Saturday, February 28 of 2015

Monthly messages

As Mother of Humanity I keep walking and crossing the deserts of this world in search of the souls that are losing themselves, and of the souls that are clamoring for relief and for redemption.

The crying of the innocent touches My Heart because I see spring from the good maimed Christians an act of love and of forgiveness for the others.  But the cruel world does not perceive this, and the universe observes with attention all of the events.

Your Beloved Jesus saves without delay the essences of the beings that are exterminated and elevates them to the Heights, so that they may receive the Grace of living eternally in the Heart of God.

But still, children, Christ weeps inconsolably and His Sacred Heart, which is full of Piety and of Mercy, is depreciated and denied by the cruel hearts.  Woe to them if they do not reflect about their actions and take the decision to change in time!  Because the Justice of God is already in action, but My Immaculate Heart intercedes so that at least the Kingdom of My Peace, of the Peace of the Creator, may be established.

While brothers hurt brothers, the hope of those subjugated is compromised at the moment of a distressing death, but My Immaculate Spirit works prodigies of love, and removes from the face of the Earth the souls that are condemned to the purgatory of this world.

There shall be no greater solace than the love that you may be able to give to Christ.  He now needs your donation and sacrifice so that God may at least see that humanity is salvable.

Children of Mine, I will still traverse the corners of this world to save those who could be the outcome of a grave planetary disaster.  The Lord has given Me permission to pour My ultimate Graces, but if in truth there is no great repentance from the heart, and a greater penance on the part of the souls, the whole world will have to learn to restore, with its own efforts and heavy work, all that which was ignorantly destroyed.

For this, today I want you to know that My Heart will be the refuge of the innocent, of the unprotected and of those who are murdered by the hands of the enemy.

As long as God may permit, I will come to this world that belongs to Me, and in which I desire to awake for My Son the apostles of the new time.

I leave for each one of you the profound aspiration of always seeking the Kingdom of God, despite all that happens in this humanity.  In your inner union with Me you will all permit the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which have been completely yours from the beginning.

Today I will remind you about an inspired prayer of a soul united to Christ, indispensable for these times1:

O marvelous Lord

Thank You Lord,
       for my perfect arms,
       when there are so many maimed.

For my perfect eyes,
       when there are so many without light.

For my voice that sings when so many are mute.

For my hands that work,
       when so many beg.

O marvelous Lord!

I thank You
       for having a home where to return to
       when there are so many people
       that do not have where to go.

For smiling when there are when so many who cry.

For being able to love
       when there are so many that hate.

For being able to dream
       when there are so many that toss and turn in nightmares.

For living when there are so many that die before birth
       and, above all,
       for having so little to ask and so much to thank for.


       Thank you, children of the Christ of Good, for having answered to My important call!

Who reunites you, blesses you, and loves you,

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


1Author of the prayer: Michel Quoist. Catholic priest of century XX




Friday, February 27 of 2015

Monthly messages

At midday of the 27th of February of 2015, after finishing a reserved prayer work in the prayer room of the Monastery of the Divine Hope and in the presence of some brothers and sisters of the Grace Mercy Order, the Virgin Mary appeared to Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, naming Herself as Rose of Peace.

Our Lady appeared wearing a white tunic, with a blue belt and a sky-blue mantle, barefoot.  The part of the mantle falling over the right shoulder of the Virgin was tied up to the left shoulder; it represented a clothing of oriental origin.

Her left hand rested over Her Heart, which manifested Itself simply radiating white rays to various directions.  Her right hand, extended towards us as a sign of donation, with its palm facing up and its fingers holding a crystal rosary, which was blood-colored in the decade small beads and white in large beads.

The rosary had the Cross of the New Humanity in its extremity, but at this time, we saw, in the center of it, a silver-colored bust of Christ.  In this moment, a white rose was manifested on Her right hand, and She said:

“I Am Mary, the Rose of Peace...”

Moments later, Our Lady shows the following vision:

Three angels of light appeared somewhere in the local universe; they had golden hair that reached their shoulders.  They were wearing loose and white tunics, and with both hands they were holding a white zigzagging ray.  These angels aimed the rays towards a single direction, towards the planet.

Later, Our Most Holy Mother shows that the angels were forming a circle and below them, in the center, the image of a small-sized planet appeared.  The angels signalized with their rays the whole sphere of the planet, on which it was possible to clearly see the image of some continents, of Africa, for example.

The angels showed that they were solely obeying a major request of God, manifesting some face expressions that reflected concern and even astonishment for what they were seeing on the planet: their eyes were looking backwards, as if they did not want to see what was about to happen and it was as if they hid their faces from all that they saw of humanity.

But before the angels threw the three rays over the Earth, I saw that a circular column of light, greater than the diameter of the planet manifested, surprisingly descending from the celestial universe over the small planet Earth.  Minutes later, I saw in the highest extremity of that column of light the presence of Our Lady, as Mary, Rose of Peace.

In this moment, Our Mother was in the center of that column of light that descended over our planet and the angels stopped, obeying the intercession of the Virgin Mary.  Then, I saw that the strength and the power of this column of light were emanated from the Immaculate Heart of Mary over the whole planet, the continents and humanity.

After that, the Divine Mother said:

“Son, the world is very difficult; for this reason I will deliver to you again the last thing that may help you: My Rose of Peace, which is My Immaculate Heart.

For this, I will be closer to you again, everyday during a whole year beginning on the 1st of March of 2015, in the second cycle of the daily messages of Mary, Rose of Peace.

I want to renew and help you because I deeply wish My Words to be listened by all, since those will be My last messages of emergency to humanity.  I will come from Heaven everyday at noon, in that moment a spiritual and divine help will be concentrated for the whole world.

You, son of Mine, will wait for Me everyday praying the Rosary of the Tears poured by Jesus because this rosary that I hold in My hands today is prayed by Myself to relieve the constant weep of My Beloved Son”.

After that, Our Lady poured over us a scent of roses that was emanated by the white rose that She was holding on Her right hand.  A deep yet unknown peace was installed inside of us for a long time and we got into a state of silence that Mary left imprinted after leaving the prayer room.



Wednesday, February 25 of 2015

Monthly messages


Dear children,

While true Peace is ending in the world, I come to you encounter, once again, to offer you My lap of lovingly light, where you, always, and before any circumstances, will be able to rest.

In this way I open My arms and extend My hands, calling you to live the path of constant reconciliation with the Eternal Father.

My dears, while My words of light are expanded in the whole world, and My Graces reach the hearts that are the most unprotected, I ask that you do not tire of reinforcing the perpetual alliance with Christ, because in this way you will permit that your paths be the favorite paths of My Beloved Son, Jesus.

Today I come to this place, to the little piece of the paradise of salvation and of rescue, that which was built by the hands of the simple ones, those that welcomed the innocent souls.  Today I come again to the New Earth to provide relief and serenity to all that seems impossible to remedy and to heal.

In the same way as My Heart will reignite your souls and this place, also the Blessed Heart of Your Mother will illuminate the darkest abysses where many souls are imprisoned everyday.

Since the beginning I have wished to have you with Me in Heaven, to be able to establish the Kingdom of God by means of the redeeming presence of Christ.  But you still must learn to love and to forgive; many of you must appreciate and thank for all that with so much effort and love, has been given to each one.

Recognize, children, that the world is already in difficult times.  For this, today I ask you to appreciate the sacred places that God has given you by means of the serving souls.  Thus, all will continue to be deserving of the Mercy of God, of that Great Source of Graces that very few receive.

The islands of salvation in which many of you live today are unique in the world: as in the Marian Centers of the world, they are sheltered by the law of My Immaculate Heart.

Today I invite you to joy in order to, thus, give comfort to those who do not have it.   Today I invite you to reverence and to healing in order to, thus, give relief and inner courage to those who have lost them.  Today I invite you to the Love of the Father, so that this powerful affluent may be extended to those who are empty and without God.

Dear children, we are already finalizing a cycle in this planet, and we are about to begin another.  I invite you to strengthen your trust in the Creator.  In this way you will be assisting so that a great part of the world may be worthy of receiving the Compassion of God.

I am here among you pouring the Divine Laws so that you may be renovated by My Spirit and thus you may proclaim the Love of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit to all those who suffer.

Today will be born an inner child in those who may be willing to incarnate the Love of Christ.  It is this Love that will transcend the end of the times, and that will bring all to reaching the final goal: the return to the Heart of Christ.

I thank the most little ones for having sung to Me.  The voice of the innocent brings the world closer to the Mercy of God.

I thank you on this day for having answered to My Call!

Who blesses and embraces you strongly with Maternal love,

Mary, Lady of Guadalupe



Wednesday, February 25 of 2015

Monthly messages


I Am the Lady of the Poor, but not only of the poor in matter. I Am the Mother of the poor of spirit, of the poor of heart.  I Am the Mother of those who lack love and peace, of those who lack fraternity in their homes and in their lives.

In this way, children of Mine, I come to demonstrate to you that true wealth does not come from this world and it will not be found in it, until you may be able to discover the most pure font from where all things come.

I Am the Lady of the Heavens, recognized by the angels and archangels; by the saints and the blessed ones; by God and by His Son; and nonetheless, I come to the world as the Lady of the Poor so that you may get to know that it is not with material wealth that a soul is ennobled.  The greatness of a soul is expressed in its pure union with its Creator, that is the true King of all things, and that reigns in all of the spaces.

I want you to know that of no value are the riches of this world, if poor is the heart.  The one who owns the most riches is the one who knows that must give and donate the most to others; not only that which one possesses, but also oneself.  That is because, I say to you on this day, there is no greater greatness and glory than divesting oneself of all that comes from this world, including of one’s own self, in order to find all of the celestial goods.

Dear children, the one who gives it all will always receive from the Lord the assistance in order to continue on the path of evolution; they will lack nothing.  Although God may permit that you may learn by means of difficulties that must forge your spirit, He will never let this spirit perish, and the flame in your heart to be extinguished.

I Am the Lady of the Poor, but also the Queen of Peace, because the greatest treasure that I bring to the world is the Peace which the hearts are lacking.  Embrace this treasure that I bring to you as something unique for humanity and multiply it by means of your prayers and of the surrendering of your lives.

My beloved, never forget that the key to opening all the doors; to understanding and knowing all things, is the prayer made with the heart.  For this, I invite you today to consecrate your lives to this infinite font of Peace and of Redemption that is the true prayer.

I leave on this day My blessing for this Marian Center that grows as it learns with the difficulties of life.

I ask to all those who consecrate themselves as My children, as a symbol of their willingness of consecrating their lives to God, that they may never permit that a true channel of prayer may not be formed here.  This Marian Center belongs to your souls and to the whole world and it must be constantly generating light and love for the Earth by means of your prayers.

For this, I ask you all to not cease to come to this place and to placing here a brick of prayer, so that may be constructed the great stronghold which this Marian Center needs in order to keep fulfilling the mission that God has entrusted it.

I wait for you in prayer and in faith, generating Peace and Redemption for the world.

I count on the answer of your hearts.

Mary, Lady of the Poor and Queen of Peace



Wednesday, February 25 of 2015

Monthly messages

My beloved children,

I want you to recognize My arrival to your lives and to know that you will never be alone again.

I will inhabit in each heart which opens the door of its interior to Me and in there I will reign as your Celestial Mother for all Eternity.

When each one of My children may be able to live My Love in their interior, this world will stop suffering and perishing by the deeds of the enemy.

Today I arrive to this Home of Mine, a favorite dwelling to Me.  Here I have found the love of the simple, of the dispossessed, of the imperfect ones and also of the pure of heart, of the strong of spirit, of the restless in the path of charity and of the donation to the neighbors.

Here I have sown the seed of the New Earth in the heart of My Beloved daughter Pama, so that she donated herself wholly and, through her hands and her heart, I could work and rescue the fragile souls, souls that have received the love of mother and father, which God had destined to His Creatures.

On this day I ask all that listen to My Voice to pray, so that this delicate and precious project of God be kept safe from the claws of the enemy, the one that tries to interfere in each one of the projects of My Son.

In this house, where with so much effort and love a hand is offered to the innocent who suffers, who perishes by the ignorance of others, in this sacred place, I have deposited My Light and Maternal Love.  My servers, you are the ones who must take care of and protect, with love, each consciousness that has arrived here to find a light for its soul.

I want to express to all, My gratitude, because I know how difficult it is for all of you, within this agonizing world, to create a space of true light and redemption, of love and evolution.

Today I ask you all to place into your hearts this project of love and redemption of Mine, where My Son aspires to arrive one day, so that all may know in the coming times, that once God signed with His finger of Love this hill, this place and these hearts, so that the seed of a New Earth, the seed of a new fraternal humanity, was gestated here.

Today I bless each one of these children, of these teenagers and of those warrior spirits who accompany them with so much love.  I pour My Graces over this place again and, in the name of the Creator, I leave My Banner of Peace, Love and Protection so that the enemy may not put its feet over here.

Blessed be those who with the purity of the heart build fraternity.  They will be called Children of God, the Most High, for all the centuries to come.

Blessed be those who truly endeavor, day after day, to transcend the evils of this world and offer to the universe a safe door through which the light of the stars may descend.  They will be called guardians of the universe, for all the centuries to come.

Blessed be those who persist, who have placed, with determination, their souls in the end of the path and build with their fidelity to the Plan of God, the opportunity to others.  Those will be called by the Creator the eternal faithfuls for all the centuries to come.

Blessed be you, Children of the Most High, for opening to Me the door of the heart day after day.

Pray, pray, day and night, for I have you always under My Mantle.

I love you and keep you in My Maternal Heart.

Thank you for waiting for Me with so much love and for being today with Me.

Your Little Mother of Heaven, Mary, Mother and Protector of all the creatures of the world



Friday, February 13 of 2015

Monthly messages


Continue to pray the Holy Rosary every day, because it will be through the mysteries that were lived by the Sacred Family that, in prayer will be revealed the path of redemption and peace.

Today, My little and beloved children, I present Myself to you again as the Lady and Mother who bears the outrages and the sorrows of the world.  I present Myself as the Mother who together with you carries the cross of annihilation and martyrdom.  Help your Celestial Mother so that at least by your sacrifices, requests and supplications, My Infinite Grace may intercede for all.

When humanity faces, from cycle to cycle, hard and difficult tests, My Immaculate Heart prepares itself in the name of Christ to pray for you and to help you lovingly to correct your deviant paths.

In this time, My children, the world is heading towards a spiritual and planetary disaster.  For this My Heart assumed the seven principal sorrows of the world with the aim of relieving the innocents and of reverting, by means of your prayer, the sufferings that never end.

I need at this moment that your missionary consciousness be available, that which may be able to renounce and donate itself completely, in the hope of collaborating and of reverting in time, the consequences of a humanity in the path of total decadence.

Many of the events that are happening today are part of Armageddon, of an Apocalypse that awakens and develops rapidly because of the unjust actions of humanity.  If at least the law were respected and the Divine Life of each soul were loved, many sorrowful experiences that your world now faces would be able to be removed from the reality of humanity and to be converted in peace through the immediate prayer of all.

But what is to come has not yet arrived; repentance and penance is something that humanity has never practiced with the heart.  But it will not be necessary to live your own flagellation; it is enough with all the injustice that My children face today.  True repentance will spring from your hearts as an act of restorative love and inner balance in the face of the human atrocities that are happening today.

If humanity does not urgently change its attitude, I tell you that the Angels of Divine Justice of God will approach the world in order to put in order all that is apocalyptic and unjust.

I pray for you from My Maternal Kingdom and I hope, beloved children, that you rest upon My arms in order that I may relieve you from this fatigue and tiredness that never ends.

Remember that love conquers all evil.  I have taught you to love life, to love others and to love your work.  Now it is time to reflect the love in this world, like a flower that opens up to the rays of the sun.

Generate the Source of Love, live in the Heart of My Son and help in order that My seven sorrows may be converted into redemption and love for all.  Follow in My footsteps!  Because I only wish to take you to Jesus, to the arms of the Great Redeeming Love.

May the souls hear My Call!

May the hearts be bearers of the Mercy of God!  I will always wait for you in prayer.

I thank you for relieving My seven sorrows.

Thank you, My children, for answering to My call today!

Who helps you, Who redeems you and Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady and Mother of the Sorrows

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