Thursday, December 31 of 2015

Daily messages

Open your eyes to see, in the sky, the Joy of God every 31st of December of the time of this world.

Rejoice in Christ and in His Holy Mother, for the grace that is granted to you, of remembering the day of your salvation and of perpetually praising Her, the One Who in humility came to the world to liberate it from all evil.

Dear children, I want that on the 31stof December of all of the years that you are still to pass on Earth, that the hearts of the soldiers of Christ be profoundly renewed; that you contemplate in your inner the fruits that have already been born for all of the effort that you have lived while attempting to follow My steps, but that you also contemplate the goals that will lead you to that which you must be as individuals and as humanity.

While the majority of your brothers and sisters prepare themselves to plunging even deeper into illusion, I would like that those who claim to be conscious, be opened to live more and more intensely the principles that lead you to the truth.

I wish that you would dispose your hearts even more to unveil, inside your own selves, the higher life, so that the Power of God inside your beings would be more and more intense.

My beloveds, on this day contemplate the world with eyes of compassion, and place your own consciousnesses into the One and Only Consciousness of God Most High, so that the aspiration that you will be someone new, and that you may lead this Earth to an intense transformation, may mature in your own interior.

The eyes of fire of the Creator observe the world, attentive and fixed on those who will let themselves be burnt by the Power of His Magnitude. The Lord seeks in the world those who will be the bearers of Truth and who will transcend the common human conducts in order to be the pioneers of the true human archetype.

Who will defeat chaos in and outside of themselves, as to make triumph the peace in the human heart, and as a consequence, in the whole world?

The peace on the planet depends on the determination of humanity in living it, because the lack of peace is caused by humankind itself, which got used to live off conflicts and competitions, even feeling gratified with the suffering of others.

I want, children, that this day be one that will remind you, every year, of the triumph of God in the world, and that independently of what may happen around you the certainty of the victory of God may never be faded from your hearts.

When you are in a full fall in your evolutionary path, remember on that day that you are on Earth in order to live the overcoming of yourselves. When you only see the darkness around you and inside your brothers and sisters, remember this day when you are here as soldiers of My Heart, so that you may be light-houses that guide the blind, and the window that opens itself in the planetary consciousness for the arrival of the Sun.

Never let yourselves dive into the darkness of the world because I have summoned you so that you will be that which no one will want to be; so that you will live that which no one will want to live, in order to change the destiny of humanity by means of your own transformation in Christ. Even if the world sinks to your right and to your left, keep yourselves in this sea of illusions as a boat that sustains in itself those who, as an example and as an impulse, will keep themselves firm in their purpose of reaching God.

On the 31st of December of all of the years that will come, transcend darkness, and be the light of the world yourselves, because She Who is Light Itself and Peace Itself has been congregating your souls and consecrating your spirits in order to make out of your lives the spearhead that breaks the barriers and that opens the doors of the world for the ingress of a new time, of a new race, based on and guided by other laws, by Divine and Celestial Laws.

I love you and for this I impel you to make of your consciousnesses the dwellings, on Earth, of the Holy Spirit of God.

Who blesses you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Thursday, December 31 of 2015

Daily messages

Blessed are the merciful because they will reach mercy!

Dear children, this is the motto for the new jubilee of Mercy, a fundamental door that the ambassador of Christ, My son Francis, opened this end of the year.

It is through this jubilee that all of the hearts are called by Heaven, so that they will pay their attention to the divine principle of the Mercy of God in these times.

Dear children, without Mercy or Piety nothing will be possible. That is why on this last day of the year I wanted that My praying children would think and meditate on the importance of reaching the Mercy of God for the times that will come.

Such as My Son once said: “Blessed are the merciful, because they will reach mercy”, this is a divine affirmation for every soul of the surface of the Earth that may believe in this Mercy that forgives and dissolves any fault.

I need, dear children, for this jubilee of the Mercy of God, that your daily actions be acts of mercy, acts that will re-establish in the world the peace and the love among the beings, closely following the flame of the Love of Christ, that which illuminates the time of darkness that the planet is living.

Dear children, through the works of mercy you will be balancing your debts, and in this way, silently, you will give way for My Son to realize His prodigies of Mercy in certain consciousnesses that are lost.

My children, in this jubilee of Mercy, may your hearts live the extraordinary impulse that reaches the Earth in order to be able to save it somehow. If you trust the Mercy of My Son, one day your lives will be merciful.

The Mercy of God in this time invites you to change the way of acting and of thinking, seeking the unity among the beings by means of the merciful power of love. If this were reached, a great part of humanity would be safe without that having been predicted.

Mercy is a table of salvation, it is the direct bridge to the Heart of the Father, Who is Compassionate and Kind to all that was created.

Therefore, live and be reborn every day through this sacred affirmation: “Blessed are the merciful, because they will reach mercy”.

Dear children, may this year that will begin be the true year of Mercy for all, of the divine essence that comes to assist the lost world, and may it be an inexhaustible source that pours itself to bring healing for all of the souls.

I wish, children of Mine, that the next Marathon of the Divine Mercy, when we will be completing the thirty most important encounters with Christ in the history of this planet, may be a Marathon to affirm in your lives that you do accept the Mercy of God, that which is invincible.

Do it on this day, at least for those hearts that will be deviated from the path of redemption when they are tempted by the works of My adversary. Be blessed and merciful, remember to live this renewal every day.

A good jubilee for all of the Christians of the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who encourages you to live in the infinite Mercy of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, December 30 of 2015

Daily messages

It is through My Grace that everyone is saved; it is through the Infinite Grace of God that every inner conversion is possible. I do not tire of encouraging you to walk in the faith and the hope that tomorrow you will see the Holy Mother come from Heaven to step on the head of the adversary, redeem him, and thus establish the one thousand years of peace.

Do you believe this is possible?

If I Am Blessed among all women, through the Love of God I can convert and redeem the impossible things. If I Am the Attorney of Heaven, I can intercede and help whomever truly and without gain asks it of me. I Am the Woman Clothed in the Sun, with the moon at Her feet and with the seven roses in Her garden of Light.

Hold the event of this moment that will come, when the Mother of the Most High will with Her feet step on evil and on what causes pain. It is for this that My armies of prayer work every day; it is for this positive cause of redemption that hearts will bring themselves to become Christed.

I come in this time to fulfill the Apocalypse; I come as the last Guiding Star to lead to Christ all those who in honesty want to be with Him before the great judgment.

Each human, planetary, and spiritual event is being counted and registered. You must not fear falling; you must be thankful for being able to know how evil exists and deceives humanity since long ago.

I come to reveal all the ruses and to bring light and peace to where none exist. With My gaze, I have chosen those who will accompany Me to fight the beast when it leaves its dark cave. Love will defeat it, faith will make it weak, truth will frighten it, and it will be redeemed by the Mercy of God; thus, everything will be transfigured by the action of Divine Law.

Work as peacemakers of Christ; say yes to your prompt redemption. I am here to help you and stretch out My hands of love to you.

I need you now!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Always we walk in faith.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, December 29 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

As a Mother, Help of all Christians, I come on this day to the world so that the souls awaken in conscience before all that still happens in this humanity.

On the eve of the beginning of a new year of definitions and tests I ask all My praying children for enough consciousness of prayer, of inner work and of transformation in order to help the planet and its indifferent and non-believer humanity, so that when all these souls face their harsh purification they have enough inner strength to face the changes that will come to the entire world.

My children, I need from you a permanent adherence to the work of prayer, since your constant connection with the Heights will allow the events to be lighter for everyone, above all for those who have sinned the most in the last times.

While this is about to happen, Heaven is choosing spiritually some souls to render the service of purification and transmutation of other souls, seeking especially to relieve the planet which is burdened by darkness and disharmony.

My Son will call in the inner planes those who will serve Him for some time, this will avoid many things because the need for help and healing is great.

Let us continue praying from the heart.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who helps you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, December 28 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

Never cease from raising your gaze to the Father, and from the heart, asking Heaven for what you need. You will never lack the help of Divine Providence.

Trusting in this Grace, your hearts will be able to feel and unite with the higher Laws, divine Laws that will bring you to understand life and all of existence with an inner sense.

My children, just as many saints have done, you also will be able to unite with the true principles that point you towards the direct path to fusion with the Celestial Father.

In this time there must be consciousnesses that are awake and interested in discovering the cosmic sense of things. To this end, the path of contemplative prayer is a direct bridge to knowing oneself and for changing some ways of being.

Through the school of prayer, Your Mother leads you into discovering new paths of the Science of God, and in this way, your spirits awaken to the Universe of all of Creation.

Dear children, to uncover mysteries you must love them. Through love you will discover the sure keys that will open the doors to new knowledge.

Humility is necessary to receive these revelations from Heaven.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Science of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, December 27 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

Today I join My Heart with the heart of each one of you so that the Kingdom of unity and of love among hearts will be established.

Dear children, I have come to remind you that in these times the union of your hearts with each other is fundamental, so that you never lack the important complement of love, which is based on brotherhood and peace. Therefore I need you to never forget these attributes, because they will be what allows you to accomplish the Work of God in hearts that do not even think of Him.

My beloved ones, proclaim every day the perfect union with the Creator, thus you will allow those who have nothing to receive at least a little of the bountifulness that you receive.

Willing to seek transformation, dear children, allow the Law to transform you and place you where you must always learn.

On this day, the purpose of uniting My Heart with the heart of each one of My children is to draw to the Earth the values of fraternity everyone needs to practice in these times; this will keep you safe from yourselves.

Through seeking a true union amongst brothers and sisters, it will be possible to carry forward the work of redemption of the other part of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who elevates you in consciousness and in love,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, December 26 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

The pain of the world is the consequence of the lack of fraternal love between brothers and sisters. It is this love that I hope to gestate in the hearts that separate themselves from God and from His Celestial Kingdom.

Dear children, in these times, suffering is provoked by the lack of brotherhood and unity between the souls that were created by the same God of the Heights.

In these moments the hearts are getting lost easily in all that is superficial and vulgar. Because of this, children of Mine, I tirelessly come from Heaven every day so that the consciousnesses find the codes of peace and the principles of the new humanity that are based in unity and love.

Dear children, may your spirits not lose the Grace of belonging to God the Father during the cycles of battle. This is why your Heavenly Mother comes from Heaven to bring you each moment the spiritual values that will reconstruct Earth; values that are being lost every day, and in consequence, the consciousnesses even forget the meaning for being here.

While you are tired, do not give up, receive from My Heart the comfort you need in order to reopen the doors towards the victory of Light.

My children, only seek today to be in peace and in silence, thus you will perceive that you are not alone, that you are with Your Mother, walking towards the meeting with the Lord and the Universe of His Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who deeply heals you through the Spirit of Grace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, December 25 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children: Happy Nativity of the Lord!

Last night our meeting of prayer and all the meetings that celebrated the Nativity of Jesus in the whole world, had their repercussions on the internal planes, and this was possible through the help of the angels of the universe.

The most impure spirits of the Earth were captured and the celestial troops of the Archangel Michael helped in in the liberation of humanity from these energies, keeping them away from the human consciousness. Once again, My Immaculate Heart triumphed after the plans of the adversary were disarmed. Therefore, dear children, some of you had to remain in prayer for a long time, during the night, while the angelical armies of Michael culminated with the celestial operation of the expulsion of the festive demons, those who feed themselves with the disbelief and the revelry on these dates.

I would like you to understand these situations so that you see, dear children, how important is the school of prayer that you are summoned to live everyday. Thus, today we also offer the prayers to Our Father Adonai, so that they serve as healing and restoration to the souls that saw themselves affected by the unconsciousness of these times.

Dear children, the Nativity of Jesus was an unprecedented cosmic event, because God Himself became humbler in order to be able to incarnate among humankind and attract the new covenant between Earth and Heaven, between the souls and God.

The Nativity was a spiritually planetary event that brought the Grace that the beings could find the path of redemption and mercy. This was a great mission supported by the archangels and angels of the celestial universe.

That is why, children of Mine, that under the spirit of the mission of redemption and rehabilitation of humanity, Your Heavenly Mother is inviting you all to support the next and important mission to the Middle East, a place where the missionaries of peace will insert themselves in a region of constant conflict and danger.

For this, I have entrusted to My daughter Teresa of Calcutta, from her spirit of service, charity and peace, to accompany each one of the missionaries on the internal planes by means of her pleas. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a consciousness who ventured herself to bring peace to those places of conflict where only fear and disunity existed.

Dear children, I ask all the praying groups and all the consciousnesses who feel like collaborating and contributing with their help, to do it for this mission in the Middle East to be accomplished. This mission will try, beyond the so necessary service and humanitarian aid, to rescue from the internal planes of this region the codes of love through the impulse of Sacred Centers such as Lis-Fatima, Aurora, Mirna Jad and Anu Tea. All this mission will be protected by Your Heavenly Mother.

Today I deliver to you a new exercise of prayer for it to be done from the next 26th December on until the mission in the Middle East is ended, an exercise of prayer which, by means of the praying groups, will help to support the divine protection, the service and the spiritual task that My missionaries of peace will perform in the Middle East by means of the holy intercession of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Devotional to the Saint of Charity,
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Union bead
For the spirit of Love, incarnated in the heart
of Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
may all beings of goodwill awaken to service.

First decade
For the sacred self-giving,
delivered by Mother Teresa,
       may our hands be in constant offering.

Second decade
For the consolation expressed
by the gaze of Mother Teresa,
may we learn how to love Christ through our fellow beings.

Third decade
For the light radiated
through the service of Mother Teresa,
may we always manage to radiate the Love of Christ.

Fourth decade
For the humility and the sacrifice,
reflected on Mother Teresa,
may we reflect our eternal surrender to Christ.

Fifth decade
For the mercy poured out,
  through the hands of Mother Teresa,
       may we aspire to pour out pity upon the poorest.

On the tenth bead of each decade, repeat: Amen.

I thank you for answering to My call!
Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, December 24 of 2015

Daily messages

My very dear children:

On this day that is holy for many Christians and people who pray in the world, humanity arrays itself with the luminous emblems of a Christmas with the Lord. But I cannot refrain from telling you, dear children, that the other part of the world, which is the majority of My children, will be captured by the sharp claws of My adversary, who hopes to expand the sinful taste of their ambitions and of their desires through the licentiousness that My little children will experience, since they are far from the manger of the Lord.

Year after year this repeats itself; the unconsciousness of what really happens in the spiritual life of all who immerse themselves in these realities is very great. For the last two days Your Heavenly Mother has been in perpetual prayer so that all those who deny the powerful nativity of Jesus have the opportunity of awakening at least at the last moment, before death.

Dear children, it is My spiritual and most pure wish that today, on this day of prayer, you lovingly direct all of your prayers to all those who will forget God and His Beloved Kingdom.

Dear children, pray with Me today so that the Divine Spirit of Christ will also be poured out over all of the families of the Middle East, those who need a ray of love and of peace in their suffering hearts.

On this night, the Angels of the Nativity will be present in all of the most holy tabernacles on Earth, adoring the sacred birth of the Lord. This will be carried out at the request of the Heavenly Mother so that I may intercede for those who will distance themselves from the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, tonight I would like you to dedicate your offering for the sake of the lack of consciousness that exists in humanity, and in this way, with your little spirits, you enter the sacred stable of Bethlehem to announce to the world that Jesus lives, now and always in the open hearts of all human beings.

In prayer and in adoration of this sacred moment, let us unite with the Divine Essence of Christ, so that on this night the Lord can eradicate from this planet all of the impure spirits that wander across the world, seeking the spiritual perdition of souls.

United to the Consciousness of the Sacred Star of Bethlehem, open the doors of the Heavens so that today the angels may be present in all of the homes of the world, so that the Truth and the Peace of God can reign between families.

Today I wish to send My Christmas blessings to all of My little ones of the Community of Nova Terra (New Earth). I thank them for the simple offering they made to Me, and I remind them that I will always be Their Mother and spiritual Protector.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you from the celestial firmament by the Sacred Star of Bethlehem,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, December 22 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

May your faith be deeply strengthened in these times so it will not disappear from your consciousness.

Once My Son said to you: “faith moves mountains”. It is this faith which My Immaculate Heart speaks to you about, an unbreakable and victorious faith which places the hearts beyond their purification or transcendence.

It is this faith, My children, which I need you to proclaim today before the Lord. A faith that elevates you, that conducts you and motivates you, day by day, to embrace the interior union with Christ, Your Lord.

Opening the doors of your inner beings, you will allow the Holy Spirit of Faith to manifest, not only in the works but also in everything that elevates the consciousness, such as prayer and singing.

Faith is a true proclamation of the love that we feel for God and it is this love filled with faith that helps you to live forgiveness and redemption.

My children, when you fall to the ground over and over again, remember all the attributes of faith that are needed to help you in your spiritual maturity.

Dear children, call for the Angel of Faith through the following praying decree:

Powerful Prayer to the Angel of Faith
Prayer to be recited whenever we find ourselves
in moments of test and purification
I proclaim before God the presence of Faith.
In Faith I open the doors to redemption
and nothing makes me fear.
Through Faith I lose all fear
and I am guided towards the Source of the Love of Christ.
In the name of the Angel of Faith,
all guilt is liberated.
In the name of the Angel of Faith,
this sacred flame of elevation grows within me
and my brothers and sisters.
Through the Powerful Faith of Christ,
every curse is dispelled.
Today the powerful ray of Faith reigns
and all doors of evil are closed.
Today the powerful Ray of Faith reigns
and souls are liberated from all oppression.
Hope is reborn in my heart
and the flame of Faith is the eternal guide of my paths.
United to the Angel of Faith,
the Grace of God fills us for the centuries to come.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the principle of Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, December 20 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

In face of the great worldwide need for humanitarian assistance and for service, today I open a new door to a place in the world where human suffering and the necessities of the poorest converge, generating desperation and lack of peace.

It is for this cause that I lovingly anticipate a new humanitarian mission that will be concurrent with the one to the Middle East.

This second mission will take place in the indigenous communities of the Province of Chaco, in Argentina. It is through this great service that My praying children will provide medical, social and humanitarian assistance to the peoples that are most marginalized due to the inequality of said nation.

Dear children, I am pitifully summoning the groups of the Light-Network in Argentina and of the Light-Network in Brazil to congregate for a few days in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit from the 19th to the 25th of January of 2016. In those days, the preparatory stage will be carried out, so that all of the supplies required for this mission, which will last 15 days, will be organized and materialized.

The mission will begin with the trip to the Province of Chaco on the 26th of January of 2016. The city of Resistencia in said province will be the base for the work of the missionary group; from there they will be move to the indigenous communities.

The causes of malnutrition and of poor health among the children in Chaco have been a fact that has greatly marked My Heart.

Dear children, I ask that all of the physicians, dentists, builders, agriculturists, or any child of Mine that for the sake of charity practices any of these professions get prepared to cooperate and fraternize with this mission. Consecrated members of the Grace-Mercy Order will accompany this mission to the Province of Chaco in Argentina.

Dear children, once again the International Humanitarian Federation will be the organization by means of which all those who feel in their hearts will be able to collaborate with the children of the Province of Chaco. By means of the Federation you will be able to inquire about and lovingly offer your confirmation to this humanitarian mission.

As it happened in the mission in the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, My Motherly Heart has opened today this door, in order to bring the Peace and the Mercy of God through these works.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola will be the guardian of the humanitarian mission in the Province of Chaco,

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who encourages you to serve for peace in this world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, December 19 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

Heavenly Graces must not be wasted, but this can happen when the soul that receives them forgets to emit the true spirit of gratitude.

Even though the spirit of gratitude is not in the consciousness that receives such a gift, the simple fact of saying: “Thank God”, opens a door for the consciousness, through charity, love, and solidarity towards others, to find the direct path towards gratitude.

Many of the souls present on the planet do not know what it is to feel grateful, and this is not through omission, but because they never knew the divine codes that lead hearts into searching for the essence of gratitude.

The world will not be able to be healed without gratitude, without a true gratitude that floods the soul and makes it worthy of more Graces in spite of its sins.

There may be an extremely sinful soul, but if it comes to receive an extraordinary state of Grace and gives thanks for it, I assure you, dear children, that this soul will be saved.

The state of gratitude is born of the reverence and the love for how much one receives, and I do not speak only of good things; it could occur that the Father send you a test to overcome as a Grace. That is the point at which many stop; they remain stationary spiritually speaking.

When God sends you an inner exam that you must take, and you resist because you do not want to overcome it or face it, frustration occurs because it is not the way the consciousness needs it as its most absolute preference. This does not let it learn how to love and skips a step in evolution. Know that everything will not be experienced and understood the way the consciousness prefers.

God is a mysterious source of experiences and nobody can change the form of learning. It is time for you to trust, because if you trust and let yourselves be guided without resisting all the time, you will learn the lesson that you need without suffering.

Accept the Grace and be grateful.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, December 18 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

When I open the door to Heaven, your souls are able to rise up to the Kingdom of God and detached from material life, from all that torments you, and mainly from that which separates you from My Son.

It is thus that your Heavenly Mother, committed to helping you walk on the Christic Path, comes to prevent many things, especially so that the flocks of Christ do not separate from the Purpose.

The time has come for each one of the sheep to find freedom from the prison that kept them imprisoned spiritually. For the doors to liberation to open, first, your hearts open to Mine must aspire to increasingly separate from the abysms that the terrestrial consciousness generates.

Dear children, facing all of your miseries in these times will allow your spirits to be empty of everything and never again full of your small wills.

I only ask you to hold tight to My mantle so that the rays of My Heart can illuminate your steps and in this way get out of the abysm in which, for some reason, you placed yourselves.

The most important thing, My children, is that you live repentance, but not as an obligation, because if you do not live the true repentance of the heart, there will be neither peace nor calm when facing so many storms.

I am Your tireless Guiding Star, which wants to see you clean and free from your ideas so that the Heart of the Lord may finally reign in you, a Heart that is noble and humble, a Heart which died for you and which was resurrected to show you the power of infinite love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, December 17 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

With the growing world crisis of the refugees from the Middle East, I would like to reveal to you that all this must balance itself, not only for those who suffer the consequences of a long exile, but also for those who cause the conflicts and the wars.

The nations gestate a third world war which might be worse and more serious than the last two ones. In truth, children of Mine, humankind has learned how to self-destroy and how to destroy life. That is why these last months I have come from Heaven to try to awaken you to a reality that goes beyond the material plane and which encompasses the whole spiritual plane of the planet.

This migratory crisis is generating the action of Superior Laws in a precipitate way all over the world, after all the warnings that have been communicated so that nothing would happen, and none was heard. This will awaken a severe purification process in several regions of the planet through the elements of nature.

Those who can, reinforce fasting on Tuesdays and Saturdays, because through fasting the natural laws can change. Those who can only pray, do not lose the sense of the purpose of prayer and reinforce the work with the praying word in the groups, with the heart and in deep concentration.

As the Mother of Peace I announce a time that few want to understand, in which the true meaning of things will be present. Humanity is not prepared to face a great change or a deep purification.

While you have time, forgive and love yourselves truly; do not waste time in wondering which of you is right, that does not matter. The degree of responsibility before God will not matter in the most severe moments.

Be at once and forever what Christ needs from you: apostles in times of Armageddon. Unite yourselves and do not separate by your differences or your instructions, you are all equal before the Eyes of God. If you are on this planet, it is because you must still serve it fraternally.

Do not destroy even more what humanity has destroyed before the Universe through this migratory crisis. Humankind has closed its heart to God and has forgotten that their brothers and sisters are souls that feel and live.

Which one of you will work so as to revert everything?

Abandon the pettiness of your experiences and put your consciousnesses before the true reality. We are here to help you. Let us walk together towards the same purpose, which will be to turn this ill humanity into something sacred.

I hope, My children, that you have understood Me.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, December 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

My Immaculate Heart ardently aspires that the Plan of God be fulfilled in the heart of each creature of this world and, in consequence, in each nation and in each people. But My aspiration, even being divine, is not enough because the beings of the Earth need to say "yes" to Me and follow the steps which, day by day, month by month, I proclaim to all.

My beloved children, today I want My Peace to enter into your hearts and confirm My presence to your minds. I am here to transform you entirely, but if you do not open yourselves before Me, how will I be able to make Myself felt within your hearts?

Many ask Me for confirmations that I am here. Others ask Me for miracles so that their families and friends may believe in My Apparitions, but few, very few are those who make of themselves My greatest miracle in this world.

My dear ones, I have already made many miracles in other times and I keep doing it so that those most doubtful hearts may open, at least a little bit, to My Love, but humanity has not learned to value what I have given to them and has not recognized that the miracles that I have made were the last way out for those souls that would have soon completely lost their evolution.

I summon this group toward growth, to effort and to persistence. I want to see upon your faces more than the reflection of beings converted to the path of prayer, because I am not here only to give one last opportunity to the consciousnesses that have never accepted redemption, I am congregating those who have committed themselves to Me since the beginning of this Plan of Love and planetary rescue, consciousnesses that will impel others to transformation and that will be able to give their own lives, if it be necessary, so that a new humanity may be born in this world.

I ask you to develop faith in your own hearts – far beyond phenomena and miracles – and to forge, with the Fire of the Spirit of God, your own transformation, because in this way you will awaken in your hearts the Living Christ which, as a potentiality, inhabits the depths of your essences.

It is for this reason, children of Mine, that I ask you to give the most of yourselves, that I correct you and tell you the truth, so many times, despite of it being painful to those parts of your consciousnesses that have been attached to material life and that have little interest in matters of the spirit.

For this reason, make the effort of listening to Me and following Me always, even if you do not comprehend Me. If you do not resist, you will see, at the end of it all, the miracle that I will have made in your lives and that which I will transform the clay of your consciousnesses into, when you let yourselves be molded by My divine hands.

I love you and I bless you always. Who keeps you under Her mantle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, December 13 of 2015

Daily messages

As happens every day, we started by praying the Rosary for the children in the war and went on to pray a Mystery of the Holy Rosary. When we finished the prayer, we saw that Heaven was opening into another Heaven, deeper and bluer. In that place we could see the Universe of God, and what could be seen was a pulsating Heart, full of love, but at the same time, of pain. From this Heart, Our Lady emerged, and She said to us that this was the Heart of the Celestial Father. Then we saw Our Lady descend from this Heart as a sphere of light, crossing the universes until She appeared before us, at the top of the pine trees of the monastery woods in Aurora.

When Mary manifested, She was different than all the other days. She wore a veil on Her head and an Egyptian headdress of a golden color; She had a more slender look and seemed taller than usual. Over Her Immaculate Heart three spiritual symbols appeared, which She pointed to with one of Her hands, while She extended the other toward us.

In that moment, Mary said: “I am the Mother of the Triune Consciousness; these three symbols that appear over My breast represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. She lowered her gaze to us and said, as every day: “Son, write My message of peace to the world”.

I originate on this day from the center of the Heart of God, from where Eternal Love springs, to arrive here, in the perfect Presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I would like you to know, My children, the importance of you, who are called to be pillars of Christ in these times, complying with the beloved Plan of God for Uruguay. Your consciousness has always been characterized by a lack of effort and by a disharmony between the parts. But this is not what God needs after He placed here, with His own Hands, the Kingdom of the Sacred Hearts.

In truth, My children, the fruits of this sacred intervention could be seen physically manifested in Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela and the rest of the nations of the Americas, which were receptive in their soul to the spiritual call.

Your pride and temper have always opposed the Works of God, and many times you forgot, children of Uruguay, that above all you are brother and sister servers convened by Christ.

Thanks to the Universe, Mercy has never been lacking for you; through My Heart of a Mother, many times I consoled you and waited for you to take the step toward spiritual and human maturity.

For some moments, all that Grace that descended over Aurora was not properly tapped into by you, children of this region, and for some moments, when efforts should have added up, you My children, split up, or even worse, separated from the Purpose.

Throughout time, the Work of God in this part of the world was directed toward those regions where there was receptivity and a response on the part of souls, as occurred in Rwanda, in Uganda, and in the Congo through the missions of peace. In truth, in those places there is great need for Infinite Mercy, something that you have always received in abundance.

Later, through your lack of understanding, you forgot you are souls, precious souls loved by God and called by Him for this spiritual purpose in Uruguay. It was then that indifference ruled your hearts, and once again you got lost in the superficiality of matters.

You did not let or permitted yourselves to hear each other as brothers and sisters, as soldiers of Christ, and you became even more separated. In all this time you believed you were complying with the task, but it was not loving enough.

Divinity never forsook you at any time, but you, My children, did not take the initiative of gathering to pray and thus healing yourselves of all adversity. You preferred to keep your vision and purpose instead of asking the Eternal Father if you were doing what was correct.

Aurora repeatedly called you so that your lives could be redeemed and you could break loose from the obstacles of consciousness, those that always lead to the same error.

In truth, My children, you still do not know what the sacred commitment you have before the Creator is. If God sowed one of His main Gifts of healing in this land, what should be your attitude before this great mystery of love? How should you proceed when faced with this task?

The Universe has always shown itself to be patient and persevering. The Son of the Most High has worked during these last times so that something should change within and outside of you. What have you done?

The most precious treasures of Heaven have been given, especially into the hands of the Uruguayans, because, in spite of it being a consciousness that has not been much instructed, it has a great heart, which is the heart of the nation, and which is rapidly being extinguished.

As Mother of the Truth, today I transmit to you the deep feeling of the Heart of God. His kindness opened this door because the Father knows how HIs creatures are, and this is an example and experience for all so that the same error is not repeated in any other place.

It is time that you loved to hear the truth no matter how hard it seems, because the Lord, who is in the Heavens and Who loves you, does not want you to get lost nor that you deceive yourselves with your own affairs. It is time that you grew up, that you no longer judge yourselves but accept yourselves; it is time for you to fulfill the sacred Law of My Son: “Love one another, just as I have loved you.”

This will make you free and you will be ready to take on this important mission of redeeming Uruguay and of consecrating it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. There is still much to do; may all that is taking place today in the world with the Kingdoms of Nature and with humanity itself pull you out of indifference and separation. When you work with reconciliation and with love, everything can be different.

There no longer is time to lose! Do not deliver Uruguay into the hands of the adversary through your reasons or sentiments. Aurora needs you and the Father also needs you.

Only read this message and meditate, for I love you and pray for you, for your prompt conversion.

I thank you for listening to the Heart of the Creator!

Who contemplates you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Triune Consciousness



Saturday, December 12 of 2015

Daily messages

My very dear children of Uruguay,

Once again in perseverance and faith, Your Heavenly Mother arrives in Montevideo to remind you of the important commitment to disseminate the devotion to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart throughout this whole country by means of the formation of the nineteen groups of prayer, which will represent this praying flame that will endure the purification of this entire republic.

Dear children, Your Mother has observed the care and the dedication for this to become established; I have also accompanied you and I have prayed with you, My children, so that the barriers of resistance in hearts be broken.

Most Uruguayans have always lived a cold and very mentally oriented devotion; this has caused the whole of Uruguay to halt in time and space. Here you have one of the most important spiritual and natural riches of the planet, after the Amazon. It is for this reason it has always been a stationary nation, little motivated to make a great change in consciousness and in life.

The social values and the human values have decayed a great deal, shortly after this nation, as in other nations, opened the doors to abortion and drugs in an uncontrolled way, which up to now has caused unpayable spiritual debts.

It is for this reason, dear praying children of the entire Uruguay, that the effort for instituting a true work of spirituality and of consciousness will always be important. It will be through each one of My children that the Mother of God will try to generate in the whole of this country an unparalleled opportunity in the face of so many threats that humanity and the world are living today.

Dearest children, do not be discouraged; the knowledge about the true spiritual reality of Uruguay will make you more determined and more open to collaborate and so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled.

As Your Mother and Lady of the 33, today I give you the thirty-three aspirations of the Mother of God so that the Plan of the Creator may be accomplished in Uruguay:

The unification among consciousnesses.

The manifestation of true operative groups of prayer.

The dissemination and the devotion to the Lady of the 33.

Carrying out fraternal works of charity and of awareness, which help in spiritual awakening.

The eradication of negative projects such as abortion and drugs.

The spiritual motivation of pregnant women on how to love Life.

The awareness, for younger ones, of how to love spirituality and how to leave the paths to perdition.

The concretization of communal projects related to organic orchards and the natural reforestation of Uruguay.

Awakening an interest in the talents that each brother or sister holds.

A fraternal relationship with organizations that support the care and protection of the Animal Kingdom.

Creating awareness about vegetarianism and the non-killing of the Animal Kingdom.

The valuing of the life of the Lower Kingdoms and of the spiritual knowledge about the group soul.

The balancing and the care of the ecosystem and contact with Lower Kingdoms.

The collaboration with and the assistance to needy families.

The immediate instruction for poor families about mouth, body, and environmental hygiene.

The cooperation between the associations of Fraternidad concerning the delivery of basic knowledge about the care of life and holistic health to the families of Uruguay.

The importance of protecting the Mineral Kingdom and of knowing the divine aspect of its existence.

The necessary motivation to generate sources of recycling and of conscious cooperation between the garbage recyclers.

Helping to make the hygiene and the holistic care of all those who work with wastes become important.

Collaborating with the needs that arise in the spiritual and higher education of children.

Expanding the importance of taking care of and protecting the animals.

Consciously teaching about the care of dogs.

Learning to love all of Creation.

Encouraging the awakening of awareness about the care for human life.

Fostering principles of cooperation and of fraternity among families.

Recognizing in time the basic needs of children and helping to cover them through the collaboration of all.

Make known the spiritual task of Uruguay with respect to the Center of Aurora.

Teaching each consciousness about what a Soul is and the important values it has before God.

Sharing and teaching actions of love and of peace for those who do not have

Forming groups of prayer responding to the needs for spiritual instruction of each group.

Among the groups of prayer of the different departments of Uruguay, concretizing, monthly, the pilgrim bus to Aurora.

Programming a selfless working rhythm for the experience of receiving new consciousnesses into Aurora, and infusing a love for the Lower Kingdoms and for group life.

Awakening new suns on Earth, which will cooperate with the accomplishment of the Plan of God and of all of His Works for Uruguay.

Through these activities of fraternity, Uruguay will be able to more greatly balance its spiritually generated debts. Thus it is written, for the groups of prayer, the important mission of concretizing the thirty-three principles of the Lady of the 33.

In these works of charity, I will accompany you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the spirit of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the 33



Friday, December 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

As the Immaculate Conception, I wish your lives to achieve this divine conception of purity for it to be the interior light of the world.

Dear children, day and night, I bring you the Grace that your hearts participate in the mystery of love that consecrates everything and unites everything.

My children, in the path of the interior purity, may you as souls not lose time in the bandages of the material life, so you will be able to achieve the internal union with Christ so necessary for establishing the new redeemed consciousness.

Dear children, while you are taking the steps towards the preferred path of the original purity, the whole planet will be purifying itself intensely, since a whole race deviated from its true state and its real principle of a superior life. This purity about which I am talking about also reflects itself in the heart of humankind when they live the purification without resistance or pain.

It is time, dear children, for the attributes coming from My Holy Heart to be alive and acting in each one of you; thus your lives will conquer them one by one so that afterwards this reflects itself in the new cycle of the planet, in the manifestation of the Love of God for the whole Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you in the name of the Purity of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, December 10 of 2015

Daily messages

To all the groups of prayer and to the dearest families of the praying groups

Dear children,

On the eve of the birth of Christ in your hearts and in the new cycle that has already begun for all, I would like to ask you, for this Christmas that is arriving, that each one of the groups of prayer and their respective families send a greeting of peace and of hope to the next nativity of the Lord.  Through the offering of your greeting of peace, My Heart will be able to attract new principles of love and of fraternity for all of the families of the world.

For that, dear children, on the 24th and 25th of December you will be participants among many children of Mine of the delivery of this greeting of peace and of brotherhood so that love be sown in the human consciousness again.

You shall send your Greetings, those that may be recorded and filmed, to Mercy Mary TV, which will organize and later on will transmit them on the 24th and 25th of December.

This work and greeting of peace shall be made in a simple and loving way, really radiating the hope that many need in this time.  This greeting of peace is meant to reach those children who on those dates will be alone, sick in the hospitals and in the nursing homes, and those who need much the power of faith.  In this way, dear children, I will be congregating all around the sacred manger that will bring Light to this world in these times of tribulation.

Dear children, I ask that you prepare this work with great care but with simplicity so that it will promote the renovation of faith and of love in the souls of the world.

Children of Mine, on this Christmas Aurora will be dressed very beautifully in order to receive the Spirit of Christ in each praying or not praying heart.

For that, all of the pilgrims and consecrated children of Mary that will be in Aurora are also called by Your Mother of Heaven to prepare the stage where this holy and simple celebration will take place.  The auditorium will be covered with all of the Christmas symbols as to create the inner environment needed for all of the families to feel welcome, and in this way the Sacred Spirit of Christianity will be sown in each consciousness.

All of My children, those who lovingly and under a spirit of peace are willing to collaborate in the preparation of the Christmas setting in Aurora, are invited to participate.  This Marian Center works with healing through simplicity and beauty, which allows for attracting the souls that need redemption and forgiveness.

In union with each child of Mine, I wish a good Christmas task of peace to all!

I thank you for answering to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, December 9 of 2015

Daily messages

The School of humility of the Virgin Mary: The humility to be able to listen

Dear children,

In My school of humility it is essential to be able and learn how to listen to spiritual instruction. For this, the spirit of humility must permeate your consciousnesses so that you learn how to listen to everything which is needful to be heard. If your hearts listen, you will be humble, and in this time you will be able to understand what will allow the transformation to happen.

To find the spirit of humility and of surrender, first you must banish everything that your consciousnesses listen to in themselves. If you do not do this internally, you will never be able to generate the space needed in the consciousness for humility to act and have you be part of the inner transformation.

Dear children, consecration to God is not enough; the Father needs for you to learn to detach from your own forms and modalities, which have made of humanity a civilization without true instruction. For this reason, through the school of humility, you must gradually detach from every inner thought or feeling which opposes the higher action of humility. To achieve this detachment, you must recognize and accept the lack of humility existing in you, thus opening the heart so that it may govern above every mental or intellectual form.

Humility as essence is a powerful tool which allows doors to be opened to the healing of the heart and the deepest wounds, wounds which in most souls are caused by a state of incomprehension, and above all, by a lack of peace.

Every adversity or disappointment generated by the personal consciousness is the reflection of not feeling loved as one believes one should be, and of a lack of closeness to the higher principle of humility.

The school of humility allows the consciousness to recognize itself as it is and to see its difficulties as a possibility for exchanging them for attributes it has never experienced. The lack of humility generates a void in the inner world of beings, which cannot be filled by anything, not even by love. This happens because of permanence or the resistance to some true changes.

The lack of humility generates states of frustration or lack of concretization of goals in the material life in the consciousness. Therefore, for higher humility to draw closer, the consciousness must humble itself, and that is what arrogance and pride do not want to do from the moment in which they must be deposed from their power.

The invocation of humility presupposes facing some aspects of life that must die. When this search is honest, the Grace of God intervenes to dissolve the permanent difficulties. In humility there exists a door that leads straight to peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who heals you in the essence of humility,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, December 8 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

Your prayers are like this dew that cleans and refreshes all the flowers. Your prayers are this flame that burns and purifies everything in the sublime fire of Creation. For this reason, seek the inner transformation every day so that the Father sees the result of this great conversion.

Dear children, following the footsteps of My Son, you will be able to reach the redemption of your lives, and they will be able to be the spiritual model for the New Earth.

Children of Mine, find the possibility of configuring your consciousnesses again in the inner change, so that promptly they receive from the whole universe the spring of the Divine Law, the unbreakable force that transforms you.

The Spirit of God will be blessing you this month of December, the Spirit of Grace and Mercy. Be like this, constant, in order to ascend on the stairway of love and humility, the stairway towards the Sacred Heart of My Son.

I thank you for answering My call!

I bless you. I Love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, December 7 of 2015

Daily messages

In the end, the war and the persecution of humanity will finish when the majority of the men and women of the world repent from the heart and confess to God all of their sins.  Until this happens My Immaculate Heart will not triumph.

For this I lovingly ask all of My children that listen to Me and that answer to My designs to continue to pray, so that peace will not only be reached, but also so that peace will not disappear from the human heart.

Every material war is a consequence of a spiritual and involutionary conflict; every war between humans and between nations is fomented by pride and by power that time and again attempt to defeat the human civilization.

For this, children of Mine, raising My hands to Heaven in sign of prayer and of piety, I implore to each one of you, creatures of the Earth, that you transform your arrogance into love, that you exchange your wrath for peace.  Thus, in little time, the Father will have in His sight enough examples and testimonies for the world to receive a great amnesty and not to self-destroy.

Be one with your Guardian Angels.  Be one single consciousness, a single mind and a single heart in the times that are coming.  In an extraordinary way, the Sacred Hearts are gathered in prayer in the Celestial Universe for all of you and for the whole project of the Earth.

I need, dear children, that you become conscious of what that means for these times of spiritual Armageddon.  May your hearts be very united to Mine so that no force contrary to the Light of God will continue dominating the planetary consciousness.

I ask all of the praying beings of the world for an answer for all of humanity, that must be immediate enough before the Celestial Universe of Your Father.

The great abyss that once was seen by John the Apostle is already being opened.  In truth, dear children, no one could ever interpret well the Book of Revelations.  There has not been any erudite or religious person that has achieved it, and this is so because the symbols reveal themselves as a message by means of the heart.

In face of the lack of truly understanding that these are no longer normal times, but rather Apocalyptic moments, dear children, under the divine authority that has been entrusted to Me through the full state of My Grace, I will be assisting you in interpreting each one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Many will be opposed in the face of this, but when Your Heavenly Mother, who comes from the Greater Universe begins to speak, everything will occur as it was seen by John.

No longer believe that all that is being prophesized will happen in another moment of humanity; the race is gravely condemned to a severe Final Judgment and the angels have been preparing themselves for a long time for this moment.

But finally the Immaculate Heart will triumph in the life of all those who will have transformed and redeemed themselves, giving thus space to the powerful divine intervention that is given at this time.

Dear children, while the hands of the clock indicate the passage of time, all is precipitated quickly.  This is the cause of so many guidelines and requests for prayer.  Your offerings will be lovingly welcome.

The Americas will have to face the greatest oppression in order to materialize the project of the Promised Earth, for this your spirits are summoned by Me.

I thank you for embracing My call with faith!

Who shelters you in face of the times of spiritual battle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, December 5 of 2015

Daily messages

The School of Humility of the Virgin Mary

Dear children,

Every day I offer you My simple humility for you to incarnate it in your spirits and to be able to find your own interior humility. I give you this impulse so that you may encourage yourselves to discover this attribute of salvation, which nowadays has been very forgotten.

Dear children, during this time of planetary crisis, God needs a greater amount of humble hearts so that the whole Earth may be repopulated with the attributes which must revert all the evils that have been generated by humanity.

Dear children, this is how God will ask the brave ones to become conscious and face all the aspects of the human live, those acting against the evolution of the attributes of the Universal Mother. For this, beloved children, you will have to invoke every day the holy spirit of humility so that it may protect you from yourselves and from all the tests.

My children, finally, it will be through the power of My holy humility, the Humility of God, that your hearts will be able to take such expected steps and thus evil will be removed from this arrogant planet.

Dear children, humanity has disfigured the true mission and conception of this planet. That is why you, as seekers of the holy humility, not only will help the world and yourselves, but also, this will reflect in all of those hearts that have already condemned themselves for lack of humility.

I lovingly encourage you to walk in faith and to persevere.

In My school of humility exist divine Purposes that conduct you towards the goal of inner divestment. Walk towards this task.

I thank you for answering to My call!

From the school of humility, Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, December 4 of 2015

Daily messages

The school of Mary. The school of the humble hearts

The first step to find humility is not to lose faith, it opens paths for the souls to materialize their steps.

The school of humility that I offer you is of constant emptiness, and to be empty there cannot exist self-aspirations, only the path of renunciation. Renunciation is the principal key to find humility that in many hearts is hidden by the existence of other interests. Humility cannot be dominated nor conquered. The spirit of true humility is born from the banishment of one’s own self so that other Laws may act.

The Lord, in His original conception, is humble; if He had not been so, how could He have created all the worlds?

Humility is the shield against arrogance and pride, aspects that cloud over the purpose of the souls without allowing them to see the essence of the mission of each one. Who searches for humility must know that they will have to start divesting themselves of their own beliefs, appearances and aspirations.

Christ lived humility as a final proof when in the Garden of Gethsemane He accepted to drink the bitter chalice of redemption. If Christ had not been humble, He could not have performed such a task of liberation!

Humility has at its base the emptiness of oneself and faith, which are the attributes that offer the best foundations for the souls to purify themselves. A humble being is always the last one, even if the Universe puts them in first place. Therefore, the work of humility must be loved to be able to be known afterwards. If there is no love to search for the spirit of humility, the task will remain undefined.

Heaven knows that humility is not a school that everyone looks for very much, as are power and arrogance, that have a great spiritual mistake as a result.

The service to the Kingdoms of Nature, due to their own expression, has a direct door to humility because the smaller Kingdoms must be treated with much love for them to express to consciousness the beauty of their humility. Through those Kingdoms, the souls not only avoid fifty percent of their errors but they can also take more secure steps to find, through humility, the school of service to others and to Creation.

The smaller Kingdoms are the reflection of the creative humility that the human being does not have; they teach the humankind of the surface about the spirit of constant donation, which is also a faithful attribute to live in humility or at least to approach it. Therefore, I invite My children, in these times, to rethink about where the aspiration to continue searching for humility has gone.

Humility can save many souls.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who invites you to enter the school of humility and of goodness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, December 3 of 2015

Daily messages

​​​​​​Let us pray, the world needs it.

Let us pray, because the Plan is precipitating.

Let us pray for unity to prevail.

Let us pray for the ones who are purifying themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who are being hypnotized.

Let us pray for the incredulous.

Let us pray for the selfish.

Let us pray for those who have failed.

Let us pray for those who deserve nothing.

Let us pray for the ones who have got lost.

Let us pray for the ones who commit injustices.

Let us pray for the ones who lie.

Let us pray for those who have no faith.

Let us pray for the ones who are forgotten.

Let us pray for the ones who are not loved.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have a house.

Let us pray for those who do not know where to go.

Let us pray for the ones who are living in calamity.

Let us pray for the ones who die unjustly.

Let us pray for the ones who are being crucified.

Let us pray for the ones who are living the war.

Let us pray for the innocent.

Let us pray for the ones who pay the price error.

Let us pray for the unfortunate.

Lets us pray for the idolaters and atheist.

Let us pray for the ones who are unworthy of peace.

Let us pray for the ones who reign in false power.

Let us pray for the ones who create nuclear bombs.

Let us pray for the ones who contaminate the oceans.

Let us pray for the ones who destroy life.

Let us pray for the ones who kill human gestation.

Let us pray for the women who abort.

Let us pray for the ones who are imprisoned.

Let us pray for the ones who live in the inner prison.

Let us pray for the ungrateful ones.

Let us pray for the ones who are destroying the planet.

Let us pray for the ones who violate the Laws of the Universe.

Let us pray for the ones who omit themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who instill fear.

Let us pray for the hard-hearted.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have love.

Let us pray for the ones who condemn themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who refuse to wake up.

Let us pray for the ones who do not persist.

Let us pray for all of them, day and night.

Let us pray without leaving behind the path of persistence and faith.

Let us gives thanks for all that we have.

Let us give thanks for what we are.

Let us give thanks for the Love of God.

Let us give thanks for not being unconsciousness.

Let us give thanks for always being redeemed.

Let us give thanks for the Infinite Grace that fills us.

Let us be grateful for the Presence of Christ.

Let us be grateful because He forgives us.

Let us be grateful for the inner strength that we do not lack.

Let us be grateful for everything that the Lord gives us, in this way we will establish the Kingdom of God and the New Earth will be born.


I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you above every error and every fault,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, December 2 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

This coming Christmas, I wish for the spirit of reconciliation with God to be established in your hearts, so that the act of constant reconciliation with one another is not lost in the world, thus attracting the spirit of Peace.

This will help register, within your memories, a moment of reconciliation and forgiveness; this will allow you to never forget the essence of the love that can do all. Be patient with your own difficulties.  

In this coming Christmas, may souls live the birth of My Son as something truthful and deep. In this way, dear children, your hearts will become receptacles prepared to receive the same codes of light that in those times the Sacred Family received from all the angels of the universe when they gathered around the sacred birth of Jesus.

My children, as Your Mother and Protector of the spiritual life, I wish that each one of your essences start, from now on, preparing to be able to spiritually enter into the manger of Your Lord. For this, may your daily acts no longer be of conflict or disagreement, may your gestures and actions be permeated by the Love of God.

Remember, dear children, that in this month of December, the month of the Lord Jesus, the families will be the perfect motive for the work that is spiritual and of unity among beings.

The war is not over yet, and together we must make possible the prevalence of the values that make of the family of Earth a hoped for model of consecration and spiritual life.

For all this, the Sacred Hearts will work, in this month of December, for the realization of the project of the new family, which in essence and consciousness will repopulate the New Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer and preparation for the birthday of the King,

Who greets you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of peace

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