forth the first impulse that later will spread to the rest of the universities of Brazil.

This is how, dear children, that the first Youth Festival to be held in the month of July in the city of Florianópolis will have moments of service to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature; also moments of art and of music, sources of expression for the youth, which must express fraternity, harmony, and love for the planet.

When the first Youth Festival takes place, it being an ecumenical meeting that will be sponsored by companies that can contribute for the Youth Campaign for Peace, through the youths that will participate in these meetings, the universities of Brazil will be able to extend this invitation for peace to other universities in the world.

It will be in this way that the first Youth Festival for Peace will have its own recording label, so that all that is created by the youths may be disseminated to other places on the planet; this recording label will be the same that the Association Mary will found to support the musical art created.

This impulse of the Youth campaign for Peace expects to reach unbelieving hearts so that they may believe in God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with the spirit of the young,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, April 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Every day, dear children, and until the end of time, I invite you to live goodness and charity for others. In this way, little by little, when souls are willing to serve, the Mercy of God is made present in all things, and souls are liberated from error and fear.

Today I present Myself as the Good and Pious Mother of Heaven; I am That Divine Consciousness that once lived on Earth amongst you as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I hope that thus, adopting Me as your Good Mother, your souls will be motivated to serve peace and to give for the common good of all, especially for the Works of Peace of Your Heavenly Mother.

My dear children of the world, you are called at this time to share and to give what you have equitably, as the Sacred Family gave Itself to you for your salvation.

The spirit of divine equality and deep charity do not yet exist in humanity. Today I come from the Universe to teach you to share everything you have, because the time will come, My children, when all your material values will be relegated to second place. Before that happens, withdraw from your pockets that which you so much hold on to, and which does not allow you to be completely free to achieve peace. It is through this holding on to goods that belong to the Universe that humanity is faced with an intense material and spiritual poverty.

I wish that just as We, the Sacred Hearts, live holy charity, you, My children, should live it fully without fear of losing everything.

I want your hearts to expand and your hands to stop holding on to what materially must flow in the Universe. Leave the prison of the world economy; live the new patterns of the Holy Spirit through fraternity and equity.

Children, it is time for your hands to be free of many goods; seek your true spiritual treasures in the holy Word of My Son, in Communion and in prayer.

As I am a Mother, I know the world lives a great inequality, but soon it will end and humanity will learn that whoever does not give, becomes poorer in spirit and life. The world could be more just, and the unjust will be called to account before the Universe, because poverty is born out of the retention of what really belongs to everyone.

I repeat, just as My Beloved Son once said: "Give up all your possessions", follow that teaching, because who is with Him has nothing for themselves, only eternal life.

Love this invitation that I am giving you; be charitable and give in order to free yourselves from material life.

The mission is that the world does not lose peace through the intense materialism. Pray and live divine charity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who elevates you to the consciousness of equality and good,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Goodness



Tuesday, April 12 of 2016

Daily messages

My beloved children of Brazil and the world,

Today I gather you all in this sacred oratory of devout souls in the city of Joinville so that you may give testimony that My loving presence is still here among you and that the pilgrimages of the Divine Messengers are active.

Children, I came from Heaven to ask for your collaboration and cooperation so that the pilgrim mission in southern Brazil can end just as the Celestial Father has foreseen in His Heart.

Each pilgrimage that is fulfilled through your collaboration means a major step toward the salvation of souls, and above all, towards the establishment of a greater approaching time of peace.

My children, today I call on you again to be collaborators in this sacred work that encompasses not only your planet, but also the Universe. Whenever We, the Messengers of Heaven, descend, it is to bring peace and healing for humanity.

Each place where you must visit in pilgrimage in the future with effort, dedication, and transmutation cannot remain without the assistance of Heaven. You, My beloved children, are the ones who hold the keys and the tools to open the doors of Heaven so that the Hierarchy can draw closer.

Today you must not only be My children, but also My servants, instruments that help Your Heavenly Mother to materialize Her plans of Peace. The pilgrimage in southern Brazil is not yet ended, and the work that is being developed through the most recent meetings with the youth in the different cities, is awakening a fountain of Graces in the hearts that are not yet redeemed.

Dear children, Your Most Holy Mother will expand the pilgrimage in May, as well as in June, when the mission will deepen in the hearts of the self-called.

It is at this moment, children, that I prepare you to take new steps in the life of the fraternity, of charity with the Evolutionary Plan, and in the equitable donation of things. The planet is your home and all are invited to take the steps in the name of love and redemption of humanity.

Children, My spiritual pilgrimage through nations and continents will be expanding given the urgency of recent times, and for the awakening of those who are still sleeping.

My coming to the city of Joinville has the mission of having the European consciousness, which is to be found here, recover its affiliation with God, and thus liberate Europe from all the mistakes made over the last hundred years. Joinville is the synthesis of the European consciousness that must set aside individualism in order to learn to unite with fellow humans in charity and equality. For this reason the prayer groups that are here will have the demanding task of awakening sleeping hearts, so that they may participate in the school of redemptive prayer that I am indicating to them.

Children, may this call for a more fraternal and conscious collaboration remain in your consciousness, and especially in your hearts, in face of the need to fulfill My plans of Peace at the end of times.

I will sincerely appreciate the contribution of everyone. As the Master of Light says, the hand that donates is never impoverished; this is Law in the Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call for Peace.

Who gathers you in the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, April 11 of 2016

Daily messages

Parents of the Earth,

As Your Mother and Guide from Heaven, I take care of all the details in the same way that I take care of and protect each soul.

Give Me your children, and I will take care of them as I take care of you all the time when you are in prayer with Me.

Entrust your children of the Earth to Me so that someday they too come to an awakening and redemption.

My motherhood follows your children with a tender look, who for you are the living experience of love, compassion, and understanding.

Beloved parents, God has given you a learning, a livingness, and an experience through the birth of your children; an experience that in this life, and at this moment of the planet, oftentimes has caused you to endure, to love, to understand, and especially to forgive.

Each one of you, parents of the Earth, have had to learn how to relinquish, to accept the decisions of your children and of your families.

The prayer of the heart will lead you to understand the decisions of life, and those of your children, just as I understand yours, and accept them in deep motherhood.

Do not expect to fulfill dreams of this world through your children, aspire that they be in My arms of a Mother just as you and your families are, especially when they are far from their loved ones.

All are souls in redemption and transformation, but My sacred motherhood grants you all the Graces. For this reason, today I invite you to place your children in My arms just as you often are, both in the moments of inner happiness and in those of pain.

Know, My beloved parents of the Earth, that you and your children belong to God and that one day you will return to God in spite of what you experience in this world.

I prepare you so that you may deliver your children to the Will of God in the same way that I trustingly delivered Jesus to the Celestial Father.

I encourage you to grow inwardly.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who accompanies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, April 10 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children who are present,

With Archangel Michael in your presence, today I especially address those who have never had the Grace of knowing Me because, on this day, Your Mother of the Universe comes to meet with you to pave the way for conversion, mercy and forgiveness.

Each one of you children present here have until now experienced a course throughout this life; now, the Father of the whole Universe calls upon you to an inner awakening and to again find a true spiritual life through the sublime impulses of prayer, service and fraternity.

On this day, My Grace of a Mother gathers you together to teach you the way to your true freedom, and thus, before the Sacred Son of the Universe, you will learn to love and again smile at life, far from inner suffering.

It is for this reason, My children, that Your Mother has chosen each one of you so that you may become consecrated to My Immaculate Heart; a pure and good Heart that gives Itself to you to take you out of the prison of material life, of deceit and error.

Beloved children, on this day in which the Universe has opened a door of freedom and peace within this place, I call upon you to take that sacred step in the name of all the youth of the world that are led along the path of perdition and false reality.

I adore you all as souls, My beloved youth; in this acute time of the Earth, allow the Christic seed of love and redemption to definitely awaken within you.

By you taking this first step that I ask of you, you will know the true light of Heaven that today has lovingly touched this place because of a blessed and entire Mercy.

I do not want to convert you, My children. I want to lead you to the truth, to service and to a surrender for humanity.

May My consolation be upon you so that, encouraged by Me, you may achieve peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!
Who unifies you,
Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

At the end of the message, the Divine Mother, in the presence of Saint Joseph, asked that in this place called “Pedra Branca,” a small grotto be built in the forest with the image of the Queen of Peace. The Divine Mother also asked that the floor of this place of prayer be built with the help on the Light-Network and that the Light-Network itself continue to support the task of prayer with the groups of youth.

Our Lady said to the youths present:

“Dear children, here I will be, the Mother of all those who are lost. I wish to have mediators of prayer between Heaven and Earth here.”




Saturday, April 9 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart through the Campaign for Peace will be the rescue and salvation of the young ones.

That is why the semiannual meeting of youth in Florianopolis intends to gather the souls that need to return to the Heart of God.

This meeting will be encompassed within the festival of youth, in which prayer, art and music, as well as service, will be united in the proposal of peace.

For this, the youth of Florianopolis will promote and impel the semiannual meeting, they will try to gather souls so that at some moment they become servants of Christ.

This first Youth Festival or Meeting for Peace will be in the month of July of 2016 and will be concomitant with the World Youth Day, in the spirit that the young ones celebrate the Jubilee of the Mercy of God.

In the next semester the festival will be in the month of January of 2017, when the youth of different parts of Brazil will congregate and will already have been able to deepen in the spiritual task initiated in this meeting.

The participation of the Grace Mercy Order as well as the group that pilgrims will be fundamental in these meetings.

From the month of July of 2016 on, and for a period, the Meeting of the Youth will progress within the proposal of peace.

The young people of Florianopolis are invited to prepare this first meeting in the month of July, and the song to be offered is “Blessed are the merciful”.

A good preparation for all My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who congregates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, April 8 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

The Youth Campaign for Peace expects to establish a half-year meeting in Florianopolis for all the youth. This spiritual impulse will try to lead the youth towards a praying state of upliftment and redemption.

This biannual meeting will be encompassed in an event of music, art and prayer; in this way each young person that unites to this meeting and through the Association Mary will be able to postulate to present with a group of youth a musical piece of elevation and harmony that they have prepared.

In the same way, young artists will present works they have made and will show everyone the messages of peace, hope and faith that they have originally painted with their own hands.

At the end of the meeting there will be an ecumenical communion officiated by priests and there will also be a moment of adoration to the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

This meeting will be integrated in the Campaign for Peace and will be called “The First Meeting of the Youth for Peace.”

In the time between each musical presentation as well as the contemplation of art performed by the young ones, there will be profound moments of prayers guided by the young people themselves.

This meeting might also offer universal prayers for the elevation of the planetary consciousness.

In this first stage Florianopolis will be, each six months, the headquarter of the Youth Meeting for Peace, and the Campaign for Peace will be the basis for this ecumenical movement.

This meeting will try to carry out a process of spiritual conversion and the young ones will have the opportunity of being instructed and guided in the quest for the spiritual path.

This is an ecumenical meeting, which means that it will be open for those who truly search for peace and goodness, without drugs, without addictions or external interferences.

The spirit of this Meeting of the Youth for Peace will be to rescue and to lead everyone towards Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prepares you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, April 7 of 2016

Daily messages

The Youth Campaign for Peace that should be born in Florianópolis and later extend itself to the whole world, will give all My children the opportunity to find again the meaning of the elevated spiritual life no longer through drugs, but rather in a life of altruistic service and prayer, safe sources that they will find for the elevation of their souls.

This Youth Campaign for Peace expects to meet the needs of the young ones through Instruction about the true values of a worthy and spiritual life in this time.

This will be possible, dear children, because the Youth Campaign for Peace will attend the request of the young ones about the understanding of spiritual life and of the Universe in its totality: of the macro cosmos.

The Youth Campaign for Peace intends to have as a base the source of expression through music that radiates peace, harmony, balance, and in some cases, states of union with Christ and with the Celestial Divinity.

For this, creativity through instruments will cause the young ones to feel motivated to create music that helps in the harmonization of the planet, as well as some groups of young people will encourage themselves to express their union with Christ.

The art within this Campaign for Peace, will be expressed in the young ones through images that appeal to the need of peace in the world, as well as in the expression of elevated messages of love, brotherhood and hope, searching to dissipate ideas of violence, mistreatment to the fellow beings and war.

It is for this reason that this Campaign supported by the Association Mary will allow to help the young ones to transmit to their fellow beings these values that they will learn, and in this way all the youth will perceive one day that it is not necessary “to search for God” through the influences that the adversary imparts.

A life of prayer will be born in a part of the youth, this will be the fundamental base for principles of redemption and healing to take place in humanity.

We will continue working on this project.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the Campaign for Peace in the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, April 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

The Youth Campaign for Peace expects to embrace as an evolutionary proposal all the young people from Brazil and from the world for them to feel motivated to serve for humanity and for the end of war.

It is for this reason that the youth campaign for peace, which will be supported by the Association Mary, will try to answer the demand of the young ones, of those who need to renew their lives and their habits through service, charity and goodness.

At this moment the young people of Florianópolis are being called to diffuse and expand the work of the Heavenly Mother. Thus, through the Youth Campaign for Peace, the young ones will have a space to be able to express their moments of prayer, service and also of art and music as means for elevation and spiritual creativity, based on mutual respect, fraternity and union within the same purpose of peace.

For this, the Association Mary should be the means that motivates and impulses the search for an ordered, peaceful life, of service and prayer for the planet.

Through art they will search to express the inner beauty of each soul, and prayer and the manifestation of music will be the place of encounter and peace with humanity.

The Youth Campaign for Peace will have its own website and at the same time will be the diffusor of the meetings of prayer for the young people, and also of all the moments of service and charity towards their fellow beings.

This campaign must aspire to live, as a base, the importance and urgency of having peace at these times and to radiate it to the whole world, so that in this way My Immaculate Heart may triumph.

This mission has the proposal of helping all the young people to find a spiritual meaning for their lives and their habitual environment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In Campaign for peace and salvation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, April 5 of 2016

Daily messages

I would like that through the Campaign for Peace the young people of Florianópolis and of the whole world would perform actions of peace, prayer and service to establish again the spirit of love and reconciliation in the consciousness of humanity.

By means of the Campaign for Peace, the young people of the world will have a space in which the works of mercy and prayer that they perform will be echoed.

For this, dear children, the Campaign for Peace through the young ones will carry out meetings of prayer, gatherings of fraternity and selfless service for the ones in most need.

In this field, the Association Mary will be the guide of these meetings with the young people who postulate to promote the spirit of peace in the world, non- violence, non-discrimination and the ecumenical and Christian union among the youth of Brazil and  the world.

The Campaign for Peace should lead everyone to know the call of Christ, Mary and Saint Joseph. By means of fraternal actions, the missionary spirit for the world is expected to be awakened in the young ones through humanitarian services and also the expression of art and music as a movement of elevation and union with the essence of Nature.

This Youth Campaign for Peace intends to set aside abysses, vices and bad habits of all those who are in the spiritual and material illusion.

The Campaign for Peace intends to awaken patterns of good behavior, harmony and common good in the young ones.

Therefore the young people of Florianópolis with the youth of all of Brazil can be the first promoters of the message of peace that comes from Heaven, and thus make known that in truth the young ones can live a spiritual life without drugs, alcohol and harmful habits.

This Youth Campaign for Peace will start when the young people have their hearts prepared to welcome this call.

Christic life must express itself in the young ones.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who encourages you to serve,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, April 4 of 2016

Daily messages

Once and again as Your Mother and Guide I make you submerge in the unfathomable ocean of Mercy of My Son for all your debts and souls to be washed by the Grace that springs from His Infinite Heart.

Every day I have you approach this great source of extraordinary Graces that My Beloved Son offers, and thus they also reach all hearts in the world.

Today the Mercy of My Heart has brought you here, to this city of Florianópolis, so that the youth, the new apostles, may also be touched by the source of Grace of My Son on some plane of consciousness.

It is not by chance, dear children, that in this next 33rd Marathon, laws and celestial principles will be combined, which will strengthen and unify the mission that the groups of prayer, those that are united to this Marian and Christic work, accomplish here.

It will be in this cycle of the last atonement that the youth of Brazil will have an important mission through the collaboration with the plans of peace of Your Heavenly Mother, and Florianópolis will be, in this case, the epicenter for this mission of youth prayer to start developing itself to a greater degree.

If the plan is carried out in this way, this will significantly help the nation of Brazil, and from there, from each praying and young heart, the necessary spiritual help will come for these times.

Dear children, in the young people lays the apostolic seed that My Son has kept safeguarded for a long time, and this seed will start to sprout so that they can express their true mission.

In Brazil, the Christian and ecumenical youth is expected to be one of the next pillars of the redemptive work of Your Heavenly Mother; we must pray for this to be possible and wait for visible signs that will awaken this holy task of the youth in Brazil.

I am accompanying this purpose of Mine from nearby.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the essence of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, April 2 of 2016

Daily messages

Unite your prayers with My supplications of light and let Me take care of all things.

Unite your aspirations with My plans of peace, thus you will realize how much there is to be done for this humanity.

Work with Me, and through My Heart with all those in need; through simple works, carry My divine Love to everyone.

Consolidate My twelve celestial attributes in your spirit and follow the Universal Mother along the pathways I indicate for souls.

Embrace charity and service as a legacy, thus you will see how many prodigies will happen through all those who give themselves to the rest and to My Heart.

Build you sacred temple in Me. May your life and your heart be the true oratory in these times, so that the lack of love is overcome and indifference is erased from the hearts that do not live God.

With your hands, weave with Me the mantle of mercy, and through each act, restore what needs forgiveness and compassion.

Do not fail to see around you the needs of your fellow humans, for My Beloved Son might be hidden in the suffering hearts.

Live My project of peace every day; that both in joy and in sorrow you see the Will of My Lord, and thus will learn to live your own cross not as a burden, but as the liberation from all error.

Trust, I am Your Mother. I do not abandon My little children, I pray next to you so that some day you do more humble things, just as My Son has done.

I love you and I pray for everyone in the Sacred Temple of the Heart of God.

Who blesses you in glory,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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