Sunday, January 25 of 2015

Monthly messages


I Am the Virgin of the Immaculate and Pierced Heart, and in this way I come to the world on this day so that humanity may be alleviated from its sufferings by means of the sorrowa that I felt in My chest, and which I feel still up to the present days.

Children of Mine, I give to the world today My Immaculate and Pierced Heart as a divine offer  in order that other souls may help Me in alleviating the sorrow of this world.

I want to offer to My children the sacrifice; the donation of oneself; the permanent service to humanity, to the Kingdoms of Nature, and to the whole planet.

I come to give to you My Heart, pierced by the sword of human sins and of the indifference of humanity in face of the sacrifice of My Son.

The times are accelerated in this world, and the consciounesses are indifferent to all the warnings of the Divine Messengers.  The gravest faults have become the common living of human beings, and the afflictions that many souls suffer no longer touch the hearts of those that might be able to balance these sorrows and torments by means of prayer.

My beloveds, the search for comfort and for one's own well-being has taken over the hearts of those beings who no longer give importance to all that happens in this world.

My Heart continues to be pierced as a unique offer that I am able to realize for the Creator, suffering in it all of the sorrows of My children and alleviating them through My Love.  But this, My beloveds, is not sufficient.  To balance the evil that is spread across this planet it is necessary that at least a few souls of the world awaken to the reality in which they live, and submit themselves to a path of sanctity by means of prayer, of service, and of total surrenderi of oneself to God.

It is no longer enough that you dedicate to Me a little prayer before sleep, or that you make prayers each day, if in the actions of your lives you destroy all that I have attempted to build in the few minutes of prayer.

My eyes are fixed on this world, attentive to the prayers of each one of My children, no matter how small it may be.  However, even those of My children that may pray the most, if they will not live the prayer in their actions, in their thoughts, and in their feelings, of little use it will be that they pray, if the drop of Love that I am able to deposit in your essence is spilled in the first opportunity, that is lost, of manifesting love.

My beloveds, I want to teach you to change the values of this life, to change the goal to which you walk. Your goal shall not be in this world.  Do not battle anymore simply for a comfortable material life, and do not gauge your effort to establish a time of peace, of reconciliation, of forgiveness, and of redemption.  This is what the world needs, and for this you are here in this time.

Do not let yourselves be deceived, because while you are distracted with illusions and mundane pleasures, the souls do not stop from entering the hells and purgatories of this world, which already are so full of lost consciousnesses as a result of the consequences of their choices.

My beloveds, pray!  Pray much! Clamor!  And be merciful in your lives.

Awaken!  Review your goals and your aspirations.

Accept in you lives My Immaculate and Pierced Heart, and assist Me in alleviating the sorrow of this world.

I love you, and I wait for you day and night in prayer and in surrender.

Mary, Virgin of the Immaculate and Pierced Heart



Sunday, January 25 of 2015

Monthly messages


Dear soul of Mine:

I Am the Luminous Bird inside of your heart.

I Am the Bird that flies together with you when you elevate yourself to enter in the Heart of God.

I Am the Mother that rocks your being in order to give you peace, relief, and quiet when your heart is afflicted, annoyed, and tired of too much crying and suffering.

I Am the refuge for your warrior soul; your persistent and loyal soul.

I Am to you the Light that you give to the world; the strength of the great mountains that live in your consciousness, and that strengthens other brothers and sisters.

I Am the bread; the maternal food that nourishes you and that then will feed other children.

I am this space of total peace that guides your steps and those of the others.

I Am in you and you are in Me; mother; Mary; guide, counselor and guardian of peace and of the path of the apostle of Christ.

Wherever you are with the eye of your heart, it is My eye that observes and sees, that safe keeps the salvation of the Children of God.

I Am in you the mirror of the cosmos, the Redeeming Light of the King of the Universe, that reflects the Heart of God for humanity.

I Am the Immaculate Heart that pulsates inside of you, and that covers that one who is cold; feeds the one who is thirsty for God; and heals the one who is sick in soul and flesh.

I Am in you the guardian of evolution, the One that reigns in your heart, and that keeps you united to the Heart of Christ Jesus.

I Am in you the splendor of the universe; the loyal and eternal servant of the Father; the One that will proceed until the end, for the Glory of God.

I Am in you and you are in Me, beloved creature of God.

All this and much more I may be in each one of you, children of Mine, who today are in My presence.

Only permit that My Heart may live in you hearts; only permit that My word of love may speak through you, to bring peace and light to this word that agonizes without finding the path to redemption.

I am here together with to you; I extend My hands to you because there is not much time.  I Am calling you for the last time, and I am calling you to come to Me in order to embrace salvation.

And to those who one day promised to Me their loyalty, but who today walk their own paths, I say repent before an angel that does not serve the Light passes close to your beings, and carries your souls away forever.

Engrave in your consciousnesses My words; receive the love that I bring to you, which is the Love of My Son; the Love of God.  Help yourselves with this Love that I offer you to heal all of your wounds; to fill your hearts with peace, and to protect your walking.

I offer you My shelter for your families, so that reconciliation and joy will reign in your homes.

What else do you need, My beloved children?

I love you, I keep you in My Maternal Heart, and I protect you from all evil.

Today and always I bless you and I cover you with My mantle of peace.

Thank you for listening to My voice in your hearts, and for being today with Me.

Your Mother Mary, Light and Love for this world



Sunday, January 25 of 2015

Monthly messages

As a fleeting ray from the universe, My Maternal Consciousness descends and approaches to this world so that the asleep humanity may awake again to the call of the Most High God.

I come to your lives so that you may remember Me as your dear Mother, as the Kind and Prodigious Woman of God, the one who has done miracles and spiritual conversions in your lives.

But each time that I descend from Heaven towards your world, My Victorious Heart cannot fail to see the ignorance and the indifference of many of My children, those who have passed through My paths, and now turn their backs to Me and do not listen to Me.  It is this indifference that the enemy spreads like poison in the hearts of people, it is this indifference and cruelty of many of My children that leads to the perdition of the souls.

For this, in order for the Wise Justice to be avoided, I come from the cosmos to beg you to do something for this destroyed humanity.  Know that not only the souls suffer, but also My blessed Kingdoms of Nature, the ones that day by day are outraged without love and mercy, until the last drop of life is removed from them; this provokes the wrath of God and promotes irreversible consequences on all those who destroy the Creation Project.

For this, My children, open the eyes to wisdom and feel in your heart the prayer that I ask you more and more to do, this will help to avoid misfortunes for the most unfair ones.

Above all, seek the Mercy of God, so that you and the world may be forgiven for the constant sins of foolishness and vanity.  Through My Blessed Purity I give you the cosmic power of My Grace, a state that repairs you and leads you through the path of redemption.

While My Son sees every day the horrors and unfair actions that are committed against the Heart of the Celestial Father in this sick world, I place you in this apocalyptic time as if you did not participate in it.  But it is the power of prayer and of the daily consecration of your hearts to My Immaculate Heart of Mother that will permit to reverse your faults and the faults of many.

I want all to know that through My call you will find the exit and even if the enemy hits you strongly, he will never be able to overthrow the love I have placed in your hearts.  Be wise and thus you will not get confused, avoiding to follow another path, another spiritual movement that is not the one of My Beloved Son.

Glorify God and ask for healing and mercy.  The world continues without comprehending that it must change before the bad actions be released by the Justice of God.

In this time I encourage you to love.  I call you to be humble and transparent, thus you will help Me to balance the planetary axis, the Ecuador of this world, before it gets unbalanced due to density and to human wickedness.

But still, in this material world there are hearts like yours, determined to follow Me until the days of the holy death.  In this way your devotion and faith will always make My Immaculate Heart triumph.

I bless, on this day, the group of Brasilia for having heard and answered to My Call!

My Son thanks you for having sheltered My Missionaries.

Who protects you before everything,

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Mother of the Sun and of the Cosmos

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