Sunday, June 29 of 2014

Monthly messages

Before the moment of the Apparition Mary manifested something important about this region.

When the Virgin was descending from Heaven, twelve doves of fire were also descending which were placed over the house forming a circle.  Each of the twelve doves was radiating a ray of different light, which manifested as rays of different colors and shades.  These rays of colors were coming from the universe and were descending directly over the twelve doves.

At this moment we perceived that it was something spiritual that was happening in our consciousnesses.

Also the Virgin Mary, through this event was gathering in the inner levels the brothers and sisters from the different groups of prayer that today could not be present here.

When Our Lady appeared above us, at first Her arms of light appeared opening themselves toward us, after appeared Her hands and while She was opening them, out came a celestial light from Her palms.  Then after appeared Her silhouette of light and in the end the Virgin Mary appeared so clear, so clear.  That which called our attention the most was the brightness of Her celestial turquoise eyes, very luminous.

She looked at us with attention, in silence, with much love of a Mother.  After the Divine Mother begin to shed Her light upon this house and She expressed joy and happiness at the same time as She was serene; it was a pleasure for Her to be here with us today.

Each time that She transmitted to us this feeling Her clothing became illuminated by a clear and transparent light.  Today She appeared dressed with a white veil - there was visible part of Her brushed hair with a part in the middle.  She had a celestial mantle, a pink tunic and a golden belt.  All of the time She had Her arms extended towards us.  Her face was light pink and Her turquoise eyes were very brilliant.


Dear children of Mine:

I come from Heaven to your encounter with the purpose that you may love much more than you have loved till now.  I come to teach you every day to walk in the faith of the heart, so that through the presence of My Son, you may be My apostles of truth, of charity and of peace.

As your Most Holy Mother, to each one of you I have given a spiritual mission – that which is seen by your Father as an inner and more intimate mission united to My Immaculate Heart.

The Lord desires from this group a fuller devotion because now this will be your gift as a group of souls; the path of your devotion to My Immaculate Heart will be that which will allow you to realize the works that I have forseen through your hearts.

My embrace of Mother and My maternal consolation accompanies you day and night.  I ask that you do not cry anymore but that your tears be of joy, of compassion and of love for all that have thirst for the true love of God.

The Father awaits from your group an ardent devotion, able to remedy the sorrows that many souls feel for the lack of love and prayer.
I teach you My dears, to walk in the truth and in the favored union with My Beloved Son.  He sent Me as a Messenger for your lives in order to remind you of the commitment that you assumed from the beginning with the Eternal Father.

For this today I come to ask of you, as a mission that you, My dears, and with the help of all the groups of prayer of Sao Paulo, raise a chapel on the top of Hill of the Apparitions – if it is possible, for the month of September.   This chapel will be dedicated in honor and thanks to the Glorified Christ ; it will especially spread the faith in the awaited return of Christ.

If you comply with this request, I promise to bless the 25th day of September of 2014, and in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I will open upon it a Fountain of Graces  and of conversion.

Every soul that approaches in pilgrimage to the chapel of the Glorified Christ on top of the Hill will be blessed in the last days of their life through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, and on the day of the Great Judgment I will answer for them before the questions of My Son.  After many years this Marian work that I carry forward in Minas Gerais, Brazil, will triumph and those who do not believe will believe in My presence.

Whoever prays with devotion in the Sacred Chapel of Glorified Jesus will be heard just as you are heard the chants of the Holy Angels.

I will give thanks for this collaboration; always everything will be for the salvation of the Earth and of the kingdoms of nature.

I thank you from now for answering to My call!

Thanks for welcoming Me into your hearts.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Friday, June 27 of 2014

Monthly messages

Today Our Divine Mother approached to us as the Queen of Peace.

Before She arrived something important happened.  Many cherubim angels formed a circle of light and began to descend over the house of the group of prayer.  At the same time that the angels created this circle of light they danced in the air in a reverent and joyful way with a happiness that was quite distinctive.

The angels transmitted this love that they have for the Virgin Mary, which is something pure and true. They poured these codes over us and prepared the path through which Our Lady arrived.

When the Virgin appeared above a tree full of flowers that is found outside the house of those who pray She told us that the tree and its flowers delighted Her, placing Her feet firmly upon it.  In this way a point of light manifested itself for this part of the city of São Paulo.

During the Apparition Our Lady saw the evil that surrounded the city and how this evil influenced the people.  But She did not challenge anyone.  She was present there, serene and humble with this smile that characterizes Her, that which is a smile of peace, of serenity and of love.  This energy was radiated by Her gaze; Her light expanded in this part of the city and this evil was dissipated, leaving everything more serene.  Later on She asked us to write Her message. 


Dear children of Mine:

My Immaculate Heart continues Its walk among the sacred dwellings of all the groups of prayer, those that in some way answer to My maternal call, sometimes without understanding it.

I give thanks to all for persevering in the path of faith to My call and mainly for answerng in an immediate way to the special requests of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, Friday – the day of the sorrowful mysteries – I ask you My dear ones, to pray every day for My plans of peace to prevail and to be accomplished in the present life of all My children.  It is so important to obey My call my Father has allowed Me, to reach all the homes of My praying beings.  In this way you will understand how great is the need so that some events may be avoided in the great cities of the world, which will be possible by means of your honest inner collaboration.

The Lord reveals to you today, through My Heart, that this group has always been moved spiritually by means of obedience to the Greater Hierarchy.  May this gift, to which you have answered without perceiving it for 25 years, be the new impulse that will allow you to walk with a spirit of confidence before all the changes that I have made.

So that you My beloveds, can be in the near future seated at the right of My Son, in His Kingdom of Peace, first you must truly open your hearts to the call of Heaven because in this way you will answer to the Will of God.

That your consciousnesses, which have already received so many special Graces, do not become involved in matters of the material life, but that your hearts be mediators of peace between Heaven and Earth.

Now that the events are changing and humanity is faced with the end of times, that which it neither understands nor knows, I ask you, My dears, that you pray, that you pray for all the souls to obey in faith as you have obeyed so that everything you have learned through divine instruction will not be lost.

The time and moment to exercise what has been learned has come, if you do so you will be living testimonies before the humanity that each day is getting more ill.

As the Mother who always protects and prays for you, I invite you on this evening of celestial blessings to the path of reflection, so that soon you may receive the love of God in all things, in the good and in the sad.  The universe waits to see you mature, more available to guide new flocks that are lost and do not have the grace of instruction.

For this, on this day I come to ask all those who pray to pray for My plans, especially for those that I intend to accomplish in the end of this year in Rwanda and Angola.  In this way with your help as it has always been, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

I thank you for answering to My call!

I bless and guide you,

Your Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace



Thursday, June 26 of 2014

Monthly messages

Today Our Lady appeared as the Lady of Charity which is a new manifestation that is approaching to us, it is another face of Her task that She is inviting us to know.

This manifestation of Our Lady of Charity existed in the world and She asked the sisters of the Network of Prayer to transmit to all the groups of San Paulo the story of this manifestation that happened on the Island of Cuba, because the groups will realize a task with Our Lady of Charity.

Today Our Mother came with a child in Her arms, but it was not the Child Jesus.  She was dressed in very simple clothes as in the era of Nazareth.  The child that She brought in Her arms was an African child, who was two years old.  Our Lady was tightly hugging this child and presented him to us.

Afterwards She indicated a task for this group which was transmitted in the message that She gave to us.  In the moment of the message She told us that humanity did not have the consciousness of how many faults it still has as humanity, primarily among the nations.  She said that when She manifested as Our Lady of Charity it was for us to have a conscious reference of how to alleviate the offenses that we have with Africa, which in that case of Brazil are still not resolved.

The Father made a request to Our Lady and granted Her for this group of prayer to pray for the souls of Africa, and that if the group would do so it would help to resolve many things.  She said that She especially needs that this group unite itself with Our Lady of Charity and that, when the group of prayer becomes acquainted with this face of the history of Our Lady it would understand what She is asking through this message.

She not only wants that the group continue working as it has done until now, but that it grow a little more in its tasks.  She proposed to accompany them in this prayer for Africa.  This path of prayer that the group will realize and that will be for an indeterminate time, should be done through the intermediary of Saint Joseph; He must be the regent of this work.

Mary said to us that everything should be entrusted to Saint Joseph.  That which Saint Joseph receives from the groups, will also be received by the Divine Mother.

We asked for how long this task of prayer should last and She answered that each one will know how to make their offer, it may be days, weeks, months or years, depending on the commitment that each one wants to make for this request.  She only needs this help.  She knows our potential.

At the end, Our Lady said something important: that the groups of prayer of the State of San Paulo have this important task to link themselves with the manifestation of Our Lady of Charity and that it was not by chance that Our Mother had requested to reopen the work of service in San Paulo.  She not only calls us to serve but that She is calling all those who once served through the Nucleus of Figueira in San Paulo.

Our Lady said on this evening that She would like that all the groups from San Paulo become at some moment only one group, for this She will peregrinate for all.  The task of Our Mother is to awaken the talent that the groups of prayer cultivated by means of spiritual work.  Mary comes to open this door and so that we may have consciousness of what we have to do in this time.

       Remember, My dear children, that I come to the world to alleviate and separate you rapidly from the severe consequences that are brought by the sins committed by all of humanity.

Opening My arms of a Mother on this evening, I comfort and encourage you for the permanent search of the truth that exists in your hearts.  When the thirst of a soul is quenched, another thirst awakens in those souls that do not live the Love of God.  In this way I guide you as the flocks of My Son so that you may fulfill a part of the Divine and Great Will of the Eternal Father.

For this today I manifest and announce to this group that it lives, without knowing, the gift of healing of all things in life through faith, the primordial energy that always allows you to go ahead and overcome the tests.

My dears, that which strengthens faith is the renunciation of that which the soul most desires, and primarily the personality.  I, with My Glory and Love, come to teach you how to die to yourselves, this will help so that your spirits may be born to the mission that they have come to accomplish.

On this evening I gather you under a fundamental purpose, which is to serve your familiars by means of faith and of the power of prayer that I have revealed to you in these last times.

God wants from this group a growth in the spirit of humility and of charity, in this way as souls they will be able to answer to My call.

My dear children, while a great part of Africa suffers spiritual misery, I recommend to you to pray for these brothers and sisters, imploring to the most Chaste Saint Joseph for all these precious essences that live the affliction in their own flesh and suffer from material and spiritual hunger.  If you, at least for a determinate time answer to this, My special request, your nation will be liberated from the grave faults that it caused Africa through slavery and the spiritual colonization upon these brothers and sisters.

I will give thanks that your faith will embrace My Divine Mysteries.  We will meet in the prayer of the heart and in the inner silence.

I thank you now and always for answering to My call!  

Your Pilgrim Mother, Lady of Charity



Wednesday, June 25 of 2014

Monthly messages


Beloved children:

From the Heart of God comes out a ray of light that arrives through My Immaculate Heart to all of the children of this Earth.

From the Mind of God arises a channel of light where Perfect Unity enters through My Immaculate Purity into the minds of all the creatures.

Through My rays of Love, the ones that the Father pours over My Universal Consciousness, descends over all of the children of the Most High this love reached on the Cross by the Firstborn, a love that we live in the celestial universe.

For this My beloveds is why today I descend over this city, to bring to the souls of all the pilgrims this primordial essence of Divine Love, the one that will strengthen your spirits for the times that will come.

It was written that the woman dressed of sun would come to you bringing the good news of the return of the Redeemer to your lives, first to your heart and soon in Glory, soul, body and Divinity.

And for this I am here, My beloved children, to accomplish the promises that Heaven, through Its messengers, has made to humanity.

And when they cannot suffer anymore, when dismay has exhausted the souls, the love of My Son will cover them with hope and with peace.  When He returns, He will wash all the faults of this world and all will be like a field of wheat that is at the point of being harvested, filled with light from the sun, ripe, ready to receive the blessings of God.

I come to plow the earth, to plant the seeds with My hands of Co-redeemer Mother.  I come to give pure water to the earth so that it may embrace the seed that I have deposited in your hearts and it is converted into a golden ear of corn and raised to the Heights, seeking always the light of the sun.

And when the day of the Great Harvest comes, when the ears are brought to the feet of the Creator, My Son will carry with His strong arms these ears of light that are all of your beings and He will offer them to the Father as a gift of love.

For this I am here, My dears, so that your souls may be among these ears that My Son will carry with so much joy to the feet of God.

Permit Me, My dears, that with My pure hands I may caress your hearts and spirits and in this way, your beings may be converted into golden raised ears of corn, the ones that wait for the blessed day in which the Divine Farmer will come to collect them and bring them to your true destiny, the Heart of God.

Today, in this city, I will leave the earth plowed and blessed, so that many seeds may rest in it and the rain of prayer makes them germinate hoping they may grow, be lifted and wait for the Redeemer.

Dear children of Sorocaba:

My love for all of you is infinite, Permit Me that I may give it to you so that it may help you to be always looking at the Heights.

I love you and I bless you.

Thank you for trusting in My cares, the ones I offer to you with all My Maternal Love.

Mary, your Mother and Farmer of souls



Wednesday, June 25 of 2014

Monthly messages


My beloveds:

It gives joy to My Heart to be able to come to so many places of the world at the same time; in this way you may understand how infinite is the Mercy of God that will never leave His creatures unaided.

My Heart comes to the world to bless the lives, convert the souls and transform the destiny of beings.  I only ask that you give Me the permission to do it.

My children, why do you fear My presence so much, if the only thing I bring to your lives is the Light, the Peace of My Kingdom?  Nothing bad will happen to the one who accepts to follow this path outlined by God.

I am not here to form new religions.  I am here My beloveds, so that your little beings may understand the Kingdom of God and the Celestial Mysteries a little more, because a majority of beings walk through the world in complete spiritual darkness and My Light comes to illuminate their paths.

My children, I do not want to create a new Church, but I want to bring to My Heart those who were not able to understand the teachings of My Son.  The Divine Messengers are renewing the Faith of this world, so that you may understand that the life of the spirit is much more ample than that what you all know.  Just open yourselves from the heart and permit Me to come to your lives.

If you follow Me in trust, even if your eyes cannot contemplate the end of this path and you do not know what you will find in the next turn, little by little, you will be able to discover the greatness of this work that My Heart is building together with the Most Holy Hearts of Christ and Saint Joseph.

My beloveds, your souls will soon be able to see how Majestic is the construction the Lord is creating in the interior of His creatures.  But today I say to you that there are still very few who truly want to follow this path and who do not mistrust, not even for an instant, what I am building in this world.

It is necessary to have, in this time, a simple and humble heart, because those who recognize that they know nothing let themselves be guided and will come more quickly to the Eternal Temple of God.

Today I ask those who were afraid, to follow My steps – those that humbly hold these Celestial hands that are extended to the world – and that, instead of suffering for something that has not died, discover how alive and ample has become the teaching, and embrace the joy of the permanent renewal of their lives and of the possibility of sharing in the Redemption with many souls that otherwise would not have awakened.

I want to give thanks from the depths of My Immaculate Heart to all of those who from the North to the South of this country are opening the door of their homes to receive My dear children and say to them that, in truth, you have opened it to Me and that it is I who is entering more profoundly not only in your homes, but also in your lives and in your souls.

Receive with love My blessings.

I thank you always for coming to meet Me and to answer with love to My Call.

Who loves you always, Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Wednesday, June 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

It has been thirty-three years since I have come to the world through Medjugorje as Queen of Peace to diffuse the call for peace and the universal love of God among the nations.

Today on the sacred anniversary of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, I announce to you that My Immaculate Heart thanks all children who awake to My maternal call and I thank all those who work to diffuse My call in Medjugorje as well as in South America.  In this way, I wish to show the world that My Marian Consciousness is omnipresent and merciful, it brings the possibility of being liberated from the evil that suffocates the hearts and that extinguishes the light in the souls.

Dear children, that today may be a day of celebration and of graces to the Eternal Father and to Jesus Christ for having permitted that one more time, I may save you and intercede for your souls, which are divine treasures to the Lord and immaterial purity to the Celestial Universe.

On this day, in which thirty-three years of Apparitions in Medjugorje are accomplished My principle message is to call you again to prayer.

For all the pleas, prayers, fasting and offers of love on the part of My dear children, your sacred planet still may remain in the Great Project of God.  Humanity, especially, is being considered before the universe as a rescuable project, which was impossible before due to the serious outrages committed.

That in communion with My Son, My beloveds, the Light of the Holy Spirit may open and expand your consciousnesses, in this way you will be worthy of receiving the Kingdom of God in your dwelling places.

My children, continue to walk in the law of effort and of sacrifice for those who do not do it and for those who do not want to see God in their hearts.

On a coming day, the Lord will show the world His Mercy and His Piety; when humanity, the one who is awake as well as the one who is asleep, sees the coming among the clouds, the suns and the stars, of the glorious presence of Christ Redeemer.

Now that, after so many Graces and Instructions you are more mature, I ask you that you open your hearts more so you may recognize the Will of the Lord, in this way you will give living testimony to those who do not live in Christ, the Savior.

Prayer of the Virgin Mary on the occasion of the 33 years of
Her Apparitions in Medjugorje.

 A Star of Light shone upon the hill,
it was the presence of the Queen of Peace.

An eternal legacy was given to Her children,
it was the instruction of seeking the peace of the heart.

Redemptions and conversions were poured out as Graces,
it was the ray of Reconciliation with the Kingdom of God.

A bridge of light arose from the Earth,
it was the prayers of Her Children,
those who cried out for a New Humanity.

The response of a few,
became Grace for many,
it was the Love and the intercession of the Lady of Peace.

A profound communion
proclaimed the Great Universal Heights.
The Sovereign Queen of Peace,
once again united the hearts with the King of Love.

And, for a whilw, Heaven and touched Earth.
It was the unity of all Her children with the Celestial Father.

Hail, Mother of Love!,
Hail, Queen of Peace!

The stars of Your Crown, now and forever,
illuminate our walk.



I thank you for answering to My call!

Blessings and Peace to all My children of Sorocaba.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Friday, June 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

From the smallest seed was born a great tree that received water, sunshine, and wind and that grew and strengthened itself in the gifts that God the Father infused with His deep love and fondness.

Days of rain and of full sun were lived by this tree; days of winter and of dry weather; days of great sorrow, days of joy and of perfect communion.  A few branches dried out; others sprouted anew; some were renewed, others let themselves fall.  But since God is so perfect, all the branches, leaves, and fruits that came from that tree returned to her, to her interior.  Despite being dry, they were transformed and were turned into a source of food for her roots.  The fruits that were not harvested; the leaves that dried; and the branches that broke off; these are the sources of the fortification of this tree.

Children of Mine, from such a beautiful tree comes each one of your souls.  Today your hearts come to be born, because they already are ripe fruits, renewed by the seeds of life that they brought into their inner.

A tree created by God, with such care and love, shall never perish.  Yes, the Lord permits her to live days of winter and days of summer; days of drought and of abundant water, so that she will know how to be strong; this tree that can only prepare her branches and fortify her trunk when subject to strong winds that make her grow.

Children of Mine, know how to see yourselves as part of this tree that I present to you, and recognize that the natural cycle of life causes her leaves to wilt; her branches to be renewed, and each of these parts, when absorbed again by their roots, will be transformed into nourishment and a source of life and renewal.

In this way must be your hearts.  Those that one day wilt shall not fear transforming themselves so that they will once again be part of the composition of this tree.  Know that she would never be alive if she had not been renewed.  The trees of yesterday may be transformed into the branches of today, these that will sustain in them many leaves and that one day may dry, so as to then form part of the trunk of this beloved tree, a trunk that is formed by many branches, leaves and fruits that have permitted themselves to dry, fall, decompose and be reborn like a new living cell of this beloved Figueira.

Dear children, praise and love the cycles of life which are so mysterious and perfect.  Love living according to the Will of God, and allow yourselves to flow in that Will, as pure and crystalline water, which lets itself be molded according to the Will of its God.

My beloveds, these are the times that you longed for so much; times of living love, charity and fortitude for which you have so much prepared your souls and your lives.  For this rejoice your hearts; and from the chaos in which the world is found, in and outside of you, know how to recognize the Will of God, Who is disposing of each one of you as it corresponds to them, and challenging each soul so that He may fortify it once again.

For a tree to be firm God sends to it all the winds that will attempt to bring her down; for her to be strong and to be able to live under any circumstances in this world, God will deprive her of water, so that she will learn how to live in times of drought.  Then, He will again deliver her to the fountain of life so that she will also learn that her Lord observes her and knows the point until which she will be able to support it.  Never will He leave her helpless.

Dear children, as a good Father the Lord lets His children loose so that they will learn to walk.  He will let them fall, but will never allow them to remain on the ground.  He will always lend them a hand so that they may rise again, and once again follow this path of eternal learning.

My beloveds, your hearts are part of a favored project of God – that which He has in His hands all the time.  All I ask of you today is that you will never desist; that you may learn from the occurrences of life and that be strengthened through them.  That you will make of the strong winds a reason to more deeply extend you roots; that you will make of the season of drought the reason to wait even more in God for the moment in which, by Grace, He will send you fresh waters.  And when these come, you will drink of this water of life, of which each drop is a precious treasure and an eternal fountain of renewal and perseverance.

Today I say to you that the winds that pass through you lives are still not those that come to try to knock down all that was erected by God.  This wind will come at the moment in which you will be ready and strengthened to live it.  Because it is necessary, dear children, that as humanity you will learn to live love under any circumstances, and that you will love God in all the situations of life, knowing to recognize His light even in the midst darkness, discovering that which He wants to teach you through each learning  that He sends into this world.

My beloveds, persevere always; this is all that I come to tell you.  Always persevere in the love of God, and choose to live it, choose always love.

I thank you and shelter your lives in My arms.

Who loves you always,

Mary, your Mother and Lady of Figueira

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